-=[ Our Cruise Ship News Archive - 2000 Archive ]=-

  Cruise Industry News - [30 Dec 2000]
  • The "Dolphin IV" has been sold, to pay for debts, by a Panamanian court.  For about $950,000 Panama dollars.
  • The "Superstar Leo" is going to be renamed to "Norwegian Leo", for use by Norwegian Cruise Lines in Hawaiian service.
  • Commodore Cruise Lines, has closed it's doors.  Until the completion of the Chapter 11 reorganization, in the spring of 2001.  Their ships will remain in lay up, in the New Orleans, LA, USA port, until then.
   Cruise Industry News - [28 Dec 2000]
  • The P&O group is forced to sell its share in a bulk goods carrier business.  And loses half of the bulk carrier fleet.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Line is moving its "m/v Norwegian Sea", from the Port of Houston, TX, to Miami, FL.
  • Hawaii is in play for cruise activity.  Norwegian Cruise Lines, and United States Lines have made it known they want to have their vessels in the warm Hawaiian waters.
  • The Commodore Cruise Line, Crown Cruise Line, and their parent Cruise Co., have filed for Chapter 11.  All sailings are cancelled.
  • The Australian government is fighting to keep its shipyards open.  Government officials want to close them.  Many jobs are at stake on this decision.
   Cruise Industry News - [26 Dec 2000]
  • Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines, will operate the "Big Red Boat I" and the "Big Red Boat II" from the now deceased Premier Cruise Line.
  • There is a rumour circulating that the sunk former Premier liner "SeaBreeze I" may be refloated.
  • The UK shipyards of Vosper ThomeyCraft, will make 650 workers redundant.
  • The UK shipyards of Cammell Laird are in discussion with Luxus to build 2 new 28,000 DWT cruise ships.
  • Contract discussion's continue with the Costa Line, and Cammell Laird to lengthen their "Costa Classica".
  • Korean shipyards of Hitachi Zosen are reporting record builds for the 2000 fiscal year.
   Cruise Industry News - [22 Dec 2000]
  • Japanese citizens can now enjoy luxury cruising.  The "Fuji Maru", was opened to 200 public guests for inspection.
  • Six crew members of the "Broto", were picked up after their cargo ship started to take on water.  The ship was rescued also.
  • Ebert & Roeper will host movie critic show aboard the "Disney Wonder", in February, on the 1st to the 4th, 2001.
   Cruise Industry News - [20 Dec 2000]
  • A tug boat and a dredge barge collided in the Houston Ship Channel, on Monday morning, at about 6:00 AM CDT.  Only one casualty was reported.  All others are reported safe at a local area hospital, after being thrown overboard.  The tug and  the barge did not sink.  The channel was re-opened at 7:50 AM CDT.
  • Royal Caribbean International has received an extension from the shipyard of Mayer-Werft in Papenberg.  This will allow the line sufficient time to make a final decision on whether or not to place final orders for two (2) more Radiance class vessels.  If RCI does agree to move forward, the two new builds will arrive in 2005 and 2006.
  • The "m/s Sovereign of The Seas", had to cut short a cruise, after the ship lost partial power.  The power failure happened at 11:30 PM EDT.  The ships was 50 nautical miles off the coast of Florida.  The ship returned to Port Everglades early at 6:00 AM EDT to offload passengers, and make repairs.
   Cruise Industry News - [18 Dec 2000]
  • The former Premier Cruise Liner "SeaBreeze I" sank on Sunday at about 11:30 AM EDT.  The ship called in a S.O.S. saying they had an engine failure, and were taking on water in the engine room.  Her 34 crew was rescued by the US Coast Guards helicopters.  The ship was 200 miles off the east coast of Virginia.  The ship was in rough seas, when she began to sank.  The actual cause of the sinking is not yet known.  She lies in 4,300 feet of sea.
  • The "m/s Costa Riviera" had a mutiny on Sunday, when she began to list.  It is reported that she was awash with sewage and diesel fuel.  Passengers were rioting on the ship to force the ships crew to do something about the problems. Passengers were reporting, the ship was a "health hazard", and "...the ceiling in one cabin had collapsed".
   Cruise Industry News - [16 Dec 2000]
  • The Panama Canal Authority, is discussing an option to possibly widen, and add to the existing Miraflores Lock system.  The proposed idea, would leave farmers in the area homeless, and flood 1,000's of acres of land.  The authority says the existing lock system is becoming inadequate to handle the growing shipping traffic and demands on the locks.  There is a need for a system to provide fresh water, and widen the canal system, so that new larger ships may make use of the availability  of the canal, to pass from one ocean to another.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines, is going to enjoy a new first.  Their new "m/v Carnival Spirit" will have the cruise industry's first
  •  new smokeless diesel engine system.  She will be fitted initially with two of the injection systems.  She is expected in late
  •  spring 2001.  Other vessels can be easily modified to use this new system.
  • Off the coast of Norway, a cargo ship filled with 400 tons of frozen fish, ran aground, after an engine failure.  She was then adrift.  In high winds and turbulent seas, she drifted into an inlet, and run aground.  Her 16 member crew was safely able to be air lifted by helicopter.  No injuries were reported.  The ship "Green Alesund" was being towed by two tug boats.
  • The cargo ship "Rokuei Maru", from Japan, is transporting the remains of "spent" nuclear fuel (plutonium) to a processing facility.  Be careful!
  • A US Navy "slave chaser" from 1850 that was wrecked on an uncharted reef, has been found.  The "Yorktown", built in 1840, in Norfolk, VA, USA.  Her items will be auctioned off in London next week.
   Cruise Industry News - [15 Dec 2000]
  • The US Navy's "USS Cole" has returned to her home port of Pascagoula, MS; for repairs to the bomb blast that harmed her and 17 members of her crew.  Welcome home, and our condolences.
  • The Merseyside shipyard gives the axe to the jobs of 250 of its workers, after talks with Costa Crociere fall through.  The shipyard of Cammell Laird was supposed to have done a lengthening to the "Costa Classica", but this is not to be the case.
   Cruise Industry News - [13 Dec 2000]
  • A young man, age 27, and his younger friend, age 15, were picked up by the "m/s Sunbird", earlier this week, when they were spotted drifting 200 miles into the Caribbean.  They were originally from Grenada.  This ship's hospital staff treated them for dehydration, and severe sunburn.  The two boys were taken to the island of Barbados.
  • In a scathing report posted by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and a number of other maritime authorities.  The newly filed report suggests that the "S.S. Sun Vista" (former "m/v Galilee") was in poor condition, and should not have been making cruises.  The report states that her machinery, and safety features were in questionable shape, for a ship of her age.  The "S.S. Sun Vista", Sun Cruises Lines; sank on the 20th of May 1999, off the coast of Malaysia.
   Cruise Industry News - [11 Dec 2000]
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Tropicale" will be transferred to Costa Cruises in February of 2001.
  • On Sunday, the 10th, the container ship "BBC Brazil", was attacked by 30+ foot seas, and suffered a 6 foot crack in her hull.  She was forced to leave the Cabot Straits, for safety of Cape Breton, to make repairs.
Special Notice - A Public Service Service Announcement Courtesy of 20th Century Ocean Liners
It has come to our attention, that passengers who are taking cruises, are NOT following the rules.  We suggest that you reconsider your decision.  If you break a company rule, they have the legal right to leave you at the nearest port, and evict you and your party from their vessel.  The rules are simple.  Obey them.  Don't become stranded in a foreign country, and have to pay your own way home, with fines.  Ask you travel agent for more info if you need it.  Be smart, know before you travel.  It is a good idea, to do a little research and find out some things in advance.  It is also suggested that you arrange a travellers insurance policy for yourself, and your party.

   Cruise Industry News - [9 Dec 2000]

  • It has been reported that ISP, International Shipping Partners has made a play to acquire the former Premier Cruise Lines ship "SeaBreeze I".
   Cruise Industry News - [6 Dec 2000]
  • Carnival Cruise Lines' "m/v Carnival Triumph' to carry an atmospheric / oceanographic device to monitor the conditions of the worlds oceans.
  • Costa Cruises is going to aquaria the Holland America Liner "Westerdam", at the end of her 2001 season, and she will be renamed to "Costa Hiomerica".
  • Star Cruises has sold two of it's ships; the "Renaissance V", she was sold to the Cruise West group, and will sail as the "Spirit of Oceanus".  The "Renaissance VI", has been sold to Hebridean Island Cruises, and she will sail for them as the "Herbridean Spirit".
  • The Seabourn liner "Seabourn Sun" has cancelled her 9 Dec 2000 cruise.  The reason has not yet been disclosed.  The Seabourn Cruise Line is a division of the Cunard Line, which is owned by the Carnival Cruise Lines.
  • Royal Olympic Cruises liner "Stella Solaris", had to cancel a voyage because of engine troubles.  Passengers will receive a full refund, and 50% off of their future cruise..
  • The former Premier Cruise Lines' "SeaBreeze I", who is currently under arrest in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has been sold to a New York bank, which has sold the vessel for scrapping in India or Pakistan.
   Cruise Industry News - [4 Dec 2000]
  • The Captain of the NCL liner "m/v Norwegian Dream" is being criticized for his poor judgement at sea.  In the accident last year, that his ship had in the English Channel, when it struck the "Ever Decent".
  • Premier Cruise Lines, "m/s SeaBreeze I" has been sold to a New York City bank for $1.75 million dollars, in a sealed bid.
  • The International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL), has passed a mandate as recommended by the United States NationalTransportation Safety Board.  That all cruise ships who serve US waters must have the "smoke alarms" installed.  This is in the aftermath of several incidents, involving fires aboard cruise ships that caused crew or passenger fatalities.
  • The port of Dubai, has received it's first passenger cruise ship, the "Ocean Majesty" on Friday.  The port has been planning to open to the cruise market for about three years now, and has taken it's first reward.
  • The workers of the Bath Iron Works Shipyard, in Maine, USA are facing layoff's at the end of an 8 week job strike.
  • The now deserted shipyard of Harland & Wolff, in Belfast, Ireland is serving as a movie set for a film named "Puckoon".  The yards workers, are now serving as extras, painters, set & prop personnel.
   Cruise Industry News - [2 Dec 2000]
  • A Chinese cargo ship sinks, there are 19 of her crew feared missing.  The "Zhezhou 606" sank in rough seas, at the mouth of the Yangtze River, in China.  Only 1 survivor was found, and he reports that their ship was tossed, taking on water, and sank quickly.
  • The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is going to make a ruling, on weather ships will be compelled to install a "black box" or not.  This decision will change the way a maritime tragedy is investigated.  The IMO is also looking into the option of requiring a ship identification system, as well.  If this goes forward, the rule will take effect on July 1st, 2002.
  • A federal court, has ruled against the state of Maryland, who had been illegally discriminating against the organization of 'Project Life'.  The non-profit organization acquired an old hospital ship, and had planned to use it to operate a drug abuse facility, was denied a parking place by the Maryland State Port Administration.  But the Federal court has ruled it as a "illegal" act, which violates the "Federal Americans with Disabilities Act".  The Project Life may now use their former hospital ship[ "Sanctuary".
   Cruise Industry News - [29 Nov 2000]
  • Costa's technicians were escorted from the property, when a deal to lengthen the "Costa Classica", fell through.  Her sister "Costa Romantica", was scheduled to be lengthened next year.  The dispute apparently is between the UK shipyard of Cammell-Laird at Brinkenhead.  The reason for the cancellation of the contract is that the yard was not on the schedule.
  • "m/s Patriot", the former "Nieuw Amsterdam" of Holland-America Line, arrived in Los Angeles, for her one day press cruise.
  • The Premier Cruise Line ships are to be sold.  "Rembrandt", "Big Red Boat I", and "Big Red Boat III" will be sold by  tender, as pursuant to the order of the court.  The vessels are currently being berthed in Freeport, Bahamas.
   Cruise Industry News - [17 Nov 2000]
  • The cargo ship on the Great Barrier Reef, is now floating again.  It took four tugs at high tide to remove her from the reef.  It is reported that she is carrying "dangerous" cargo items.  She is being towed to Sydney, Australia.
  • The Exxon / Mobil Corp is under fire from the ecological groups, for ordering the construction of a single hulled design.
  • The company states that they feel there is no problem in doing this.  And they report that the market is currently using about 70% single hulled designs.  The many oil spills, and other tanker related disasters, would have been greatly lessened if a double hull design was in use.
  • On the 14th of November there was a collision in the Pearl River, between a Norwegian ship and a Chinese tanker.  The tanker sank following the collision, and the Norwegian ship went on to its destination.  The Hong Kong authorities are already investigating this incident.
  • An Iranian shipyard is slated to be given an opportunity to construct some container ships, and some passenger ships.
  • The Dubai Drydock has been awarded a contract to maintain two container ships.
  • There is more reports coming around about the saga of the former Premier Cruise Lines.  Some of the  lines ships have been sold.  The order is from the Federal Bankruptcy courts.  The Dutch have shown an interest in the former Holland
  • America liner "Rotterdam" (V 1959).  The ship is laid up at Freeport, Bahamas.  The "S.S. Rembrandt" is currently up for sale.
  • The remaining Premier fleet is here: "Seawind Crown" - Barcelona, Spain; "SeaBreeze" - Halifax, Nova Scotia; "Big Red Boat I" - Freeport, Bahamas; "Big Red Boat III" - Freeport, Bahamas.  The "Big Red Boat II" has been chartered out to Big Red Boat II Ltd.  And will operate from the Port Canaveral, FL area.  She has sailed from New York to her new home port of Port Canaveral for maintenance, and then off to charter service.
   Cruise Industry News - [13 Nov 2000]
  • It it rumoured that the former Premier Cruise Line ship "Big Red Boat II" is sailing from New York to the Bahamas.  To join some of her sisters.
  • Earlier this past week, P&O/Princess Cruises, made an announcement that it will be postponing the construction of a new vessel.  This comes in the wake of an election, and falling stock exchange returns.
   Cruise Industry News - [6 Nov 2000]
  • Cunard announced from London today, that they have signed the contract with Alstom-Chantiers to begin building their new project "Queen Mary 2" trans-Atlantic ocean liner.  She will debut in the fall of 2003.
  • The crew of Royal Caribbean's' "m/s Splendour of The Seas" was given an award this past week for their heroic rescue of the 11 crew members, who were stranded, when their 250' cargo ship, "Capricorn" that sank, last December.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines is not planning to renew the contract for Steiner-Leisure.  Steiner-Leisure used to handle all of the shipboard spa services.
   Cruise Industry News - [3 Nov 2000]
  • The British shipbuilder Cammell-Laird, has received an order for two cruise new ships, the first to be built in the UK in  over 25 years.  The yard has applied to the British Ministry for financial aid to start the project.
  • On the 12 of October, the "m/s Universe Explorer" was in a collision with the "Lilium", a container ship.  Neither ship was in any danger of sinking.  The damage to both ships is at 40' above the waterline.  No injuries were reported.  The accident had happened in Vietnamese waters, so their government is investigating.
   Cruise Industry News - [31 Oct 2000]
  • The former P & O liner "Oriana" of 1960, is up for sale.  Or rather, a share of it's interest is up for sale.  The vessel is in Shanghai, China.  She was serving as a floating hotel/casino ship.
  • The "Regal Empress" of Regal Cruises suffered a delay.  A passenger thought that the ship was aground, and called on a cell phone to say that the vessel was aground on a sandbar, and the Coast Guard came to investigate.  The actual problem was the one of the ships engines, had dropped a piston, and the ship stopped for repairs.  The vessel, it's crew and passengers were in no danger at any time, while the ship was at anchor.
   Cruise Industry News - [27 Oct 2000]
  • The "S.S. Catalina" was almost re-floated.  The SSCPA needs more funding, ALOT more!  If they are to raise her successfully.  If you can help, or know someone who can, ask them to participate.  Visit S.S. Catalina.Org for details.
  • The ill fated crew members of the former Russian nuclear submarine, "Kursk" have started to be removed from their watery graves.  A dead officers note tells, that the crew was alive and that they could have been saved, if their Naval authorities had allowed outside help, to affect a proper rescue, they would have lived.
   Cruise Industry News - [22 Oct 2000]
  • Well, do to absolute stupidity, and carelessness on the part of her former owners.  The "S.S. Britanis", has sunk.  She is 50 nautical miles west of Cape Town. South Africa.  She had developed a 30 degree list and sank.  She went finally down at 7:04 PM-GMT Cape Town time.  This is very saddening.  She will be missed.  She is slated not to be raised, and to become an artificial reef.
  • On the 17th of October the "m/v Explorer of The Seas" leaves her pier to cross the Atlantic, and come to New York.  Her trip was filled with 40 foot seas, and broken windows.  Oddly, just like the P&O "m/s Oriana" about four weeks ago.
  • As of October 15th, the announcement by Star Cruises, to trade their "Superstar Leo" for "S.S. Norway" has come.  The "S.S. Norway" is supposed to be used as an Asian based "gambling ship".  We want Star to know, we highly object to this distasteful practice of trading ships, and the whole inferior move idea.  "S.S. Norway" fans write Star Cruises and protest!
  • The stranded crew of the "T.S.S. Seawind Crown" is stranded in barcelona, Spain.  They have been there for about a month now.  They remain under "seizure" by the port authority.  And the crew is needing to be paid, and given tickets to fly home.  The situation onboard the ships is deteriorating badly.  And the crew is in danger of having a mutinous riot.  They need your help, legally, politically, and financially to over come this terrible problem.
  • On the 4th of October the "m/v Explorer of The Seas" leaves her builder for Southampton. For her press revue.
   Cruise Industry News - [20 Oct 2000]
  • Princess Cruises, has announced that they will be building five new ships, expected for delivery in 2004.  The new builds will be built at a yard to be selected.  The new builds are to be named: "Coral Princess", "Diamond Princess", "Island Princess", "Sapphire Princess", "Star Princess".  We are looking forward to their arrival.
   Cruise Industry News - [12 Oct 2000]
  • The "S.S. Britanis" is now in the African waters off the Cape Town coast.  She was towed there across the Atlantic by her tug "Irbis", in late September.
  • A youth activities Coordinating aboard the "S.S. Norway" was arrested by the FBI and charged with sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl, while the ship was out at sea.
   Cruise Industry News - [9 Oct 2000]
  • Word has it, that the Norwegian Cruise Lines' "S.S. Norway", will be moving to Asia in the fall of 2001.  The port will be named later.  Everybody firmly protest this, make them keep her here!  She is special, and totally irreplaceable!
   Cruise Industry News - [4 Oct 2000]
  • Holland America's "m/s Veendam" suffered a short overnight power failure, during a return trip from Portland, OR.  The power was out for about 3 hours over night.  It went out at around 1:15 AM/PST.
  • Two major United Kingdom shipyards to lay-off workers.  The shipyards of Harland & Wolff, and Vosper ThomeyCraft will lay-off workers.  H&W will cut its work force by half, as will ThomeyCraft.  The work cuts will be active by the end of the year, and early in 2001.
   Cruise Industry News - [3 Oct 2000]
  • Princess Cruises, has announced they will operate their fleet off of the local power, when the ship are in the Juneau    port area.  In a bold move, the company wants to comply with the residents of the Juneau, Alaska area by shutting the engines of its fleet off, when they are in port.
  • The Carnival Corp., who know wholly owns the Costa Cruises, has signed a letter of intent with Fincantieri Cantieri Navali S.p.A shipyard in Genoa, Italy to build to 105,000 GRT vessels, that will be similar to the "Carnival Triumph" type of ship.
   Cruise Industry News - [2 Oct 2000]
  • Another chartered Greek ferry sinks, with 32 passengers and 7 crew.  One US elderly passenger dies after the sinking. Greek authorities have grounded the Greek fleets.  The vessels operating licenses have been suspended until the fleet owners bring the fleets up to code.  This suspension is for 20 days.  If the operators do not comply, the licenses will be revoked permanently.  The vessel was the "Zeus III".
  • Carnival's "m/s Celebration" has made its first inaugural trip from its new home port of Galveston, Texas.
  • Skipper in Greek ferry sinking with 66 counts.  Additional charges are pending, and the other crew members will be also charged similarly.
   Cruise Industry News - [30 Sep 2000]
  • In Olbia, Sardinia, ten ancient Roman ships were found, they are believed to be from the 5th century.  Archaeologists are working to study the wrecks.  It is believed they were burned and plundered by the conquering Europeans.
  • Two cargo ships collided yesterday off the coast of Sweden, the Bahamas registered "Geta", collided with the German registered "Graneborg".  The ship was on its way from Karlshamn, Sweden, to Gdansk, Poland.  The six crew members of the stricken "Geta" were rescued by Coast Guard help.
  • China to build a waterway to Hong Kong.  The project will link China's Shenzhen City in south China's Guangdong rovince and neighbouring Hong Kong.  The project will reportedly be underway by the end of this year.
   Cruise Industry News - [29 Sep 2000]
  • The P & O liner "m/s Oriana", while en-route to a yacht in distress, was struck on her port side, by a 40 foot tidal wave The subsequent proved dangerous, it broke the windows of three staterooms, and injured 3 passengers, and 1 crew member.  The wave was so intense it flooded staterooms, and flowed down the ships central stairway.  She was 600 mi.off the coast of Cork, Ireland, at the time of the accident.
  • The "Big Red Boat II", rumours of its possible move to Europe, are reportedly false.
  • The "Crown Princess" is scheduled to be transferred to the Aida Cruises operator in 2002.
  • The "Carnival Victory" had an accident with a Pier and caused about $800 worth of damage to it.  The ships suffered only minor damage.  Apparently, Carnival chose not to use the aid of a tug to depart.  This incident took place in New York on the 24th.
   Cruise Industry News - [28 Sep 2000]
  • Tuesday a ferry struck a rock and sank.  This rock has a beacon on it that can be seen about seven miles.  The crew has been placed under arrest by the Greek authorities.  The ferry had over 510 passengers and crew onboard at the time of the sinking.  The ferry now lies on the bottom of the Aegean Sea.  Of the many survivors 40 souls may have died.  The ferry is a 450'; 4,407 GRT.  It was the "Express Samina" and hit the Portes Islet rocks and sank.
   Cruise Industry News - [25 Sep 2000]
  • The National Underwater & Marine Agency (NUMA) has assisted in the rescue and refloat of a national treasure.  The "CSS Hunley" a vessel from the American Civil War of the 1860's has now been salvaged.  She was sunk on 02/17/1864.  She was archeologically raised on 08/18/2000.  Nice job guys!
  • The "R.M.S. Carpathia" has been officially declared found.  The shipwreck is on the east coast of Ireland.  And is  sitting in 514 feet of water.  The NUMA agency is planning to release a video documentary to the Canadians very soon.  A side scan sonar wreck survey has already been completed.
   Cruise Industry News - [22 Sep 2000]
  • Where are they now?  The former ships of the Premier Cruise Lines.  The former fleet is scheduled to be sold at public  auction for the payment of the former lines debts.  Pricing for the fleet is slated to between $13 and $25 million dollars.
  • - "Big Red Boat I" is in Freeport, Bahamas.
  • - "Big Red Boat II" is in the Navy Homeport of Staten Island, NY..
  • - "Big Red Boat III" is in Freeport, Bahamas.
  • - "Rembrandt" is in Nassau, Bahamas.
  • - "SeaBreeze I" is in Halifax, Nova Scotia under arrest.
  • - "Seawind Crown" is at Palma, and was seized by the Pullmantours operator there.

   Cruise Industry News - [16 Sep 2000]

  • Premier Cruise Lines has officially stopped all public service.  It's fleet has been impounded by their local port authorities.  Almost 3,000 passengers were stranded in foreign countries on late Thursday night.  The passengers and crews were forced to evacuate the vessels that they were travelling on.  The line is co-operating with their insurers, and mortgage holders.  This move comes after news of the lines insolvency.  Armed escorts were sent to remove all monitory funds from the fleet.  The lines lending holder is paying for the passengers flights back to their original ports.
   Cruise Industry News - [14 Sep 2000]
  • There is a report that the Premier Cruise Lines has ceased its operations. And that all of their fleet has been ordered back to their home port locations. This is coming as quite a shock.
  • Cape Canaveral Cruise Lines has pulled their "Dolphin IV" out of active service. She is currently in  drydock for repairs.  The company indicates that the ship had a corroded tank problem. And that they are seeking investors to acquire another vessel by October this year. We hope all goes well.
   Cruise Industry News - [12 Sep 2000]
  • Princess Cruises has floated out their new "m/s Golden Princess" at the Fincantieri Shipyards in Italy.  She is expected for a May 2001 delivery.  Congrats & Welcome!
   Cruise Industry News - [8 Sep 2000]
  • For those of you that are following the life saving efforts for the "S.S. Catalina", she will be refloated on either late Friday or early Saturday.  She must be moved out of the Ensenada harbour before the end of September. Good luck!
  • Princess Cruises "TSS Fair Princess" to be sold for $15.5 million dollars.  She will become a casino/hotel in Hong Kong.
  • Carnival Corp. names new "Spirit" class ship, the Carnival Miracle.  We anxiously await her arrival...
   Cruise Industry News - [7 Sep 2000]
  • A new plan of possible salvation has come for the "S.S. Britanis" she is under tow by her tug Iris.  Hopefully all of the plans will successfully work out.
  • Celebrity Cruises says that they will be sending their "m/v Millenium", back to her builders for repairs in November.  This is being done to offset a problem with an unknown vibration, while the ship is at sea.  She will have a special buffer installed.
   Cruise Industry News - [30 Aug 2000]
  • The "S.S. Britanis" is anchored off Brazil, while she is inspected by her insurers, after repairs for leakage in her aft areas. She is on route to be scrapped.  Once she passes the Cape of Good Hope, it will be too late.  Someone hurry, and please save her!  This 1931 built beauty is in danger!
   Cruise Industry News - [29 Aug 2000]
  • Carnival Corp. has purchased the remaining half of its ownership in Costa Cruises.  This will give the Carnival Corporation a full arm of control on Costa, and its affairs.  This is all subject however to the approval of the shareholders of the original seller, British operator Airtours.
  • Reports indicate, that the new Holland-America vessel "m/s Amsterdam" will be joining her sisters in the Holland-America fleet shortly.  Congrats and Welcome!
  • As part of an ongoing preventative maintenance program, the "m/s Elation", will be excused from service on the late end of October through to the first part of November.  This is in response to the problems that occurred with the sister ship "m/s Paradise" back in July.  The ships AziPod drive system will be the main focus of the work.
   Cruise Industry News - [22 Aug 2000]
  • Divers are still attempting to rescue the stricken submarine in the former Soviet Union.  Many efforts to help rescue the men trapped beneath the waves have failed.  We wish them the best of luck, and our hearts go out to their families.
  • On friday last (08/18) the Carnival ship "m/s Holiday", had a woman disappear at about 11:00 AM.  She was later found at about 1:30 am.  The woman's body, was picked up by the rescue party sent to locate her.  Our condolences.
  • This past week, the Carnival Corp. took delivery of it's newest vessel; the "m/v Carnival Victory". Congrats & Welcome!
A Public Safety Service Announcement Courtesy of 20th Century Ocean Liners
Passengers Jumping From Cruise Ships -
To all passengers onboard cruise ships.  DO NOT JUMP or attempt to leave the vessel, in any other fashion, whilst it is in motion, if you try any other method, other than that of disembarkation at the pier, no one can be responsible for your life.   The water wake and undertow of a cruise ship will ABSOLUTELY pull you under the water and against the ships hull.  A ship is travelling at a speed of 15-20 knots, or about 20-25 mph, it doesn't seem like much, but its very dangerous!  You will be crushed, drowned and killed if you try this foolish act.  The passenger deck space of most modern cruise ships is well OVER 60 feet up from the water.  The propellers are usually over 20 feet in diameter, and typically weigh around 20-110 tons each, and are turning over 50-75 RPM.  There is NO way you can survive a fall into these conditions.  Please DO NOT try to do any of this. This is REAL LIFE, not the movies.  If you jump off of a ship you will lose your life.  The propellers will cut you to ribbons, and the odds are very likely you will impact the rudder(s) and die.  SO DON'T DO THIS!

   Cruise Industry News - [15 Aug 2000]

  • A Russian nuclear submarine is trapped below the waves at a depth of about 480'.  She is currently experiencing a problem and is not able to surface.  Apparently, the US sub rescue ships are not compatible with their Soviet counterparts.  The crew is reportedly still alive, and is working to remedy the problem.  A rescue attempt is being made by the Russian military.
  • Carnival's "m/v Elation" had a missing passenger, on the 31st of July.  The 42 year ol man was found absent at about 2:30 AM, the next morning, he had not been seen since 11:30 pm the prior evening, in the ships casino.  No trace of the missing male passenger has been found.  The FBI is now investigating.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is reporting that the "m/s Explorer of The Seas" will be in New York on October 16th.  For her inaugural festivities. She is identical to her sister "m/s Voyager of The Seas".  Congratulations!  We look forward to seeing and sailing aboard her very soon.
   Cruise Industry News - [7 Aug 2000]
  • This past week the "Global Mariner" was sunk in a collision with the "Atlantic Crusader".  No fatalities were reported.
  • The original "Union-Castle Line" has decided to return to business, after a 23 year sabbatical.  Welcome back!
  • The "R.M.S. Titanic" yields yet another incredible find, a leatherette perfume case, with it's contents in tact, and soft scent of the original perfume still remains...  Wow!
  • Problems with the damping systems, that are on the "m/v Millenium", of Celebrity Cruises, may force her to return to her builders in St. Nazaire, France.  The company's officials are working closely with experts from the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard who built her to resolve this issue.
  • Carnival's "m/v Tropicale", had an engine room fire, and thusly the ship was left without power, and was adrift.  She had to be towed back to port for repairs.  Her passengers were sent home with a refund, and a discount...
   Cruise Industry News - [25 Jul 2000]
  • The "m/s Deutschland" passengers are killed, when their flight on the Air France Concorde crashes into a Paris hotel.
  • The 109 passengers and 9 crew are killed.  Mostly German residents, the flight crew, and one American citizen.   If you need to contact the Concorde's operator, go to [Air France].  Or call 1-(800): 874-0097 (US).  And in France at +33-1-4337-3150.  For info on Concorde flight AF-4590.  Our condolences to all.
  • Congratulations go out to Celebrity Cruises, for their new comer "Summit".  Welcome!  She will debut in the fall of 2001.
  • The "S.S. Bluenose" is going to the breakers.  And a possible late bidder may save her life.  If not she will be broken  up in Tuxpin, Mexico.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines, had some stowaways on two of their ship, the "m/v Ecstasy", and the "m/v Sensation".  Each had stowaways on board.  The "m/v Ecstasy" had a group of ten Haitian nationals and the "m/v Sensation" had a nine year old male, who was Autistic stowing away on board.  All of the Haitian nationals were handed over to the Immagration and Naturalization Service (INS), in Miami, FL.  The young boy was returned to his family.
  • The "Delta Queen" was raided this past week.  ATF, state troopers, and local city police boarded the ship and took more than 3,600 bottles of alcohol, that was reported not properly paid for.  The line owner says it is something they have never heard of.  The incident, occurred whilst the ship was on a "Civil War" cruise in Tennessee.
   Cruise Industry News - [20 Jul 2000]
  • The "m/v Paradise" from Carnival Cruise Lines, had one of its AziPod drive units fail.  And will make a brief stop at the Newport News Shipyard, in Virginia for repairs.  She will return to service on the 13th of August 2000.
  • There is renewed hope and interest in the "S.S. Britanis", there are two possible California business' interested  in the old girl.  Way to go!  Let's save the precious treasures!
  • The "S.S. Funchal", had a power failure, while at Gibralter, and had to cancel its cruise.  She will return to service on the 26th of July.
   Cruise Industry News - [10 Jul 2000]
  • A Norwegian ferry sinks; only 10 survivors found.  492 feared to be dead.   The "Chaya Bahari" is now gone.
  • The "S.S. Britanis" is being towed to Pakistan this week for scrapping.  She will has left Tampa and be missed.
  • Cunard's "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2", had an accident in New York, as she collided with a pier and 2 ships there.  There were no reports of any serious damage or injuries.
  • Also, "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2", was found to be carrying some strayed Pigeons, who were involved in a cross-channel race.  The Pigeons were subsequently missing for some four weeks now.
   Cruise Industry News - [14 Jun 2000]
  • The former "Transval Castle", while being assisted by a tug, which was at her stern, was sunk when it came into contact with one of the ships propellers.  Which apparently must have cut the bottom of the tug open.  That propeller was also subsequently damaged by the incident.  The trip for Premier Cruise Line's "Big Red Boat III" was cancelled as well.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's m/s "Voyager of The Seas", carried the worlds record for a commercial passenger vessel this past week.  The record is 3,608 passengers.  Her max occupancy is 3,475.
  • Harland and Wolff Limited. of Belfast, has obtained talks to build some new ocean liners and cruise ships.
  • The "Orient Princess", is no longer serving as a floating gambling center.  She has been placed under arrest by the government at marker buoy A38.  She used to serve in this role in Hong Kong.
  • The "Big Red Boat III" gets off to a slow start for Premier.  But we will give her a chance.
   Cruise Industry News - [29 May 2000]
  • Niew Amsterdam has a small fire in the crew quarters, the fire was contained and extinguished.  She returned to port for repairs. The cause of the fire is under investigation.
  • P&O's "Oriana" was involved with a rescue at sea.  The container ship "Orsay" sank during a storm, and stranded 9 of it's crew in the ocean.  Oriana picked them up and took them to shore.
  • P&O's m/v "Aurora", has a breakdown on her maiden voyage.  Returns to port for repairs, apparently she had overheated an engine bearing.  And she has had this fixed.  And is readying for her next cruise.
  • On April 1st, the news reports that Cunard's project "Queen Mary 2", will be built in France.  By the yard that made the "T.S.S. Normandie" for the French Line.  Chantiers de l'Atlantique, got the contract.
  • On Mar 22nd, the former "S.S. Stefan Batory" arrives in Turkey, to be scrapped.  This job will take about 6 months to complete.  She will be missed.
  • On Feb 24th, the former "Edinburgh Castle", becomes Premiers "Big Red Boat II".
   Cruise Industry News - [12 Jan 2000]
  • Carnival's "Celebration", had a fire in a generator room, 100 miles, off the coast of Montego Bay, while she was bound for the island.  She was on a regular 7 day cruise.  The fire was quickly extinguished, and power and propulsion was quickly restored, and she went on to Montego Bay as planned.  Her passengers were disembarked, and their tickets were promptly refunded, and they were flown back home to New Orleans, LA.
   Cruise Industry News - [1 Jan 2000]
  • Welcome to the 21st century!

   In Other Industry News -

   Click [here] for information on the project "Queen Mary 2" that the Cunard Line is working on.

   Ships In The News -
  • There are rumours going around, that the "S.S. United States" may be sold again.  Its a real shame, they just won't fix her up, fit her out, and return her to service.  That would be really nice.

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