Compagnia Generale TransAtlantique


-=[ The French Line ]=-

French Line - T.S.S. Ile de France
French Line's "T.S.S. Ile de France" - (Circa 1929)

-=[ Ships Specifications ]=-

T. S. S.   I l e   d e   F r a n c e

         Name: Ile de France, Turbine Steam Ship
   Company: Compagnia Generale TransAtlantique (CGT) - French Line - Paris, France
       Insurers: Lloyd's of London Indemnity, London, England, UK
      Registry: Paris, France

      Builder: Chantiers da la Atlantique (CIE), Penhoet, St. Nazaire, France
          Date: 1927
  Launched: 1929
Christened: 1929
      Maiden: 1930

      Specs: 802' x 98' x 38'
  Tonnage: 44,356 GRT
  Hull/Keel: Steel/steel  (Black/red)
     Rudder: 1; Amidships, balanced
       Livery: White over black
    Funnels: 2; Black over red; Originally 3.
      Decks: 11
       Masts: 2

   Engines: Steam turbines
        Drive: Quad screw; 2 x port, 2 x starboard; (shafts balanced)
       Props: Quad blade; 23 tons each
      Speed: 20 Knots

     Captain: TBD

Passengers: _,___ 1st Class, _,___ 2nd Class, _,___ 3rd Class
            Crew: TBD

       Notes: The "T.S.S. Ile de France" was rebuilt after the second World War.  Her funnels were changed from
                   three to two, as the painting above depicts.
                   She was there to help the passengers and crew of the "s.s. Andrea Doria" on July 25th, 1956.

   Demise: Scrapped
       When: TBD
      Where: TBD
             By: TBD
       Status: Scrapped, vessel no longer exists.

 Click [here] to see the image of the "T.S.S. Ile de France" in our photo gallery.

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