Compagnia Generale TransAtlantique


-=[ The French Line ]=-

French Line - T.S.S. Liberte
French Lines' "T.S.S. France" - (Circa 1980's)

-=[ Ships Specifications ]=-

T. S. S.   L i b e r t e

         Name: Liberte, Turbo Steam Ship
   Company: Compagnia Generale TransAtlantique - France
      Insurers: TBD
      Registry: TBD

        Builder: Chantiers da l'Atlantique, St. Nazaire, France
    Launched: May 1960
   Year Built: 1961

        Engines: Turbo electric diesel, from builders
           Drive: Quad screw; 2 x port, 2 x starboard
         Speed: 30 knots; 35 knots max

         Specs: 1,035' x 118' x 39'
      Tonnage: 66,348 GRT
         Livery: Ivory over black
           Keel: Steel, red
       Funnels: 2, oval, capped, with wings, black over red.
         Masts: 1, contains radar, communications, satellite, etc.

      Captain: TBD

  Passengers: 1,944; _,___ 1st Class, _,___ 2nd Class, _,___ 3rd Class
          Crew:    972

        Service: Southampton, England, UK - New York, NY, USA  (TransAtlantic)
           From: 1961 - 1978
              For: French Line

        Demise: N/A
            Date: N/A
         Where: N/A
            Who: N/A
          Status: Still in service for Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL)

           Notes: She is the only living French Line shp left afloat, and not scrapped.
                      She is a credit to her master builders.  She is scheduled to be transferred to Asia.

    Click [here] to visit her as the "S.S. Norway".

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