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    Cruise Industry News - [31 Dec 2004]
  • Happy New Year to all of you.
    Cruise Industry News - [30 Apr 2004]
  • New York city, Carnival Corporation and Norwegian Cruise Lines have struck a deal to modernize and rennovate the existing terminal to accomodate the growing number of passengers and cruise ships which visit the port each year.  The deal will involve almost a half billion dollars invested by the City of New York and the Carnival Corporation and NCL.
  • The Cunard Queens leave New York together, with a brief stop at Lady Liberty amidst fireworks and a cheering crowd.  They will be crossing the Atlantic together within eye sight of one another and will arrive in Southampton together as well.  The "m/s Queen Mary 2" has been passed the 'baton' as the reigning Queen of Cunard and the Atlantic and the "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" now holds the title of being the oldest Queen in Cunard's fleet after more than 35 years of service.  She tied the record with the "R.M.S. Aquitania".  And we're all quite proud of her.
   Cruise Industry News - [22 Apr 2004]
  • The "m/s Sunbird" has been bought and her future is being planned.  Stay tuned for more on this...
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises has received their new ship "m/v Jewel of The Seas".  Congratulations...
  • The two former Royal Olympia Cruises ships "m/v Olympia Voyager" and "m/v Olympia Explorer" have managed to find new homes and new employers.  Good luck to you both.
  • Cunard's new "m/s Queen Mary 2" was embraced fiercely by the old witch of the North Atlantic.  She gave her rough seas, at 30 feet and strong winds of 60 mph or more.  But, the new ship is expected to be in the New York harbour about 15 minutes late despite the the old ladies intentions to delay her.
  • The former Festival Cruises "Ocean Explorer I" is reported to have been sold for scrap.  She is currently moored in Eleusis, Greece.
  • Clive Cussler is at it again.  He is funding an expedition to locate the missing shipwreck of the "S.S. Waratah".  Which sank in bad weather in 1909 under mysterious conditions.  Good luck...
   Cruise Industry News - [9 Apr 2004]
  • Dutch actress Renee Soutendijk will be naming the new Holland-America vessel "m/v Westerdam" who will be joining her two nearly identical twin sister ships "m/v Oosterdam" and "m/v Zuiderdam".  The new "m/v Noordam" will follow in 2006.
  • Carnival announced that the newbuild of the "Queen Victoria" will be transferred into the P&O Cruises as the "m/s Arcadia".  The vessel will still be built, but will be a Panamax-class vessel not the original Vista-class.  The newbuild is scheduled for 2007.
  • P&O and Princess Cruises play musical ships and make a trade.  The P&O Cruises will get "m/s Royal Princess" she will be reanmed "m/s Artemis".  Princess Cruises will get the "m/s Adonia" and she will be renamed "m/s Sea Princess".
  • The Chittagong beach in Bangladesh will be receiving the former Premier "m/v OceanBreeze" and the former Louis Cruise Lines "m/s Princesa Victoria".
  • Cunard's "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" and "m/s Queen Mary 2" left New York together under the lights of fireworks for a trans- Atlantic voyage.  They will arrive in Southampton together after being on the Atlantic within sight of one another.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Line web site no longer shows the beautiful liner on it's fleet list.  However the internet still has the fine silhouette  of the "S.S. Norway" at [http://www.ss-norway.com/] or see her profile [here].
    Cruise Industry News - [31 Mar 2004]
  • The former Regency Cruises vessel "m/s Regent Star" who was in Eleusis, Greece lay up is now bound for the Alang, India breakers. It was reported she was under her own power.  Before leaving she was showing a list.
  • Royal Olympia Cruises "m/v Olympia Explorer" and "m/v Olympia Voyager" have been sold at auction.  One sold for $97.2 million  and the other for $82.7 million.  The two vessels were built at a cost of $325 million.
  • Cunard Lines new "m/v Queen Victoria" will be christened in Southampton in April 2005.
  • Brittany Ferries new "Ponte-Aven" has sailed on her maiden voyage from Plymouth, England to Santender, Spain. Congratulations...
    Cruise Industry News - [22 Mar 2004]
  • Aliaga, Turkey is the new temporary home for the following until their break up is complete.  The following are present: "Tirana", "Bosporus", "Fayza Express" and "Marwa".
  • Ocean Club Cruises has lost their laid up vessel, the "m/v Mirage I".  It has been sold to and Israel ship breaker.
  • The ferry "Blue Horizon" was forced to abort a crossing between Italy and Greece when a fire broke out on the vehicle deck in a refrigerated truck.  The automatic fire suppression sprinklers quickly put out the fire.  The ship is in Patras for repairs.
  • The cost of recovery for the NCL America ship "m/s Pride of America" is on the rise.  Maritime insiders say it's hovering near  USD$225 million for repairs and salvage.  The vessel sank in a gale while under construction at the Lloyd Werft shipyard in Germany.
  • Princess Cruises has taken delivery of their newest vessel  the "m/s Caribbean Princess" in Monfalcone, Italy.  Congratulations...
    Cruise Industry News - [17 Mar 2004]
  • NCL has announced that the "m/v Superstar Leo" which is owned by the NCL parent company Star Cruises will be renamed and will join the NCL fleet.  The new name will be "m/v Norwegian Spirit".
  • NCL has announced that the "S.S. Norway" is going to officially leave the NCL fleet.  She suffered an engine room explosion on May 25th 2003.
  • Lloyd Werft is reported to be in bankruptcy, claiming that NCL owes them USD$48 million.  Neither NCL nor Lloyd Werft have issued any comment on this matter.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) "m/s Pride of America" has been reflected last month and is now in dry dock.  The vessel is being evaluated after being sunk for a month.  Reports say that the yard has restarted 6 of her diesel engines.  Estimates for her delivery are not able to be made at the present.  It could be anywhere from 8 moths to a year.
  • Royal Olympia Cruises (ROC) has sold it's "m/s Olympia Explorer" and "m/s Olympia Voyager" to allow them to be repossessed by the companies creditors.  Royal Olympia's "m/s Triton" remains in service.
  • Princess Cruises "m/s Diamond Princess" is a record setter.  The 'Diamond' is the largest ship to be on the West coast and the largest to call there.
  • The former "ArtShip" is temporarily moored by the "S.S. Independence".  The ship is rumored to be bound for Brownsville, TX.
  • Fantasea Cruises is reported to have purchased the "Faithful" for use as a floating condominium.  This report is not confirmed.
    Cruise Industry News - [10 Mar 2004]
  • The former Danish ferry "Selandia" is rumored to be in the throws of a project to make a nightclub out of her.
  • The former "m/s Scandinavia Star" is bound for the scrappers.
  • The former ferry "Kalakala" is involved in a dispute over its future.  The vessel has been lay up for a long time.  The vessel was to be moved to Everett, Washington.
  • Cunard's "m/v Queen Victoria" had been originally slated to be based in Southampton, England.  There are rumors in the mill that the ship might be based elsewhere, like the Caribbean.  But these are just rumors as Cunard has not made any official announcement.
    Cruise Industry News - [1 Mar 2004]
  • Following the "SuperFerry 14" disaster the officials in the Philippines are not saying if a terrorist bomb is the cause of the explosion and fire that happened aboard the ship on Friday last.  134 persons from that ship are still missing.
  • The Greek Maritime Court of Appeals has given the Royal Olympia Cruise Line an additional six months to come to agreements with their creditors.  The company is facing possible bankruptcy procedures.
  • A tour of Los Angeles Maritime Museum is being offered through July, there is a feature of "Hollywood or Honolulu".  This story covers the 1920's based Los Angeles Steamship Company (LASSCO).
  • We are sad to report that the former master Rear Admiral Lerroy J. Alexanderson, USNR, of the "S.S. United States" has passed away at age 93.  He will be missed.  Our hearts and condolences go out to his family and friends...
  • Congratulations go to both Carnival Cruises and Princess Cruises, as they both have their new ships out.  Carnival Cruises has their "m/v Carnival Miracle" and Princess Cruises has their "m/s Diamond Princess".
  • The "Barcelona" is reported to have lost her chance for freedom.  The project to save her in China as a hotel ship fell out.  She's reported  to be bound for the Pan Yu shipyard near Guangzhou, China for demolition.  She'll be missed.
  • The beaches of Aliaga, Turkey are littered with ships to be broken up.  They are: Ventouris Lines ferry "Ive", an Italian ferry "Vomero", "Ana" a passenger and cargo RORO ferry and the "Vergina" another passenger RORO ferry.
  • The Philippine "SuperFerry 14" suffered an explosion at 1:00 AM Philippine time.  By 1:29 AM the Captain had told everyone to abandon ship, as the blaze grew out of control.  633 passengers and crew were rescued from the sea.  Over 200 passengers and crew are still missing.
  • The "ArtShip" has lost it's lease at the Ninth Avenue Terminal.  The city of Oakland, CA wants USD$10 million to bring the aging vessel up to code to make the ship properly safe for use with the public as an art gallery.  The ArtShip Foundation disagrees and a lawsuit was filed.  The vessel will be sold for scrap.
    Cruise Industry News - [22 Feb 2004]
  • Wolfgang Peterson, the creator of the three famous maritime movies has a new project planned.  He is known for the 1972 film; The Poseidon Adventure, 1981 film; Das Boot and the 2000 film; The Perfect Storm.  The project returns to the earlier story line of a people trapped in an overturned ocean liner.  The original movie featured the "R.M.S. Queen Mary" as the "S.S. Poseidon".
  • Alang, India seems to have quite an appetite for the taste of cold plate steel.  Reports show that a large number of older vessels have gone the way of the blow torch and the wrecking ball.  The latest victim list includes: "Stella Solaris", "Big Red Boat", "Genoa", "New Orleans", "Salona", "Assedo", "Mayan Empress", "Apollo", "Santouri", "Stella Oceanis" and the "Noura-1".  Most are either being broken up, or are in the early stages of demolition.
   Cruise Industry News - [17 Feb 2004]
  • Smit Salvage has reflected the NCL America new build "m/v Pride of America" and the insurers for Lloyd Werft and NCL are inspecting the vessel.  She was submerged in salt water for over 30 days, up to her 3rd lowest passenger deck.  The water is not good for her engines or wiring...
  • Because of a snowstorm the former Union-Castle Liner "m/v Windsor Castle" was adrift without a crew.  She broke her moorings and drifted away and landed herself on a shallow sandbar.  Tug crews refloated her and moved her back to her birth at Piraeus, Greece.
  • The lingering "m/v Faithful" is still at her birth in Los Angeles, CA.
  • The former "m/v Olympia Countess" will become the new "m/v Ocean Countess".
  • The former "m/s Mirage" from Ocean Club Cruises is to be sold at auction to repay debts.  We hope her future can be a bright and successful one and not a dim one.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Majesty of The Seas" had a small fire in the deep fryer in the Windjammer Cafe.  The club was closed due to smoke damage.  No injuries were reported and she was able to complete her cruise.
   Cruise Industry News - [3 Feb 2004]
  • Kay Korbing has passed away 1915-2004.  A famous and noted maritime interior decorator.  Our condolences to the family and friends...
  • A Southampton, England business group is trying to muster a support base for the future of the Cunard Liner "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2".  Cunard executives say there is no need for anyone to worry about this magnificent maritime icon.  Her life as a world famous and world class ocean liner is assured to be for a long time to come.
  • The "m/s European Vision" from the Festival Cruises has been released from being detained, but her other fleet mates do not share her freedom.
  • The Holland-America Liner "S.S Rotterdam" is being readied for her return to her home port of Rotterdam, Holland.
  • The Royal Caribbean Cruises "m/v Nordic Empress" will undergo a name change when she comes out from her refit work.  She will be named "m/v Empress of The Seas" to better suit the naming structure of the line.
   Cruise Industry News - [31 Jan 2004]
  • The former Premier Cruise ship "m/v Seawind Crown" sailing as the "m/v Barcelona" was spotted steaming past the jaws of death as she went on her way to a shipyard in China.  A report says she will be converted.  To what?
  • Royal Olympia Cruise's "m/v World Renaissance" is placed under arrest in Piraeus.  This action comes in the wake of the bankruptcy problems of the line.
  • Ocean Club Cruises ceases operations and their "m/s Mirage" enters lay up at her birth.
  • The former Royal Olympia Cruises "m/s Olympia Countess" has been sold to Majestic International Cruises and will become their new fleet member sailing as the "m/s Majestic Countess".
  • P&O Cruises "m/v Oceania" was asked to leave the port of the US Virgin Islands for failing to provide the Coast Guard the names and nationalities of her passengers and crew.  She was turned out twice before for a similar problem.
  • The Jadrolinija Line's "m/v Ambassador I" is bound for the breakers.  Pending final arrangements.
  • The new Oceania Cruise "m/s Regatta" is making news in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Korea has launched their largest passenger ship ever, coming in at almost 196m (642') it will be a fine addition to their fleet.
  • The worlds largest passenger vessel, Cunard's "m/s Queen Mary 2" has arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Congratulations...
    Cruise Industry News - [23 Jan 2004]
  • The Norwegian Cruise Line's "m/s Norwegian Sky" will be taking the role of the now relegated "m/s Pride of America" as their new fleet mate, the "m/s Pride of Aloha".
  • The Star Cruises "m/s Superstar Leo" will be transferred into the new NCL America fleet to assume the role of the now damaged "m/s Pride of America" following an accidental sinking while under construction at her German shipbuilder.  No new delivery date is available.
  • Royal Olympia Cruises (ROC) former fleet has been busy in their final days.  The "m/s Olympia Voyager" has disembarked her crew and many interior items and is being readied for lay up/sale.  Her sister the "m/s Olympia Explorer" is awaiting disposition at anchor near the original Cunarder "R.M.S. Queen Mary" in Long Beach, CA.  The "m/s Olympia Countess" is awaiting disposition from the Durban High Courts.
  • Reports say that the Holland-America Line's "m/s Prinsendam" is all a glow in her new surroundings.  And she's receiving praise for her features and her decor.
  • On the beach in Alang, India.  Here you will find several of the victims who will fall to the wrecking crews lust for steel.  Featured celebrities include the former Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Mardi Gras" and "m/v Festivale".  The former "m/s Assedo", "m/s Stella Oceanis" and "m/s Stella Solaris" have been cleared of their interiors and furnishings and are being prepared for demolition.  Others include "m/s Santori", "m/s Fedor Shalyapin", "m/s Seawind Crown", "m/s Noura I", "m/s Mayan Empress", "m/s Vega" and "m/s Sea Harmony" are all awaiting breaking up.
    Cruise Industry News - [19 Jan 2004]
  • The new Crystal Cruises "m/v Crystal Serenity" has arrived in Los Angeles for her first world cruise.  Joining her are Cunard's QE2 and the area regular Royal Caribbean Cruises' "m/v Monarch of The Seas".  Congratulations...
  • The name of the cruise ship game seems to be 'Busted' lately.  Festival Cruises fleet was arrested at locations around the globe.
  • The royal Queens of the Cunard fame share in an evening of memory basking with the tales of noted maritime author William H. Miller Jr. aboard the "R.M.S. Queen Mary" in long Beach, CA.  The 10:00 PM sailing of the "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" completed the nights festivities with a rousing volley of steam whistle blasts as she sailed on to Hawaii from Los Angeles.
  • The rumor mill is ablaze with the theory that the new Vista-class cruise ship being for the Holland-America Line is going to be the new "m/s Noordam". The Thomson Holidays fleet will be joined by the current "m/s Noordam" as their "m/s Thomson Celebration" next year when her season completes.
  • The NCL America's new build "m/s Pride of America" while under construction at the Lloyd Werft shipyards in Bremerhaven, Germany sank after a large wave came and dumped thousands of gallons of water into her hull.  She was very nearly completed and was due in April 2005 for service.  Four workers were hurt and a 60' crane was knocked over and it damaged two buildings.  The ship now rests on the harbor bottom with a 12 degree list.  An inquiry is pending on this incident.
  • The "m/v Genoa", the former "m/v Albatros" is on the beach at Alang, India.  The reports of her sale were apparently false.  The condition of her mechanical systems was a concern to the buyers.  She will be missed.
   Cruise Industry News - [9 Jan 2004]
  • The laid up "S.S Norway" will be a hotel ship for the workers at Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven to complete the "m/s Pride of America" for the NCL America fleet.
  • A report tells that the "m/v Albatros" has ditched the reaper in a last minute effort.  A party in the Asian theater has purchased her for use as a hotel ship.  Her former owners say there will be a newer more modern "m/v Albatros" forthcoming.  But.  It will be named "m/v Crown".  We will follow this...
  • Her Majesty the Queen names Cunard's "m/v Queen Mary 2" in a ceremony in Southampton, England amidst thousands of spectators.  Congratulations!
   Cruise Industry News - [7 Jan 2004]
  • Reports say that the fleet of Royal Olympia Cruises is under arrest.  "m/s Olympia Countess" was busted in Durban, South Africa.  The "m/s Triton", "m/s Olympia Voyager" and the "m/s Olympia Explorer" were busted on the East and West coasts of the US Passengers from those vessels which had been on active cruises have been transferred and sent home.
   Cruise Industry News - [1 Jan 2004]
  • Happy New Year to all of you!
  • News reports coming in from all around the globe are indicating that there is potential troubles brewing for the now bankrupt bound Royal Olympia Cruises.
  • The "m/v Queen Mary 2" altered her course to deliver two women passengers whom were injured onboard.  The first woman broke her hip whilst dancing the night away.  The second, broke her leg during boarding.  Both women are in a Torbey hospital and are reported to be comfortable.

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