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   Cruise Industry News - [31 Dec 2003]
  • Only the remnants of the former "m/s Big Red Boat" remain.  She's almost gone...
  • Cunards "m/s Queen Mary 2" is in Southampton for her naming ceremonies by the Quenn.
  • The "Apollon" and others are on the beach now.
  • The "Noura I" gets the boot and is sold for scrap.  She's slated to be headed for Aliaga, Turkey.
  • The Philippine ferry "Piary" is still missing and bad weather is making search and rescue difficult.
  • Cunard Line takes official delivery of the new "m/s Queen Mary 2" and congratulations!
  • Royal Olympia Cruises gets to deal with the court on the matters of their chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  • A Philippine ferry vanishes in bad weahter and strong seas after giving a distress call saying she was taking on water.
  • Cunard Lines new "m/s Queen Mary 2" has left the builders in France bound for Southampton for her naming.
  • The "m/s Mayan Empress" and the "m/s Sea Harmony" have both left places they had called home and are bound for the beaches of Alang.
  • The 1957 built former "m/s Dawn Princess" has heard the call of the beach.  She has departed for the Suez and the beaches of Alang.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s Aurora" was moved over to the Queen Elizabeth II terminal when a security guard spotted an unknown diver in the water near the ship.  Assoc. Britsh Press is following this story.
  • "m/s Olympia Explorer" goes to court?  She was held in Honolulu by a US Bankruptcy courts restraining order.  She was later cleared about two hours later after the order was lifted.  She continues on her current schedule.
  • The "m/s Midnatsol" a Norwegian coastal vessel lost power in a storm with 10m swells when her engine intake vent pipe became clogged with seashells and debris.
  • The "s.s. S Solar" the former "s.s. Stella Solaris" arrived at the breakers on 12/08/2003.
   Cruise Industry News - [09 Dec 2003]
  • The "ArtShip" is making an appeal...  She needs backing and support in order to preserve her.  Help her if you can.  Email: artship@artship.org, site:  [http://www.artship.org/].
  • Alang bangers...  Vessels on the beach in India.  "Apollo", "s.s. OceanBreeze", "Big Red Boat", "Veendam", "Sagar".
  • Holland-America Cruise Lines new "m/s Oosterdam" arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to find her twin sister the "m/s Zuiderdam" and fleet buddies "m/s Zaandam" and "m/s Noordam".  They were visited by the P&O/Princess "m/s Golden Princess" as well.  Welcome and congratulations!
  • Peter Knego, a maritime historian has released his latest installment of The World's Passenger Flret, Vol. VII.
   Cruise Industry News - [30 Nov 2003]
  • Both the "New Orleans" and the "m/v S Ocean" have gone to the beaches of Alang, India to be broken up.
  • The "m/s Assedo" was reported to have been sold to some Chinese interests.  This is not appearantly so.  She's on the beach at the Alang, India breakers.  We bid her farewell...
  • The "m/s Empress of The North" is reported to be aground in the Columbia River.  No injuries were reported.
  • Two wooden ferries sink.  182 passengers are being reported as dead and more than 100 others are still missing in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Initial reports from persons indicate that at least two of the ferries were in a collision when the sinkings occured.
  • The Greek ferry "Knossos Palace" caught fire about 40 miles Northwest of Iraklion. 28 vehicles were damaged and 3 elderly passengers were treated.
   Cruise Industry News - [15 Nov 2003]
  • A very tragic accident has occured in France today.  The gang plank that was between the "m/s Queen Mary 2" and the dock collapsed.  There were over 40 people on the gang plank at the time.  12 og them children of shipyard workers who were given permission to board and tour the grand vessel.  32 others were injured, 10 of them very seriously.  Our most sincerest condolences and sympethies...
  • The investigation into the ferry disaster at Staten Island in New York has been taken over by federal authorities.
   Cruise Industry News - [14 Nov 2003]
  • The Silja Lines "m/s Silja Opera" was involved in her second collision this past week.  She has suffered some damage and the stationary object she struck did as well.  No injuries were reported.
  • Cunard Lines "m/s Queen Mary 2" has departed from her builders once again to commence more sea trials.  Our best wishes to her and her crew.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s aurora" has returned to Southamptom, England following a voyage that ended with a series of her passengers becoming ill, and a denial of porting at Greece.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has taken delivery of their new "m/v Mariner of The Seas".  She is the last in the series of the Voyager class vessels. Congratulations and welcome!
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines has chosen to grace the visitors of New Orleans, LA with the presance of the "m/s NorwegianDream"
  • Reports say that the gracious "m/s Enchanted Isle" has left the comfort of her native American waters bound for the beach of eternity in Alang, India where she will meet her final end.

  • The replica Irish famine sailing ship "Jenny Jognston" has returned to her native Irish waters, following a tour to the United States.
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   Cruise Industry News - [23 Oct 2003]

  • The former "m/s Assedo" is now bound for Chinese interests, following her sale.
  • Information has revealed that the former "ms OceanBreeze" is bound for Alang, India to be broken up.  She will be missed.
  • Noted maritime photographer Alex Duncan has passed away...  Our condolences to his friends and family...
  • The "m/s Serenade" has returned to Eleusis, Greece for her winter lay up.
  • There are two new arrivals at Alang, India.  The breakers have started on the "m/v Express Hermes" and the vessel "Vesham IX" is not yet close enough on the beach to worked on by the breaking crews.
   Cruise Industry News - [17 Oct 2003]
  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be in attendance at the naming ceremonies for the new Cunard liner "m/s Queen Mary 2" on Thursday, January 8th, 2003.  Her maiden voyage will follow later in January.
  • Carnival Cruis Lines "m/v Holiday" has been put through the stomach flu mill.  About 97 people have come down with a an unpleasanyt stomach ailment.
  • On Wednesday this week the New York Staten Island ferry ran into the Staten Island pier.  The result was a horrible sight for both spectators and passengers.  The reports say that at least 10 passengers have perished, and dozens of others ere injured.  Local hospitals have been treating the injured.  A report suggests that the acting captain on the bridge had been taking blood pressure medication, and he had collapsed at the controls.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has been reported to be showing in interest in the "m/s Sun Ray I" for island service.
  • The former "m/s Big Red Boat III" is reported to be belching black smoke from her boilers, as her skeleton crew now prepares her for her departure to her final place of rest in Alang, India.  She will be missed...
  • Holland America Lines' new build "m/s Westerdam" suffered a fire in her graving dock.  The aft upper third of the ship is gutted out.  This has now caused a delay in her completion schedule.  No further details are available on her arrival.
  • The Nile cruiser "m/s Kempiniski Ganna" has suffered a fire.  Passengers and crew were evacuated, but one of the missing passengers is still not accounted for...
  • The "m/v Sundream" was reported to have come into contact with a pier while she was docking at the Canary Islands.
  • There is a report of a renewed interest in the TransAtlantic crossings...  A French based company known as the CIM or the 'French Line' has a few small vessels that are capable of carrying passengers available.
    Cruise Industry News - [05 Oct 2003]
  • There is a report that indicates that the river Rhine in Germany is experiencing a record low tide state.  This is causing all sorts of problems for maritime navigation in this area.  Shipping company's are suffering due to this problem.  It's not known when the tide will return to it's normal level, estimates speculate in a few weeks.
    Cruise Industry News - [04 Oct 2003]
  • Cunard Line now has an opportunity to brag...  Their brand new "m/s Queen Mary 2" has just returned from builders trials.  And they are so proud of her performance and her smoothness at sea.    Click [Here] for a preview!
  • The "m/s Song of Flower" has been purchased.  Good luck congratulations to her...
  • The "S.S. Kalakala" has been purchased.  Good luck and congratulations to her...
    Cruise Industry News - [01 Oct 2003]
  • P&O/Princess Cruises "m/s Star Princess" is planning a visit down under.  She will be making 23 calls between the end November this year and February 2004.
  • Radisson Cruises has started service to Tampa, FL.  See their site for details.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Imagination" and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Voyager of The Seas" were lucky enough to have been in the vicinity and pick up Cuban refugees on rafts.  Unfortunately, due to US federal laws the people picked up on the rafts have been returned to the nation of Cuba.
  • Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Cunard appear to be in a state of maritime rivalry...  This may or may not be of a benefit to their passengers.  Each has either ordered or is considering the possibility of ordering a new larger vessel.
  • Star Cruises "m/s Superstar Leo" is returning to the waters of Australia.
  • Oceana Cruises another brand of Princess, is planning to add another vessel to it's fleet.  The "m/s Nautica" will be joining the family in 2005.
  • A study finds that passengers are cruising, but at the same time another study finds that the cruise market may be in the position of over valuing their vacation opportunities.
    Cruise Industry News - [26 Sep 2003]
  • The brand new and as yet not finished "m/s Queen Mary 2" has put to sea for her trials.  Captain Ronald Warwick is the master over seeing the journey.  She will be sailing on her trials for three days, with a crew of about 300 people aboard.   The 'trial run' is taking place off of the coast of France.  Congratulations and good luck to all.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/s Norwegian Crown" got a propeller caught in a fishing net, the prop was damaged.  And repairs were being made.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway" remains in lay up at Bremerhaven, Germany.  NCL has not yet made any of their decisions public.  The rumors remain afloat about her condition and status, however...
  • The Discovery Channel is making a documentary about Hurricane Luis.  From 1995, the interest is in the passengers who were aboard the Cunard "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" during that trip.  If you were there, please contact them Here.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines has placed an order for two new vessels that will debut in the fall of 2005 and 2006.  They will be a variant of the "m/s Norwegian Dawn".  Construction is being done by Meyer Werft.
  • An earthquake measuring about 7.8 on the Richter scale, has struck the nation of Japan.  The result is a possibility of a rogue wave or tsunami like entity.  Vessels in the Pacific area are encouraged to be cautious.
  • Mediterranean Shipping Cruises "m/v Melody" has struck the pier in Kusadasi harbour, while she was in port during a storm on the coast of Turkey.
  • "The Empress" is in a floating dry dock in Singapore for refit.  Following this, she will be sailing onto India where she will begin service there in continued cruise capacities.  She was sold for USD$1.3 million dollars.
  • Celebrity Cruises has announced a new  program they call Acupuncture at Sea.
  • Crystal Cruises has announced a new program called Kids are free.
    Cruise Industry News - [16 Sep 2003]
  • A report is suggesting that NCL is possibly putting their famous lady up for sale.  The "S.S. Norway" is currently still in lay up at a shipyard in Germany.  It was suggested that that her second owner Kloster, has taken an interest in her once again.  If this is true, she will be possibly moved into Dutch waters.  Following repairs to resolve the damage from the boiler explosion in late May.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines is looking for a logo designer.  Any takers should contact NCL.
  • The ferry, "Moby Magic is reported aground with her engine room flooded.  Some passengers were taken to local area hospitals for treatment of their injuries following the grounding.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises new "m/s Sapphire Princess" has been launched at from the Mitsubishi Heavy Industriesshipyard in Korea.
  • The Navy's newest new toy, the "USS New York" has had her keel laid.  She will be receiving a steel bow, made from the recycled steel from the former girders of the former World Trade Center.
  • Eleven decommissioned ships from the US Navy are scheduled for scrapping in the UK, at a Teeside breaker.
  • US chip owners take over the operations of the yacht ship "Spirit of Ethan Allen"
  • Seattle's water front guest "S.S. Kalakala" and early 20th century roll on roll off steamer has been purchased.  The vessel will undergo a complete refurbishment and restoration.  The new owners intention is to use it zs a floating automobile museum and gift shop.
  • A report in the press is suggesting that the public is feeling less confident in the aspects of safety, and have fears that some form of harm or terrorism may befall their vacation plans.  We feel that the chance of this is very low.  Because of the new laws and security measures the ports and the ships in them are considered to be reasonably safe.
    Cruise Industry News - [05 Sep 2003]
  • Mauritius Island Cruises has purchased the former Renaissance Cruises R7 & R8 for use in it's own operations.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Celebration" was reported to be limping home on a reduced speed.  The ship was reported to have had a problem with one of it's propulsion systems, while on a Mexican Riviera cruise.
    Cruise Industry News - [03 Sep 2003]
  • The staff of 2Oth Century Ocean Liners has heard the most distasteful of news...  A survey value has been placed on the now laid up "S.S. Norway".  She has been given a USD$15 million dollar sale estimate for scrapping.  It remains our position that this is clearly NOT the suggested move for NCL.  We are asking for her fans and supporters to write to NCL and express your concern for this beautiful lady, and ask them to please reconsider this option...
  • Carnival Corp. has consolidated it's German operations into one base brand.  The A'Roas blu brand is now part of the AIDA Cruises brand.
  • NCL unviels it's latest picture of the "m/s Pride of America" new build.  Click [Here] to view.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity announce a new Alaskian cruise tour package.
  • CrystalCruises announces they have teamed up with Parsons School of Design.
  • Seabourn Cruises introduces casual dining on formal nights.
  • The P&O/Princess "m/s Regal Princess" made a return to port, after 300 of her passengers became sick.  Carnival Corp, the parent company says they have sanitized the vessel, and it is ready to return to service.
  • The former Imperial Majesty Cruises "m/s OceanBreeze" is reported to be underway on her own power to Gibralter. And then on to the beach of Alang, India for scrapping.  It doesn't seem fair...  She will be missed.
  • P&O has named the new sister ship for their "m/s Pacific Sky".  The Carnival Cruises "m/v Jubilee" will become the new fleet mate to her, and will sail as the "m/s Pacific Sun".
  • "m/s The Empress" who was thought sold, is appearantly not.  The deal has not been either confirmed nor completed. The value of the deal is about USD$1.2 million dollars.
  • Celebrity Cruise Lines has filed a law suit, in a Florida district court.  The suit names Rolls-Royce and Alstom, the makers of the 'Mermaid' azipod systems.  The suit alleges that the cruise line has lost revenue due to difficulties with the propulsion systems that are installed on four of it's vessels.
  • The former Premier cruise ship "m/s Seawind Crown" is reported to be up for sale to the breakers.  Her value is placed at USD$1.93 million dollars.  Also the former Commodore cruise liner "m/s Enchanted Isle" is on the auction block as well.  She has an estimated value of USD$2.08 million dollars.  Both of these fine ships will be missed.
  • Costa Cruises is making progress with their new "m/s Costa Fortuna".  The Sestri shipyard in Italy is preparing her for a trip to Polarmo for her fitting out, and then a return trip for her sea trials.
  • American apartment owners are in talks with the Norwegian owners of the "m/s The World" to buy out the current group who owns and operates the vessel.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has indicated they are looking into the idea of creating an 'Ultra Voyager' class ship.  She would carry about 3,600 passengers and be around 160,000 GRT.  We must say that we are in awe of the idea...
  • Whoopi Goldberg has christened the Royal Caribbean Cruises new liner "m/v Serenade of The Seas".  Congratulations to both.The "Tudor Vladimirescu" is the oldest known paddle wheel steamer vessel still afloat, and that is still operational.  The vessel was in lay up until a restoration could be completed, and that has finally been completed.  She is a true credit to her builders.
    Cruise Industry News - [28 Aug 2003]
  • A report given to us is indicating that the progress of the Cunard Line new build "m/s Queen Mary 2" is coming along nicely, and we do anxiously await her arrival.
  • A US federal court of appeals, has revived an old medical case against the Carnival Cruise Lines.  This case involves the actions of a ship-board doctor, who may allegedly have misdiagnosed a passengers condition.  The result of the treatment caused this patient to become infertile.  This doesn't say that all ship-board medical staff is suspect of low quality care.  We believe this is an isolated and unusual incident.  The court has ruled that the shipping company's (cruise lines) are in fact now liable for the treatment of their passengers, by the medical staff they hire and place aboard ship.
  • The former "m/s Big Red Boat" is now reported to be undergoing the breaking up process.  She will be missed.
  • We await new from Europe or NCL on the progress of the "S.S. Norway".
  • Crystal Cruises is now offering an itinerary in the Hawaiian islands.
  • Delta Queen Steamboat Co. is now offering a 'short' cruise program.
  • Royal Caribbean  Cruises has decided to terminate their gambling cruises.
    Cruise Industry News - [05 Aug 2003]
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has taken delivery of their newest vessel, the "m/v Serenade of The Seas". congratulations...
    Cruise Industry News - [01 Aug 2003]
  • Germany's "m/s Mona List" had run aground on on last Friday, the 25th of July.  She arrived late to her next destination but she did manage to free herself from the apparent grounding.  No reports of injuries were made.  And the this fine vessel has returned to service.  The damage was minor to one propeller, and was repaired.
  • The former "R.M.S. Windsor Castle" is in the media again...  She is being visited by potential investors to inspect the old ship, and if this project is successful, she will be moved from Piraeus, Greece to to the Mersey where the now closed Cammell Laird shipyard is.  It would offer her a home for temporary berthing, and is the same site that launched her some 44 years ago.  We wish her every success.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway" remains in lay up, while the bidding process is completed, and the paperwork for her repairs is settled.  It is reported that she will be serviced at the German shipyards of Lloyed Werft.  She just awaits her new boiler.  We await her return...
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines is reported to be looking into the possibility of opening up offices in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • About 72 passengers reported a stomach illness following a cruise to the Caribbean aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruises "m/v Rhapsody of The Seas".
  • The Tyneside shipyyard of Swan Hynter in England has launched the first of two vessels for the Royal Flight Auxillary.  The ship was christened by Lady West, wife of the First Sea Land Admiral Alan West.  COnratilations.
    Cruise Industry News - [16 Jul 2003]
  • While on an Alaskan cruise, the Celebrity "m/s Summit" struck an unknown submerged object, which tore a 10 foot hole in her hull on the starboard side, opening up a bilge tank to the sea.  Additionally, that same object made a 140 foot long crease on the starboard side of the hull as well, and even damaged her starboard propeller.  The US Coast uard is investigating the incident.
  • Crystal Cruise Lines has cause to celebrate, they have just christened their new "m/s Crystal Serenity"  Congratulations.
  • Cunard Line has laid the keel for their new "m/s Queen Victoria".  We await her arrival with great anticipation...
  • Carnival Cruise Lines has christened their new "m/v Carnival Glory".  Congratulations...
  • P&O/Princess Cruises has christened their new "m/s Island Princess".. Congratulations...
  • Holland America Line has the pleasure of taking their new "m/s Oosterdam" off of the hands of her builders.  Congratulations...
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has the honor of receiving their new build "m/v Mariner of The Seas" from her shipyard.Congratulations...
  • The former Premier Cruise Lines "m/s Big Red Boat II" is now on the beach at the ship breakers in Alang, India.  Her grace and presence will be greatly missed.
  • We are sad to say that the former Imperial Majesty Cruise ship "S.S. OceanBreeze" has been withdrawn from the line. She has reportedly been sold for scrap.  We hate to hear she will have to go...
  • The former "m/s Dolphin IV" is being demolished at the ship breakers...
    Cruise Industry News - [30 Jun 2003]
  • Carnival Corp. pursues an idea for the option of building a 180,000 GRT vessel, that could carry about 4,000 passengers.  The company is looking into the program from P&O/Princess Cruises.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway" has been taken under tow to cross the Atlantic to a shipyard in Europe.  The rumor is somewhere in Germany.  She is expected to return for her regular sailings on October 5th this year.
    Cruise Industry News - [25 Jun 2003]
  • Carnival Cruise Lines has made an announcement saying that their "m/v Jubilee" will be transferred to the P&O/Princess fleet in the fall of 2004.  She will be sailing in Australia as the "m/s Pacific Sky".
  • The former "m/s Rotterdam", now at lay up in the Bahamas is awaiting clean-up and repainting prior to her departure for original home of Rotterdam, Holland.  She will be berthed, and preserved there.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises has taken delivery of their new vessel "m/s Island Princess" at a ceremony with about 500 guests.  Congratulations....
  • The former Regal Cruises "m/s Regal Empress" is being readied to join the fleet of the Imperial Majesty Cruises Line.  Her fleet mate "m/s Island Breeze" will be given a new itinerary upon the arrival of the "m/s Imperial Empress".
  • Due to problems with the 'SARS' virus, the Star Cruises ship "m/s Superstar Leo" and "m/s Superstar Virgo" have returned to the original home ports.
    Cruise Industry News - [12 Jun 2003]
  • The news about the Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway" is on everyone's mind.  There are concerns about her status and her future.  NCL has issued a statement about the current situation regarding the ship.  They have indicated that they are very committed to repairing the lovely lady, and seeing her return to service as soon as it can be accomplished.  Keep in mind, that the damage left by the explosion was alot to cope with.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has planned a reposition for one of it's ships.  The "m/v Monarch of The Seas" will be joined be her sister ship "m/v Vision of The Seas", who will arrive in Los Angeles in late September this year.  To provide service for seven night cruises on the Mexican Riviera.  The "m/v Monarch of The Seas" has just returned from a full refurbishment, and sports new California style upgrades.
  • Cunard Line Ltd. will be positioning the world famous "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" and her fleet mate "m/v Caronia" on a seven month European cruise tour.  Beginning in late March 2004, they will serve on round trip cruises to Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands.
    Cruise Industry News - [08 Jun 2003]
  • Royal Olympic to the rescue...  Two of their fine vessels assisted other ships in the area, on a rescue of 168 passengers from z catamaran ferry that had called in a distress.  No injuries were reported, and the "Jet 1" was towed for repairs.
  • A former 'Big Red Boat' will be auctioned off this month to the breakers.  The once gracious "Transvaal Castle' will be sold scrap.
  • The "S.S. Independence" remains at her lay up berth in Vallejo, CA.  She is being inspected and examined to find out how the old girl is doing, and to determine her refurbishment needs.
  • The new 'm/s Regatta" is due to sail for Oceania Cruises this month, from Barcelona to Dover.  A new sister ship, the "m/s Insignia" will join the fleet next year.  Congratulations...
  • The former "m/v Dolphin IV" is now reported as being 'on the beach' at the breakers.  She was sold for scrap, after her turbulent life came to an abrupt halt, when the courts ordered her to be dismantled.
  • A recent report now suggests the new 'm/s Queen Mary 2" is making sharp progress towards her completion at her builder in France.  With great anticipation, we await her arrival...
    Cruise Industry News - [04 Jun 2003]
  • The US National Highway and Transportation Safety Board is in the midst of the investigation into the accident that has left a total of seven crew members dead.  The US Coast Guard is conduction it's own investigation into the incident as well.  For the time being, the famous Caribbean cruiser is docked in the Port of Miami, FL until the government's investigations are concluded.  Then Norwegian Cruise Lines will get to do it's own research, and move the vessel to be repaired.
  • New Zealand gets a big visitor. P&O/Princess Cruises giant "m/s Star Princess" has docked at the port, and is causing quite a stir by her presence.
  • The President of Russia, has chartered the Silverseas Cruises "m/s Silver Whisper" for use as an accommodation center and will play host to the tricentennial festivities for the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.
  • The new is official, the Cunard Line "m/s Caronia" has been sold to the UK based Saga Holdings Group.
    Cruise Industry News - [28 May 2003]
  • The death toll has begun to rise in the aftermath of an early dawn explosion that took the lives of four of the crew members aboard the Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway".  A press announcement states that two more crew members have died due to the severity of their injuries.  Our condolences to their families and friends.
    Cruise Industry News - [27 May 2003]
  • An investigative probe into the deadly explosion aboard the Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway".  The focus of the probe is to determine if the boiler that blew apart was tampered with, and made to explode.
  • Carnival has launched a special discount program for the personnel of the United States military.  See their site for details.  Click [Here] to visit the Carnival web site.
  • P&O Cruises has re-named two of it's ships.  From "m/s Sea Princess" to "m/s Adonia".  The "m/s Ocean Princess" is now the "m/s Oceana".
   Cruise Industry News - [25 May 2003]
  • A boiler room explosion aboard the Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway" has left four of her crew members dead, and at least seventeen others seriously injured.  Miami - Dade Fire Rescue assisted in the control and extinguising of the fire in the boiler room, which was put out in less an hour.  The "S.S. Norway" had arrived in Miami at 5:00 AM today, just prior to the 6:00 AM blast.  None of her passengers were injured, and there is now word yet on the condition of the ship at the present time.
  • The former Regal Cruises "m/s Regal Empress" has been purchased at auction by Imperial Majesty Cruises.  The rumor is that the ship may be named "Imperial Empress" as she will join the "m/s OceanBreeze".
  • A report is suggesting that the Cunard Lines junior fleet mate "m/v Caronia" may be up for sale.  Saga Holdings has shown a potential interest in the vessel.  And she might sail for them as the "m/s Saga Vista".
  • The former Premier Cruises "m/s Seawind Crown" is up for sale on the auction list a report is saying.
  • The former Premier Cruises "m/s Big Red Boat II" is up for sale on the auction list a report is saying.
  • At least 23 people were killed today in the Philippines when a small ferry collided with a larger vessel, and the ferry sank.  The accident occurred at the mouth of the Manila Bay.  198 others were rescued.
    Cruise Industry News - [20 May 2003]
  • A Norwalk like virus was reported to be among the crew of the "m/v Norwegian Sky".  No persons were reported to be admitted to any of the local hospitals.
  • A 50 year old male passenger aboard the Holland America Line vessel "m/s Veendam" was reported missing when she returned to port on Sunday morning.  They do not know as yet what the mans motives were regarding his disappearance. Search and Rescue aircraft looked for six hours on the Campbell River for any sign of him, with no result...
  • Royal Caribbean International faces a lawsuit over an alleged 'over-charge' issue.  Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and it's child company Celebrity Cruises are both named in the suit.
  • The cruise lines are playing musical ports.  Reassigning their vessels in a flurry of itinerary changes, and season shifts.
  • The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) has done a two segment piece aboard the Cunard liner "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" and will be aired on their morning show with Harry Smith on May 25th and 26th.
  • The former Holland America Line ship "m/s Rotterdam" currently laid up in the Bahamas has been purchased by Dutch interests.  She is expected to depart Freeport for Holland very soon.  The Rotterdam shipyard and the Rotterdam port authority have joined together to save her.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines has announced that their new Project America ships will be joining their new US flagged brand. The "Project America I" will be named "m/v Pride of America" and the "m/v Norwegian Sky" will enter service for the line as the "m/v Pride of Aloha" in October 2004.  The  new NCL America Liner in July 2004.  The other new build has yet to be named, and no itinerary has been given for it as yet.  No further word on the "S.S. Independence" or the "S.S. United States" progress or assignments at the moment...
  •  - Old Russian navy vessel "Minerva" is n cruise ship now.  She has been acquired by Saga Cruises.  She will be sailing as the "m/s Saga Pearl"
  • With the close of the Regal Cruise Line, the US federal court in Tampa, FL orders the former "m/s Regal Empress" sold at auction.  The bidding started at USD$2 million dollars.  There were no bidders present.  Her fate is uncertain.
  • Star Cruises "m/s Superstar Aries","m/s Superstar Virgo" and "m/s Superstar Leo" all have new itineraries.  See their web site for details.
    Cruise Industry News - [13 May 2003]
  • NCL announces new brand for their US project.  NCL America.  They have already purchased their web domain as     well.  NCL America was registered by the NCL webmaster.
  • NCL ship boarded after dumping incident.  Authorities boarded the "m/v Norwegian Sun" when she returned to port.
  • Former astronaut Sally Ride has been named as the Godmother to the "m/v Carnival GLory".  Congratulations...
  • Festival Cruises has challenged the Carnival - P&O deal, a report suggests...
  • A Tampa, Florida federal court judge has ruled against the Regal Cruise Line.  Their star vessel "m/s Regal Empress" is to be sold at auction to pay a USD$730,000 repair bill.  The minimum bid is set at USD$2 million dollars.
    Cruise Industry News - [12 May 2003]
  • A man has fallen from the deck of the "m/v Carnival Conquest".  He is currently still missing  The US Coast Guard is in the midst of a search for him, but they have not yet located the missing passenger.  If you know the whereabouts of this man, contact the authorities.  He was last seen in-board the "m/v Carnival Conquest" during a cruise through the Gulf of Mexico this past week.
  • A small cruise vessel, the "Safari Spirit" ran aground off of the Vancouver, BC coast.  It was taking on water, and sinking, and had to have it's 10 passengers and 6 crew abandon ship.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/v Norwegian Sun" has accidentally released about 40 tons of raw unprocessed sewage into the ocean.  NCL made an announcement saying that they were "very disappointed."  The incident is still under an investigation.  While the release of this type of material is not illegal.  NCL doesn't allow their vessels to dump this type of materials into the water, until the material has been properly treated, and the vessel must be in the approved areas to be able to discharge the treated materials.
    Cruise Industry News - [04 May 2003]
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is going to celebrate the debut of their new build in Boston, MA.  The 2,100 passenger "m/v Serenade of The Seas" will be arriving very soon.  Congratulations...
  • The mother of the young woman who wrote threatening notes on a cruise ship will be giving her daughter "tough love". The 20 year old did not wish to continue her cruise, so she wrote "threats" to cause the cruise to end early, so she could go home to her boyfriend.  She is expected to serve a jail sentence.
  • The Alaska cruise market just got dicier as the legislature has introduced a measure to add a USD$50 tax for ecological reasons.  The state government stands to make a bundle in this move.
    Cruise Industry News - [29 Apr 2003]
  • A 20 tear old California woman has been charged with 'committing acts of terrorism and fear'.  She was a passenger aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Legend of The Seas", and she just wanted to cut her cruise short, and return to her  boyfriend.  So she wrote two threatening notes saying the passengers and crew would die if the vessel docked in a US port.
  • A San Francisco resident has joined a group that wants to legislate a USD$50 tax on the heads of passengers who cruise in the Alaskan waters.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines expands it's itinerary to include the Bermuda islands.
  • P&O's new line Ocean Village has named its new vessel.  "m/s Ocean Village".  A free style cruise line is born...
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL) and Carnival Cruise Lines have both banned passengers from the Toronto, British Columbia area due to problems with the dangerous 'SARS' virus.
  • Regal Cruise Lines has ceased its operations due to the problems with a creditor and the unexpected problem of their vessel being impounded.
  • A report says Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) paid USD$4 million for the "S.S. Independence".
    Cruise Industry News - [22 Apr 2003]
  • A 31 year old man who fell overboard from the Carnival cruise ship "m/v Fascination" was rescued by a passing cargo ship.  Reports say he was in the water between 12 and 18 hours.
  • Crystal Cruises has temporarily banned the local residents of Toronto, Canada from traveling aboard it's cruise ships.  This is due to fears and recent scares over the 'SARS' virus.
  • The Philippine government has banned the US military from participation in maneuvers and exorcises in order to ease the tensions felt in the area.
  • Noted Greek ship owner John S. Latsis has passed away.  He was 92.  Our condolences to his family and friends.
  • P&O Ferries "m/s Prince of Providence" struck a breakwater at Dover, England.  She suffered some light  damage to her hull.  And is in Dunkirk for repairs.  Her master has been suspended.
  • The Holland America Line was given two major awards for their role in Maritime excellence.  The president of the Republic of the Philippines presented the two awards to Jeff Beatie who heads HAL's human resources division.
  • P&O/Princess new build "m/s Diamond Princess" has been floated out, and moved to the fitting out dock. Congratulations.
  • Regal Cruises has just had their "m/v Regal Empress" placed under arrest.  It was seized in the port of Tampa, Florida, while preparing to leave on a cruise.  That cruise has been canceled.
  • Following the conclusion of the merger deal between the UK based P&O/Princes Cruises plc and the US based Carnival Corporation, Princess has changed their name to Carnival plc.
    Cruise Industry News - [21 Apr 2003]
  • A new wreck has been discovered off of the coast of Germany.  A liner sunk in April 1945 believed to have carrying some German refugees away from the Russians.  7,000+ persons were believed to aboard the "Goya".  It is known only that about 175 survivors were picked up.
    Cruise Industry News - [18 Apr 2003]
  • Italy is seeking the extradition of the alleged hijacking master-mind Abu Abass.  Who may have allegedly planned or participated in the 1985 hijacking of the "m/v Achille Lauro" cruise liner.  The actions of the alleged terrorists caused the death of an elderly crippled man.  The ship was gutted and sank in 1994 off of the coast of Somalia.
  • A report indicates that the port authority of the River Tyne, is seeking to accept cruise ships and ocean liners once again.
  • The "m/s Sancak-1" was destroyed by fire, an the shipyard in Tuzla, Turkey.
  • At the breakers in Allaga, Turkey, their torches are blazing now, digging into these four unfortunate vessels. "Millenium Express II" (1967), "Express Naias" (1966), "Admiral" (1963), "Delfini" (1964).
  • The former "m/s Dolphin IV" is short of goal on the beach at the breakers in Alang, India.  Her shallow draft and her lack of power (her propulsion is off-line) makes it difficult to move her.
  • A report indicates that the transaction of a corporate merger between Carnival Corporation and P&O Cruises plc is now officially concluded.
  • The "S.S. Independence" is once again on the move, after a one year lay up in Suisuin Bay, California.  This is following her purchase by Norwegian Cruise Lines.  She has been temporarily moved to the former Mare Island Naval Base in Vallejo California.
    Cruise Industry News - [15 Apr 2003]
  • The mastermind of the 1985 hijacking of the Lauro Line's "m/v Achille Lauro" has been captured outside the Baghdad, Iraq area.  In 1994 the ship was gutted and sank off the coast of Somalia.
  • The Cost Cruises new build "m/v Costa Fortuna" has suffered a fire in her passenger accommodations on decks 7-9. The ship is on schedule for delivery in November 2003.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines has made a very stunning announcement.  The Star Cruises owned company has purchased the laid up former "S.S. United States" and plans to convert into a modern cruise liner, and operate her in the US markets.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines also announced that they additionally purchased the laid up former "S.S. Independence", and they are planning to operate her with "S.S. United States" as well.  It appears these ships will work in a fleet with the former 'Project America' vessels of the now defunct American Classic Voyages Company.
  • Star Cruises experiences a scare fo the 'SARS' virus.  But, the people involved are quarantined, and the vessel "m/s Superstar Virgo" is sanitized and cleared for a return to service.
  • SeaEscape's "m/s Island Adventure" suffered a small fire while she was at the pier in Port Everglades, FL.  No injuries were reported, and the extent of the damage is unknown.  One crew member complained of smoke inhalation however.
  • Oceania Cruises is readying it's new ship the "m/s Regatta", the former "m/v R1" of Renaissance Cruises, for it's maiden debut on July 5th, 2003.
  • Cunard Line has made the choice of Wedgewood for its formal dining areas.  Waterford Wedgewood plc, will be providing more than 90,000 pieces of glassware and china for the 'Queens Grill' and 'Princess Grill' restaurants.  These items will be  sold on board in a special boutique.
  • Carnival Corps. shareholders approve the deal with UK based P&O/Princess Cruises plc.
  • Carnivals new Long Beach cruise terminal opens in Long Beach, California at the "Queen Mary" exhibit.  The first ship to visit the terminal is the Carnival "m/v Ecstasy".
  • Carnival Cruise Lines announced that their new "m/v Carnival Conquest" will remain in Gulfport, MS for now.
  • Carnival Cruises adds a new program for the teen cruiser.
  • Former "m/s Big Red Boat III" prepares for a trip to the breakers.  The last of the mail packet steamers is belching funnel smoke for the last time.  She has been sold to breakers in India.
  • The former "m/s Dolphin IV" is preparing for her trip to the breakers in India.
  • Today marks the 91st anniversary of the sinking of the White Star Liner "R.M.S. Titanic".
    Cruise Industry News - [13 Apr 2003]
  • Star Cruise has had their "m/s Superstar Virgo" become quarantined after a possible scare of the Asian based virus 'SARS'.
  • Saddam Hussein's private yacht was attacked and burned by US Co-alition bombers.  While the vessel suffered very heavy damage, it remains afloat.  The yacht is named "Al-Mansu,", the 329' foot Iraq presidential vessel. Yahoo! News article with a photograph [Here].
    Cruise Industry News - [01 Apr 2003]
  • The Cunard Line has announced the naming of their third new queen.  The "Queen Victoria", a 85,000 GRT wonder with a capacity for 1,926 passengers.
  • Due to the outbreak of the now troublesome 'SARS' virus in the asian nations, "The World" from ResidenSea has been diverted away from the Asian area for the time being.
  • The Radisson-Seven Seas Csuises has just christened its newst vessel, the "m/s Seven Seas Voyager". ongratulations!
  • The P&O liner "m/s Pacific Sky" which had been drydocked for repairs has been given a clean bill of health and is going to be resuming her activities on April 2nd.
  • Seabourn Cruises has canceled is plans to provide itineraries via the Suez canal.
  • P&O lines "m/s Aurora" has made a journey through the Suez canal.
  • The former "Copa Casino" has been reported to have sunk, while under tow to the breakers in Alang, India.  She had run into difficulties on March 14th, and later sank on March 16th.  She'll be missed.
    Cruise Industry News - [21 Mar 2003]
  • The new Cunard Line flagship "m/s Queen Mary 2" has been floated out.  She has been towed to the fitting out basin for completion.  Her trials are set to for September 2003. Congratulations...
  • The hull plates of the P&O liner "m/s Pacific Sky" are being removed to replace them, and make the necessary repairs to the vessel.  The ship is scheduled to return to service in about 10 days.
    Cruise Industry News - [9 Mar 2003]
  • The floating out of a Queen looms near.  It is expected that on Friday, March 21st, 2003 the new "m/s Queen Mary 2" will be sitting in water on her own for the first time, and will be towed from basin C to the fitting out dock for completion.
  • Royal Olympic Cruises "S.S. Stella Solaris" has been pulled from the plans of the 2004 world cruise.  She will sail that cruise in 2005.  Rising fuel costs are the reason for the postponement.
  • Reports of severe corrosion on the hull of the P&O/Princess "m/s Pacific Sky" are raising more concerns.  Further inspections of the vessel are showing greater amounts of rust and corrosion of the ships hull, and water vents.  She is currently impounded from service.
  • Shipping companies are adding a surcharge for taking cargo during the wartime status.
    Cruise Industry News - [18 Mar 2003]
  • Carnival Corp. introduces the 'Chef's Galley' aboard the new Cunard Liner "m/s Queen Mary 2".
  • Chantiers de l'Atlantique is now closer to the completion of the new Cunard liner "m/s Queen Mary 2".  Her mast and funnel are now fitted.  And her floating out is nearby.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises is nearing the close of the merger with the Carnival Corp.  A completion date of April 17th is estimated.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises ship "m/s Pacific Sky" has been impounded.  It would seem the cracks in the hull are not the only problems she has.  Appearantly the vessel has some corrosion issues that have caused environmental concerns.
    Cruise Industry News - [17 Mar 2003]
  • In preparation for the fitting out and completion of the new Cunard Line "m/s Queen Mary 2" the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard has postponed the floating out activities until March 21st.  This is due to efforts to dredge the fitting basin to be able to accommodate the new and very large Queen.  Her tonnage of over 142,200 does seem to present quite a challenge to those building her, and those who will be moving her.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines has decided to name their new Conquest class ship "m/v Carnival Liberty".
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Carnival Conquest" was on roll, literally.  It was reported that during a turn the ship rolled overt sharply to one side, sending passengers, crew and dishes to the floors...  The cause may have been a strong gust of wind.  The incident is under investigation.
  • An injured crewman from the Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/s Norwegian Star" was airlifted to a hospital, after he fell from the deck into the water.  He hurt his legs on a propeller.  He is reported to be in stable condition.  Our sympathies.
    Cruise Industry News - [12 Mar 2003]
  • The float out of the new Cunard Line "m/s Queen Mary 2" is being delayed, while fitting out basin C is being cleaned of debris other materials that might affect the floatation process of the new ship.  A new date will be given soon, and the milestone ceremony of the mast fitting will be on schedule.
  • British authorities seized about E1 million pounds worth of Cocaine from three male passengers who were leaving the Cunard Line "m/s Caronia" when she returned from a South American cruise.  British Customs and Excise personnel took the three men into custody, and they are due to appear in court.
  • A record cruising season is being forecast by cruise industry analysts a report suggests.  Statistics show that about 7.6 million Americans took cruises in the fiscal year 2002.
  • Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises have amended their policy on canceling a Mediterranean cruise.  See their web site for more details.  [Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines] and [Celebrity Cruises].
  • Carnival Cruise Lines is working on a joint venture with the Hotel Queen Mary.  Carnival would like to provide a pre- and post sailing land package for its guests to stay aboard the historic ocean liner "R.M.S. Queen Mary".
    Cruise Industry News - [11 Mar 2003]
  • Holland America Lines' new "m/v Oosterdam" maiden voyage will be delayed.  This has been pushed to the 3rd of April 2003, so the subsequent latter July sailings are canceled.
    Cruise Industry News - [10 Mar 2003]
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/v Norwegian Wind" has been accused of dumping refuse and bio material over the side. The US Coast Guard  has boarded the vessel, and has made copies of the ships logs.  And this incident is under investigation.  The incident was outside the 2 mile limit of the US jurisdiction at the time.
  • The "R.M.S. Windsor Castle" is in the news once again.  The preservation group is making some progress in their efforts to save and to be able to preserve this unique old liner.
  • Info Genesis has won a contract to provide the point of sale system software for the Cunard Lines "m/s Queen Mary 2".
Cruise Industry News - [08 Mar 2003]
  • We have a link for you...  Some pictures of the aftermath of the fire aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ship "m/s Explorer of The Seas".  Click [Here] to see the photos that someone has taken.
    Cruise Industry News - [6 Mar 2003]
  • The Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Carnival Conquest" will be repositioned to Gulf port, Miss. because the power lines in the New Orleans area, that over hang the Mississippi River are too low for her 208' height.
  • The "m/s Copa Casino" has left Gulfport, MS for the scrappers in Alang, India.  She will be missed.
  • A source tells us that the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Explorer of The Seas" has had a fire onboard, over the weekend at the end of February.  The ship suffered minimal damage, as a fire damaged her upper structure area, and the passenger spaces of the patio and children's slide.  Until repairs are completed these areas are off limits to passengers.  The ship will continue to sail, on it's planned itinerary this week, while maintenance crews make repairs.  The fire was up out in about 20 minutes.  There were no reports of any injuries, and the fire occurred at about 3:00 AM.
  • Crystal Cruise has been put under the magnifying glass for the actions of it's "ms Crystal Harmony" while she was in the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary area.  The ship is accused of dumping of about 35,000 of grew water in the bay.  The executives at Crystal Cruises have taken their own disciplinary actions against the crew.
  • P&O's "m/s Aurora" has made her maiden debut in Shanghai.
  • A report suggests that the cruise lines are having a tough time of it financially because of the war on terrorism.  The public is feeling a little anxious, as is the executive pool of the cruise lines.  But, relax everyone, all is well in the industry.
    Cruise Industry News - [28 Feb 2003]
  • The former "S.S. Independence" has been sold.  The California Manufacturers Corporation is the purchaser.  No other details or plans have been announced as of yet.
  • The former new builds of American Classic Voyages Co. continue to make the news.  The two vessels under construction at the Meyer-Werft shipyard in Germany, will be assigned to the Hawaiian Islands when they are delivered.  This discussion comes from their new owners Norwegian Cruise Lines, who acquired rights to sail vessels in the Hawaii area.
  • Holland America Line has canceled Is.'s plans to operate a vessel in Hawaiian Islands.
   Cruise Industry News - [23 Feb 2003]
  • The Orient Line "m/s Marco Polo" while on an Antarctic cruise, was pushed by strong winds into shallow waters.  She had suffered three cracks, 1½ meters, 3 meters and one 4 meters long.  After a hasty retreat to safer waters, the hull was inspected, and the cracks were confirmed.  And a set of 8 mm plates were welded to her hull to cover the cracks.  She then has continued on her cruise journey.
  • The former "m/s Dolphin IV" is reported to be under tow, bound from the Bahamas, to Alang, India.
  • The Star Clipper "m/s Star Flyer" struck the wharf, and suffered minimal damage.  However the wharf portion that she hit did collapse.
  • The reports from the French neighborhood suggest that the two azipod motors that were sent to the shipyard, were never unloaded.  Each weighs about 270 tons.  Rumors floating around say the designers may rethink about the azipod system. It's not clear if this will delay the arrival of "m/s Queen Mary 2" or not.
  • There is a legal power struggle over the issue of overhead power lines, on the Mississippi river.  This has become a concern because the Carnival Cruise Lines ship "m/v Carnival Conquest" is so tall, and may hit power lines.
  • The "Copa Casino" has had a departure delay.  She will leave Mobile, AL on Thursday, February 27th, 2003.
  • The fire aboard the P&O/Princess Cruises new build "m/s Diamond Princess" is being blamed on seven negligent shipyard workers.
  • A report is suggesting that the former Premier Cruises "m/s Big Red Boat III" has been sold to the breakers.  She is the last mail packet steamer left floating.  And was a former Carnival Cruise Liner and Union Castle Liner.
    Cruise Industry News - [16 Feb 2003]
  • The European Commission (EC) has approved a dual listing for the Carnival Corp / P&O/Princess Cruises plc to merge and operate their individual companies, as a greater whole.
  • A replica Irish famine ship, that was tied up legal battles, has now been cleared to sail.  The "Jeanie Johnston" will sail on the Atlantic in April 2003.
  • The "Copa Casino" is scheduled to depart Mobile, AL for India.  She will be scrapped, and is currently being prepared for her final journey.
  • The former Commodore Cruise Lines "S.S. Enchanted Isle" is reported to be reasonably good condition.  Despite the fact that she has been laid up for three years in Violet, LA.  Opinions show she is still quite 'Enchanting'...
  • The former "S.S. Independence" is scheduled for auction later this month.  Her former owners left her out on a limb, and she needs a strong support section to come and save her.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines has cleared the US Passenger Shipping Act in Hawaii, and NCL can now put a vessel on the Pacific Hawaiian islands run.
  • The Rotterdam Preservation Foundation has made another attempt to save the "S.S. Rotterdam".
  • The Crown Prince of Italy has taken an interest in the now aging "S.S. Windsor Castle".
    Cruise Industry News - [09 Feb 2003]
  • The former "m/s Seawind Crown" of the now defunct Premier Cruise Lines will be auctioned off later this month.  She has been laid up in Barcelona, Spain for nearly three years.
  • The Celebrity Cruises "m/s Infinity" will be making a stop in Newport News, VA for a detailed ball bearing replacement procedure.  The work that was originally planned, is more extensive, than was first thought.
  • Another effort to save the laid up "S.S. Rembrandt" seem to have fallen through again.
  • The P&O/Princess Cruises "m/s Sun Princess" has returned from being sanitized in Hawaii, to Louisiana.  She made the trip nearly empty.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/s Norwegian Star" has experienced a problem with it's azipod propulsion system.  The spokeswoman for NCL states that the vessel will continue its itinerary, and the repairs will be conducted during this trip.
  • The "Artship" due to lack of funding, may be forced to leave her birth, and be towed to Suisuin Bay for temporary storage.
  • The Regal Cruises "m/s Regal Empress" suffered from a bad batch of diesel fuel.  It caused the ship to lose power, and to have to operate at a reduced speed.
   Cruise Industry News - [[02 Feb 2003]
  • Celebrity Cruises "m/v Infinity" was in drydock for a bearing replacement procedure.  This was to correct a problem with a power converter.  She will return to service shortly.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises "m/s Sun Princess" experienced a bout of the unknown gastro-intestinal illness that is going around, while on a voyage from Los Angeles to Hawaii.  About 250 people were stricken.
  • Cunard's "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" has passed her second health inspection in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She did not get a passing grade on her test in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  There she received an 85, appearantly it takes a 86 or better to be eligible to pass the stringent CDC sanitation random inspections.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) can now sail up to three vessels to the ports of Hawaii.  The US House and Senate did pass the included provision, in the appropriations bill for 2003 allowing this measure.
  • The former Holland America liner "m/s Ryndam" had been serving as a floating casino vessel in Gulfport, Mississippi, from 1993to 2002.  She has been moved to Mobile, Alabama, where she is up for sale.
  • Two passengers contracted Legionnaire's disease while aboard Japan Cruise lines "Pacific Venus".  Both were sent to Nagasaki for treatment.
  • Yucatan Express is planning to offer a ferry service between Tampa, Florida and Cuba.
  • Stena Lines "Stena Europe" suffered an engine power failure while on a cruise off of the coast of Ireland.  The Royal Air Force,Coast Guard, and engineers from an RAF Nimrod  assisted in restoring power to the vessels engines.  She was diverted to Pembroke, Wales.
  • Harland & Wolff shipyard names it's last vessel, the "Anvil Point".  This shipyard is best known for building the bulk of the fleet of the former White Star Line, which once owned the "R.M.S. Titanic".
   Cruise Industry News - [22 Jan 2003]
  • Holland America Line is beaming proudly, because their "m/s Statendam" accomplished a rescue at sea under 25 foot swells.  And transferred three passengers from the stricken "Enchantment", a 45foot sailing vessel.  The craft was taking on water in heavy seas, and called for the US coast Guard for help, the Coast Guard asked the HAL liner to change course and assist in the rescue efforts.  The three passengers are doing fine.
  • The former Union Castle liner "R.M.S. Windsor Castle" is continuing to make the news, in the hope of strengthening the efforts to preserve her.
  • Reports are showing that the new Cunarder being built in France, is coming along nicely.  She is reported to be 77 sections done, out of a 98 total sections.  We will continue to keep you informed of the progress of the "m/v Queen Mary 2".
  • The senior master of the "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" will be assuming command of the new Cunerd liner "m/v Queen Mary 2" upon her completion.  His father was the first master of the original "R.M.S. Queen Mary".  Congratulations to you sir.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines executives are being blocked by the US senate from exclusively using the port of Molokai, HI.
  • Star Cruise is planning to build a new cruise terminal in the port city of Shanghai, China.
  • The P&O/Princess Cruises new arrival "m/s Coral Princess" was christened while she was in transition in the Panama Canal.  Congratulations!
  • The P&O line sisters "m/s Arcadia" and "m/s Oceania" have stopped calling on the Port of Spain in Trinidad.  A British government warning was given, that the island nation was under the possibility of an increase in terrorist activities.
  • A new cruise terminal in Manila, Philippines has been opened for business.  Congratulations.
   Cruise Industry News - [18 Jan 2003]
  • Carnival Corp. this week has been requested to ground their famous steamer "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" due to the issue of a US federal health inspection she was subject to, that she unfortunately failed.
  • WindStar Cruises former "Wind Song" is rumored to be in consideration for use as an artificial reef.
  • An un-named boat traveling from Somalia to Yemen capsized and left 80 passengers to be feared drowned.
  • The RMS Windsor Castle Preservation Society will meet in Southampton, on 01 Mar 2003, in the Victoria Room of the Star Hotel.  Visit [Here] for more details and information.
  • The former "Mediterranean Sky" has capsized, after she was grounded to prevent her from sinking. She had been reported to be taking on water.
    Cruise Industry News - [11 Jan 2003]
  • Scotia Prince Cruises will not be calling in the port of Cancun, Mexico because the depth of the port is not deep enough for the draft of the "Scotia Prince".
  • The british Ministry of Defense (MOD) is calling 40 vessels into merchant service for the Crown.  This is to assist the British military in their work in dealing with the nation of Iraq.
  • Oceana Cruises has opened its offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with 14 employees.  Their two vessels will be appearing in July, and October of this year.  Congratulations!
  • The Color Line, has ordered the world's largest ferry.  74,600 gross tons.  She will be built in the Kvaerner Masa shipyards in Turku, Finland for service in Norway.  The ferry will carry about 2,800 passengers.
  • Royal caribbean Cruise Lines has delayed the options on two of it's new buildings.  The two Radiance class vessels will be delayed from construction until September 19th, 2003when the option extension expires.
    Cruise Industry News - [09 Jan 2003]
  • P&O/Princess Cruises and Carnival Corporations merger deal is nearing completion.  It seem that the EU review boards want one more look at before everything else is done...
  • A report is suggesting that the Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway" is the latest victim of the Norwa;l-like virus a gastrointestinal like sickness...
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Holland America Lines have both indicated that they are dropping their Northwest for the Pacific Northwest area of the US.
  • P&O/Princess ceases calls to the isle of Cuba.  This will be due to the merger with Carnival Corp, which is owned and operated in the United States.
   Cruise Industry News - [02 Jan 2003]
  • The brand new ship for P&O/Princess Cruises "m/s Coral Princess" has left on her maiden voyage.  It was reported that the new ship underwent seven sea trials to correct a 'rudder' steering issue.  She had arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida after leaving her French builders on Christmas Eve.  Congratulations to P&O/Princess!
  • The sunken container ship "Tricolor" has appearantly snagged another target.  The "Vicky" has been reported as the latest catch of the day for the former car carrier.  May we suggest to British Maritime leadership to remove the wreck which is now becoming a hazard to shipping in the channel?...
   Cruise Industry News - [02 Jan 2003]
  • The Bush family returns from their Christmas holiday trip aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines cruise ship "m/v Majesty of The Seas".  The Bush family was able to have an safe and happy trip...
   Cruise Industry News - [01 Jan 2003]
  • Happy New Year to all of you!

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