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-=[The NCL S.S. Norway ]=-

Norwegian Cruise Lines - S.S. Norway
Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway" - (Photo from SS-Norway.Com)

-=[ Ships Specifications ]=-

S. S.   N o r w a y

         Name: Norway, Steam Ship
   Company: Norwegian Cruise Lines (A div. of Star Cruises, PLC) - Oslo, Norway
      Insurers: TBD
     Registry: Bahamas

     Builder: Chantiers da l'Atlantique, St. Nazaire, France
      Yard #: G19
BuildCost: $80 Million
Launched: 11 May 1960; By: Madame Charles De Gaulle
 Year Built: 1961
        Trials: Nov 1961
  Shakedn: 18 Jan 1962; From: Le Havre to Canary Islands
     Maiden: 03 Feb 1962; From: Le Havre to New York.

   Engines: Geared CEM-Parsons turbines  (Later turbo diesels)
        Drive: Quad Screw; 2 x port, 2 x starboard  (Later reduced to Twin Screw)
 HorsePw: 160,000 shp.
     Speed: 15 knots  (Reduced from 31 Knots, 35.2 Knots Max)

     Specs: 1,035' x 110' x 39'
 Tonnage: 76,049 GRT  (Increased from 66,348)
      Livery: Ivory over dark blue
        Keel: Steel, aqua blue
  Funnels: 2, oval, capped, with wings, black over tricolor blue and white.
     Masts: 1, contains radar, communications, satellite, etc.
      Notes: Her stern deck area was rebuilt, and two upper decks were added.

  Captain: TBD

    Pass: 2,565  (Reduced to 2,181)
    Crew:    972  (Reduced to    800)

       Service: Caribbean - Miami, FL  USA
           From: 1980 - 25 May 2003
              For: Norwegian Cruise Lines  (Go NCL)

History: 1973/74, she circumnavigated the globe.
            1974 Jul, French gov't ceases financial support of CGT.
              1974 Sep, Unionists siezed SS France and anchored her in the Le Harve channel to protest.
              1974 Oct 25, (Tentative Retirement Date)
              1977, she was bought by Akkram Ojjeh an Arab billionaire, but remained in lay up.
              1979, NCL owner Lauritz Kloster bought her for $18M, and spent $80M or rebuild.
                         Her passenger cap. changed from 2,044 to 2,181, and the crew 1,100 to 800.
              1980, Leaves Bremerhaven, Germany for US.  Arrives as SS Norway.
              1984, Hamburg, Germany; her steam power plant was replaced by diesels.
              1990, Bremerhaven, Germany; two additional pre-fab decks were added.
              1999 May 28, a fire in the turbo-charger room cancelled a cruise to Barcelona, Spain.
              2000 Oct, NCL announced SS Norway will retire.  Farewell cruises planned for 9/2001.
              2001 Dec 23, NCL tells passengers on farewell cruise SS Norway will remain in svc.
              2002 Feb 14, speculation of transfer to sister co. Orient Line, is false.
              2002 Dec 25, Star VP Nils G. North says he want's to extend SS Norway beyon SOLAS 2010.
              2003 May 25, a boiler explosion injures 17 crew.  Sailings cancelled.
              2003 May 30, additional sailings cancelled.
              2003 Jun 27, NCL has SS Norway depart Miami for Bremerhaven, Germany for repairs.
              2003 Jul 23, SS Norway sits in lay up.  Her new boiler is desired, but never delivered.
              2003 Sep 25, SS Norway lay up continues, at Bremerhaven, Germany.
              2004 Mar 17, Colin Veitch indicates SS Norway will not return to NCL for US market.
              2005 Jun 28, Crystal Symphony spots SS Norway and her tug De Da in Cape Town.
              2005 Aug 10, De Da and SS Norway arrive in Port Klang, Malaysia at 12:00 PM.
              2005 Aug 13, Reports of scrap merchants from India were looking at SS Norway.
              2005 Dec 28, Reports of a firm sale to India or Bangladeshi breakers was announced.
            2006 Jan 06, Reports say that SS Norway may be headed for Alang, India now.

       Demise: Boiler Explosion
            Date: 25 May 2003
         Where: Miami, FL  USA
            Who: N/A
         Status: Out of Service.

    Click [here] to see her as the "T.S.S. France", for the French Line.
    Click [here] to visit the "S.S. Norway" Preservation Foundation.

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