-=[ Our Cruise Ship News Archive - 2002 ]=-

   Cruise Industry News - [27 Dec 2002]
  • sHave a Happy New Year everybody!
  • There is a report indicating that a technical study of the "S.S. Norway" may show she is capable of being updated and this may be an indication her owners Star Cruises are interested in her longevity.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Brilliance of The Seas" is hit with a Norwalk-like virus.  Passengers and crew are stricken ill.
  • The Wind Star Cruises vessel "m/s Wind Song" that was gutted by fire, has been seized by the Tahitian government for payment of the US$3 million dollar rescue effort.  The cruise line is working to recover the vessel.
  • There is a report indicating that the former Baas Strait passenger ship "Spirit of Tasmania" is on the move.  She has been observed leaving her port of lay up.
  • The P&O/Princess Cruises new build "m/s Coral Princess" has departed from her French builder, and is bound for her new home port of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
   Cruise Industry News - [23 Dec 2002]
  • Merry Christmas everybody!
  • The P&O/Princess Cruises new build "m/s Coral Princess" has been delivered to her new owners.  The delays were being caused by an engineering issue, which appears to be resolved for now.  Congratulations...
  • The P&O/Princess Cruises new acquisition of the former Renaissance Cruises "R4" has been christened as the new "m/s Tahitian Princess". Congratulations...
  • Holland America Line is now celebrating the inauguration of their new ship the "m/s Zuiderdam". Congratulations...
  • Radisson Seven Seas has had the bad of their "m/s Hanseatic" being cruelly pounded by a large and angry rogue wave. The vessel has sustained moderate damage, and there were no major injuries reported.
  • The P&O/Princess Cruises new build "m/s Diamond Princess" was gutted by fire, because of a welders torch.
   Cruise Industry News - [21 Dec 2002]
  • The now sunken car carrier "Tricolor" which was recently struck again in low tide, was originally sunk on 4 Dec 2002 during thick fog in the English Channel by the container ship "Kariba".  None of the "Tricolor's" 29 Philipino crew were injured.  Her captain and two officers were taken aboard the other ship.  The car carrier was carrying about 2,850+ cars and 77 containers.  She also was carrying about 2,000 gallons of oil.
  • A female employee of Celebrity Cruises has filed a sexual assault case against the cruise line, alleging that two make crew members attacked her, beat her, and raped her.  This case is pending in a Miami county Florida district court.  The female employee states also the the  cruise line allegedly failed to aid her following the attack, and didn't do anything to assist the authorities in gathering evidence.  The Bahamian police have detained the two men believed to be involved with this case.
  • Patients in a hospital in Long Island, New York, are now sick from passengers carrying the Norwalk-like virus.  About 50 people have taken ill, and are now quarantined by the hospital.
   Cruise Industry News - [17 Dec 2002]
  • A new cruise line is forming to offer entertainment cruises for the St. Petersburg area.  Welcome Titan Cruise Lines.
  • The 3000 ton vessel "Nicole" has struck the sunken freighter "Tricolor" and is stuck on the wreckage.
   Cruise Industry News - [14 Dec 2002]
  • Happy Holidays and seasons greetings from 2Oth Century Ocean Liners!
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Carnival Conquest" returned from her voyage today, with more than 200 passengers feeling sick from what is described as a 'Norwalk-like' intestinal virus.
   Cruise Industry News - [12 Dec 2002]
  • The P&O/Princess Cruises "m/v Coral Princess" has been delayed due to engineering problems with the ships propulsion system.
   Cruise Industry News - [10 Dec 2002]
  • The former Regency Cruises "m/v Regent Sky" is up for sale, USD$11 million dollars.  She will be scrapped otherwise.
   Cruise Industry News - [09 Dec 2002]
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines has named Kim Cattrall as the Godmother of their new "m/s Norwegian Dawn".
  • The "R.M.S. Windsor Castle" needs your help.  She is slated to be sold for scrap...
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Majesty of The Seas" had left more than 1,422 passengers stranded on their private island in the Caribbean, after a sudden shift in the weather.  The sky turned black, a funnel cloud was spotted, and the seas were swelling to 6 feet or more.  Evacuation was not possible, so the passengers were stranded in the dark cold weather, on a deserted island.  The were given blankets, sweatshirts, and a hot dog dinner, and finally went back to the ship 21 hours later.  No injuries were reported.
   Cruise Industry News - [06 Dec 2002]
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Carnival Conquest" is making quite an impression.  Her size being the most stunning of all.  She is in an area, where low hung power lines are now becoming a problem for her.  They run across the Mississippi River, and her great size threatens to snag on them.  A solution of moving the power lines underground is being discussed.
   Cruise Industry News - [05 Dec 2002]
  • Fred Olsen's "m/s Black Watch" was delayed on her voyage to Southampton because of mechanical troubles.
  • The laid up "m/v Enchanted Isle" in a bid to save her life, may have lost the battle.  Her owners Silja Line, has reportedly decided to sell her, by the end of the year she will be sold to the breakers.
  • It has been reported that the former Ellerman Liner "m/s City of York" has been run aground, in an effort to prevent her from continuing to sink.  She recently sprung some kind of a leak, and has been taking on water.
  • The P&O Cruises vessel "m/s Oceana" has reported that 124 of it's passengers have taken sick, on a 15 night cruise from Port Everglades, Florida.  The CDC is looking into this.
  • The Crystal Cruises new build "m/s Crystal Serenity" has a Godmother, England's very own Lady Dame Judy. Congratulations.
  • The "R.M.S. Queen Mary" is having her 35th anniversary celebration on December 8th and 9th, come and have fun!
   Cruise Industry News - [04 Dec 2002]
  • The Wind Star Cruises ship "m/s Wind Song" has been declared a total loss, following a destructive fire that ripped from the engine room, and gutted the vessel.  All 127 passengers and 92 crew escaped the fire without injury.
  • The Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Holiday" had run aground on a sand bar in Cozumel, Mexico, on November 23rd. She has returned to service as of December 2nd.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines brand new "m/s Norwegian Dawn" will be arriving in Southampton, England a full day ahead of it's proposed schedule.
   Cruise Industry News - [02 Dec 2002]
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Fascination" has just joined the list of the afflicted cruise ships.  More than 175 passengers took ill, while on a three day cruise.
  • Wind Star Cruises "m/s Wind Song" had to cut short a cruise, after a fire broke out in her engine room.  Her passengers were put into life boats, and then later flown home.  A refund has been issued to these passengers.
  • Clipper Cruise "m/s Clipper Adventurer" hd run aground, of the isle of Deception (King George Island).  Chilean Navy reports damage is minor, and a tug was standing by.
  • It has been reported that the King of Spain may visit the site where the oil tanker sank, and spilled over 70,000 gallons of crude into the ocean.
  • The European Union is calling for a ban on single walled tankers, in favor of the double walled versions.
  • The International Maritime Museum (IMO) is meeting to discuss the possibility of a security measure to better protect the maritime community.  It will cover the vessels and ports.
A Public Safety Service Announcement courtesy of 2Oth CENTURY OCEAN LINERS
Can I Cruise With Confidence?...  Yes!
It would seem that many people are concerned about the latest scares of sickness aboard the cruise ships.  Passengers are justified in their concerns.  But, it doesn't mean that you have to cancel your travel plans.  When you go aboard the ship just be certain to monitor your surroundings, and take a notice of who and what is around you.  If you feel that something isn't quite right, then feel free to let a crew member know how you feel.  Be polite and honest with the person you speak to.  There is no need to be unkind, or say things that aren't nice.  Just tell the crew member, you are uncomfortable about what you have seen, or noticed, and leave  it at that.  If you should feel ill, or experience any problems, let your cabin steward know right away, or go visit the ships infirmary for a check-up.  It's in our opinion, that the illnesses and such found aboard the ships is not the fault of the company, crew or the passengers, but more realistically the work of a lone individual seeking to disrupt and destroy the safety and structure of the cruise community.  Is it terrorism?  We don't know.  Is it just random?  We do not believe so, but we do not place any blame on the cruise lines, nor any of their employees.  This situation is very strange. But be patient, while the cruise lines, and the authorities work to sort this all out.

   Cruise Industry News - [29 Nov 2002]

  • The 'Love Boat' gets a new name, she'll be sailing for new owners as the 'm/s Pacific".
  • Disney Cruises "m/s Disney Magic" continues to be harassed by a stomach flu.
   Cruise Industry News - [25 Nov 2002]
  • The "R.M.S. Windsor Castle" formerly of the Union Castle Line, is the subject of a foundation proposal to save her. Please contact ajnaughton@hotmail.com for more info.
  • The former "m/v Transvaal Castle" might be moving to Freemantle, Australia.  A plan has been proposed to use the ship and possibly some of her former fleetmates from the now defunct Premier Cruise Lines, an a new cruise line based in the Australian waters.  MegaWest Cruises is looking to raise funds, to setup this venture.
  • There are some photographs available for you, of the equipment for the "Queen Mary 2" being delivered to her builder in France.  Click [Here] to have a look...  :-)
  • A truck falls from a ferry into the Long Island Sound on November 19th.  The driver's body was recovered.  Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.  It was aboard the "Susan Ann".
  • The Chinese shipyard in Juangnan, Singapore delivered a huge train ferry this week, the "Yuehaitie No.1".
  • The Steamship Historical Society of America West Coast Chapter has a new home aboard the "R.M.S. Queen Mary". For more information, click [Here].
  • Mr. Richard Miller of Nautiques dies suddenly at age 49.  Our condolences to his family and friends.
  • The "m/s Crown Odyssey" will be transferred from the Orient Line, to the NCL fleet.  She will follow the itineraries for two of her sisters.  The "m/v Norwegian Dream" and the "m/v Norwegian Sea".
  • The Ukrainian cruise ship "Olvia" was briefly detained in New Zealand for an environmental concern, that was resolved. She was later released.
   Cruise Industry News - [23 Nov 2002]
  • US health officials are concerned by the seemingly growing threat of sickness aboard cruise ships that call on US ports. To date, several cruise ships have been affected by a 'Norwalk-like' stomach flu.  Passengers are asked to use caution when traveling.
  • Disney Cruise Lines reports that the "m/s Disney Magic" had 100 of her passengers fall ill to a stomach sickness like that of the Holland America Lines "m/s Amsterdam", Disney says it will be cleaning and disinfecting the ship while at sea, and does not plan to cancel any cruises at the this time.  Disney says it will be offering sick passengers compensation.
  • The former Commodore Cruise Lines (nw bankrupt) "m/s Enchanted Isle" is getting a new lease on life.  The World Explorer Cruises will be working jointly with Helsinki based Siljia Lines to operate the ship.  Her new name will be "m/s Universe Ambassador".  Her planned itineraries are not yet confirmed.
  • The Port of New Orleans, Louisiana has a newly established safety zone, from mile marker 87.2to 91.2, this zone extends down a length of five miles, and covers the full with of the Mississippi river.  The only vessel allowed in the zone right now is the US based "m/v Carnival Conquest".
   Cruise Industry News - [20 Nov 2002]
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has taken delivery of their new "m/v Navigator of The Seas". Congratulations!
  • Holland America Line has now taken delivery of their new "m/s Zuiderdam".  Congratulations!
  • Carnival Cruise Lines is giving the impression that their new "m/v Carnival Conquest" might be deployed from New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • A source tells us that the French shipyard of Chantiers de l'Atlantique has been receiving parts, supplies and equipment for the Cunard Line new build "m/s Queen Mary 2".
  • The US defense department is in a waiting game, while the US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld decides the fate of a next generation of nuclear aircraft carriers.  The CVNX is in for about USD$1 billion dollars of the allocated 3.6 billion.
  • General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman shipyards are teaming up with foreign shipbuilders for the study of the LCS-Litoral Combat Ships.  The program is to determine the possibility of building such a vessel.
  • The crude oil tanker "Prestige" has finally sank about 30 miles off the southwest coast of Spain.  Ecological and nature supporters are very concerned that the 70,000 tons of liquid fuel oil the ship was carrying will leak to the surface from the ocean floor, and cause an ecological disaster.
  • The President of Panama has been asked to christen the P&O/Princess Cruises new build "m/s Coral Princess" after her completion, and delivery from her builders.
  • The international tennis star Stefanie Graf has been chosen by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to serve as the godmother for their new vessel "m/v Navigator of The Seas".  Steffi will name the ship officially in ceremonies on Dec. 6th, 2002.
   Cruise Industry News - [19 Nov 2002]
  • The West Coast Chapter of the SS United States Foundation held their first meeting on the 16th.  The meeting was held at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum in San Pedro, CA.  The meeting was very informative, and drew a crowd of over forty people.
  • The P&O/Princess Cruises new build "m/s Coral Princess" will be delayed.  The French shipyard of Chantiers de l'Atlantique has indicated that they have encountered some unexpected delays.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines is in what reports call a serious discussion, with the German shipyard of Lloyd Werft, to complete the Project America vessel that NCL purchased, and to possibly build the second smaller ship.
  • A report is suggesting that 'freak waves', unusually large, and fast moving elements of water, may be caused by strange or unexpected weather phenomena.
  • The "R.M.S. Queen Mary" is going to celebrate her 35th anniversary in Long Beach, California.  On December 7th and 8th, 2002 the historical society will be hosting a free to the public floatilla, along the coastline.  The festivities will include a time capsule to be created and sealed on December 9th, 2003.  It will then be reopened on December 9th, 2067, on the 100th anniversary of the "R.M,S. Queen Mary" being in Long Beach, California.  For more information visit Queen Mary.
  • Holland America Line pulls the "m/s Amsterdam" from service.  To overcome a stomach virus.  She will return to service on December 1st, 2002.
  • The former planned mid-section of the "m/s Costa Classica" was onboard the Giant 2 sub-mersible barge, and was bound for somewhere in Europe.  The mid-section has been sold by Cammell Laird to HAPO for demolitions.
   Cruise Industry News - [17 Nov 2002]
  • The former 'Love Boat' of television fame, and a recent retiree from the P&O/Princess Cruises fleet, will be making a very new and surprise come-back.  The Pullmantur Cruises of Spain has purchased the vessel from its recent buyers.  So expect to see her in 2003.  Her new name and itinerary are not yet announced.
  • Three classic steamers will remain among us.  "The Topaz", "Enchanted Isle" and "Stella Solaris" will all be seen in the upcoming year.  This is great news...
  • The new "Costa Fortuna" has been launched, and her sister, the "Costa Magica" are both expected to enter service in the year coming years, 2003 and 2004.  Congratulations to Costa Crociere.
  • More than two dozen passenger fell ill to a flu like stomach virus on their trip from San Diego, California aboard the Holland America line vessel "m/s Statendam".  The cruise line is now dealing with the results of this problem.
A Public Service Announcement courtesy of 2Oth CENTURY OCEAN LINERS
Cruise Lines Adhere To Their Consumer Cancellation Policies...
This is a serious financial concern for many passengers who take trips on a cruise ship.  When you book your trip, it is a very good idea to purchase cruise cancellation insurance.  It is also a good idea to consult your insurance company to arrange for travel insurance for yourself.  In the aftermath of September 11th2001, the travel industry is an uncertain realm.  This does not mean, you run to your travel agent, and cancel your trip, and blow up at them...  You simply contact your travel agent and your insurance agent, and get yourself some travel insurance.  This is to financially protect you as a consumer.  If you have to cancel your trip at the last minute, or if the airlines, or the cruise line issue a cancellation, you will be able to recover a better portion of the money you paid for your fares.  This is also true, if you become sick or injured while on a cruise.

   Cruise Industry News - [12 Nov 2002]

  • P&O/Princess Cruises new builds will trade their names.  The "m/s Diamond Princess" will be trading her name for the new "m/s Sapphire Princess".  The original ships will then appear in order of completion.  The original Diamond will be undergoing a rebuilding before she can be completed, about 40% of her superstructure needs to be replaced.  The original new build Sapphire will appear as the "m/s Diamond Princess" on schedule, in February 2003.  The gutted Diamond, now Sapphire will be available for completion sometime in 2005.
   Cruise Industry News - [10 Nov 2002]
  • The SS United States Foundation West Coast Chapter will be holding a meeting on Saturday, November 16th, 2002. The meeting will be held at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, at 2:30 PM.
  • ResidenSea's "The World" will not be calling on Indonesia as originally planned.
  • The 'Project America' vessels, and the parts for it's smaller companion were purchased by Norwegian Cruise Lines for a mere USD$150-180 million dollars.  The partially completed vessel, is under tow, on her way to an unspecified port in the European area to be completed.  The vessel was once part of the now defunct American Classic Voyages Co. that fell prey in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States.
  • US lawmakers and coastal patrol services are being frustrated by ship that dump or expel bilge or dark water contents the US harbors, and nearby waterways and oceans.  They are troubled as detection and control efforts seem to be unable to curb those ships from continuing to do this.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Carnival Conquest" will be based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Congratulations and welcome!
  • P&O's "m/s Victoria" will become the "m/s Mona Lisa".
  • The "m/s The Topaz" from Thomson Holidays will continue to sail, after her charter ends in the spring of 2004.
  • The former Premeir Cruise Lines ship the "m/v Seawind Crown" will be auctioned off in December 2002.  Official info fo  the sale are not yet disclosed.  We still await the word, on the fate of her stranded crew who have been there since the end of Premeir in Sept. 2000.
  • Royal Olympic Cruise Lines, says that their famour "m/s Stella Solaris" will re-appear in 2003.
   Cruise Industry News - [07 Nov 2002]
  • A small child who perished when the "R.M.S. Titanic" sank in 1912, has been finally identified.  It was through a DNA test his name is now known.  The infant youngster is believed to be Eino Panula.  It was once thought he might have been the child of Swedish immigrants, but this is now proved not to be so.  The little boy is buried in the Titanic Memorial cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • Figures on the death toll of the "m/s La Joola" ferry sinking have now risen to 1,153 souls.
   Cruise Industry News - [06 Nov 2002]
  • There are reports indicating that because of a strong lack of interest and no funding, the former transatlantic passenger liner "S.S. United States" is scheduled to be sold to the breakers.  It may appear that time has truly and finally run out.  She will be greatly missed. Click [here] to help save her now!
  • Oceana Cruises get a Princess.  The former P&O/Princess Cruises "m/s Ocean Princess" will be sailing for this new line.
  • The new Norwegian Cruise liner "m/v Norwegian Dawn" has left her German builder Meyer Werft.  She came out the inlet passage backwards, and ran the route at 6.5 knots (average).  She is expected for delivery in early December.
  • The Disney Cruise Line hosts the 3rd annual Ebert & Roeprt film festival at sea.
  • Silversea Cruises wins the world's best small cruise ship line in 2002 by the Conde Nast traveler survey.  Congratulations!
  • Crystal Cruises wins the best large cruise ship line in 2002 by the COnde Nast traveler survey.  Congratulations!
   Cruise Industry News - [02 Nov 2002]
  • The city of Southampton, England could be getting a brand new cruise terminal.  This would be the third one, but it could provide an increase in capacity for the city's cruise industry.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines new vessel "m/v Norwegian Dawn" is scheduled to arrive at the port of Soithampton on December 6th. Congratulations...
  • The SS United States Foundation West Chapter held its first meeting at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines has made a move by having its new "m/v Carnival Legend" call at the port of Baltimore.
   Cruise Industry News - [30 Oct 2002]
  • The international shipping industry is meeting in Shanghai, China to discuss the possibility of a next step forward on how old ships are recycled.  The meeting will include members from Korea, China, and Japan.
  • A report suggests that political or economic migrants have come in large numbers to the Florida coast line.
  • An announcement from Star Cruise indicates that they will be sending their "m/s Superstar Leo" & "m/s Superstar Aries" to Shanghai for 8-day cruises.
   Cruise Industry News - [29 Oct 2002]
  • Carnival Cruise Lines has canceled the October 27th Mexican Riviera cruise for the "m/v Elation".  She is bound for San Francisco, California to undergo repairs to her propulsion system.  There was a problem found during a prior cruise, and it has been affecting her performance while at sea.  She is due to return to service on November 3rd.
  • Holland America Line has named tv spokeswoman/host Joan London to be the godmother for their new "m/s Zuiderdam".
  • Holland America Line has announced that you can now book a shore excursion from their web site.
  • Cunard Line has made arrangements with DHL Worldwide Express to allow passengers to ship their baggage between their homes and their ships.
   Cruise Industry News - [27 Oct 2002]
  • The British ferry "Prince of Portsmouth" struck the British warship "HMS St. Albania" after being blown off course. The type 23 frigate suffered major damage.  None of the ferry's 850 passengers or 130 crew were injured.
   Cruise Industry News - [26 Oct 2002]
  • P&O/Princess Cruises PLC bids farewell to their 'Love Boat' the "m/s Pacific Princess" as she will be arriving in her new port on Sunday October 27th.  And she will transfer to her new owners.
   Cruise Industry News - [25 Oct 2002]
  • Carnival Corporation has purchased the P&O/Princess Cruises PLC for £3.5 billion pounds.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines has taken delivery of their new ship, the "m/v Carnival Conquest".  Congratulations.  Please see the Carnival Cruise Lines homepage for the destinations and prices for this new vessel.
   Cruise Industry News - [23 Oct 2002]
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has towed the now gutted "m/s Diamond Princess" to a new location in the yard for repairs.
  • The heavy lift vessel "Swan" has arrived in the Sydney harbor to retrieve the damaged "HMS Nottingham".  She had run aground in bad weather off the coast of Australia.  She is now bound for her home waters of Great Britain.
  • The 505 foot freighter / passenger ship "Mercury II" capsized in bad weather in the Caspian Sea.  9people were found out of 54.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s Victoria" has bid a fond farewell to Southampton, she is bound for her new home port in Civitavecchia (Rome).
  • Holland America Lines "m/s Amsterdam" has appearantly picked up a virus.  Her passengers are reportedly suffering from a flu like sickness.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to post a large loss for the fiscal year.  This is due to the recovery efforts of the new build for P&O/Princess Cruises PLC.  The estimated amount of the loss is USD$250 million.  The vessel was insured against damage.
  • The disaster report for the "La Joola" has been released.  The report says that overcrowding and poor safety checks are the cause of the ferrys sinking.
  • The SS United States Foundation has opened a new West coast website.  www.ss-united-states-west.com.  This is in an effort to save the now aging vessel from being scrapped.  Please help her if you can!
  • Star Cruises to sail a straight voyage from Taiwan to China in November 2002.
   Cruise Industry News - [21 Oct 2002]
  • P&O/Princess Cruises PLC is looking like it may be making some kind of progress with its merger business.  An announcement is possibly expected as early as Wednesday, October 23rd.
  • A group of divers is planning to sink the "Straits of Mackinac, a 1926 built, 210 foot auto ferry.
   Cruise Industry News - [20 Oct 2002]
  • A new cruise line is being formed.  Two former top executives from two other cruise lines have come together to form a cruise company Oceana Cruises.  It has been reported that they are looking at using a couple of the former Renaissance vessels.
  • Star Cruises is planning to add three new 2,000 passenger vessels to their fleet.  They indicate that they would like to have the new vessels in place by the end of 2005.
  • Royal Olympic Cruises "Olympia Voyager" had run aground Oct 9th.  After minor repairs she should be back in service.
  • Two vessels that had been reported as sold by the press, have not in fact been sold at all.  The "Princesa" and the "Lapalma" are still laid up.
  • The International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL) has published an estimate on the value of the North American cruise market.  Their estimate places the value at USD$20 billion dollars.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise lines has planned the repositioning of two of their vessels.  The "Monarch of The Seas" and the "Enchantment of The Seas" will be moved to new port assignments come June next year.
  • Pearl Harbour Naval Shipyard has been given the possibility of receiving USD$202 million dollars for the purpose of continuing the refueling and refurbishment of older American nuclear submarines.
   Cruise Industry News - [05 Oct 2002]
  • Reports indicate that the fire aboard the not yet completed "m/s Diamond Princess" was strong enough to require more than 40 fire fighting vehicles, and water craft.  The 1,000 worker's who were present at the time of the blaze were able to make it to safety.
  • The former Cunarder "m/s Contessa" has returned to service in Taiwan.  She had been under arrest there, and she is now now cruising as a gambling ship.
  • It has been reported that the "m/s Sun Ray II" has a new operator.
  • The mystery continues over the passing of a 42 year old passenger on an Australian cruise ship.  Ms. Brimble was found by her 12 year old daughter.  The woman was found deceased aboard the P&O liner "m/s Pacific Sky".
  • US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has voted and cleared the way for the merger process of the P&O/Princess Cruise Lines LLC to continue.  Bids have been offered for the Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean International.
   Cruise Industry News - [02 Oct 2002]
  • The California port services are working on efforts to resolve their current problems.
  • Near final totals are coming in...  Almost a 1,000 people have perished on the now sunken ferry "Le Joola".
   Cruise Industry News - [01 Oct 2002]
  • A port services walk-out in Southern California leaves ships and cargo stranded on the pier.
  • The new Cunard vessel being built in France has been signed to serve as a hotel / accommodation ship for the Athens Olympics, in 2004.  A first official public affair for the new "Queen Mary 2".
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan has suffered a fire in the yard where the new P&O/Princess cruise ship "Diamond Princess" is being built.  The reports suggest that the ship suffered significant damage.  She is due to arrive in May '03, and will enter service for P&O/Princess in June '03.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises has allowed an option deadline with the French shipyard Chantiers de l'Atlantique to expire.  They indicate they will be planning on constructing vessels for the North American service in the future.
  • Regal Cruise Lines is celebrating the arrival of the "Regal Empress" in New London.  She is the largest vessel to call there.  She was greeted pier side with a brass band, and given a 14 gun salute.
  • The ferry "Le Joola" capsized in rough seas on Sunday.  32 people have been rescued, out of hundreds...  Divers have found 88 bodies so far, and reports say the ship contains many more.  It is thought that about 706 persons have perished. Our condolences to all...
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "Paradise" made a short stop in Cartagena, Colombia in order to free herself of the tropical storm Lili.  It's odd that she is there, since this destination has been taken off of her route list due to problems with the worlds terrorist activities.
  • The "m/v Odessa" was spotted under tow, possibly heading to the Ukraine.
  • A man was arrested after trying to repel from the Lions Gate bridge in Vancouver, onto the Holland America liner "m/s Veendam".  The man bounced off of the ship as he had miss timed his descent.  The departures were for the "m/v Norwegian Sky" and the "m/s Amsterdam" were delayed while this matter was investigated.
  • A woman was evacuated from the "m/v Vision of The Seas" after she went into premature labor.
  • P&O/Princess chairman Lord Sterling has agreed to remain at his post, until the matter of the mergers is settled.
  • Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises alter itineraries to avoid hurricane Lili's fury.
  • A 37 year old woman was arrested last Tuesday when she was found to be shoplifting in a Portland, Maine store. She was a passenger on the "m/v Carnival Legend" who was docked there.  Her bail was set for USD$5,000, and the ship left Tuesday evening without her, but did contain her husband.
   Cruise Industry News - [20 Sep 2002]
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has been given an extension from the German shipbuilder to wait on the 5th/6th Radiance class ship until January 10th, 2003.
  • Suspected Clyde side strike leader suffers from a stroke, and is now hospitalized.
  • A small bit of "m/v Britanis" has been seen washed up on the beach in South Africa, off of the coast of Cape Cross.  She sank there almost two years ago, while under tow to the breakers.
  • Louis Cruise Lines sheds two classic ships, the "m/s Lapalma" and the "m/s Patriot".  They are reportedly up for sale as scrap.
  • A judge has ruled that disability suit against NCL can continue.
   Cruise Industry News - [18 Sep 2002]
  • ALERT -- The "S.S. United States" is in deep trouble.  She is scheduled to be SOLD for scrap metal to a shipyard or other materials agency.  Men with asbestos clothing, and a tube with fire coming out of it, will slice her up like a holiday turkey.  If you've ever thought of helping her, or doing something to help her, this is the time, and it's running out fast! Click [here] to find out how you can be of help to save a rich and beautiful, historic American treasure...
  • Ferries del Caribe will be offering ferry services from San Juan and Santo Domingo.  Starting in 2003, their 1,200 guests weekly round trip service aboard their new "Poseidon Empress".
   Cruise Industry News - [13 Sep 2002]
  • The US federal court in Texas has denied the Norwegian Cruise Lines the right to have an exemption for their vessels, charging that it is a violation of the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA).
   Cruise Industry News - [10 Sep 2002]
  • The completed upgraded mid-section of the unused "m/v Costa Classica" for the purpose of being broken up in the Europe.
  • The former Renaissance Cruises "R3" has been selected to operate an Alaska tour of duty, as the "m/s Pacific Princess" for the P&O/Princess Cruise line.
  • A 54-year old woman was airlifted off of a cruise ship for medical reasons in the outback yesterday.  No word on the vessel, or the woman's condition.  She was suffering from gastro-intestinal bleeding.
   Cruise Industry News - [05 Sep 2002]
A Public Safety Service Safety Announcement courtesy of Oth CENTURY OCEAN LINERS
Passenger Advisory - Greece Re-Enters Dark Ages by Acting Like The Taliban!
This is a tourist safety warning - All tourists visiting ports in the Greek territory's should be advised, that the possession and or use of any electronic device for the purposes of entertainment will result in the imposing of fines, or long imprisonment. The Greek authorities have imposed a border wide ban on ALL forms of electronic games of ANY kind.  Passengers are VERYSTRONGLY URGED to LEAVE these items onboard their ships.  Cell phones, laptops, palm pilots, PDA's, Game boys, wrist radios, Walkman's, mp3 players, etc.  Any electronic item, having an LCD display, or emitting lights or sound is considered a 'game' by the Greek authorities.  They advise they will arrest anyone found to posess one.  DO NOT take these items with you!

   Cruise Industry News - [04 Sep 2002]

  • The ferry "Norsea" experienced a fire while on it's way to Belgium.  She arrived 10 hours late, and was able to return on her own power.  No injuries were reported as a result.
  • China is building it's largest shipyard in the city of Qingdao, which lies in the Shandong province.
   Cruise Industry News - [01 Sep 2002]
  • The paddle-wheel steamer "p.s. Portland" was found by the NOAA underwater research team.  They have video and sonar images of the wreck, which lies in 460' of water.  She sank on November 26th, 1898 when two large storms had begun to approach the eastern coast of the US.  Her location is between Cape Cod and Cape Ann off of the Massetchusetts coast.
  • The "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" has become a transatlantic wonder.  She has steamed her fifth millennial nautical mile.  She accomplished the amazing feat on August 28th, in the evening.
   Cruise Industry News - [29 Aug 2002]
  • P&O/Princess Cruises has decided to rename their "m/s Island Princess" to "m/s Platinum Princess", her assignment will be the South Pacific area.
  • Reports are suggesting that the fees for passing through the Panama Canal will be going up.
  • Holland America Lines "m/s Ryndam" has gotten herself into more trouble.  She was caught extruding partially processed waste water into the Juneau, Alaska harbour area.  The US Coast Guard is investigating this matter.
  • The Russian government is now requiring all passengers to have a VISA (travel documents) when they cruise into the port of St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Kvaerner Philadelphia shipyard has fired its chief officer.
  • The Mjellem & Karlsen shipyard in Norway, has reopened.
  • Norfolk Shipbuilding has won a Navy repair contract worth USD$12.2 million dollars.
   Cruise Industry News - [20 Aug 2002]
  • The "Sun Bay II" has returned to her builders.  Apparently she was sailing on a positioning cruise on low capacity.  Her owners want to select a new route and schedule for the vessel.  She will remain at her builders until then.  The first shp "Sun Ray" remains in service.
  • The former Renaissance Cruises vessels are on the move.  It would seem that "R5" and "R8" are now in demand once again.  The former "R5" is being chartered to Spanish operators.  And the "R8" is being chartered to the Swan Hellenic group for a cruise starting in April next year.
  • NCL has opted to purchase the rejected hulls of the former American Classic Voyages, Inc.  Both of the hulls have been tentatively, including all of the materials and such to complete the two ships.  They will be operating for NCL upon their completion.
  • NCL's "m/v Superstar Leo" has made her maiden debut in Shanghai, Chin after laving Hong Kong.
  • A report suggests that Star Cruises is going to expand its operations in China and North America.  The company is reportedly  willing to spend about USD$1 billion dollars on four new vessels to do it.
  • Authorities in Bermuda seized about 33 pounds of cocaine from the NCL ship "m/s Norwegian Majesty".
  • NCL's new "m/s Norwegian Dawn" will make her debut in December.  We anxiously await her arrival!
  • Cunard Line has announced the sailing dates for the farewell transatlantic crossings of their famous "Queen Elizabeth 2".  See Cunard's website here, for more details.
   Cruise Industry News - [16 Aug 2002]
  • Carnival Cruise Lines has taken delivery of  their new "m/v Carnival Legend".  Congratulations...
  • Holland America Lines "m/v Ryndam" has been hit yet again, with another power failure.
  • Celebrity Cruise Lines "m/s Mercury" has been hit by a case of Salmonella poisoning.
  • The 'Jones Act' has apparently grounded the cruise business in the Hawaiian islands.
  • The P&O/Princess Cruises "m/s Pacific Princess" is in preparations to sail on her final cruise.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Line "m/s Norwegian Star" is in an odd position, her owners want her to have an exemption to be able to sail in Hawaiian waters.  Even though she is foreign flagged, staffed and registered.
  • Mediterranean Shipping Cruises has., has announced the names for it's two new buildings, they are "MSC Lirica" and  the "MSC Opera".
  • Melbourne, Australia is getting two new ferries, the "Spirit of Tasmania I" and "Spirit of Tasmania II".
   Cruise Industry News - [13 Aug 2002]
  • Holland America's "m/s Ryndam" experienced a brief but annoying power failure that left her adrift at 1:30 AM.  The ships power was restored to a minimum level in about 10 minutes, and then full power 20 minutes later.
  • Norfolk Shipbuilding, Norfolk, VA wins a contract for USD$12.2 million dollars to build a landing craft for the United States Navy.  The "U.S.S. Whidbey Island".
  • The Rosyth Dockyard, Rosyth, Scotland is bidding on the repair contract for the recently damaged British destroyer "H.M.S. Nottingham".  This would mean jobs for the some 2,000 employees of the shipyard.  The ship suffered some damage when she ran aground a week ago.
  • The new terminal in Progresso, Yucatan is now open to the public.  It's estimated that over 100 ships will be calling there.
  • Russia flies flags at half mast, and displays a memorial for the 118 men, who died in the "Kursk" disaster two years ago.
   Cruise Industry News - [09 Aug 2002]
  • Freshly scrubbed Holland America liner "m/s Ryndam" returns to service.  Welcome back...
  • P&O/Princess Cruises is going to acquire the two former Renaissance Cruises vessels "R3" and "R4".  Both will be operating in the Pacific cruise services.  "R3" will be renamed to "Pacific Princess", and the "R4" will become the ne "Tahitian Princess".  Congratulations to P&O/Princess, and welcome back...
  • The British Destroyer "HMS Nottingham" was towed into an Australian port, after having trouble on July 7th.
  • The US Coast Guard is planning to build a database, to detect "spy ships".
  • Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises are now offering a 24/7 automated online booking system.
   Cruise Industry News - [06 Aug 2002]
  • Southampton it seems is the choice for now, to be the location of the naming ceremonies of the new Cunard liner "m/v Queen Mary 2", because the port of liverpool is not yet ready with their new terminal system.
  • Holland America Lines "m/s Statendam" was towed back to port, late Monday night.  After a fire had caused the ships power to fail, leaving the ship adrift, with her navigation, and propulsion systems down.  The fire was in a generator room.
  • The famous "Calypso" is in need of your help.  Capt. Jaques Cousteau's ship is in France, it needs to brought here to the US, for restoration and repairs.  The ships is slated to become a museum in New Rochelle, NY.
   Cruise Industry News - [04 Aug 2002]
  • Reports are showing that the merger between Carnival Corp. and P&O/Princess has been given the opportunity to do so. The European Commission of Anti-trust has not given any indications that they will be halting the merger, no that they block any attempts by the two industry giants to join forces.  Also, it is looking like Royal Caribbean International is not going to be the winner here.
  • Reports indicate that Northrop Grumman has acquired the German submarine maker HDW.
  • Despite shipbuilding 'peaks' the current trend is showing a decline of orders and construction of about 36.5% over last year.
   Cruise Industry News - [03 Aug 2002]
  • 2Oth CENTURY OCEAN LINERS is now officially operating from our own domain, http://www.20thcenturyliners.com/. We have left our former temporary host after four long years with them...
  • Carnival Corp. has exorcised an option to construct one more additional "Conquest-class" vessel.
  • P&O/Princess has exorcised an option to construct another vessel for its Princess division.
  • A crew member  aboard the "S.S. Norway" was arrested after a brief chase, and a report he/she was in possession of some illegal narcotics.  This incident is under investigation...
  • Holland Americas "m/s Ryndam" is reported to have been denied access to the Alaskan port, due to a stomach flu outbreak aboard ship.
  • Passengers threaten to file a law suit against the Holland America Line after the passengers take ill, from a virus that causes flu like symptoms, and vomiting...  This incident is pending investigation.
  • Reports indicate that coastal steamer travel is on a boom.
  • According to news reports, the case involving a 'booze cruise' has been given a decision.  This is looking like it now clears the way for more of these types of cruise activities.  There is a rumor going around, that you may be able to bring your own alcohol on board.  We want our readers to know, we think this is a bad idea, and will only server to create problems.
  • he port of Boston, MA, is looking to do more business with the shipping industry.
  • Mr. Devine, a noted naval architect, has died at age 89 of lung cancer.  He will be missed.
   Cruise Industry News - [23 Jul 2002]
  • A family from Maryland was denied the privilege to board two Carnival Cruise Line vessels, because they were trying 160 live 'bees' onboard the ships.  In their second attempt, they were found to posses a CO2 container.  Carnival Corp. says the lawsuit filed against them by the family has "No merit..."
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' "m/v Brilliance of The Seas" abruptly ended her maiden voyage by racing across the North Sea, at nearly her top speed of 24 knots.  This was to meet a Royal Air Force rescue helicopter sent to pick up a seriously ill passenger.
  • The city of Galveston, TX has alleged that the cruise ships visiting their ports are causing 'vibrations' to emanate into their city, and harm tall buildings...
   Cruise Industry News - [17 Jul 2002]
  • British actress Judi Dench is named as the Godmother for the new Carnival Cruise ship "m/v Carnival Legend".
   Cruise Industry News - [08 Jul 2002]
  • A monsoon that lasted two days, had left the Alang, India coast in shambles.  Major winds, and flooding caused a delay in many aspects of the ship breaking industry in the area.  Many segments of the Connery were stressed by the storm. That crept through the area in June, on the 27th and 28th.
  • A British Frigate was aground on rocks, off of the Australian coastline.  She radioed distress, and said she needed pumps as she was taking water.  Rescue efforts were successful, and all of the ships 200 crew and vessel were able to be saved.
   Cruise Industry News - [05 Jul 2002]
  • Cunard Lines new project "Queen Mary 2" has had her keel laid down, on the anniversary of the birth of the Cunard Line.
  • Cunard Lines project "Queen Mary 2" has received the four stabilizers from their Scottish maker.  Each weighs 100 tongs, and is 40 foot in length.
  • The Cunard Liner "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" was 250 miles off of the Irish coast, when two of her engineering crew were burned by steam,  when a valve broke.  They were both airlifted by RAF rescue to Ireland for treatment.  Get well soon....
  • The former P&O liner "S.S. Oriana", who was retired form the P&O line in 1986, was seen being towed to Dalian in China.  Reports suggest that she is freshly painted, and looking swell.  She has been inactive for many years, but its nice to see her on the move, and active again.
  • Visa free cruises, from Russia to Finland are to end in a week.  Russian officials have declined the request to allow this free travel freely.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises and Carnival Cruises are in a dispute over a fax being sent to the travel agents, and consumers.
   Cruise Industry News - [23 Jun 2002]
  • There is a report that the Northrop Grumman shipyard is planning to complete the partially built Project America vessel. But only to the extent, that the vessel is seaworthy.  We believe this is to free up the space in the graving dock.
  • A report has indicated that the Erie, Pennsylvania area is looking to attract cruise opportunities.  The is so, because of the nearly completed waterfront terminal .
  • Royal Olympic Cruises, has indicated that their first quarter results are looking up.
  • Carnival Corp. plans to donate USD$1.2 million dollars, to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's literacy initiative.
   Cruise Industry News - [16 Jun 2002]
  • Cunard Lines, has released the itineraries for their new "Queen Mary 2".  Also it is reported that their is a booklet now available for the new liner...  Which features deck plans of the stunning ship.
  • The 1929 built "m/v Regina Maris", which is currently owned by Regina Maris Cruises, will be sold.  She is laid up in Alexandria, Egypt.
  • The "m/v Norwegian Star" will be sold to new owners, Crown Investments.  She will be known as the "m/v Crown".
  • Royal Olympic Cruise Lines, has celebrated the arrival of their new "m/v Olympia ExplorerCongratulations!
  • A new cruise line in Alaska, Glacier Bay Cruiseline has signed a deal with their partners to purchase two new vessels.
  • Holland America celebrated their new arrival, the "m/v Prinsendam" on 3 June.  Congratulations!
  • The "Opy" has been beached in Turkey, to be broken up.  She was incidentally placed there at full speed!  Also joining her is the Italian ferry "Gallura".
   Cruise Industry News - [11 Jun 2002]
  • The "m/s Ocean Princess" had over 100 cases of what is only known as the "Norwalk-like flu" lay-up it's passengers for about 24 hours.  The symptoms were vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and a mild fever.  The ship was on a seven day cruise from Seaward to Vancouver, BC.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises "m/s Star Princess" will be the largest ship to date to be scheduled to call at Melbourne, Australia.  The "m/s Star Princess" is about 951 feet long, and weighs in at over 109,000 gross tons.  She towers at 18 stories tall.
  • Blinded crew member receives USD$7.6 million dollars, after being hit in the head by a lifeboat winch, in May 2000.
  • A Scottish shipyard, has lost it's contract for an enclosure project worth millions.  A Norwegian company has won the bid.
  • A Bermuda dockyard is fighting not to lose it's worker, local storms have forced cruise ships to discontinue calling there.
  • The Mersey-side shipyard of Cammell Laird may open soon, after being closed for a year.
   Cruise Industry News - [04 Jun 2002]
  • Chicago based Bank One, is seeking purchase the German shipyard Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG.  Bank One is attempting to create a partnership with General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman.
  • A new company, Voyager Holdings PLC is planning to build three trimaran type cruise ships.  Each would be 1,000 feet long, and 170 foot wide.  Estimated costs are near USD$1.9 billion dollars.   The project would build the ships in the Bethlehem Steel Shipbuilding, in Sparrows Point, MD.
   Cruise Industry News - [31 May 2002]
  • A source reports to us that the European Commission has submitted a list to the Carnival Corp. of it's objections to their proposed merger with P&O/Princess Cruises.  It means either the merger would stop, or be theoretically altered by the plan of NOT using any UK markets.  In the original call for Carnival to drop it's Cunard line in order to successfully bid into the European markets, in response Carnival Corp. quickly said "No.", they would rather not use the UK markets than release the Cunard line.  Either way this presents a whole new set of challenges for Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean International.
   Cruise Industry News - [26 May 2002]
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Nagasaki, Japan has launched the new "m/s Diamond Princess" for P&O/Princess Cruises.  She is a 113,000 ton vessel, which measures 951x136 feet.  She will carry up to 3,100 passengers.
  • The gutted tanker "Insiko", that burned in early April, has been drained of her cargo, and bilge.  The remains of the dead crew man have been removed.  The former tanker has been sunk by the Coast Guard about 14 miles southwest of Kalaeloa, HI in about 6,000 feet of water.
   Cruise Industry News - [24 May 2002]
  • The Canadian Customs offices have arrested a couple leaving a cruise ship, in Vancouver.  At the time of the arrest the couple was carrying approximately 8 Kilos of Cocaine.  There is no info available on the ships or line involved.
   Cruise Industry News - [23 May 2002]
  • Noted maritime author, and historian Sir Walter Lord, dies in New York.  He passed away last Sunday, May 19th.  Our condolences to his family, and friends.
  • Reports are indicating that there is an upsurge in orders for tonnage in Korea, which had slumped in the aftermath of the September 2001 terrorist attacks.
  • Daewoo shipbuilding is planning the sale of a portion of it's stocks, reports say.
   Cruise Industry News - [21 May 2002]
  • An elderly female passenger was taken off of the "m/s Rotterdam" by a Coast Guard medical transport.  The problem was a heart related issue.  No further word is available, on the woman's condition...
  • The Ministry in the UK, has approved a rescue plan to save the failing shipyard of Harland & Wolff.  This shipyard is famous for constructing the "R.M.S. Titanic", and it's sister ships...
  • Two Canadian shipyards, may be shut down, and cleaned up.  No details available as yet...
   Cruise Industry News - [20 May 2002]
  • There was a report of a fire in a marina in Seattle, WA over the weekend.  Some local boats were damaged.
  • A report indicates that a Florida group planning to sink a boat, to become an artificial reef, backfired.  It sank pre-maturely with the crew and some passengers still aboard.
  • Island Cruises "m/v Island Escape" was docked when a waste pipe burst.  The result was a ship flooded by sewage.  Passengers were put ashore in Majorca, and were sent home with a full refund.  This is the second incident involving the "m/v Island Escape".
  • The DFDS Seaways "m/v Princess of Scandinavia" caught fire in the engine room, and in her funnel.  The ferry was able to limp to port.
   Cruise Industry News - [16 May 2002]
  • Cunard Line has announced that in April 2004, the 33 year old "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" will cease her transatlantic sailings.  They indicate that QE2's new sister, will be the lines new flagship, and will continue the transatlantic sailings.  The QE2 will be offering short cruises from the Southampton area after that point.
  • The "m/v Constellation" has begun her maiden voyage from Barcelona, Spain.  Following a return to her builder, for a last minute repair to one of her azipod propulsion units, that had a leak.
   Cruise Industry News - [08 May 2002]
  • Thomson Holiday's has announced a ten year charter deal with Holland America to use their now redundant 19 year old "m/v Nieuw Amsterdam".  She will sail as the "m/v Thomson Spirit".
  • Star Cruises deploys their "m/v Superstar Gemini" to her new homeport of Singapore.
  • Louis Cruise Lines has redeployed it's fleet.
  • Royal Olympic Cruises has appeared to have retired  their "S.S. Stella Solaris", she will not be cruising in the remainder of 2002.  And she is now listed as 'withdrawn'.
  • Delaware North's Hospitality and Entertainment Group has won the bidding for the Delta Queen fleets.
  • Royal Caribbean's "m/v Voyager of The Seas" is in the Grand Bahamas floating dry dock for service.  This is her first time in a dry dock since her construction.  She will spend two weeks here, undergoing annual and basic routine maintenance.
  • Celebrity Cruises "m/v Constellation" will be ready for her May 12 sailing.
  • Cunard Lines' "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" is hosting a big pow-wow for the industry executives.
   Cruise Industry News - [05 May 2002]
  • A ferry in Dhaka, Bangladesh sank on Friday in bad weather.  It was believed the ferry was overloaded, and began to list.  When the seas turned rough, the ferry "m/v Salahuddin-2" capsized and sank.  It is estimated that there were over 150 passengers on board.  The vessel was about 100 miles from it's destination.  A sunken ferry has been reported as 'found' in the area, about 20 meters below the surface.  There were initial reports the ferry had been carrying over 400 persons.  But this has not yet proved to be true.  But reports suggest that there are still hundreds missing.  Only the bodies of two women and a child have been found so far, other than nearly 100 survivors pulled to safety by rescuers.
  • Festival Cruises has entered into an agreement to charter the once famous "S.S. Stockholm" of Swedish America Lines.  She is sailing now as the "m/v Valtur Prima".  This is the ship that collided with the "S.S. Andrea Doria" in July 1956.
  • The "m/v Empress" of Empress Cruises is now for sale, she is laid up in Singapore.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines' "m/v Carnival Spirit" had to cancel it's trip when the air conditioning failed. She was on a sailing at the time.  Passengers have been given full refunds, and were accommodated in Honolulu, and were given a 50% discount off of a future cruise.  The manufacturer of the HVAC system is attending to the problem.
  • The "m/s Minerva" will be possibly chartered to the Saga Holiday's group in 2003.  This report is "unofficial".The "m/v Olympia Voyager" will be sailing in Europe, and not the USA.  The port of Houston, TX will not have a cruise of it's own.
  • The Celebrity Cruises "m/v Constellation" will be returning to her builder in France to correct a problem with a leak in one of her azi-pod propulsion units.  That is currently taking on sea water.  The ship was built by Chantiers de l'Atlantique.
   Cruise Industry News - [01 May 2002]
  • The original 7 foot steam whistle, which weighs 1,400 pounds that used to be heard for over 10 miles on the Atlantic, will be back in action again.  This whistle once belonged to the Cunard "R.M.S. Queen Mary".  After more than a 30 year old sabbatical, this famous whistle we believe will be placed on the new Cunard liner "Queen Mary 2". It is being carried onboard the "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" to Southampton for inspection, repair and refurbishment.  Then it will be sent on to France.
  • Musung Shipping Corp. has setup a cruise with the "Columbus Caravalle" to operate a run to Shanghai, China.  If the cruise can prove to profitable then it may become a permanent run.
  • The US Coast Guard has opted NOT to sink the burned out tanker "Insiko 1907".  Instead she is being towed back to Honolulu, HI, where she will be pumped out of her 60,000 gallons of diesel fuel, and lube oils.  An the body of the dead sailor may be recovered for internment.  The tug "American Quest" is performing the tow operations.
  • The Cunard line is looking for information, stories, photographs and memorabilia of the history of the Clyde and the Cunard line.  If you have any information you wish to share, contact: Cunard Researcher, The Open Agency, Mill House, 8 Mill Street, London, England.  This information will be in a display onboard the new "Queen Mary 2".
  • Northrop Grumman who purchased the Litton Ingalls Shipbuilding Co. late last year, has put the unknown and unfinished hulk of a 55% completed cruise ship up for sale.  The asking price is USD$185 million dollars.
   Cruise Industry News - [29 Apr 2002]
  • Holland America Line has announced that they will be naming their new Vista class ship "m/s Westerdam".  She has a passenger capacity of 1,848, and is a 85,000 GRT vessel.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' "m/v Grandeur of The Seas" will be sailing from San Diego, CA.
  • Britain's "Takeover Panel" is scheduled to further investigate the merger between P&O Princess, and Royal Caribbean.
  • Holland America Line implements a new pricing policy.  This applies to early bookings only.
   Cruise Industry News - [24 Apr 2002]
  • Star Cruises has made a decision to further expand into the Chinese cruise market.  They are proposing to add two additional ships to the fleet, in the China area to meet expected growth.
  • Holland America Line is considering adding a 5th vessel to it's fleet.  A Vista class, 85,000 GRT, 1,848 passenger ship to their fleet by Spring 2006.  She will be over 950 feet long, and be powered by a dual diesel, and gas turbine system.
  • Liverpool is looking into the possibility of adding a new terminal, and doing some dredge work, to enlarge the harbour capacity to accommodate larger cruise ships, to improve the city's tourism.
  • The situation with the gutted tanker is getting attended to, by the US Coast Guard.  Fishing vessels have tried to rescue the Captains terrier mix dog, but have been unsuccessful.  The tanker will either be towed somewhere, or may be sunk depending on it's condition.  This is an apology, and a correction, it was previously assumed that the ship sank, and the Captains little pal was lost.
   Cruise Industry News - [19 Apr 2002]
  • NCL's "m/v Norwegian Star" performed another rescue at sea.  A 68 year old man was picked up from a 36' yacht.  He was later transferred to a helicopter after the ships physician determined his condition was serious.
  • Two companies are now participating in a bankruptcy bid, for the purchase of remaining vessels of the subsidiary of AMCV.  The Delta Queen Steamboat Co. seems to be the item of most high interest.
  • The Canadian paddle wheel steamer "p/s Fintry Queen" is the first of her kind to be publicly auctioned off, on the internet.  A Canadian company, and eBay have handled the auction.
  • Royal Olympic Cruises receives their new "m/s Olympia Explorer".  Congratulations, and welcome...
   Cruise Industry News - [15 Apr 2002]
  • Today in history, is the most famous of all of the known maritime disasters ever to be presented to mankind.  On this day, 90 years ago, the "R.M.S. Titanic" in a poignant time stopping accident, collided with a large iceberg.  This action has forever changed the way that man looks at, and sails on the great and powerful waves known as the Atlantic...
  • We want to welcome the newest member of the Festival Cruises fleet, "m/s European Stars". Congratulations!
   Cruise Industry News - [12 Apr 2002]
  • Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, MS, who has two vessels for sale.  They are the former new builds of the now defunct American Classic Voyages, Inc.  The US Navy had considered the two ships for either troop work, or possibly C&C support.  But has now officially declined to take the vessels.
  • The Radisson Seven Seas vessel "m/v Seven Seas Mariner" has been pulled from service to be repaired.  Apparently her 'mermaid' pod drive systems, have nearly worn their bearings out.  She is expected to return to service shortly.
  • A ferry in the Philippines catches fire, and 32 are believed dead and 27 are still missing.  The ship was southeast of Manilla when the fire broke out.  The "m/v Marla Carmella" was an hour out of Lucena in Quezon province.  Which is about 110 km from Manilla.  Montenegro Shipping Lines owns the ferry.  210 passengers were rescued form the burning hulk.
  • The burned out Chinese tanker "Insiko", that was about 230 miles off of the Hawaiian coast, has sunk.  The Hawaiian humane society had sent a tug and a helicopter to the ship to attempt a rescue of the Captains dog.  Upon arrival they only found empty ocean...  Our condolences...
  • The former American Hawaii Cruise ship "S.S. Independence" has been laid up in Suisun Bay, CA.
  • The "World of ResidenSea" will be christened in Venice, Italy, on May 17th, 2002.
   Cruise Industry News - [03 Apr 2002]
  • A source reports to us, that the former "m/s Patriot" was returned to the Carnival Corp. (HAL), in very poor condition. It was reported that the crew that was hired by United States Lines did not know, or understand how to maintain the
  •  vessel properly.  The repair work performed by that crew was only "jury rigged".
  • Belfast, Ireland and Cobh (formerly Queenstown) are planning a celebration for their Titanic festival.  To be held on the 90th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the famous liner "R.M.S. Titanic".
  • The "m/v Norwegian Star" performed a rescue at sea.  She picked up 11 crew members from a burned out refueling tanker.  Apparently, the tanker suffered a fire in the engine room, and it quickly spread.  1 crew member was burned badly, and another died as a result of the fire.  The dead man's body is aboard the gutted vessel.  She is adrift off of the coast of Hawaii.  The ship was the "Insiko".
  • There is a new US to Mexico ferry service.  The Seattle Prince Cruise Line.  Route is from the Seattle area to the Yukon.
  • The "m/v Nieuw Amsterdam" has changed it's destination from  Freeport, Bahamas to the port of Charleston, SC.  For a possible lay up status, and wet docking service.
  • Star Cruises has resumed service to Taiwan.
  • The "Clipper Adventurer" is reportedly aground, in Essequibo River, Guyana.  On a sand bank.
  • A drydock in Dubai, UAE suffered a terrible accident, the gates were being worked on, and then one of them collapsed. Causing a mad rush of ocean to come in.  Many injuries were suffered, and sadly, 17 are known to have perished. There were 5 vessels in the 200m x 100m drydock, at the time of the incident.
   Cruise Industry News - [26 Mar 2002]
  • The former "m/v Talisman" from Commodore Cruise Lines will be operated by SeaEscape Entertainment, Inc.  A new name and home will be announced shortly...
  • Star Cruises plans a possible expansion further into the Asian markets.  Reports indicate that the company may even move into the European markets.
  • Anaedin Line's "m/v Baltic" has been renamed to it's original name "m/v Birger Jarl".  The ship runs daily services to Mariehamm from Stockholm, Sweden.
   Cruise Industry News - [25 Mar 2002]
  • Russia is reported as having made a decision to no longer allow passengers in the Vyborg area without their visas.
  • Star Cruises of Japan has apparently signed an agreement to refinance, worth USD$450 million dollars.
  • Festival Cruises' "m/s Mistral" was given a surprise guest while in her berth in Havana, Cuba.  The country's President Fidel Castro came aboard, and met the crew and passengers, and was given a tour of the ship.
  • According to the CEO of the Carnival Corp. Micky Arison the former Holland America Line "m/v Nieuw Amsterdam" is up for sale.
   Cruise Industry News - [23 Mar 2002]
  • Celebrity Cruises reports that due to "premature wear" of bearings on their "m/s Infinity" and "m/s Summit" the two ships have entered the drydock at Grand Bahama Shipyard, Freeport, Bahamas for repairs.  Some of the upcoming cruise have had to be canceled, and others have had to be shortened.
  • The former Renaissance Cruises vessel "m/v R5" will be chartered by Pullmantur to run weekly cruises from Barcelona, Spain to Villefranche.
  • A Picasso etching, the "Petite Infante Accroupie et Courtisan"was stolen from it's frame on the promenade of the Carnival "m/v Fantasy" on Wed. 03/13/02.  If anyone has any information regarding this, please contact the FBI.
  • The former United States Lines "m/s Patriot" has left Hawaiian waters for Freeport, Bahamas.  Under the flag of their former owners Holland America Line.  No decision has been made as to the future of the ship.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises "m/v Star Princess" completed her maiden voyage from Singapore to Los Angeles, CA.  She had arrived in L.A. at 4:30 AM and was tied up while her passengers slept.  Congratulations!
   Cruise Industry News - [15 Mar 2002]
  • Viking Lines' "Cinderella" experienced a fire in an aft stage area, where a short circuit caused the stage drapes to become ablaze.  The crew of the ship was credited for very excellent care of the passengers, and fire fighting techniques to put out the fire.  No injuries were reported, and the rescue ships and helicopters were not needed.  Only black smoke was the remainder...
  • The Disney cruise ship "m/s Disney Magic" had a small fire in an 'aft tunnel', and the fire was put out.  The US Coast Guard was notified, and assist was asked.  No injuries were reported.
  • The former yacht ship of 'Aristotle Onassis' "Christina", will soon have a sister.  The former "Galeb" owned once by the former dictator of Yugoslav 'Tito'.  The yacht will be refurbished by the Croation yard of Viktor Lenac.
  • ResidenSea has taken delivery of their new ship "m/s The World of ResidenSea" from her builder Fosen Mek of Norway.  The reason for the delay was "minor finishing work".  Her April 10, christening has been canceled.
  • The former Holland America Liner "m/v Westerdam" has been transferred to the Costa fleet, for Mediterranean service. It was  this move, that ended the career of the "m/v Costa Riviera".
   Cruise Industry News - [08 Mar 2002]
  • The former "m/v Costa Riviera" lies beached now, and awaits her final demolition at the Alang, Turkey breakers.
  • A female crew member fell off of the "S.S. Norway", she was picked up by her crew in a lifeboat after the vessel had discovered her missing, and the ship was stopped.  The young lady is reported to be all right, just a bit dehydrated.
  • Fast Ferry's "m/v Black Prince" is aground in Cuban waters.
  • Swan Hellenic Line is planning to lease the former Renaissance Cruises' "m/v R8".
  • The "m/s Neptune" has arrived at the breakers, and is now beached.
  • The attempted project by CruiseShares to save and use the "m/s Rembrandt" has fizzled out.
  • The "S.S. Independence" left her berth in San Francisco to go north via the Richmond Bridge, heading for the Suisun Bay.  Having traversed the path to the Carquinez Bridge, she ran into it and snapped her mast just above her radar system.
   Cruise Industry News - [04 Mar 2002]
  • With the passing of Mr. Canter (see below), the fate of the "S.S. United States" now hangs more precariously.  It is not currently known if his estate will provide for her protection and care.  We are urging all interested parties or concerned persons to take quick and decisive actions to support the vessel and its welfare.  If you can help, or know of someone who can, act now!
  • The "m/v Switzerland" has just arrived in Greece  She is sailing for new owners.
   Cruise Industry News - [01 Mar 2002]
  • The 108,806 ton "m/s Star Princess" has paid it's first visit to the port of Osaka, Japan.  She is the largest cruise vessel to date, ever to visit this Pacific port.  Wow.
  • The Victoria Shipyard, in western Canada will be seeing five cruise ships this year.  All will receive their basic, and some major refit work there.
  • Cunard Lines "m/v Caronia" has been detained in Rio de Janeiro for an alleged fuel oil spill.  She is on an 88 day around the planet cruise, with 730 passengers on board.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway" had been rumored to be moving to the Orient.  This is NOT true.  A spokesperson for the company, reports in an announcement that this rumor is totally false.  She will remain on her current assignment until April of 2003.
   Cruise Industry News - [22 Feb 2002]
  • The "S.S. Switzerland" has been sold.  Her new owners are Majestic Cruises.
  • Mr. Edward A. Cantor, owner of the "S.S. United States" died on Tuesday.  Our condolences to his family and friends.
  • The last piece of great floating Italian art is up for grabs.  The former Italian liner "m/s Augustus" is now awaiting her fates.  She is the only known sole survivor of the Italian liners left.  Her sisters include "S.S. Cristoforo Colombo", "S.S. Guilio Cesare" and the famous "S.S. Andrea Doria".
  • The former "m/v Neptune" of Royal Olympic Cruises is to be prepared for her final trip.  She is to sail to the Allaga breakers in Turkey.
  • The former Renaissance Cruises ships that were acquired by Imperium Cruises are to be renamed.  The former "R Six" will be renamed to "White Goddess", and her sister "R Seven" will be renamed to "Goddess Nayna". Cruising will begin in June in the Dubai area.  Imperium indicates that they would like to add a third ship in the near future (next 18 months).
  • The Panama Canal Authority has decided to expand.  A contract has been awarded to a Belgian-French firm, for work on the Pacific side.  The Canal Authority said it plans to negotiate with the US Army Corps of Engineers to do similar work on the Atlantic side.  They want to enlarge the locks to allow for bigger vessels.  This will be of strategic and commercial interest to all who use the lock system.
   Cruise Industry News - [21 Feb 2002]
  • ResidenSea's "The World" was christened today (02-20-2002) in Trondheim, Norway.  Congratulations & welcome!
  • A new company, Scotia Prince Cruises Inc. in Portland, ME is planning ferry services from the Tampa, FL area to the Yucatan, Mexico area.
  • The situation with P&O/Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Carnival Corp. appears to be anything but far from being over.
  • Orient Lines denies that Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway" would join their fleet.
  • The former Costa Cruises "m/s Costa Riviera", sailing as "Liberty" leaves Genova, Italy for India, to be scrapped.
  • The new Imperium Cruises, has purchased the former Renaissance Cruises vessels "R Six", and "R Seven" for use in cruises to the Dubai, UAE area.
  • Louis Cruise Line's "m/v Princesa Victoria"
   Cruise Industry News - [10 Feb 2002]
  • P&O/Princess Cruises declines the fourth offer made by Carnival Corp.
  • The budget bill in the US as put fourth by President George W. Bush, contained USD$2.13 trillion dollars.  But it was shy the expected USD$250 million dollars needed to aid the construction of two ships being built at the Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula,  MS.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Rhapsody of The Seas" came to the rescue of a stricken ship, about 100 miles off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico.  The vessel "Aloha" was working on a wreck site, when she lost power and began to take water.  The "Peregrine III" and "Libra Houston" also came to her aid.  The "Peregrine III" picked up her nine crew members.  The "Aloha" was unrecoverable and sank.
   Cruise Industry News - [06 Feb 2002]
  • Carnival Cruise Lines makes a third offer to P&O/Princess Cruises.  Princess declines.
  • Kvaerner Masa shipyards of Finland is going to merge with the Aker Finyards, this will make them the largest shipbuilder in Europe.
  • RAF rescues 18 sailors from a gale and 20 foot swells, pushing their safety limits to do it.  The fishing vessel was off of the coast of Scotland, and ran into bad weather.  Well done.
   Cruise Industry News - [31 Jan 2002]
  • It has been reported that while in the Sydney, Australia area the P&O liner "m/s Pacific Sky" had a passenger aboard who died from a possible case of meningococcal disease.  The authorities in the area and P&O are looking into this.
  • Rumors are floating around that the former United States Lines "m/v Patriot" may be purchased by her previous owners.  Holland America Line is considering the idea.
  • The government of the UK has taken in interest in the merger between P&O/Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.  The British government feels this is necessary after the bid efforts of the US based Carnival Cruise Lines.
  • The story has surfaced again.  The "m/v Costa Riviera" has been sold to unspecified Indian breakers.
   Cruise Industry News - [28 Jan 2002]
  • The "m/s Walrus", a former Cunarder.  Collided with the Chinese cargo ship "Wangtong 87", and sank it.  The wheel house had caught fire, and the ship's captain is still missing...  The "m/s Walrus" has returned to service.  The accident is under investigation.
  • Word has it, that the Crystal Cruises "m/s Crystal Symphony" was very much cleaned, refurbished, and upgraded during her last dry dock service in Nov. 2001.  Many new improvements were made, and many new enhancements were added to her five star status up to the moment.  Tillberg Designs of Florida oversaw this process in Lisbon.
  • Holland America is implementing a new policy of 'non-smoking' in all major dining areas aboard it's vessels.  The first ship to deploy this new policy, is the "m/v Amsterdam".  The new plan will be in effect starting as early as the middle of Feb 2002.
   Cruise Industry News - [26 Jan 2002]
  • The former American Hawaii Cruises "S.S. Independence" is now tied up in San Francisco, CA, at pier 50.  She is the only US flagged and built vessel to remain.
  • Hapag Loyd's "m/s Europa" was in Cape Town, Africa on the 22nd.  And was unfortunately harassed by a storm that had moved into the area.  The result was that when she was truing to depart, the winds pushed her port side stern into the pier.  Initial inspections showed minimal damage, and she was cleared to leave.  She will be given a detailed examination in Port Elizabeth.
  • Reports are indicating that the efforts of the Carnival Corp. to acquire the P&O/Princess Cruise line is beginning to fizzle it self out.
   Cruise Industry News - [22 Jan 2002]
  • The Northrop Grumman Corp. has finished its purchase of the Virginia based Newport News Shipbuilding Co.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and Carnival Corp. are still bantering around with their current bid situation.  Reports are indicating that Carnival has increased its bid offer and that P&O/Princess is possibly going to wait this whole thing out.
  • Carnival is looking into a venture to have access to their own port in Cancun, Mexico.
  • Canyon Ranch at Sea has indicated through a signed document to Kvaerner Masa in Finland that they want to build two ships, which will be delivered in 2004-2005.
  • SeaEscape Entertainment has decided to purchase the "m/v Island Adventure" for her current owners.  The vessel has  been on charter to SeaEscape Entertainment Inc., for the past five years.
  • The chief operations officer for Cunard, has pushed the proverbial button.  So the cutting begins.  The steel for their new "Queen Mary 2" is being assembly cut at the ships builder, Chantiers de l'Atlantique in France.
  • On the 17th of this month, the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard began construction of the largest cruise ship known to man. Weighing in at 150,000 GRT, and a length of 1,131 feet.  She's got to be the ultimate record breaker.  She will be delivered to the Cunard Line in the end of 2003.
  • Discussions are being made as to the fate of two incomplete cruise ships in Mississippi.  The former new buildings of the nw bankrupt American Classic Voyages Inc. is in debate.  The Ingalls shipbuilding firm has a partial keel, and one new build to start, if and when a discussion is somehow able to be reached by the US federal government.
   Cruise Industry News - [04 Jan 2002]
  • Crystal Cruises "m/s Crystal Symphony" has returned from her fall refit, in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Rhapsody of The Seas" has been moved to the Tampa, FL area.
  • Cunard Lines' "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" has returned to New York.
  • A work slow down has been noticed for Chantiers de l'Atlantique, the fine French shipyard.
  • Sources indicate that 2002, will be boom year.  This is expected because of the number of new cruise ships to enter service will be greater at this time, than any other.  And it will afford the industry some new opportunities.
  • The state of Hawaii is planning to spend more than USD$59 million dollars to build new ports, or repair/upgrade some of its existing ones.  This is a sure sign of the desire to boot the Hawaiian tourism prospects.
  • The dinner cruiser "Star of Honolulu" is going to begin sailing luncheon cruises, for around USD$40 dollars you can have a hour day cruise, and nice Hawaiian style lunch.  Sounds good...
   Cruise Industry News - [01 Jan 2002]
  • Happy New Year Everyone!  We wish all of you and yours, the very best 2002.

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