-=[ Our Cruise Ship News Archive - 2001 ]=-

   Cruise Industry News - [31 Dec 2001]

 - We would like to wish all of you a very safe, and joyous New Year.  We look forward to seeing all of you in 2002.

   Cruise Industry News - [26 Dec 2001]

 - Cruise Invest Management, is moving the former fleet of the now bankrupt Renaissance Cruise Line to Marseilles, France.
    This company managed the fleet for the former company.  They are being berthed at Dock 10.
 - The Viking Lines ferry "Isabella" is aground on a low bottom, near Langnas in the Aland islands.  She has apparently been
    damaged, one of her tanks is taking on water, and her port propeller is damaged.
 - Carnival Corp., has file the necessary papers, with the US federal government, in requirement of the Hart-Scott-Rodino
    Act, in accordance with the US antitrust policies.  This appears to be in preparation for their move on P&O/Princess.

   Cruise Industry News - [17 Dec 2001]

 - P&O/Princess Cruises, PLC has declined the offer of interest from Carnival Corporation. They indicate they would like to
    pursue their offer to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, that was made in late November.

   Cruise Industry News - [14 Dec 2001]

 - Carnival Cruise Lines will take delivery of their new ship "m/v Carnival Pride" on December 26th, 2001.  She is being
    built by the Kvaerner-Masa shipyards in Helsinki, Finland.  Congratulations!
 - Cunard has signed a letter of intent to construct a vessel in the Italian shipyard of Fincantieri.  The 1,988 passenger vessel is
    not yet named.  She will sail in British waters.  Her debut is expected to be in January of 2005.
 - Royal Caribbean's' "m/v Adventure of The Seas" was delayed on her return trip to Miami, FL.  The reason was a 24 year
    old passenger had fallen from her balcony on deck 9, and landed on deck 4.  Ships medical staff had tried to revive her and
    was unable.  She was then considered to be deceased.  The incident is under investigation  by the US Coast Guard, and
    the FBI.  "m/v Adventure of The Seas" was in St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands) at the time.  Our condolences to her
    family and friend's...

   Cruise Industry News - [13 Dec 2001]

 - Cruise industry is saying "...kids pay like adults."  The idea is two heads are two heads.  So save your pennies...
 - The "m/v Doulos" will be staying in Malaysian waters for the next 4 weeks.  She can be visited at the Star Cruises terminal.
    The ship is carrying books, about 500,000 of them.  Over 6,000 titles in all...
 - Reports say that the "S.S. Norway" is back in Miami, FL.  Welcome home...
 - The "m/v Carnival Spirit" carried home dozens of passengers who where injured in a railway accident when their train had
    struck a stopped engine, on a return trip to Panama City, Panama.  The trains engineer died later of a heart attack.

   Cruise Industry News - [02 Dec 2001]

 - Silversea Cruises "m/s Silver Whisper" picked up the four survivors of a US Coast Guard vessel that sank in rough seas,
    that was trying to reach the cruise ship.
 - The French shipyard of Chantiers de l'Atlantique, is laying off some of it's excess workers.
 - The Cunard liner "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" and the British Airways Concorde are back on their synchronous schedule.
 - The new P&O ferry "Pride of Hull" was christened by Mrs. Cruise Blair the wife of British prime minister Mr. Tony Blair.
    The new ship will be operated by P&O North Sea Ferries. Congratulations!

   Cruise Industry News - [24 Nov 2001]

 - There is a report that some older cruise ships may be used as transportation of "boat people".  And some of them may be
    able to grant "asylum" to refugees.
 - Four passengers were detained in Port Everglades, FL on charges of narcotics smuggling.  The four passengers were found
    to be carrying "heroin". 47 pounds of the stuff.  A street value of USD$1.8 million worth of it. 3 of the four were from
    foreign countries, and the fourth was a Florida resident.  They are in the custody of the US Customs Office, on federal drug
    charges.  The smugglers had been sailing on the P&O Princess cruise ship "m/s Sun Princess".
 - Stock prices climb sharply up, after the Monday announcement of the possible merger of P&O Princess and rival Royal
    Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL).
 - Four crew members are missing, after an explosion and fire aboard a ship off the Australian coast.  The search goes on.

   Cruise Industry News - [20 Nov 2001]

 - Costa Cruises and Attica  Enterprises holdings, are planning a joint venture.  The Costa Attica Cruises.  They will provide
    fast ferry service as well as cruise services in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, from their Greek home port.
 - Royal Caribbean Ltd. and P&O-Princess are planning to merge.  Princess will have 50.7%, and RCL will have 49.3%.
    When finally merged the combined company will have 41 vessels, and be the world's largest operator of cruise ships.
 - The BAE Systems Marine shipyard in Govan, Scotland has won a £120 million pound contract.
 - The world's oldest passenger ship, the "m/v Doulos" will visit Malaysia for the eighth time.  Built in 1914 as a freighter, the
    "S.S. Medina".
 - P&O-Princess has secured $700 million dollars in export credit financing from Japan.

   Cruise Industry News - [17 Nov 2001]

 - Mr. Jack Williams, has been named the COO of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Congratulations!
 - There is a report that Princess Cruises will be offering port calls to San Francisco, CA.
 - The industry is excited about the growing list of new arrivals to come in the next few years.

   Cruise Industry News - [14 Nov 2001]

 - Carnival Cruise Lines will begin operating service from Mobile, Alabama.  The "m/v Holiday" will be calling from here.
 - Chilkat Cruises launches a Seattle to Port  Townsend passenger ferry service.

   Cruise Industry News - [13 Nov 2001]

 -  Cunard Lines new build "Queen Mary 2" had a contract award given to Canyon Ranch health resorts, for the design and
    operation of the facilities for health, beauty, and relaxation on board the new flagship.
 - Contact your local representatives and ask to open the "Jones Act", and rescind the '1886 Passenger Vessel Services'
    section.  Hawaii needs the freedom to operate free trade and tourism.
 - Norwegian Cruise Lines has hosted a dual ship christening on their web site.  It ran live on the internet over the RealPlayer.
    The "m/v Norwegian Sun" and the "m/v Norwegian Star" were christened together.  Congratulations and welcome!
 - Cunard's project "Queen Mary 2" is moving steadily forward.  Next month, her builder will be cutting steel for her keel.
    The project is about 45 days ahead of schedule.
 - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Adventure of The Seas" had to bail on her plans to go to New York for her official
    naming ceremonies.  She left with personnel still on shore, and hundreds of people now stranded on ship.  The request to
    depart New York, came from the NY Port Authority.  She did however, return a day later.

   Cruise Industry News - [10 Nov 2001]

 - The former American Hawaii Cruises ship "S.S. Independence" has arrived in San Francisco, CA.
 - Royal Caribbean's' "m/v Adventure of The Seas" will be named in a ceremony in New York.
 - Alstom-Chantiers de L'Atlantique has agreed to purchase some of the debts from the now bankrupt Renaissance Cruises.
 - The former Premier Cruise Lines' vessel "S.S. Rembrandt" will remain as the "S.S. Rembrandt".  CruiseShares will be
    operating the ship from the port of Boston, MA.
 - The German operated cruise ship "m/v Arkona" caught fire, after a leak had developed in her engine room.  This occurred
    while the vessel was being berthed at Port Mahon, Menorca.  The crew was able to squelch the fire using the CO2 fire
    suppression agent.  As a result, her power was out, and she collided with the pier which subsequently damaged her bow
    seriously.  Her passengers have been returned home.

   Cruise Industry News - [07 Nov 2001]

 - Royal Olympic Cruise Lines has taken delivery of their new "m/s Olympia Explorer" cruise ship.  Congratulations!
 - Crystal Cruises has names their third ship.  "m/v Crystal Serenity".
 - Cruise lines had cut costs, and staff.  They decided to wait on new orders.  The result.  The stocks are recovering.  This
    is good news for the cruise industry.
 - The French government is launching a probe into the 1999 sinking of the "Erika" that was chartered by the TotalFinaElf
    company.  "Erika" broke up in a storm on Dec. 11th 1999 and sank.  Leaving a large oil slick behind.

   Cruise Industry News - [06 Nov 2001]

 - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' "m/v Adventure of The Seas" has arrived ahead of schedule.  And will be cruising soon.
    Congratulations on your new arrival!
 - The former Mitsui O.S.K. vessel "Shin Sakura Maru" has been sold.
 - The story of "Ocean Glory I" never ends...  She has touched bottom at the breakers.  And will have to be literally dragged
    up onto the beach area to be scrapped.
 - Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. of Seoul, Korea has won a bid to build oil drilling facilities for BP PLC's
    BP Exploration & Production Inc., in southern Louisiana, USA.  Completion is scheduled for March of 2004.

   Cruise Industry News - [04 Nov 2001]

 - The agency that operates the LISCR was found to have been diverting payments to an unspecified set of accounts.  Royal
    Caribbean Cruise Lines, had subsequently missed two of it's payments for its ships registration.  The moneys totaled some
    USD$925,000.  Royal Caribbean has since canceled and moved its registry to another location.
 - The opera "The death of Klinghoffer" will not be played by the Boston Symphony chorus.  They feel it is not appropriate.
    Leon Klinghoffer was killed when he and his wheelchair were pushed into the sea, by terrorists from the "Achille Lauro".

   Cruise Industry News - [01 Nov 2001]

 - The "S.S. Norway" will not be making a transatlantic crossing, following her repairs and refit in Germany.
 - The Northrop Grumman company has canceled the "Project America" vessels, that were under construction at the
    Ingalls Shipyard in Mississippi.  The closure of the American Classic Voyages, and the terrorist attacks are blamed.
    It is being reported that the partial keel will be moved to make work space available.

   Cruise Industry News - [31 Oct 2001]

 - The former American Hawaii Cruises vessel "S.S. Independence" is bound for San Francisco, CA.  She will arrive on
    Nov. 5th, 2001.  For berthing and lay up.
 - SilverSea Cruises, has been given the "World's Best Cruise Line" award by Conde Nast Traveler.  For the small ship
    category (<500 passengers.)  They scored an 89.0.  They additionally outscored all of the large scale cruise lines as
    well, with the 89.0. Congratulations!
 - Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie, in Cherbourg, France has teamed up with IBM, and Dassaut to produce
    luxury yachts.
 - Happy Halloween Everyone...

   Cruise Industry News - [30 Oct 2001]

 - The brand new "m/v Adventure of The Seas" has been delivered to the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.  Kvaerner Masa
    shipyards in Turku, Finland has delivered the new ship to its owner.  She will proceed to Miami, Florida, and then make a
    stop in New York, on November 10th. She will provide a complimentary sailing for disaster crews, and families.  Then she
    will host the press and travel industry members on November 12th, and then on to San Juan, November 18th, for her first
    cruise.  Congratulations, and Welcome!
 - The "Universe Explorer" skipped the port of Mombasa, at the request of her operator, World Explorer Cruises.
 - P&O/Princess Cruises, is indicating that their bookings are slow.
 - The new "m/v Norwegian Star" has completed her sea trials.  And will be sailing soon for Norwegian Cruise Lines.
 - Star Cruises of Japan, has decided to cut down its staff in the Orient market.

   Cruise Industry News - [24 Oct 2001]

 - Investigators in Russia are examining the broken remains of the "Kursk" nuclear submarine.  That was recovered by the
    Giant-4 barge.  And brought to a floating dock near Murmansk.
 - Renaissance Cruises is seeking to keep two of its cruise ships, that sail on its Tahiti run.  The are seeking financing to
    accomplish this.  Renaissance is in about USD$1.2 billion dollars in debt.
 - Harland & Wolff Technical Services, a part of the Belfast shipbuilder has won a contract with the Nandong Cosco KHI
    Shipbuilding Company.  To design a next generation tanker.  The new "SuezMax" class tanker will be marketed in the
    Asian area.
 - Since the collapse of American Classic Voyages, the Ingalls Shipbuilding Co. has suspended the "Project America" work.
    This is after the US Maritime Administration decided not to continue the support of the now closed company.  As it stands
    the "m/s America" and "m/s United States" will be delayed in their construction.  The original delivery was set for 2003
    and 2004.  With the first vessel being only about 37% complete.

    Special Notice:  (A special public announcement courtesy of - 2Oth Century Ocean Liners)
    Cruise experts say don't purchase the insurance from the cruise line, or tour operator.  Buy it from an independent third
    party.  That way, if one goes belly up.  You're still covered.  If a travel business closes, the insurance you bought is no
    longer usable.  The recommendation is to buy it from Access America.  Do your homework, and know before you take
    a trip.  Travel safely everyone...

   Cruise Industry News - [24 Oct 2001]

 - More than 500 shipyard workers went on strike and protested outside the office of the Merchant Marine Ministry in
    Piraeus, Greece over an explosion that killed 5 workers on Saturday, while they were performing maintenance on a
 - US Department of Justice, has filed a suit against the General Dynamics Corp., alleging it's bid to purchase the Newport
    News Shipbuilding company would be the creation of a monopoly.  This action now gives the Northrop Grumman bid
    new life.
 - Carnival Cruise Lines is indicating a 25% fall off in bookings.
 - Reports are indicating that the ship carrying Indonesian immigrants was overloaded, and that was the cause of the sinking.

   Cruise Industry News - [23 Oct 2001]

 - Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea, has submitted a plan to break from its financially troubled parent group
 - P&O/Princess Cruises has decided to move their "m/v Royal Princess" back into US waters.
 - After the Sept. 11th attack on America, SwissAir files for bankruptcy.  As a result, their child company that owned and
    operated the "m/v Switzerland" fell prey to the same fate.  The ship has been laid up.
 - An Indonesian vessel sank with the loss of 350 people on Saturday.  The ship was near Australia at the time.  Migrant
    workers rescued 44 survivors.
 - The Radisson Seven Seas Cruise ship "m/s Song of Flower", is reportedly laid up in Istanbul until summer 2002.
 - Holland America Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL), and Celebrity Cruise Line make a special offer to the
    former passengers of the now bankrupt American Classic Voyages cruise line.
 - Holland America Line has 5 ships that won the US Coast Guard's QualShip 21 award.  This award is given for safety,
    health and environmental excellence. Congratulations!
 - The Russian nuclear submarine "Kursk" has been raised and berthed.  The remains of the subs crew will be removed, and
    the wreck will be examined and then dismantled.

   Cruise Industry News - [22 Oct 2001]

 - Following the closure of the now bankrupt American Classic Voyages cruise line.  Two of their former ships have said a
    sisterly farewell to one another.  Amidst tears, cheers, and steam whistles.  The "m/s Patriot" of United States Lines, and
    the "S.S. Independence" of American Hawaii Cruises issue a rousing exchange of whistle blasts, and then steam side by
    side, before turning their rudders to take them apart.  Possibly for the last time.  Bon voyage to all...

   Cruise Industry News - [19 Oct 2001]

 - American Classic Voyages, Co. has filed for bankruptcy protection.  Their web site has an official announcement.  Visit
    [http://www.amcv.com/] for details.
 - Holland America Lines "m/s Zuiderdam" under construction in Italy, will be delivered on Nov. 15, 2002.

   Cruise Industry News - [16 Oct 2001]

 - EXA International has indicated its interest in the former Premier liner "S.S. Rembrandt".  The ship is the former Holland
    America liner "S.S. Rotterdam".  If the vessel is obtained, she would be operated by their child company CruiseUnit
    Project, Ltd.
 - A report indicates that Royal Caribbean will be cutting 500 jobs.  The layoffs were in shore based areas.
 - European Cruise Services (ECS) has been ordered by a US bankruptcy court judge to return the employees of the former
    Renaissance Cruises fleet to their homes within four (4) days.

   Cruise Industry News - [12 Oct 2001]

 - Reports are coming in, that the Bermuda area has been hard hit by a tropical storm.  Including cruise ships and piers.
 - The "m/v Nordic Empress" suffered some damage when the storm that hit the area and the "m/v Norwegian Majesty"
    shoved the ship against the pier.  The pier suffered some damage as well.  Winds were reported over 80 mph.
 - The "m/v Norwegian Majesty" was pulled from her lines, in strong winds of about 70 mph.  The incident happened in
    Bermuda.  None of her passengers or crew were hurt.  However, a dock worker cut his hand trying to loosen the lines
    and give her slack.
 - There is a rumor going around that "S.S. Costa Riviera" will be going to Indian breakers at the end of her season.  Lets
    hope this is not true.

   Cruise Industry News - [08 Oct 2001]

 - More information on the "Project Queen Mary 2" is now available.  Wartsila of Finland is going to build the power systems
    for the new ship.  And Consilium Marine AB of Sweden, will build the "EnviroEngines".  Visit our [QM2] profile page for
    more details.
 - Northrop Grumman and Newport New shipbuilding are in further talks regarding their possible merger.

   Cruise Industry News - [01 Oct 2001]

 - The "Ocean Glory I" has been ordered sold for scrap.  The ship has been held in Dover, UK since early July.  The vessel
    had numerous violations for health, and safety.  She will be scrapped in Piraeus, Greece.  Her final voyage is expected
    to be canceled.  She sails for Greece shortly.
 - Cunard Lines "m/v Caronia" is being moved to an English port for 2002.  She will sail from Southampton, England.
 - Holland America Line is changing their itineraries, as many of the cruise lines have.  This is in the light of what has happened
    in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.
 - Silversea Cruises says that it's "m/s Silver Wind" will be laid up, after an extensive refurbishment, and dry docking.
 - The former "S.S. Rotterdam", of Holland America Line, is in the process of being saved.  To find out more, and how you
    can help, visit [http://www.ssrotterdam.org/].

   Cruise Industry News - [29 Sep 2001]

 - The government of Tahiti, has seized two of the former Renaissance cruise line ships for non payment of it's fuel bills.  The
    "m/v Renaissance Three" and "m/v Renaissance Four" are now in custody at the pier.
 - Royal Caribbean Cruises Lines (RCCL), has promoted Capt. William Wright to the title of Senior VP of Safety &
    Environment   Congratulations, sir.
 - Cruise agents in Dominica are awaiting the final results of the UN's decision to enact the "Article V".  They fear it will affect
    the current business standings of their area in a negative manner.
 - United States Air Force Generals have been given the military authority to use "force" to shoot at, and down any civilian
    aircraft that attempts to act in a hostile manner, or cause a disaster like the ones on 11 September 2001.

   Cruise Industry News - [27 Sep 2001]

 - Seabourn Cruise Lines' "m/v Seabourn Sun", has changed her world cruise route.  She will not be traveling through the
    Red Sea Area.  Her new route will instead take her to South Africa, and South American waters.
 - A UK£30 Million rights issue, is aiming to cut the shipyards of Harland & Wolff's debts, in order to save the company.
    Harland & Wolff is the shipbuilder of the legendary "R.M.S. Titanic"...
 - The travel industry is feeling the pinch, from the attacks on the US.  THe cruise, and airline markets are in a slump.  Hotels
    are now desolate...

   Cruise Industry News - [26 Sep 2001]

 - Celebrity Cruises says it will continue using the ports of Philadelphia, and Baltimore for their "m/v Horizon" and
    "m/v Zenith".
 - Carnival's "m/v Elation" had to duck into the port of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, because of a Hurricane Juliette.
 - Norwegian Cruise Lines will be christening two vessels, on the same day.  The "m/v Norwegian Star" and the
    "m/v Norwegian Sun".  The two will be christened in Miami, FL, on Nov. 17th, 2001.  Congratulations to both...
 - Crystal Cruise , is putting together a web site travel log class.  The "m/s Crystal Harmony" and "m/s Crystal Symphony"
    will have a University@Sea.
 - Royal Caribbean Cruises Line, has made the decision to move two vessels to the US area for their summer cruises next
    year.  The "m/v Grandeur of The Seas" and the "m/v Rhapsody of The Seas", will call on US ports in 2002.
 - Renaissance Cruise has ceased its operations, and has filed chapter 11 bankruptcy.  All activity has stopped as of Sept. 25.
    For more information visit: [Renaissance Cruises].  Or call 1(954) 463-0982 (in US).
 - P&O Princess Cruises plc, has redeployed it's ships that serve the US markets.  Due to the economic distress of the North
    American travel marketplace.
 - The Delta Queen Coastal Voyages "c/v Cape May Light" made its first stop in New York.  And is the first US cruise ship
    to call in New York, since the attack on Sept. 11, to the World Trade Center.  She will call there three more times.
 - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines board members purchase more shares of the company stock.

   Cruise Industry News - [21 Sep 2001]

 - Star Cruises of Japan, plc. has acquired the "Wasa Queen" from the Silja Line.  They will operate her from their Cruise
    Ferries brand in Hong Kong.
 - Star Cruises/Norwegian Cruise Lines says that "S.S. Norway" will be returning to her Miami, FL, port in time for her
    Christmas sailing on Dec. 23rd 2001.  Following a dry docking in Europe, for repairs, and a refurbishment.
 - P&O Princess Cruise Lines plc, says it has decided to postpone the inaugural events scheduled for their new cruise ship
    "m/v Golden Princess".  Until some time next year.
 - American Classic Voyages Co. (AMCV), is going to receive assistance from the US Federal government, to continue its
    two new builds for its child company United States Lines.  The "Project America" will include two new 1,900 passenger
    cruise ships, to be named "m/v United States" and "m/v America"   Upon their arrival in Feb. 04, and Feb. 05, they will
    join their fleet mate "m/v Patriot" who is already sailing in the Hawaiian islands run.
 - The Celebrity Cruises new "m/v Summit", will be hosting a relief cruise for the American Red Cross.

   Cruise Industry News - [19 Sep 2001]

 - The "m/s Disney Magic", had an unexpected scare.  A demolition's sniffing dog, reacted to a passengers bag, which had
     contained a single shogun shell...
 - Carnival to the rescue...  271 passengers that became stranded in Mexico, after the airlines were diverted  and grounded.
     Their "m/v Imagination" and "m/v Jubilee" would take passengers back to Miami, or tampa, for USD$149.
 - A private charter craft, crashed in Mexico.  It claimed the lives of 16 of their "m/v Maasdam" passengers.  And two crew
     members from the Mexican charter.
 - The two passengers, that were detained by the authorities, and removed from the Carnival "m/v Fascination" have now
     been released.
 - Cruise lines stock market positions, are hit hard by the aftermath of the WTC terrorist attacks.
 - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, has placed an order for new vessels.  The ships will be built at three of the major shipyards
    around the world.  Including: Chantiers de l'Atlantique (France), Kvaerner Masa (Finland), Mayer Werft yards (Germany).
 - Carnival Cruise Lines, has donated approximately USD$1.5 million to the American Red Cross.
 - Cunard Line has indicated that they were held off on using Boston, MA as a result of two phoned-in bomb threats.  The two
    liners; "R.M.S. queen Elizabeth 2", and "m/v Caronia" were stationed just outside the harbor.
 - The Port of Miami, FL had the US Coast Guard hold the Royal Caribbean ship "m/v Voyager of The Seas" outside of the
    harbor.  While the port authorities, checked on an open door in the passenger terminal.

   Cruise Industry News - [14 Sep 2001]

 - Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Fascination" was boarded by US Coast Guard officers at 3:15 am and when the ship docked
     in the morning, around 6:30 am, the two suspects were taken from the ship.  The two detained individuals were then turned
    over to the FBI.
 - The Cunard liner "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" has been diverted to Boston, due to the recent events in New York City.
     She was returning from her usual transatlantic run from Southampton, England.  Her passengers will be bussed back to
     the city of New York.
 - The Port of Miami, Florida has increased it's security.  The US Coast Guard will be escorting all cruise ships, and tankers
     in and out of, the port area.
 - Celebrity Cruise says it will be using the port of Philadelphia, during this very tense time.
 - The Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines says it will be diverting their "m/v Nordic Empress" to Philadelphia for the time being.

   Cruise Industry News - [13 Sep 2001]

 - US naval forces, and their supporting staff, are being mobilized to secure, and protect the eastern coast of the USA.
 - Orient Lines says it will donate US$25,000 for every stateroom sold, on a South American sailing.  The proceeds will go
     to help save and preserve the Amazon rain forests.
 - Cruise lines hit hard, by grounded US airlines, due to attacks on New York, and Washington D.C.  Parks, and public area
     landmarks are closed.
 - Holland America, Windstar say they are "heightening" security.  In wake of US disaster.
 - Boston, Mass. is offering to be haven for ships diverted out of New York area.
 - Norwegian Cruise Lines says it will no longer be placing restrictions on the visually impaired.  And will comply with an order
    from the judge, and abide by the terms of the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act.
 - Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, said they will be resuming their normal cruising schedules shortly.
 - The Dutch company raising the now sunken "Kursk", a Russian nuclear submarine, has nearly finished cutting the nose off.
    And will be ready to raise the vessel by the end of the month.  Their goal is September 25th.

    Special Notice:  (A special public announcement courtesy of - 2Oth Century Ocean Liners)
     In the wake of the disaster on the eastern coast of the United States we would like to express our concerns and sympathies
     to all of the families, friends, individuals, co-workers, and acquaintances, who have lost, or may know someone whom has
     lost a friend, loved one, or co-workers in this terrible tragedy.  Our hearts go out to all of you, in this a time of great need.
     We are praying for, and hope to hear more good news, that survivors are either found, or located.  We hope that our
     readers will be able to find, and achieve some measure of comfort.  During this very sad, and scary time.  Our hearts,
     thoughts, and prayers go out to all of you....

   Cruise Industry News - [11 Sep 2001]

 - Terrorists attack the World Trade Center in New York, and the Pentagon, in Washington D.C.  More than 3,000 people are
    killed and hundreds are seriously injured.  And many more are missing...

   Cruise Industry News - [10 Sep 2001]

 - The "S.S. Norway" while in New York harbor, got herself aground in low tide.  After being pulled off the bottom near the
    2nd and 3rd berths, she struck the berth pylons of berth 3.  Subsequently, she was damaged; broken glass, railings, and
    buckled hull plates.  A berth pylon is damaged as well.
 - Travel agents have taken a nearly industry wide slam.  The airlines, and cruise lines have cut their commission rates by over
    half.  Many agencies are dropping service to cruise lines, and airlines as a result.  Travel agents book 95% of cruises.  And
    book about 80% of air travel.

   Cruise Industry News - [08 Sep 2001]

 - Salvage teams have been dealt another snag.  A cable that operates a special underwater saw, has broken.  But they are
    working to fix it.  And hope to continue the efforts to recover the now sunken "Kursk".
 - BAE Systems, in Scotland is facing more difficulties with its workers.
 - A tax rate hike, may hurt the operating potential of the Daewoo shipbuilding firm, in Korea.
 - The "S.S. Norway" has her Miami, Florida pier.   She will be missed...
 - Royal Caribbean Internationals' child company Celebrity Cruises has taken delivery of their new "m/v Summit" from her
    French builders.
 - A Norwegian ship rescues survivors of sinking ship, and the government of Australia declines the survivors the right to enter
    their territory.

   Cruise Industry News - [03 Sep 2001]

 - Star/NCL's "S.S. Norway" goes "phooey..."  She will be transferred to the Asian theater, which we think is a VERY BAD
    IDEA.  The life expectancy of nice liner in that area is about 3 days...  Everyone write and express she should stay here.
    [Star Cruises S/A, Japan] and [Norwegian Cruise Lines].
 - A scrapyard in  Aliaga, Turkey is once again slicing for profits.
 - Mrs. Myrtha Vogt, 69, from New Mexico, USA, died when a 35 year old mental patient pushed her over the side of the
    "m/s Harald Jarl".  Her husband will take her cremated remains to Switzerland for burial.

   Cruise Industry News - [01 Sep 2001]

 - The shipyard of Harland & Wolff has announced that it may have to cut some more jobs.  Unless a major contract to build
    some new vessels can be secured.
 - The P&O/Princess Cruise ship "m/s Crown Princess" docked in Belfast, Ireland on Thursday.
 - Amcity Modern Bride Magazine, will now be offering honeymoon cruises for sale on it's web site at: [ModernBride.Com],
    the [MarryingMan.Com] site.
 - The French Customs and Excise officials, have stepped up their efforts to stop the passengers who ship and go, on any kind
    of a "booze cruise".  Store operators are complaining, because they are losing business.
 - Any one interested in MacMania, should contact [Geek Cruises].  A cruise opportunity for Apple/Mac programmers...
 - The "Norwegian Star" will be making her maiden voyage just prior to the Christmas holiday.  She will sail on the Hawaiian
    itineraries, for NCL.  Contact them at: [Norwegian Cruising Line], for more information.
 - The "R.M.S. Queen Mary" has lost more than 175 members of her staff.  Slumps in the US economy are to blame for this.
 -Ireland's Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure, for Northern Ireland he would grant money for two Harland and Wolff ship
    inspectors to go to Paris, France, and visit the now aging "S.S. Nomadic", on the River Seine.  She is the last and only
    surviving White Star Line ship left in the world.
 - The "Assedo", the former "Shota Rustaveli" a Russian cruise ship was returned to service, after nearly 3 years at lay up.
 - Antwerp, Belgium is building a new cruise ship terminal facility, near its city center.  The new terminal will handle 2 ships of
    235 meters  (770' feet) each.
 - The southern California area may receive two ships from the Disney Cruise Lines.  If their talks are successful with builders.

   Cruise Industry News - [31 Aug 2001]

 - The city of Stockholm,  has not yet been able to make up it's mind about being a home for the former "S.S. Kungsholm".
    Their indecision to choose may decide if the ship is scrapped or not.
 - Curnow line has closed because they could not get their contract renewed to use the "R.M.S. St. Helena".
 - Lindblad Expeditions has purchased the 64 passenger ship "Temptress Voyager" and it will be refurbished and return as the
    "Sea Voyager".
 - Leisure Cruises "Switzerland", will resume her duties, after 25% of her passengers had eaten salmonella tainted chickens
    acquired from Amsterdam.
 - The crew of the arrested "Ocean Glory I" has been paid, and sent back home.
 - Royal Olympic Cruises has canceled the remaining voyages of the "Olympia Explorer", from September 15th.
 - Festival Cruises "Mistral" had suffered a propulsion malfunction, forcing the cancellation of the Aug. 4th cruise.
 - The "European Vision" had suffered a failure of her Alstom-Cepelec "Mermaid" azi-pods, forced the ship to offload and
    seek repairs.  This is the third azi-pod based ship to come from Alstom-Chantiers de l'Atlantique to have this difficulty.
    The ship been serving 1,800 passengers, in the G-B Summit, in Genova.

   Cruise Industry News - [30 Aug 2001]

 - Holland America Line has announced its new European itineraries.
 - The sale date for the "m/s Ocean Glory I", to be sold at auction has been set.
 - The "m/v Nordic Empress" owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, will be placed in the Gulf of Mexico, for the 2002 to
    2003 season.
 - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has announced that it will be expanding its youth programs.  Good idea...
 - In the rumor mill...  A rumor is active that Star Cruises, the parent company of Norwegian Cruise Lines, has been having
    second thoughts about their discussion to send the "S.S. Norway" to the Asian theater.  Let's hope this rumor is true...
 - "R.M.S. Queen Mary", once the rival to the "S.S. United States", has been selected to host the 50th anniversary
    celebration.  The event is to commemorate the speed victory she had over he r Cunard rival.

   Cruise Industry News - [26 Aug 2001]

 - Our web site has won the "Wild On Web Award", as given by the inspectors at [LinkExchange.Com].  Our site, will be
    the feature site on the [Wild On Web] site.  Our site will appear on 22nd of October as the featured site.  Congrats to us!

   Cruise Industry News - [25 Aug 2001]

 - General Electric Marine has been awarded the contract to supply the engines for Cunard Line's "Queen Mary 2".  She will
    have a GE LM2500+ gas turbine engine.  A design based on the successful GE TF-39 jet aircraft engine.  The engine's
    are produced in the General Electric Marine's Evandale plant.
 - A woman pleads innocent to charges of fraud in a scheme to sell her co-workers out of US$27,000 in false vacation plans
    on a Caribbean cruise involving Carnival Cruise Lines.
 - Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises team up with a top tour operator Abercrombie & Kent's cruise
    division, to offer vacationers a wide experience on both land and sea.
 - A judge has ordered a change in the cruise ship rest rooms.  A cruise ship must adjust its rest rooms to accommodate the
    disabled on it's public deck spaces.  The "m/s Casino Princesa" will be modified to adhere to the judges orders.
 - Mansfield and Sípore firm, has been asked to market Princess Cruises in the Malaysia marketplace.

   Cruise Industry News - [14 Aug 2001]

 - A private ship repair company, A&P (based in Southampton) has bought the remaining fading shipyards of Cammell Laird.
 - A British couple from the Isle of Mann has paid a whopping UK£480,000 for an around the world cruise.
 - A south Australia cruise company, the Southern Australia Shipping Company, has been sold for liquidation.
 - Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd., has been honored as one of the nation's top 100 businesses in innovative information
 - Renaissance Cruises of Fort Lauderdale, FL is undergoing a major restructuring process to save the company.
 - Nile river cruising is on the rise reports say.

   Cruise Industry News - [14 Aug 2001]

 - Families of the Russian submarine crew who perished on the now sunk "Kursk" face the memory of their loved ones.
    Divers are retrieving sections of the sunken sub, and bringing the bodies home for burial.  Now, one year later...
 - A district court has ruled that Holland America, Princess, and World Explorer have been denied a total of 9 entries to the
    Glacier Bay.  Crystal remains exempt from the order, because its vessels are already in the bay area.
- Cruise passengers in Malaysia were witness to some very peculiar drug activity and lude behavior as their cruise ship
    passed an old abandoned shack on the shore.  Three men were visible using drug paraphernalia and tossing needles into
    the water.

   Cruise Industry News - [04 Aug 2001]

 - Seabourn Cruise Lines' "m/s Seabourn Legend" was the subject of a bomb scare, while at anchor in St. John de Luz,
    France.  No bomb was found after a thorough search.  This situation mysteriously parallels the movie "Speed 2".
 - A Russian cruise ship has been stranded in Naples, Italy for six years now.  Out of a crew of 266, only 7 remain.  The
    ship has not had power, fuel, or supplies for the past six years.  To date, two crew members have died aboard ship.  The
    former  "Odessa' is involved in a legal dispute.  But her crew has been stranded and forgotten.. To read more click [here].
 - The former Premier Cruise Line ship "m/v Seawind Crown" remains stranded in Barcelona, Spain.  She and her crew
    have been there almost a year now.  Without help, supplies, pay, and tickets home.  A negligent bank in New York,
    USA is not acting responsibly for their role in this natter.  Click [here] for more details.
 - A Kuwaiti cruise liner sinks in Arvand-Roud , Tehran.  Reports say an explosion in the engine room sank the "Express".
    No casualties were reported, and the sinking is under investigation.
 - The "Ocean Glory I" has been ordered sold to pay for debts, a judge has ruled.

   Cruise Industry News - [03 Aug 2001]

 - Costa's "m/v CostaTropicale" had run aground, and it took her fleet mate, the "m/v CostaAtlantica" to free her.  Two
    local tugs couldn't do it.  So the captain of her sister, took the job himself and did it.
 - Carnival Corporation has officially broken the ground for a new office in Long Beach, California.
 - P&O/Princess cruise ships will now be powered from a land based source while at anchor in Juneau, Alaska.
 - Holland America has installed a new waste water treatment processing system on two of it's ships.  The "m/s Statendam",
    and the "m/s Zaandam" now have this new treatment plant.
 - The saga continues for the detained "Ocean Glory I".  She remains held in Dover until she can meet and pass her safety
    and cleanliness inspections.
 - The new Royal Olympic Cruises ship "m/v Olympic", has been renamed to "m/v Olympia".
 - The "Star of Venice" is heading for the breakers.  She will be missed....
 - An Italian operator has purchased the former P&O/Princess ship "m/v Pacific Princess", who was the tv's famed
    "Love Boat".
 - Royal Caribbean International is reporting that its profits are down this quarter.

   Cruise Industry News - [30 Jul 2001]

 - Over the weekend, a P&O ship named "m/v Pacific Sky", while on a 10 day cruise, encountered a storm.  She is
    normally in northern Alaskan waters, but this time she was down under.  On her return to port she encountered waves of
    up to 10 meters in height, which crashed over her bow.  With crew sick, and a sea tossed ship, they cared for sick
    passengers, and limped around the Pacific until the storm was over.  The passengers are praising the crew for being
    brave, and taking care of them during such a difficult time.  No damage or serious injuries were reported.

   Cruise Industry News - [29 Jul 2001]

 - On July 22nd, it was discovered that a chef was missing, when he failed to report for his shift.  It is feared that the man had
    fallen overboard from the CUnard liner "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2".  A subsequent search by RAF and Coast Guard
    failed to locate the missing 28 year old man.  The QE2 was about 90 miles out from Southampton at the time of the man's

   Cruise Industry News - [27 Jul 2001]

 - On Wednesday the 25th of this month the "m/v Sun", the former "m/v Shalom" sank off the coast of South Africa.  It
    was reported that she was listing over 30 degrees.  While under tow to the breakers in India at 7:05 pm (local Africa
 - P&O/Princess Cruises has indicated an earnings rise in the second quarter of 2001.
 - Alcohol is suspected of aiding a boating accident that may have killed 4 women.  Reports suggest that the boat's crew was
    drinking and partying with the passengers.

   Cruise Industry News - [25 Jul 2001]

 - Four women were taken into custody on Thursday by the US Customs office for smuggling about US$3 million worth
    of cocaine and heroine into the United States.  The disembarked from their Carnival Cruise ship "m/v Imagination" and
    were caught while going through the customs procedures.  The arrest was made in the Port of Miami, FL.

   Cruise Industry News - [22 Jul 2001]

 - The "m/v Silver Cloud" has returned from her refit at the Mariotti shipyards in Genoa, Italy.  New furnishings were added
    and general maintenance were performed.  Silverseas' new "m/v Silver Whisper" is expected to arrive later in the year.
 - The sisters "m/v Seabourn Goddess I" and "m/v Seabourn Goddess II", will be leaving their fleet.  On August 31st, of
    this year, they will be transferred to their new Norwegian owners.  The "m/v Seabourn Sun" was recently transferred to
    the Holland America Line as their "m/s Prinsendam".
 - Diving operations have begun on the sunken Russian nuclear submarine "Kursk".  The raising is expected to be completed
    in September of this year.

   Cruise Industry News - [17 Jul 2001]

 - Internet booking agencies are reporting a significant increase in passenger ticket sales, up about 30%.
 - British shipbuilding has presented their latest toy, the "r/v Triton" to the British ministry.  A tri-hulled warship.
 - Three women perished when the 19' water taxi they and 14 others were sailing in, overturned in rough seas, on Friday.
    The passengers were on a cruise aboard Carnival's "m/v Elation".  From Los Angeles, CA, USA to Cabo San Lucas
    in Baja Mexico.  They were touring, and visiting the "stone Arch" when the seas turned unfriendly.

   Cruise Industry News - [13 Jul 2001]

 - It has been reported that the former "S.S. Gripsholm", "m/v Regent Sea", now "m/v Sea" has gone.  A request for port
    access was denied.  So, while in bad weather, and listing 30, 60, 90 degrees to her starboard side, she finally rolled over,
    and sank yesterday...
 - Carnival Cruise Lines has donates US$100,000 to the American Red Cross to aid tropical storm Allison relief efforts.
 - Celebrity Cruise receives official certification from the Lloyd's Register of Shipping, for it's excellence in quality systems.

   Cruise Industry News - [12 Jul 2001]

 - Due to publicity issues, the Great Lakes Cruises has filed for bankruptcy.  Their plans for "mts Arcadia" have ended.
    She lies at the pier in Ontario, Canada.
 - On Tuesday, 10 July, the former Carnival "m/v Tropicale" was christened for Costa Cruises as "m/v Costa Tropicale".
 - The former "m/v Regent Sea" may be sinking, on her way to the breakers.  She ran into a storm, and has produced a
    30 degree list to one side.
 - The "m/v Mermoz" now "m/v Serenade" will port in her new home of Malta.  The locale of the 1986 feature movie
    "Raise The Titanic".
 - The former "m/v Prinses Irene" of Oranje Lines, will be scrapped in Djakarta.
 - The Italian State Railways ferry "Gallura" is to be sold.

   Cruise Industry News - [10 Jul 2001]

 - The board of directors for the SS United States Foundation held their annual meeting on Saturday, July 7th.  The board
    had a discussion and some speakers.  Amongst them the granddaughter of the ships designer/builder.  For more info
    on the foundation click [here].  For info on the Yahoo! SS United States Club click [here].  Everyone, please pitch in,
    and do all possible to help save and preserve her...
 - The dive team is preparing to perform the salvage and recovery of the sunken Russian nuclear submarine "Kursk".
 - Great Lakes Cruises "mts Arcadia" is cleared by the US Coast Guard to start sailing her planned itinerary.
 - American Hawaii Cruises "S.S. Independence" has been given an award for the year 2000.  She has earned the coveted
    "Ship of The Year".  The award was presented to her by the Steamship Historical Society of America.  In her gala 50th
    year of service.
 - Cascade General Shipyard of Portland, Oregon has sold its floating dry dock #4.  It was purchased by Bahamian interests
    for US$25million dollars.  The dock is scheduled to be towed to it's new home, which will take it around the world.
 - American Classic Voyages subsidiaries will be participating in the gala Hawaiian Heritage festivities.  The "m/s Patriot",
    of United States Lines, and the "S.S. Independence" of American Hawaii Cruises will help host passengers and visitors.

   Cruise Industry News - [04 Jul 2001]

 - The "Ocean Glory I", is under government seizure in Dover after authorities discover 35 incidences of safety violations
    which include cockroaches....

   Cruise Industry News - [03 Jul 2001]

 - The "Sassnitz", owned by Scandlines was stalled by an engine room fire.  With 277 passengers on board, the ferry was
    was towed back to the German port of Ruegen for repairs.  The ship was on route to Sweden in the Baltic Sea.
 - Daedong Shipyard in Korea is being bought by Hanjin Heavy Industries.
 - Ingalls Shipbuilding commissions new ship for US Navy "U.S.S. Iwo Jima".

   Cruise Industry News - [01 Jul 2001]

 - The "Ocean Glory I", is under government seizure in Lisbon, Portugal over a dispute with its Greek owner.
 - The Asian cruise market is showing a growth potential reports say.
 - The Governor of Alaska, USA (Gov. Tony Knowles) has signed a bill to designed to regulate the cruise ships that call
    there.  The bill was signed on Friday.
 - Victoria Shipyards Ltd., in Vancouver, BC will be offering ship repair for ships in need of emergency work.

   Cruise Industry News - [28 Jun 2001]

 - Princess Cruises "m/v Crown Princess" was towed into Copenhagen after a mechanical breakdown.

   Cruise Industry News - [26 Jun 2001]

 - P&O/Princess Cruises has appointed Mr. Phil Kleweno as the President of their North American division of Princess
 - As of the fall of 2002, the P&O liner "m/v Arcadia" will become an "adult" only vessel.
 - P&O's "m/v Victoria" may soon become "Mona Lisa".
 - Costa has selected names for three of it's new vessels.  "Costa Mediteranea", "Costa Fortuna", and "Costa Magica".
 - Brittany Ferries' "Val De Lore" was saved from doom by a tip of a potential car bomb.
 - Noted maritime authors William H. Miller and Frank O. Braynard were aboard the hotel "R.M.S. Queen Mary", for a
    special fund raising event.  The proceeds will be used to restore and preserve the old ship.
 - A Russian side wheel steamer will get a visit from the Steamship Historical Society of America.
 - Both former Regency Cruises ships "m/s Regent Sea" and "m/s Regent Sun" are under tow to the breakers.
 - "Palmira" will be withdrawn from service on Aug. 23rd.
 - Festival Cruises has named three new ships.  "European Dream", "European Stars", and "European Vision".
 - Princess Cruises has suspended an order for two new ships with French builder Chantiers de l'Atlantique.
 - The Hebridean ship "Hebridean Spirit" is slated to be christened by Royalty...

   Cruise Industry News - [24 Jun 2001]

 - Celebrity Cruises "m/v Infinity" has layover in a Canadian shipyard for a ball bearing replacement.
 - Royal Caribbean's "m/v Radiance of The Seas" to sport a 12' hand carved totem pole.

   Cruise Industry News - [23 Jun 2001]

 - A shipyard in the UK will begin building two new carriers for the British Defense Ministry.
 - Carnival's "m/v Jubilee" will begin sailing's in the Gulf of Mexico in Aug 2002.
 - Bath Ironworks, in Bath, Maine will no longer launch ships on a slipway.

   Cruise Industry News - [22 Jun 2001]

 - 9 Workers were killed when the tanker they were working on caught fire.  This incident happened at Malaysia Shipyard
    Engineering dockyard.
 - The former Teeside shipyard of Cammell Laird, has been purchased by a former Cammell executive.
 - Royal Caribbean International has extended it's 2 options with Meyer Werft of Germany to construct 2 more Radiance
    class vessels.
 - Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Imagination" has passed her US Coast Guard safety inspections, in Miami, Fl.  Congrats.
 - P&O/Princess Cruises has appointed Mr. Phil Kleweno as the new President of Princess Cruises   Congratulations.

   Cruise Industry News - [20 Jun 2001]

 - "m/v Nordic Empress" was in the Bermuda Triangle when her fire broke out.  She was about 140 miles out...
 - Cruise lines are rolling back prices, after US economy slumps, in efforts to revive normal business levels...
 - The shipyard of Cascade General, has decided to sell their floating drydock.  87,000 metric tons.

   Cruise Industry News - [19 Jun 2001]

 - The SilverSeas Cruises "m/v Silver Whisper" has been christened by the wife of SilverSeas chairman.  Congratulations
    and welcome!
 - A Russian cruise ship has troubles, and is delayed by bad weather.  Her passengers must stay at a hotel while the vessel
    is repaired.  The "Shota Rustavelion" left the following day, with her passengers.  The ship was in liychevsk, Ukraine
    when she ran into trouble.  She now sails as "Assedo".

   Cruise Industry News - [17 Jun 2001]

 - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL) "m/s Nordic Empress" had to abort a cruise after a fire broke out in the main
    engine room.  For a short duration, she was adrift.  But was finally able to return to Bermuda under her own power, at
    11 knots.
 - The former statue from the "T.S.S. Normandie" (1935), is being returned to sea duty.  It will undergo cleaning, and be
    mounted on a marble base, and then sent to the French shipyard to be put aboard Celebrity Cruises new "m/v Summit"..

   Cruise Industry News - [14 Jun 2001]

 - The cruise lines have chosen to adopt the newly accepted environmental standards as set by the International Council of
    Cruise Lines (ICCL).
    * Hazardous chemical waste (i,e, photo processing fluids & dry-cleaning chemicals).
    * Burned out fluorescent / mercury vapor light bulbs.
    * Unused or outdated pharmaceuticals.
    * Graywater / Blackwater discharges.
    * Used batteries
 - Holland America Lines "m/v Zaandam" had a problem with the sprinkler system, but a crew member found it, and did
    repair it.  The vessel was inspected by a US Coast Guard investigator who verified the repairs in Ketchikan, Alaska.
 - An ecologically friendly golf ball has been invented.

   Cruise Industry News - [11 Jun 2001]

 - A German World War II submarine was found in the Gulf of Mexico, the U-166.  Which was sunk by the US on the 1st
    of August 1942.  This particular sub, was responsible for the sinking of the "S.S. Robert E. Lee" two days earlier.
    The wreck of the sub lies near the "S.S. Robert E. Lee", but is 45 miles south of the Mississippi River entrance.  The
    wreck is about 5,000 feet of water.  The discovery was made possible by an unmanned sub named "Hugin-3000",
    which is a joint venture between BP and Shell Oil.  Congrats to all!

   Cruise Industry News - [10 Jun 2001]

 - The builder of the "R.M.S. Titanic", Harland & Wolff of Ireland, has won it's major court battle.
 - The Brooklyn Navy Shipyard is getting a new lease on life.  It is being updated and modernized.
 - The polar cruise company, Marine Expeditions has gone into bankruptcy.  They provided excursions to the polar cap.

   Cruise Industry News - [09 Jun 2001]

 - The former Regency Cruise ship "m/v Regent Sea", while under tow to the breakers in India, was attacked by a group
    of pirates.  This gang of thieves, stole some of her furnishings, and electronics.
 - The "m/v Porta Delgada" while at her berth in Lisbon, has become partially sunk.  A tank was believed to be the cause.
 - The "m/s Margarita L." has had some interest shown to her.  Despite plans to sell her and her sisters to the breakers.

   Cruise Industry News - [07 Jun 2001]

 - The Celebrity Cruise ship "m/v Infinity" will be returning to Vancouver on the 8th of June, she needs to have a propeller
    shaft bearing replaced. A shipyard, has yet to be selected.
 - The P&O ship "m/s Giocorda", the former "m/v Victoria" will leave P&O in September 2002.

   Cruise Industry News - [06 Jun 2001]

 - The US Coast Guard inspectors have cleared the "S.S. Norway" for active service.  And she has left Miami.
 - Celebrity Cruises "m/s Galaxy" will be in drydock from the 6th of June, until the 16th of June, for repairs to damaged port
    propeller blade.  Repairs will be made in Hamburg, Germany.

   Cruise Industry News - [03 Jun 2001]

 - Celebrity's "m/s Infinity" is declared to large for the Hawaii's Nawiliwili harbor.  And has been banned from entering
    the port.  At 965 feet, they fear she could become stuck in the "S" shaped entrance, on Hawaii's Kaua'i Island.

   Cruise Industry News - [01 Jun 2001]

 - A passenger identified as only "F." was removed from the Royal Caribbean vessel "m/v Enchantment of The Seas" for
    his unpleasant conduct.  He was sent back home to Philadelphia, PA, USA.  Where Federal agents were expecting him.
    He had knocked out a drunken passenger and injured two crew members.
 - There is a rumor going around that Royal Caribbean, will base it's UK operations in Southampton, in 2002.

   Cruise Industry News - [31 May 2001]

 - The Michigan car ferry "S.S. Spartan" may be returning to active service.  It would run the original Milwaukee and
    Muskegon route.
 - The "m/v Jason" has been chartered to the Destina Cruise Lines.  And will sail as the "m/v Destina Legacy".
 - Carnival Corporation is considering an idea to purchase the Hapag-Lloyd group, to aid in it's quest to serve the european

   Cruise Industry News - [30 May 2001]

 - The "m/v Arcadia" will arrive in the Great Lakes area on the 16th of June 2001.  Sounds like fun, congrats, & welcome!
 - The "S.S. Norway" is delayed by repairs.  Her Caribbean cruise is canceled.  Passengers remain in Miami.
 - The "m/v Norwegian Sky" is cited for it's illegal dumping of raw sewage, into the Inside Passage of Alaska.

    Special Notice:  (A public safety service announcement courtesy of - 2Oth Century Ocean Liners)
    This note is being presented, on the basis of some recent maritime events that have made the general public nervous.
    It has come to our attention that some of the cruise lines, are slacking in their required duties and are NOT keeping up
    with some of the important safety maintenance needs of their vessels.  This is a very great concern to us.  For the safety
    of all of the passengers and crew, we are formally asking the cruise lines to please properly monitor and repair the vessels
    as needed.  Note: To all passengers.  Please follow instructions when given to you by the crew of the ship you are on.
    This is very important.  And your life, and the lives of others around you will depend on it, when the time comes.  While
    we are in peacetime, the rules of conduct, and decency we believe are still applicable.

   Cruise Industry News - [28 May 2001]

 - Norwegian Cruise Lines' "S.S. Norway", has been grounded by the US Coast Guard for a problem with the sprinkler
    systems.  The ship cannot leave the Port of Miami, FL, until the problem is corrected.
 - Costa Cruises opens corporate offices in Hollywood, FL.

   Cruise Industry News - [22 May 2001]

 - Celebrity Cruises has setup an online shore excursion booking program on the internet.
 - Carnival Corp. is planning to sell it's shares of the Airtours travel group.  123.3 million shares worth.
 - Princess Cruises will position it's new 109,000 GRT "m/v Star Princess" in the Gulf of Mexico.
 - Costa Cruises is planning to enter the German cruise markets.

   Cruise Industry News - [21 May 2001]

 - The "m/v Norwegian Sky" while on it's return to Seattle, from Strait of Juan de Fuca, ran into some very strong weather
    and had a brief but sudden list.  During her travel in rough seas, the ships rudders were forced over by the strong currents.
    Passengers were injured, and the interior spaces were made untidy by this sudden change of keel. 16 people were injured
    the incident.
 - The Northrop-Grumman Corporation has announced it intends to proceed with it's plans to purchase the Newport News
    Shipbuilding Company, based in Newport News, Virginia, USA.
 - Radisson Seven Seas will name it's new "m/v Seven Seas Mariner" in Los Angeles on May 22nd.
 - American Hawaii Cruises has indicated it may withdraw the "S.S. Independence" from  service.
 - The former yacht-ship of Aristotle Onassis has been entered into public service, after a 25 year sleep.  The beautiful
    325' "Christina O." is sailing for Tauck World Discovery Tours now.  She sails from Brindisi in the summers, and the
    Caribbean in the winters.
 - Holland America has named their new acquisition "m/v Prinsendam".  The former "m/v Seabourn Sun" will sail again.
 - It was discovered that the "m/v Norwegian Sky" had leaked sewage into the Alaskan Inside Passage, about a 3rd of a
    mile long...

   Cruise Industry News - [18 May 2001]

 - The former Regency Cruise liner "m/v Regent Sea" needs your help.  Only 1 payment is needed to save her life.  If you
    or someone you know can help her, Please DO SO, and Quickly!  Email [stella.fare@stadshuset.stockholm.se], or
    send an email to [carl.cederschiold@stadshuset.stockholm.se].  Someone please, help them make the payment!
 - The proposed launch date for the Cunard project "Queen Mary 2" has been announced.  February 2003.  For details
    on the project, please click [here].
 - Royal Olympic's "m/v Olympic Explorer" is being delayed.  Her arrival date is tentatively set for the 6th of July 2001.

   Cruise Industry News - [09 May 2001]

 - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has provided a grant to the National Audubon Society.  And some similar grants to other
 - Holland America's "m/v Westerdam" is slated to be replacing the now aging "m/s CostaRiviera", this will take place in
    June 2002.  The "m/s CostaRiviera" is currently up for sale...
 - Holland America Line has issued some educational grants as well.
 - Princess Cruises "m/v Golden Princess" has arrived in Southampton, England for her inaugural festivities.
 - There are reports that the cruise industry is beginning to feel the slowing US economy.

   Cruise Industry News - [01 May 2001]

 - A foundation is being formed to preserve the former Premier Cruise liner "S.S. Rembrandt", the group is based in the

   Cruise Industry News - [30 Apr 2001]

 - Princess Cruises and AOL are forming a partnership to provide internet access on the Princess fleet.  The first ship will be
    the "m/s Golden Princess"  Which will make her debut in May.
 - The US Coast Guard is proposing a law that will make it illegal to dump or expel material from a cruise ship that is
    potentially contaminated, or polluted into the Pacific, or Alaskan water territories.  They will test, monitor, and oversee
    the process.  Ships having more than 500 passengers will be affected by this regulatory law, if passed.
 - Royal Olympic Cruises "m/v Olympic Explorer" will be delayed, as her builder will make some technical improvements.
 - Celebrity Cruises has named it's fourth ship, the "gts Constellation".  Her sisters currently include "gts Millenium", and
    "gts Infinity". The third new sister will be the "gts Summit".  the gts stands for Gas Turbine Ship.
 - The "gts Infinity" was officially named in Los Angeles yesterday.
 - The port of Vancouver, Canada has new facilities.  For the Vancouver to Alaska season.
 - American Classic Voyages has christened it's new "c/v Cape May Light", in Alexandria, VA.  For their child company
    Delta Queen Coastal Voyages.

   Cruise Industry News - [27 Apr 2001]

 - Princess Cruises will say good bye to their "m/v Pacific Princess" in 2002.
 - The former Premier Cruise Line vessel "m/s OCeanic" is in Cadiz, Spain for conversion to her new operators livery.
    She is being repainted in white, with the Pullmantour Cruises scheme.
 - There is a petition circulating to save the last White Star ship.  The tender "Nomadic".  Who once served the legendary
    "R.M.S. Titanic".  For more info visit [This Site], or [This Site].
 - The "Europe" which sank earlier, was reported to have sunk in the Red Sea, in about 450 meters of water.
 - There is a report that Korean operator Hyundai, is scaling down.  The "Hyundai Kumgang" will be the sole vessel.
 - There is a report that the "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" may have picked up an injured stranded sailor.

   Cruise Industry News - [23 Apr 2001]

 - The former "m/s Regent Sea" has left her berth at Tampa, FL.  She'll be missed.

   Cruise Industry News - [19 Apr 2001]

 - The former "m/v Shalom", who had a life as the "m/s Regent Sun", will be scrapped just like her sister.  A possible
    project to save her, had collapsed in late 1999.
 - The "m/s Regent Sea" has been delayed.  Because of strong weather conditions, in the Tampa area.  Her departure has
    been rescheduled to a later date.
 - The "China Sea Discovery" is back in service.  Serving the Viet-nam area.
 - The former Chandris liner "S.S. Amerikanis" may be scrapped.  Plans for her return have fallen out.
 - The former Union Castle liner "S.S. Windsor Castle", might be scrapped.
 - The Princess Cruises ship "m/s Dawn Princess", had an engine problem, it was fixed by her engineering staff.  She
    arrived in port five hours later than originally scheduled.

   Cruise Industry News - [13 Apr 2001]

 - Congratulations and welcome to the Carnival Corp., for their new arrival.  The "m/v Carnival Spirit".
 - Cammell Laird's shipyard in Merseyside, England faces closure.  Royal Bank of Scotland PLC, has exercised it's rights to
    extend loan options.  The yard is now in receivership.  The London Exchange has ceased to trade it's stocks.
 - "England" (1988), has sank on her way to the breakers in India.
 - Great Lakes Cruises opens for cruising this summer with the "MTS Arcadia".  Coming in June.  For more information:
    1-(877) 777-4524 or [http://www.greatlakescruises.com/].
 - Costa Cruises "m/v Costa Atlantica", scores a perfect 100 on it's annual CDC sanitation test.  The inspection was a
    random spot check.  Congratulations!  She is only 1 of 2 vessels to do this.

   Cruise Industry News - [10 Apr 2001]

 - On April 6th, in a naming ceremony at Port Everglades by Margot Pritzker, the "m/v Radience of The Seas" was
    officially named.
 - With the demise of Crown Cruise Lines, the former "m/s Crown Dynasty" has been sold to the British operator, Fred
    Olsen Cruise Lines.  Her new name is not yet known.

   Cruise Industry News - [6 Apr 2001]

 - Mrs. Elizabeth Dole, wife of former US Senator Bob Dole, has been named by Carnival Cruise Lines as the Godmother
    of their new vessel the "m/v Carnival Spirit".
 - The "Caravela", an India based casino ship has been seized by the Goa government for non-payment of an excise duty.
    The owners' are protesting this action.
 - Alstom-Chantiers de l'Atlantique has delivered the "Seven Seas Mariner'' to her US based owners, Radisson Seven Seas.

   Cruise Industry News - [3 Apr 2001]

 - The former Premier Cruise Line ship "m/s Oceanic" has crossed the Atlantic.  This is for her new deployment to
    Mediterranean service.  She will arrive in Lisbon, Portugal on April 4th.
 - There is a rumor going around that the other former Premier Cruise Line ship "m/v Rembrandt" is involved in a deal that
    is still in the works.

   Cruise Industry News - [27 Mar 2001]

 - There is a rumor that the Holland America liner "m/v Westerdam" may become the Costa cruise liner "CostaHomerica"
    in April 2002.
 - The former Matson Liner "S.S. Monterey" struck an unknown submerged object on Sunday.  The ship has returned to
    the port of Durban, for a dry docking inspection, and to be repaired.  She will return to service on April 3rd.
 - The Arcalia Shipping's 5,888 GRT "m/v Arion", struck her wharf at Sheikh on March 23rd, while in route from Suez
    to Safaga.
 - The "m/v Kong Harald" collided with the "Stein Fighter", towards midnight on March 23rd.  The "m/v Kong Harald"
    only suffered minor propeller damage.  She will be inspected by divers in Stokmarknes, and then moved to Fiskarstrand
    for repairs on March 30th.

   Cruise Industry News - [25 Mar 2001]

 - The US Coat Guard vessel "Tamaroa", now berthed in New York, is up for sale.  The ship is famous for many rescues at
    sea.  Some of them include: "SS Andrea Doria" / "SS Stockholm" (1956), and the rescue at sea of the now famous
    movie "A Perfect Storm", from the dramatic real life rescue in 1991, where several people lost their lives in the rescue
 - Seabourn Cruises "m/s Seabourn Sun" is scheduled to be transferred to the Holland America Line.  It will join their fleet
    as of April 28th, 2002.

   Cruise Industry News - [21 Mar 2001]

 - The former Premier liner "S.S. Oceanic" has been returned to service.  She had been stationed at Freeport, Bahamas.
    The ship will start service for the Spanish provider Pullmantur in the Mediterranean cruise area, starting April 21st 2001
    from the port of Barcelona, Spain.  This is where her sister "m/s Seawind Crown" is being held as a financial hostage.

    Cruise Industry News - [20 Mar 2001]

 - The Carnival Corp, has settled a class action lawsuit, and as a result, is ordered to pay over 5 million vacationers, about
    US$50 dollars each, as a refund for allegedly, over charging it's passengers for their port fees.

    Cruise Industry News - [13 Mar 2001]

 - The "Andaman Princess" was reported to be taking on water, and has developed a list.  The seep is greater than the
    pumps can maintain..  Her 300 passengers, and 100 crew were evacuated to the vessel "Bortine", near Phuket.  The
    cause of the leakage is currently unknown.

    Cruise Industry News - [13 Mar 2001]

 - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has accepted delivery of their new ship, the "m/v Radiance of The Seas".  She has left the
    port of Amsterdam, Holland, bound for the Port of Miami, FL, USA.  She is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, the 21st
    of March, at 9:00 AM.

    Cruise Industry News - [12 Mar 2001]

 - The Holland America Line, will keep it's "dam" naming style.  The company plans to add 5 new vessels, the first two will
    be named: "m/s Zuiderdam" and "m/v Oosterdam".  They will be 85,000 GRT each.

   Cruise Industry News - [11 Mar 2001]

 - P&O's "m/v Aurora" was involved in a rescue at sea, she picked up sailors out of the Taiwan Straits.  After their log ship
   sank.  It is reported that the log ships cargo, may have shifted, and caused the sinking in rough seas.  "m/v Aurora" was
   returning to Hong Kong to disembark the sailors, and traveling at a reduced speed, because of debris in the water.

   Cruise Industry News - [09 Mar 2001]

 - Star Cruise issues new fleet deployments.  Their fleet will be added to, and deployed as follows.
 * New vessels for Norwegian Cruise Lines(NCL): "Norwegian Star 2" (2001), "Norwegian Sun" (2001), and
    "Norwegian Dawn" (2002).
 * New vessels for Orient Lines: "Superstar Aries" will become the "Ocean Voyager".  This new addition will be deployed
    all over the Mediterranean areas.
 * New vessels for Star Cruises: "Superstar Virgo", "Superstar Leo", and "Superstar Libra".  The Star fleet will remain
    as previously scheduled for deployment.
 - Commodore Cruises "Enchanted Sun" will emerge as "The Talisman".  We await her arrival...

   Cruise Industry News - [06 Mar 2001]

 - The "Caledonian Star" was struck by a giant 100 foot rogue tidal wave. The ship suffered broken glass, a smashed
    bridge wing, power failure, and a bridge that was awash.  She was here: Lat 53 01S, Lng 63 31W when the wave
    struck her.
 - It is reported that the remaining former Premier Cruise Lines fleet is still being temporarily berthed in Freeport, Bahamas.
 - "m/v Gripsholm" & "m/v Kungsholm" are together for the last time.  "m/v Gripsholm" is now being scrapped.
 - A French company, has purchased the holdings of Renaissance Cruises.  The resulting product is a new company.  The
    Croisieres et Voyages.  The parent is reported as the CMA/CGM or the "French Line".  Which operates a container
    ship division.

   Cruise Industry News - [28 Feb 2001]

 - Cunard Line and Chantiers de l'Atlantique have been conducting some preliminary tests on a 15 foot model of their new
    baby "Queen Mary 2".  Reports coming in, are indicating that she passed her tests with flying colors.  Persons involved
    with the company and the builders/designers are very pleased with the results of the tests that were conducted.
 - Celebrity Cruises has taken delivery of their new vessel "m/s Infinity".  After her arrival from her French builders.  She
    has arrived in Fort Lauderdale, FL, this past week.  Congratulations & Welcome!

   Cruise Industry News - [24 Feb 2001]

 - Hapag-Lloyd's "m/s Bremen" has been damaged in rough seas, during a South Atlantic cruise.  Temporary repairs have
    been made, and she is going on to Montevideo for further work.
 - It is reported that the Babcock Engineering yard in Rosyth, Scotland has a fishy problem.  Thousands of "sprats" were
    trapped in the main basin, and are dying, and decomposing, causing a terrible smell...
 - Hitachi Zosen Heavy Industries and NKK Heavy Industries, are planning a merger.  They will conclude the merger in Oct.
 - A former Kvaerner-Masa employee is making a bid to purchase the company.
 - Before the "m/v Mistral" was pulled of the sand bank, she had divers repair her damaged and leaking hull.  From the
    grounding she suffered on Tuesday.

   Cruise Industry News - [23 Feb 2001]

 - The United States Lines "m/v Patriot" was forced to cancel a cruise on Friday, because of an engine problem.  The ship
    had to return to port to have a thrust bearing replaced.

   Cruise Industry News - [22 Feb 2001]

 - The "m/v Mistral" has been refloated.  She was stuck on a sand bank for 25 hours.  She is now proceeding to Antigua,
    which is her next port of call.  She was stuck near St. Kitts and Nevis.

   Cruise Industry News - [21 Feb 2001]

 - The former "m/v Regent Sea" is sold to India or Pakistani breakers, after a slow 5 year lay up.  We'll miss her.
 - The Princess liner "m/s Ocean Princess", will be transferred to the former parent company in November 2002. She will
    be renamed to "m/v Oceana".  She will join her new sisters "m/v Aurora", "m/v Oriana", and "m/v Arcadia".
 - Holland America Line, may be saying good bye to the use of their 123 year old 'dam naming convention.
 - Royal Caribbean Cruises announces that they have expanded their "CruiseGuard" program.
 - Seabourn Cruises gets a new Senior Vice President.  Richard Meadows has been named for the job.
 - "Europa" is scheduled to be scrapped.  She was originally built as the "England", in 1964.  Sad to see her go.

   Cruise Industry News - [20 Feb 2001]

 - There is a report that the Festival Cruises ship "m/s Mistral" is aground.  She had 1139 passengers, and 470 crew
    aboard.  All persons aboard are reported to be safe.  Details of this incident are not yet available.
 - It is reported that Royal Olympic's "m/v Stella Solaris" is having some modifications made in Pirseus, and will be
    available later this year.
 - The freighter "East Sea" ran aground on Saturday, with 908 Iraqi kurds aboard.  She is near the Riviera in France.  The
    ritzy city of Nice. There were 3 infants found, who were born during the trip.  9 people were hospitalized.

   Cruise Industry News - [16 Feb 2001]

 - There are 260 crew members stranded in Barcelona, Spain.  They have been there since the 17th, of September 2000.
    They remain stranded, effectively as hostages.  No food, or assistance.  Their owners are NEGLIGENT and derelict of
    duty in NOT rescuing them.  Please visit: [http://www.help260seawindcrew.com] for further details.  Please help them
   if you can.

   Cruise Industry News - [15 Feb 2001]

 - P&O's "m/s Victoria", gets retired from the P&O fleet.  But, will be leased to complete her planned itineraries.
 - The "m/v Regent Sea" goes to the breakers, in India or Pakistan.  She'll be missed.
 - The "m/v Faithful", was moved in early January to a new lay up location.
 - Royal Olympic Cruises' "m/s Apollon", has returned to service from lay up.  She now calls from Pirseus, Greece.
    Welcome back...

   Cruise Industry News - [13 Feb 2001]

 - There is a rumor that Cunard may move their "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" to a pacific assignment.  Cunard feels that
    the TransAtlantic passenger route is not viable for two cruise ships to travel.  This may occur with the arrival of their new
    ship the "Queen Mary 2", in the fall of 2003.
 - Star Cruises has sold it's 40,000 GRT "Star Aquarius", and she will be moved to her new home in Laem Chabang,
    Bangkok.  The move will be at the end of Feb. 2001.

   Cruise Industry News - [10 Feb 2001]

 - A US nuclear submarine based off Hawaii, hits a Japanese fishing boat.  There are 9 persons reported missing.  The
   :"Ehime Maru", was carrying 35 people, when it sank after the subs stern struck it.  25 people were picked up by the
    US Coast Guard.  Search and rescue efforts are looking for the 9 missing people.  The accident happened 9 miles off
    the coast of the islands, when the two collided.  There are no reports of any damage to the "USS Greeneville".
 - Mediterranean Shipping Cruises gets serious about its fleet.  The have exercised an option with their builder to construct a
    new vessel, 800 cabins, 60,000 GRT.  This will be the second of two new vessels, to be built by Chantiers de
 - The Panamanian ship "Don Mejia III" sank, with the loss of 8 lives.  A shifting cargo is blamed for the sinking.
 - The "s/v Sea Cloud II" was named this past week.  She will joining her sister ship "s/v Sea Cloud I".
 - There are rumors going around that the UK based Cammell Laird shipyards may close.

   Cruise Industry News - [08 Feb 2001]

 - The icruise.com web site and Lloyd's of London, are teaming up to provide the first ever "traveler guarantee".  The
    plan is to insure travelers who book their cruises through the web site, will have a guaranteed "rain free" cruise.  Or your
    money back.  This offer is for the Caribbean cruises on participating cruise lines only.  Those lines are:
    Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, Windstar Cruises.
    Please visit [http://www.icruise.com/] or call 1(800): 909-6242, for more information.
 - Celebrity Cruises, has decided to cancel it's visit by their "m/s Millennium" to Haifa this summer. There were expressions
    of concern by passengers of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian areas.
 - The International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL) has voted to raise the standards of maritime safety.  The changes will
    include some of the following: cruise ship passenger and crew safety, security, environment, operational procedures,
    health safety, and sanitation.  We applaud this decision to improve the standard of safety.

   Cruise Industry News - [02 Feb 2001]

 - "Aureol" & "Principe Perfeito" have both been sold for scrap in India.
 - "S.S. Independence" is going to be dry docked in Hawaii for a repair to her bow thruster.
 - "Pamyat Merkuriya" sinks during a crossing of the Black Sea.
 - "City of Hydra" sinks at her moorings, her condition was described as being of a poor nature.
 - Star Cruises sells "Star Aquarius" to Danish DFDS Seaways for 800 million, Danish currency.
 - Mediterranean Shipping Cruises, has made an order confirmation.  They have ordered a 60,000 GRT, 1,600 passenger
    cruise ship, from Chantiers de l'Atlantique, in France.

   Cruise Industry News - [31 Jan 2001]

 - On Friday the 26th, Carnival's "m/v Sensation" suffered the loss of a crew member. He was working on an elevator in
    the bow area.  Somehow, the elevator began moving, and the worker was killed, when the elevator failed to stop beneath
 - Holland America Line (HAL), has joined the World Trade Center in New York.  In the 60 second vacation ad campaign.
 - There is a report that Royal Caribbean International's "m/v Radiance of The Seas" is expected due on March 9th 2001.

   Cruise Industry News - [26 Jan 2001]

 - A small pleasure boat, while on a 3 hour cruise, in Tokyo Bay, was struck by a Cambodian cargo vessel. The cargo ship
    then proceeded to leave the scene, and had to be chased by Tokyo Police.  8 passengers were injured when their craft
   was struck on it's starboard side. And then began to list.  The craft was returning home, Wednesday when the collision
    took place.  The cause of the incident is under investigation.
 - Litton Industries, gets a new President, for their Litton Marine division.
 - Celebrity Cruises "m/s Millenium" is being dry docked to correct a problem with an under powered engine.
 - The World Trade Center in New York, is offering a 60 second vacation demo, brought to you by Holland America Line.
 - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, is reporting an earnings growth of 16% over the previous year.

   Cruise Industry News - [23 Jan 2001]

 - The Hawaiian port of Honolulu, will be seeing an increase in cruise ships who call there.  This is due to the fact that three
    major cruise lines will be adding their ships to the list of ships that will call there.  Vessels to call on the Port of Honolulu,
    Hawaii include some of the following:  (...and may also include others as well.)
        American Hawaii Cruises - "S.S. Independence"
        Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) - "m/s Norwegian Leo"
        United States Lines (U.S. Lines) - "m/s Patriot"
 - The country of Panama, is expanding it's port of Colon.  In a project to offer tourism to passengers, traveling through the
    Panama canal.

   Cruise Industry News - [19 Jan 2001]

 - COMSAT Communications has won a contract to provide 128K internet and voice services to Radisson Hotels
    "m/s Seven Seas Mariner".  All suites will have a data port, and the ship will have full C-band voice capabilities.  This
    new contract is worth about $1 million dollars.
 - Greyhound Travel Services (GTS), has partnered with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and it's child company Celebrity
    Cruises, to provide an assertive air/sea trip service.  GTS is a product of Greyhound Bus Lines.  For more information
    please contact: Greyhound Vacations and Sightseeing, call in USA 1(800): 440-3885.  For further information please
    contact: [http://www.greyhound.com/] or call 1(800): 231-2222 (USA).  In Canada please contact:
    [http://www.greyhound.ca/].  Or call 1(800): 661-8747 (Canada).
 - Dubai is reporting a large surge in cruise service to their home port.  At the same time the Dubai dockyard is building a
    series of high speed 27m(88 feet) boats.  The port authority is expecting a continued rise in passenger traffic in the new
    year.  The port authority  reports they would like to see this trend continue.  And watch the tourism grow.

   Cruise Industry News - [16 Jan 2001]

 - A 19 year old male passenger, was drowned over the weekend, when he fell from the ships Lido deck.  The man had
    been reportedly drinking, and climbed over the railing.  On his attempt to return, he slipped and fell.  His body was
    recovered by the U.S. Coast Guard, on Sunday morning, 2 miles off the coast of Florida.  The man had been aboard
    the Carnival ship "m/v Sensation".

   Cruise Industry News - [13 Jan 2001]

 - Yemen seeks to know details of the bomb attack on the "U.S.S. Cole".
 - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has certified a new transceiver for the maritime industry.
    Cubic's new MTC-100 has been approved for use.
 - China shipyard receives order for 136 new vessels in the year 2000.
 - Kvaerner-Masa Shipyards of Finland, is threatening to close it's Helsinki based facility over a harbor rail dispute.
    They are the ship building company that handles most of Carnival Cruise Lines' orders, they do have other facilities.
 - Royal Caribbean International teams up with Radio Voyager to broadcast Global Radio Program from it's cruise ships
 - Royal Caribbean Cruises introduces "Virtual Cruise" to entice guests to come and try the real thing.
 - P&O/Princess Cruises announced last week that they are now offering "Personal Choice Cruises".
 - Commodore Holdings, Ltd. has filed it's Chapter 11 reorganization plan.
 - American Hawaii Cruises introduces "Mahalo Fares" to attract more customers.
 - The Travel Agent Magazine has named Renaissance Cruises Frank Del Rio to the title of cruise person of the year

   Cruise Industry News - [07 Jan 2001]

 - Mediterranean Shipping Cruises has placed an order with the French shipyards of Chantiers de l'Atlantique for two
   new cruise ships, with capacity for about 1,500 persons, in lower berths.

   Cruise Industry News - [04 Jan 2001]

 - The wreck of the "SeaBreeze I" is going to remain a mystery for now.  The Panamanian government lacks the necessary
    funding, and resources to perform a deep dive, and survey the wreck site.
 - There are approximately 11 new ship builds to be delivered to the industry this year.
 - A Georgian cargo ship "PATI", sank after breaking up on rocks in bad weather.  30 or so people were rescued.  Over
    50 others are believed to have perished.  Our condolences.
 - The Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA), is going to ask for ratification of a new spending bill, from the U.S.
    Congress.  The measure is meant to hurt the non-U.S. based cruise operators, by denying them access to Hawaiian
    tourism.  The measure prohibits the use, possession, or ownership of a gambling, casino, or other betting facilities on a
    cruise ship, that calls to the U.S. islands of Hawaii.

   Cruise Industry News - [02 Jan 2001]

 - Noted Scottish ship designer, Sir. John Brown dies in Scotland at age 99.  He designed the "Queen Mary" and the
   "Queen Elizabeth 2".  His work accounts for over 400 ships, in 48 years of service.  Our sympathies...
 - A cargo ship is aground off Portugal, 22 crew were airlifted to safety.
 - The "Canaveral Star" is repossessed by her creditors, for non-payment of her fees.  There is a rumor that the ship was
    involved in some "adult entertainment" at sea, and the port authority was seeking to evict the vessel.

   Cruise Industry News - [01 Jan 2001]

 - Happy New Years!  To everyone.  We wish all of you and yours, the very best New Year.

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