Compagnia Generale TransAtlantique


-=[ The French Line ]=-

French Line - T.S.S. Normandie
French Lines' "T.S.S. Normandie" - (Circa 1940)

-=[ Ships Specifications ]=-

T. S. S.   N o r m a n d i e

        Name: Normandie, Turbo-electric Steam Ship
  Company: Compagnia Generale TransAtlantique (CGT) - French Line - Paris, France
     Insurers: TBD
    Registry: Paris, France

       Builder: Chantiers de l'Atlantique (CIE), Penhoet, St. Nazaire, France
           Date: 1932
   Launched: 10/29/1932
 Christened: 10/29/1935
       Maiden: 05/29/1935; Le Havre, France - New York, NY, USA

      Specs: 1,029' (962 b.p.) x 118' x37'
  Tonnage: 79,280 GRT  (82,799 after 1936)
      Height: 184' from keel to top of funnel #1
  Hull/Keel: Steel/steel  (Black/red)
     Rudder: 1; Amidships, aft, balanced
        Livery: White over black; red funnels with black tops
     Funnels: 3; Black over red
       Decks: 12
        Masts: 1

     Engines: Turbo-electric diesels
       Boilers: 29; auxillary: 4
              Hp: 160,000
          Drive: Quad screw; 2 x port, 2x starboard; (balanced shafts)
         Props: Tri blade; later quad blade; 23 tons each
        Speed: 29 knots (cruising); 32.2 Knots (maz)

     Captain: TBD

Passengers: 1,972; 848 1st Class, 6702nd Class, 4543rd Class
            Crew: 1,345

   Demise: Gutted by fire
       When: 02/09/1942
      Where: Pier 92, New York, NY, USA
             By: Fire was the result of a torch igniting a mattress.

       Notes: The "T. S. S. Normandie", was considered to be the most beautiful, and the most elegant ship that was ever built.
                   She carried the "Blue Riband", and was the most luxurious ship ever put on the North Atlantic.

       Status: Scrapped; (was righted; floated; towed to breakers as "s.s. Lafayette")
        When: Oct. 3rd, 1946 - Oct. 6th, 1947
       Where: Osaka, Japan

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