-=[ Italian Line ]=-

Italian Lines' "S.S. Andrea Doria"- (Circa 1953)
In the late summer of 1956, following the sinking of the "S.S. Andrea Doria" my mother and my grandmother were shopping at a small grocery store in Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY.  While there, they just happened to see the actress Ms. Ruth Roman.  Who at the time, was a survivor of the sinking a month before.  She was seen wearing a wide brimmed hat and sun glasses, and a pale yellow sun dress.  My mother (who was a teenager at the time) did not speak to Ms. Roman, but my grandmother did...

-=[ Ships Specifications ]=-

S. S.   A n d r e a   D o r i a

       Name: Andrea Doria, Steam Ship
 Company: Navigazone Generale Italiana (Italian Line) - Genoa, Italy
    Owners: Navigazone Generale Italiana (Italian Line) - Genoa, Italy
    Insurers: TBD
   Registry: Genoa, Italy

Fleetmates: Augustus, Conte di' Sovia, Cristoforo Colombo, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Rex, Roma

   Keel Laid: 02/09/1950
   1st Press: 05/22/1951  (NY Times)
       Launch: 06/16/1951
 Christened: 07/10/1951
  Fitting Out: 07/23/1951
    1st Trials: 11/06/1952  (Preliminary - Problems found)
  Sea Trials: 12/03/1952 To 12/09/1952  (Successful)
       Maiden: 01/14/1953

     Specs: 696' 6" x 89' 8" x 34'
 Tonnage: 29,083 GRT

   Builders: Ansaldo Shipyards, Sestri Ponente, Italy
         Yard: 918
    Slipway: 1

 Engines: Diesel electric, geared turbines, from builders
      Drive: Twin screws / five blades; 1 x port, 1 x starboard
    Speed: 25.3 Knots, 26.22 Knots (Max)

 Captain: Piero Calamai

      Pass: 1,241, 218 1st Class, 320 2nd Class, 703 Tourist Class
      Crew:    563
      Total: 1,804

Voyages: 51
   Rooms: 23

  Demise: Sank, after collision with the bow of the Swedish-America Liner "S.S. Stockholm",
                  "S.S. Andrea Doria" was struck on her starboard side, below the bridge.
                  She sank exactly 11 hours later, on the morning of the 26th.
      When: 07/26/1956, 10:09 AM EDT
    Where: Atlantic ocean, near the Nantucket lightship.
     Status: Sunk; lying on her starboard side; port side lifeboats gone.
      Notes: Wreck is a dangerous dive, wires, currents and poor visibility
  Position: 40' 30m N, 69' 53m W (Atlantic)
      Depth: 225'

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