Italian Line


Italian Line - S.S. Leonardo da Vinci
Italian Lines' "S.S. Leonardo da Vinci"- (Circa 1950's)

-=[ Ships Specifications ]=-

S. S.   L e o n a r d o  d a  V i n c i

       Name: Leonardo da Vinci, Steam Ship
 Company: Italian Line - Genoa, Italy
    Owners: Navigazone Generale Italiana - Genoa, Italy
   Insurers: TBD
   Registry: Genoa, Italy

      Launch: __/__/1957
 Christened: __/__/1957

  Builders: Ansaldo Shipyards, Genoa, Italy

     Specs: 761' x 92' x 37'
 Tonnage: 33,340 GRT

   Engines: Diesel electric, geared turbines, from builder
      Drive: Twin screws / five blades; 1 x port, 1 x starboard
    Speed: 20 knots

 Captain: TBD

   Cabins: _,___ 1st Class, _,___ 2nd Class, _,___ Tourist/Other
     Crew: _,___

   Rooms: TBD

    Demise: Scrapped


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