-=[ Our Cruise Ship News Archive - 2005 ]=-

  Cruise Industry News - [28 Dec 2005]
  • News reports have surfaced again that the former French Liner "T.S.S. France" now known as the former NCL "S.S. Norway".  The reports say that she is no longer listed on the sales books and the that a firm deal has been made with breakers from either India or Bangladesh.  The "S.S. Norway" remains in lay up at Port Klang.
  • The US Maritime authorities and the US NTSB have cleared the master from the incident in April 2004.  The NCL "m/v Norwegian Dawn" was struck by a large rouge wave, while off of the US coast os North Carolina.  She was bound North for New York, following a Bahamas cruise.
  • Princess Cruises has held a contest to award an escape to the hometown heroes of America.  Forty lucky people have won themselves a Princess cruise.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has a new disembarkation program for it's child company Celebrity Cruises.
  Cruise Industry News - [25 Dec 2005]
  • Merry Christmas everyone!
  Cruise Industry News - [21 Dec 2005]
  • The P&O/Princess Cruises "m/s Regal Princess" will be transferred out to P&O Cruises Australia in late 2007 or early 2008 following the completion of her current cruise itineraries..
  • Holland America had named Marlee Matlin as the godmother of their new "m/s Noordam".  A formal ceremony will be held in New York on 22 Feb 2006.
  • Crystal Cruises has announced it's 2007 itineraries, for more information on this see Crystal Cruises.
  • The "RMS Queen Mary" is home to some large models of the "RMS Lusitania", "TSS Normandie" and the "RMS Titanic".
  • There were rumours that the now laid up "SS Norway" had left the waters of Malaysia.  These rumours are false.  The beautiful ship is still at Port Klang, Malaysia.  Her current status is unknown.  There had been rummers that NCL may put "SS Norway" on the auction block.
  Cruise Industry News - [17 Dec 2005]
  • Carnival Corporation has announced that they have made an agreement with the Italian shipyard of Fincantieri to build four new cruise ships.  The Carnival Cruise Lines, Costa Cruise Lines, Holland America Lines and Princess Cruises will each be receiving a new vessel in the coming future.  The Carnival ship will be 130,000 GRT and will carry about 3,608 passengers and will arrive in 2009 at a cost ot E560m.  The Costa ship will be a 112,000 GRT vessel and will carry 3,004 passengers at a cost of E485m.  The Holland-America ship will be a Panamax class vessel weighing in at 86,000 GRT and will carry 2,044 passengers at a cost of $450m (2010).  The Princess ship will be 116,000 GRT vessel and will carry 3,100 passengers at a cost of $570m (2008).
  • New Orleans is preparing to receive passengers from visiting cruise ships.  This is a welcome change, from the storm torn life, the area has known recently.
  • A female passenger is missing from the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Jewel of The Seas".  The 59 year old woman was reported missing by her husband after 9 AM.  The ship had been in Bahamas and was scheduled to return to the US.  No information is available as yet about her and if any one knows anything that may be of any help please contact RCI or the FBI.
  • Congratulations go out to the following ships for setting the example of being neat and tidy.  They have all won their inspections with the US Center for Disease Control (CDC).  RCCL's "m/v Jewel of The Seas", NCL's "m/v Norwegian Sun", Celebrity's "m/s Constellation", Crystal's "m/s Crystal Serenity", Carnival's "m/v Carnival Legend", P&O's "m/s Oriana", Princess "m/v Sapphire Princess" and "m/v Caribbean Princess".
A Public Service Safety Announcement - Courtesy of 2Oth Century Ocean Liners
Welfare of Passengers -
When you turn on the news in the evening and sit down to watch it.  And you see a report about people who have mysteriously disappeared during their cruise vacations, your mind begins to wonder "Are the cruise ships safe?".  The answer to that question is yes.  The vessel itself is not to blame for the unexplained disappearance of a passenger.  The crew and other passengers are the only source of answers.  The ship is not capable of making you just vanish.  In some cases, the persons who have become missing may have either jumped willingly, due to whatever reasons or conditions.  But this is not the fault of the ship itself.  The matter of a passengers psychological state is however, the biggest question of all.  When you are travelling onboard ship the responsibility is yours.  To be aware of yourself and your surroundings.  The crew is in part responsible for your safety to a point.  But the general day-to-day job is up to you.  Just as it is, when you are at home or work.  So be safe and have a fun vacation...

   Cruise Industry News - [09 Dec 2005]

  • Tallink names new ferry "Galaxy" in Rauma, Finland at the Aker Yards.  She's a 48,300 GRT ferry that can carry 2,800 passengers.  Her size is 212m x 29m.
  • The Steamship Rotterdam Foundation has indicated that the "S.S. Rotterdam" will enter the dry dock in Cadiz, Spain very soon.  She will emerge in the New Year in the splendour of her once beautiful self.
  • Happy Holidays Everyone!
   Cruise Industry News - [30 Nov 2005]
  • Celebrity Cruises "m/s Zenith" is the heroine at large.  She rescued 10 Cuban immigrants from the cold Atlantic waters off of the Florida coast.  Well done!
  • A woman who lives in Waterbrook, Connecticut has filed a lawsuit against the Carnival Cruise Lines.  She is alleging that they are responsible for a negligent act that led to her having a broken tailbone.  The suit was filed in the New Haven superior court.  The incident is described as a drunken male passenger picked her up and was supposed to lift her, but didn't, he then dropped her and then fell on top of her.  The man said he slipped, on what is said to be ice, from an ice carving ceremony that was held earlier.  The woman names Carnival, "m/v Sensation" and her master in the suit.
  • The "m/s Queen Mary 2" is set to have a Carly Simon concert on 1 Dec 2005.  This concert is going to be broadcast on the PBS network.  The broadcast of Carly Simon: A Moonlight Serenade was taped in the Queens Room.  The largest ballroom at sea.  There are two legends here.  And for the first time, a concert performance was recorded during a transatlantic crossing.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines reports that their revenue has grown, while their earnings have fallen off.
  • A report suggests that cruise passengers are less concerned with the environmental conditions of the weather than they are about having fun at sea.
  • Oceania Cruises had a delightful celebration in Istanbul, Turkey this past week.  They are so happy because they have just received their brand new "m/s Nautica".  Who is now the 3rd fleet member of the fleet.  Congratulations and Welcome!
  • Arcalia Shipping's "m/v Funchal" suffered a port side engine failure.  She is in Safaga, Egypt awaiting repairs.  She is based out of Lisbon.
  • The former "S.S. Rotterdam" has departed Gibralter.  She is now anchored in the Bay of Cadiz.  Where she will remain until 10 Dec. where she will enter the drydock for service.
  • It has been reported that the former NCL "S.S. Norway" has been spotted deep out at sea, off of the coast of Singapore.  She was noticed while under tow of a tug.   Her destination is as yet a mystery.  We will keep you abreast of this, so stay tuned...
  • There are reports that the "m/v Explorer" and the "m/s Carinthia" still sit on the beaches of their final rusting place.  Their demises seem to be slow and sobering.
   Cruise Industry News - [21 Nov 2005]
  • The Cunard Line has a statement found in a Southampton paper saying that it's 37 year old "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" will be found in the near future sailing around.  They state also that they will indeed be refitting her as needed to keep her in compliance with the SOLAS rules through and past 2010. Hurray!!
  • There is an indication that the project for the Cunard Line is on hold.  The work has been stopped for the tentative new build  "m/s Queen Victoria".  There are rumours going around that she may become a Holland America ship or even possibly a fleet member for another of Carnival's subsidies.
  • Mediterranean Shipping Company's elegant liner "S.S. Monterey" will be returning for yet another season of cruises in April.
  • Another one bites the wind...  Tropical storm Gamma takes a bow and fizzles out.  Finally...
  • Radisson Seven Seas and Crystal Cruises were the first to deploy a fuel surcharge.  The next was the American West Steamboat Cruises.  This appears to be in response to the unnaturally high oil prices.
  • The government of Bermuda is building a small fast ferry.  It will provide service from  Hamilton to St. George's.  This is a new route opportunity.  The ferry is 125 feet (38.15m) long and can carry 350 passengers.
  • Holiday Kreuzfahrten's (German based) "m/s Mona Lisa" has changed her itinerary following the wake  of the Gulf hurricanes.  Primarily, Wilma.  The entire winter season has been called off.  She will resume her cruise activities in the Spring of 2006.
  • Polar Star Expeditions "m/v Polar Star" gets new satellite email system.
  • The SS Rotterdam Foundation reports that the "S.S. Rotterdam" is in Cadiz, Spain for clean-up and painting.
  • Cozumel welcomes cruise ships and their passengers to their shores once more.
  • The cruise market wishes CruiseCritic a happy 10th birthday.
  • The Star Cruises "m/s Superstar Libra" will be based in Malta during the summer 2006 season.  This is to avoid the Mumbai monsoon seasons.  The vessel is slated to be handled by the NCL brand.
  • Glacier Bay Cruise Lines has suspended it's complete 2006 season to continue to assist with the hurricane Katrina aid program.  See: http://www.glacierbaycruiseline.com/ for more information.
  • A service was held on Nov. 17th for a noted maritime collector Jan Loeff.  He worked for Silversea, Seabourn and even Sitmar cruises.  He is remembered for being a most kind and gentle person.  Our condolences to his family and friends.
  • MSC Cruises is planning to build a pair of very large cruise ships.  These 'titans' will be 1,092 feet by 125 feet.  They will be able to carry 3,887 passengers and employ 1,300 crew members.  They will come into service during the 2008 and 2009 cruise seasons.  Their names are "m/s MSC Serenata" and "m/s MSC Fantasia", they will weigh in at 133,500 gross tons each.
  • A report indicates that the Buckingham Palace has made an announcement saying that they have chartered the "m/s Hebridean Princess" for the 80th birthday celebration for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  The trip will take Her Majesty on a tour around Scotland.
   Cruise Industry News - [10 Nov 2005]
  • The once beautiful Chandris liner "S.S. Australis" is becoming only a faint glimpse.  There is a report that she is now in the throws of collapse.  Her port side section of the bow, has fallen in.  She is an unwilling victim of circumstances.  A tropical storm and an earthquake and mother nature.  She is only a remnant of her once splendid self.  For those of you who are strong enough, to view these very sad photos.  Visit: Denny Cleavely's Photo Gallery.  See also: S.S. Australis Home Page.
  • The former "m/v Rita" is on the beach in Alang, India being demolished.  Her scrapping process is well underway.  Only the primary portion of her hull of and superstructure now remain.  Her bow and stern are gone.  See: Shipping News Photos.
  • The Cunard Line will be getting a new managing director, Carol Marlow.  She has quite a background and is a graduate of the Southampton University.  She will be responsible for the Cunard brand a report states.
  • The new website www.midshipcentury.com will have many interesting maritime artefacts and pieces of memorabilia for sale.
  • There were reports of 'sonic weapon' being used to aid the escape of the Seabourn Cruises "m/s Seabourn Spirit".  We believe these reports to be merely rumours.  A passenger tell that a rocket missed a man.  And another tells that the cruise was an interesting adventure.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/v Norwegian Dream" has had one of her diesel engines fail.  The problem is being fixed.  Her current speed is limited to about 17 knots.  The problem is reported to be that a connecting rod came off of the #2 piston.  And has pushed out the side of the engine block.  The crankshaft is bent and the camshaft is damaged.  The primary delay is the wait for the camshaft maker (in Germany( to repair or replace the camshaft and send it on to the ship.  With the repairs completed, the ship will be able to return to her cruising speed of 19 knots.
   Cruise Industry News - [08 Nov 2005]
  • The Seabourn Cruise Lines "m/s Seabourn Spirit" which was attacked by pirates off of the coast of Somalia on Saturday was assisted by the US Navy in removing an unexploded rocket propelled grenade.  No one was harmed by the grenade, which appearantly didn't explode when it hit the ship.  2Oth Century Ocean Liners wishes to extend thanks to the captian for his very quick response to a potentially bad situation.  Well done!
  • A report suggests that the commercial shipping may get a reduction in the fees charged.  As a 'slump' is being felt.
   Cruise Industry News - [05 Nov 2005]
  • The European Commission and Costa Crociere are participating in a joint operation to monitor the quality of air while a vessel is at sea.  The "m/s CostaFortuna" has been fitted with an automatic air pollution monitoring station.  The ship will record the atmospheric conditions as she sails her regular mediterranean program.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Enchantment of The Seas" brought hurricane relief supplies to the hurricane stricken area of Cozumel, Mexico.
  • Sea Containers Ltd. the group leader and owner of the Silja Oy Ab and SeaStreak, a New Jersey to New York fast car ferry service.  The company is undergoing a 'major restructuring'.
  • Early this morning, at about 5:35 AM (local Somalia time) the Seabourn Cruise Lines "m/s Seabourn Spirit" was attacked by pirates attempting to hijack and board the ship.  The pirates did not succeed.  The captain took steps to prevent them from boarding the ship.  The cruise line stated to CNN that there was a passenger who was injured, but did not give any details.  The hijackers had two small 25 foot boats, with four or five pirates in each.  They had a rocket/grenade launcher and machine guns.  The pirates did fire upon the ship and it suffered minor damage.  She is currently bound for the Seychelles islands.
   Cruise Industry News - [01 Nov 2005]
  • Libya has banned US passengers from visiting the Libya area, because the US government denied a Libyan diplomat entry into the US.
  • Carnival Cruise Line's "m/v Carnival Destiny"  underwent a major multi million dollar renovation.  The vessel spent 21 days in the Freeport, Bahamas dry dock.  The "m/v Carnival Destiny" is a 101,353 ton ship.  She can carry 2,642 passengers.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s Pacific Star" is poised to sparkle when she arrives in Brisbane, in December.  She is under going a $20 million dollar refit.
  • In 2007 Holland America Line will be sailing the clear waters of the Sea of Cortez with 10 day sailings.
  • NCL announces new Godmother for "m/s Norwegian Jewel".  Mr. Donald Trumps wife Melania Trump seems to be the who got hired for the job.  This new 93,502 ton, $400 million dollar cruise ship will have a special ceremony on Nov. 3rd, 2005.
  • Crystal Cruises "m/v Crystal Serenity" will offer a world cruise in 2007.  See Crystal Cruises for more information.
  • Cunard has partnered with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts-Los Angeles (BAFTA/LA).  Cunard and BAFTA/LA will be offering new entertainment initiatives.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. third quarter earnings of 2005, $374.7 million dollars.
  • Boston, MA is looking at a project to upgrade and improve it's terminal and port facilities.  In the efforts to hopefully lure cruise lines to their area.
  • British Royal Navy snipers stopped a boat fleeing the authorities in the Caribbean.  The four men were trying to escape the law with £200 million pounds worth of cocaine.
   Cruise Industry News - [29 Oct 2005]
  • The Star Cruises "m/s SuperStar Virgo" makes her second rescue at sea, in two months.  Three crew members of a fishing boat were rescued in the Malacca Straits.
  • The Crystal cruises "m/s Crystal Serenity" abandons Barcelona, Spain and sails to Gibraltar for safety.
  • Celebrity Cruises says farewell to their "m/s Horizon".  Good luck to her in her new assignment.
  • Barcelona, Spain and other area ports reopen following the storms.
  • Glacier Bay Cruises has filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy and cancels it's 2006 season.
  • The former China Sea Cruises "m/s China Sea Discovery", a former Cunard line ship, is being towed to India.  She is the former "m/s Carinthia".  Her role / fate is not yet known if she will be broken up or if she will find work.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Holiday" is reported to be leaving it's current location bound for Pascagoula, MS.
  • The port of Cozumel, Mexico is  off of the itinerary list for awhile.  Due to the damage level and flooding suffered from the hurricane season.
  • The Florida ports of Miami, Everglades and Tampa were closed, due to the affects of the hurricane Wilma.  The Royal Caribbean ships "m/v Enchantment of The Seas", "m/v Mariner of The Seas", "m/v Majesty of The Seas" and "m/v Sovereign of The Seas" all had to cancel their calls to the affected port areas.  As well as the Carnival Cruise Lines ships "m/v Carnival Glory", "m/v Carnival Miracle", "m/v Carnival Victory", "m/v Celebration" and "m/v Elation".  NCL's "m/v Norwegian Dream" and "m/v Norwegian Sun" did also.
  • MSC Cruises "m/v MSC Musica" has been floated out (Oct. 22) and is now moored at the fitting out pier.  Congratulations!
  • The British billionaire, Sir Richard Branson (of Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Virgin Trains).  The comment given is  "It would be more towards something quite special rather than something at the lower end of the market."  But the idea of the venture is still in it's infancy and any kind of a final decision is many months out.  We will keep you posted on this, as it develops.
  • The 1952 built "S.S. Monterey" will be moving up the Lake Charles area in Louisiana, to become a temporary floating apartment building for those left homeless from the two unwelcome hurricanes from the Gulf.
   Cruise Industry News - [18 Oct 2005]
  • An Somali ship "Salam 95", carrying about 1,350 passengers and crew, collided with an Egyptian cargo ship.  One persona perished as a result.  Twenty others were injured during the stampede to evacuate the vessel.  The ship sank three hours later.
  • Students from the New Zealand Maritime School, will have the opportunity to someday be a captain of a Princess cruise ship.  In a deal with Princess Cruises, the school will receive scholarships for five of it's top students.
  • The Star Cruises "m/s Wasa Queen" was involved in a rescue at sea.  Six crew members from a local fishing vessel which sank needed to be picked up.  They were rescued and given medical attention, before being returned to Hong Kong.
  • Aker Finnyards Lifecycle Services has a deal with the Silja Line to modernize two of their ferries.  The 1990 built "m/s Silja Serenade" and the 1991 build "m/s Silja Symphony" will undergo modernization in January and February 2006.
  • A report suggests that the famous movie actor Marlon Brando had written a novel about pirates.  This has not yet been confirmed.
  Cruise Industry News - [13 Oct 2005]
  • The government of India has made a decision to open up the foreign direct investment (FDI) services to the cruise community.  Their Merchant Shipping Act will be revised to facilitate the ease of registration of the shipping companies who will wish to participate in this new opportunity.
  • Sodexho USA the nations leading food and facilities management company has made a deal with the Carnival Corp. to provide their 'towel animals' to hospitals.  A swan, dog and cobra are being made available for child patients.  The company is training the hospital staff to use the towel animals with the children.
  • Industry newcomer easyCruise, has announced that they have robust sales for their inaugural Caribbean sailings.
  • Holland America has made twelve cruises to the islands in the pacific available for the winter season.  For the 2006-2007 winter season, the 'Voyages of the Pacific' will be available.  See Holland America for details.
  • Executives at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines have appearantly changed their minds yet again.  A decision was made to drop the deck plans of their vessels from their brochures.  But in talks with the travel agents, Royal Caribbean has decided to put them back in.
  • Celebrity Cruises has dropped the 'Cirque du Soleil' program, which seems to have had a lack of interest.
  • Because of the labour strike situation in Marseille, France many ships calling there have made arrangements to visit other ports.
  • Delta Queen Steamboat Company has chartered it's "p/s American Queen" to a private and undisclosed party for 30 days.  In a secure deal, the ship has exited the Mississippi river into the Gulf of Mexico, bound for Texas.
  • The Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard was renamed today, to Aker Philadelphia Shipyard.  This is in keeping with the operating style of the Aker business family.
  • The Aker Finnyards of Finland, has said that they have a new order for Orphalese Global Strategies Inc.  The "Orphalese" will offer 200 permanent residential apartments and 265 commercial cruise suites.  The residential units will fetch USD$1.6 million to USD$10 million dollars.
  • Cunard is offering a celebratory world cruise to mark the anniversary of their first world cruise.  The cruise begins on Jan 10, 2007.  The "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" will sail a 108 day program, while her big sister "m/s Queen Mary 2" will cruise an 80 day program.  Visit Cunard for details.
  • Three catamaran passenger ferries will be built to serve on Lakshadweep in India.
  • The worlds longest pier has been destroyed by a fire, that was reported to have started in a bar that is on the pier.  The Southend pier in Essex, England is 1.34 miles long (2.16 km).  The pier which opened in 1889, had flames from the bar reported to be seen 30-40 feet (9.14m - 12.19m) in the night air.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Holiday" has decided to remain in Mobile, Alabama.  She is offering her services as an accommodation vessel for the hurricane relief efforts.  She is home to about 1,400 displaced persons.  She may move to a dock in Mississippi, once the Pascagoula terminal has been repaired.
  • The Ocean Liner Society will be holding their annual International Ship show for 2005.  It will be held on Sunday, October 16th, at 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  A trade show and lecture will be provided.  The location is: The Royal National Hotel, Woburn Place, Bloomsbury London, WC1H OJX.  Visit here for more details.
   Cruise Industry News - [05 Oct 2005]
  • Meyer Werft Shipbuilding in Germany has begun to lay the blocks for a new Norwegian Cruise Lines ship.  There are 67 such blocks in all.  Each weighs about 350 tons.  She is not yet named, she is only referred to as S.669.  She will debut in 2007.
  • Royal Caribbean International has made yet another move, to put a powerful and expansive system into practice.  Their fleet wide check in system is now online.  Their child company Celebrity Cruises also has the same ability.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises has redeployed their "m/v Grandeur of The Seas" to Tampa, Florida.
  • Carnival Cruises "m/v Fantasy" has undergone a multi-million dollar refurbishment.  And she has resumed her regular cruise schedule of three and four night cruises to the Bahamas.
  • The three member WindStar fleet has been given new amenities and enhancements.  The "m/s WindStar", "m/s WindSurf" and "m/s WindSpirit" will have their upgrades completed by 2007.
  • SilverSea Cruises will be having a world cruise, starting in January 2006 and ending in May.  The journey will begin in Florida and end in New York.
   Cruise Industry News - [04 Oct 2005]
  • A tour boat on Lake George, MI sank with the loss of about 20 persons.  The cause is suspected to be a another vessel.  Which left a substantial wake trail.  The result was the "Ethan Allen" capsized.  The ship has been raised and the authorities are investigating the accident.
  • Silja Line's "FinnJet" will serve as housing for the displaced for the faculty, staff and students of the Louisiana State University's medical school.
  • A fire on board the Romanian river cruiser "Oltenita" near Gabcikovo on the Danube.  120 passengers were evacuated, but it is reported that a famous singer lost her life.  Our condolences...  The fire caused the to partially break up and sink.
  • Louis Dreyfus Lines will operate a new ship from Portsmouth, UK to Le Havre, France.  The "m/s Norman Spirit" run the new route under the Italian flag.
   Cruise Industry News - [29 Sep 2005]
  • Carnival gets a new 112,000 GRT vessel.  The ship will enter service in 2008.
  • A river boat in the Amazon jungle struck a pair of barges.  The boat sank and those aboard have not been found.
  • The "n/s Savannah" is reportedly looking for a sponsor for preservation.
  • The French ferry "m/s Pascal Paoli" was hijacked by armed militants (terrorists?).  The local scene around the docks has been chaotic.  A military group hs been sent to deal with the problem.
  • The Cunard superliner "m/s Queen Mary 2" will undergo her first dry docking since her introduction in 2003.  Germany's Blohm & Voss has won the bid to perform the maintenance.  Cleaning and painting.
  • The Estonian ferry "m/s Regina Baltica" ran aground on the anniversary of the sinking of the Estonian ferry "m/s Estonia".  The ferry was able to free herself from the point of grounding around 1 Am the next morning.
  • A noted maritime author Gordon Ghareeb, was asked to write about the life of the "RMS Queen Elizabeth".  His work may be seen here.  This is done on the 67th anniversary of her launch.
  • Star Cruises of Japan has deployed a cruise ship into India for the first time.  The "m/v SuperStar Libra" is now based in Mumbai, India.  She spent three weeks in a Singapore shipyard being prepared for her new role.
  • OVDS of Norway has signed a deal with Fincantieri to build them a new cruise ship.  She will be due in Aug. 2007.
  • Two ships from the US Maritime Administration reserve (MarAd) fleet have been selected to go to the breakers.  Two ships from the James River, VA reserve fleet have been selected to go to the breakers.  The "Conneticut", "Nemasket", "Santa Lucia" and the "Pawcatuck" have been awarded.
  • Carnival will be offering new itineraries in 2006.  "m/v Holiday", "m/v Elation", "m/v Carnival Conquest", "m/v Ecstasy" and "m/v Sensation" will all have new programs.  See the Carnival website for more info.
  • No more "ArtShip".  The city of Oakland, CA had obtained control of the vessel and sold it, following it's eviction from the port.  The current owners Sanship are responsible for a barge that sank and a diesel spill cleanup.  The vessel may be scrapped.
  • The former "m/v Faithful" has been towed from her 20 year Los Angeles lay up to Alameda for rebuilding as a luxury yacht.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s Oriana" will visit the Red Rock terminal in Brooklyn, New York.  She will visit pier 12, which is off of Pioneer street.
   Cruise Industry News - [22 Sep 2005]
  • Carnival's two 'relief' ships for hurricane housing, "m/v Ecstasy" and "m/v Sensation" have taken temporary refuge in the Mobile, Alabama area, until hurricane Rita hits land and dies down.
  • Mercy Ships has provided "m/s Caribbean Mercy" for hurricane relief.  The ship is docked in Mobile, Alabama.
  • The "m/s Grand Latino" is slated to be named "m/s Boudicca" by Fred Olsen.
  • Costa Cruises has indicated that their new build "m/v Costa Serena", a 112,000 GRT ship is under construction.
  • P&O Cruises is going to receive a new fleet member soon.  The 116,000 GRT new build will be named "m/s Ventura".  She will be a 3,100 passenger capacity vessel.  A projected delivery of April 2008 is expected.
  • Princess Cruises will be receiving a new fleet member when their 110,00 GRT new build is complete.  When the construction of "m/v Emerald Princess" is done in 2007.
  • The "m/v Faithful" will be rebuilt as a private luxury yacht in the Alameda shipyard in California.
   Cruise Industry News - [16 Sep 2005]
  • The reports continue to show that the hurricane season in the North America region are still being an issue with the cruise industry's itineraries.  The cruise lines indicate that the bookings are steady despite the many big rainy storms out there.
  • The Princess Cruises "m/s Grand Princess" had developed a problem with her port side engines.  This caused a speed reduction, which in turn caused an itinerary change.  She was scheduled to depart from Venice on the 12th of September on time.
  • In the wake of hurricane Ophelia, the cruise lines have made some adjustments.  And their passengers need to take careful notice of the arrangements.  Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines have vessels moved to other ports, to avoid the wrath of the hurricane.  "m/v Fantasy", "m/v Sovereign of The Seas", "m/v Grandeur of The Seas" and "m/v Norwegian Dawn" have been moved.
  • In the latest 'Keep it clean' report, Seabourn's "m/v Seabourn Pride" was held over at Waterford, Ireland.  While inspectors checked on a reported issue in the engine room.  Seabourn has taken care of the problem.  And she is back in New York.
  • It has been reported that the passengers of a two Royal Caribbean cruises, returned to find their cars covered in a light grey mist.  Appearantly, a local Bayonne shipyard, failed to correct a fallen splash guard and their paint spray went out over the area, including over to the parking facility and covered more than 200 cars.
  • Delta Queen Steamboat Company passengers need to listen up.  Your fall and winter voyages have been changed.  You will need to visit the web site (link above) and contact the agent who booked your trip.  Due to the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans area will not be visited and many sailings are now cancelled.
  • Princess Cruises has expanded the ability to book a spa treatment online.  They have widened the fleet coverage for their passengers.  Just use your name and booking ID number.  Visit Princess Cruises for more info.
  • The 1975 built casino and cruise ship  "m/s St. Tropez" was sold at auction for USD$3.8 million dollars.
  • Japan Cruise Lines has sold their 1990 built "m/v Orient Venus" to South Korean interests.  She has already departed Osaka, Japan.
  • The 'relief ships' have made some itinerary adjustments.  Carnival's "m/v Ecstasy" and "m/v Sensation" have been moved from their Galveston moorings to New Orleans.  They will serve to house local personnel.  The "Ecstasy" will house the local law enforcement and their families.  And the "Sensation" will house the fire fighters and EMS staff and their families.  The charter is from the US government for a period of 6 months.
  • Louis Cruise Lines has been asked to consult for the easyCruise Line.  The company will assist in the lines planning for future expansion.
  • The Greek government has chartered the 1955 built "Ocean Monarch" to aid persons displaced in the wake of hurricane Katrina.
  • Three Canadian warships, prepared in Halifax have arrived in New Orleans.  They have brought personnel and equipment to assist in the rescue / aid efforts.  Thank you ladies and gentlemen!
  • A report states that the 1960 built "S.S. Oriana" will be broken up in Situ, China.
  • The US government has pulled 7 ships from the MARAD (US Maritime Administration) reserve fleet to aid in the recovery and relief efforts.
  • FEMA the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, has cancelled a plan to use cruise ships for the relief efforts.
  • The Holland-America Line has announced that they will be offering expanded cruises to the Alaskan waters.
  • MSC Cruises has announced that they will be sprinkling their Caribbean cruises with a distinct European flavour.
   Cruise Industry News - [6 Sep 2005]
  • Carnival's 'refugee' ships still await the evacuees.  The "m/v Ecstasy", "mv/ Sensation" and the "m/v Holiday" are poised to receive their hurricane survivors.  Also present is the "m/s Scotia Prince" car ferry.
  • Costa Cruises "m/v CostaConcordia" has been moved from her construction basin, where she was christened and floated out to her fitting out basin.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises loses 3 crew members to a sewage gas leak, this happened during a pipe replacement.  The gas is toxic and the crew were exposed to it.  The incident happened aboard the "m/v Monarch of The Seas".
  • A cruise ship in the Yangtze river sank over the weekend.  It was reported aground, the 163 passengers and crew were rescued from the stricken ship.  Following this, the "Galaxy No 2" broke up and sank.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s Pacific Sky" was aground near New Caledonia.  She was pulled from her land lock and moved to an anchorage not far away.  Initial inspections show she is okay.  An insurance inspector from Lloyd's will be arriving soon.  This is not the first trip ashore she has taken in recent years...
  • The Disney Cruise Line "m/v Disney Magic" has returned to her homeport of Port Canaveral, FL.  She is due on October 1st to be dry docked for two weeks, to undergo renovations.
   Cruise Industry News - [31 Aug 2005]
  • The US federal government has asked Carnival Corp. to provide ships as temporary housing for the victims of the Hurricane Katrina.  The cruise line has not yet made a decision on the matter, but they have indicated that they are thinking it over.
  • A report posted from a major news service indicates that there are concerns about disease.  Cholera and typhoid.  The diseases are found in places where poor sanitation or sewage management are present.  But, in this particular case, the wake of storm has created a potential health problem.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises made an announcement about one of the new features of the "m/v Freedom of The Seas".  The ship will have a it's own wave pool.  A 32 x 40 foot wave, with an incline of 45 degrees.  The water will be 3" inches thick and will flow at 30,000 gallons per minute.  The FlowRider system was designed by WaveLoch Inc.
  • A UK based news service has reported that the health inspections for some of the UK based cruise ships have been found to be very poor.  Cockroaches, year old meat, flies and poor hygiene etc. were found on random spot inspections.  The article indicates that a stronger standard of hygiene and cleanliness is required.  And that it would be nice to see the reports be made public, like the US does with CDC.
   Cruise Industry News - [28 Aug 2005]
  • Katrina causes diversions.  The following ships have been diverted for safety.  RCCL: "m/v Empress of The Seas", "m/v Majesty of The Seas" returned to the Port of Miami a day early, CCL: "m/v Imagination", "m/v Fascination" and NCL: "m/v Norwegian Dawn".
  • The Philippine ferry "m/v Dona Ramona" suffered a bomb blast at 7 AM Sunday morning.  The ship was docked at the Lamitan, Basilan.  The bomb, was an improvised device left on the counter.  It is strangely similar to a blast that killed over 100 passengers in February last year.  That incident was claimed by the Abu Sayyaf group.
  • The former P&O Cruises "S.S. Oriana" has been resold to Indian shipbreakers.  She will be moved shortly to a location suitable for breaking.  We bid her farewell...
  • Hanseatic Tours "m/s Hanseatic (IV)" was aground on 21 August.  The vessel has a 5 meter rip in her hull.  She is double bottomed and is not in any danger of sinking.  The ship now awaits repairs.
  • Holland America Lines "m/s Amsterdam" will enjoy a 105 day world cruise in 2007.
   Cruise Industry News - [25 Aug 2005]
  • A passenger onboard the "Lyubov Orlova" made a cell phone call to a relative in Italy and that person told the Coast Guard that the ship was in peril.  That comment was appearantly far from true.  The ships captain told the authorities when they contacted him that all was well.  The vessel was in a gale at the time.  No injuries were reported.
  • Costa Cruises "m/v CostaClassica", had a fire aboard.  She was in the Aegean Sea at the time the fire broke out.  A passenger reported seeing smoke, that was thought to be coming from one of the ships kitchens.  The damage caused by the fire is not yet known.  And the cause of the fire is being determined.  No injuries were reported.
  • A news article is indicating that the passengers who travel in the cruise market, are showing a strong preference towards the larger and more complex ships.  While there are many companies who have smaller and more intimate settings, the passenger preference seems to be driving the market to bigger and longer vessels.
  • The "R.M.S. Queen Mary" will play host to more lectures.  The RMS Foundation and the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles will be sponsoring a joint series on September 2nd to September 5th, 2005.  Please visit this line: www.queenmary.com, or call +1 (562): 435-3511 for reservations and information.
  • The "Rita" is on the beach at Alang, India and is being cut apart now.  A photo is available here. Farewell...
   Cruise Industry News - [19 Aug 2005]
  • Royal Caribbean's brand new floating metropolis has been floated out today.  She is the "m/v Freedom of The Seas".  She weighs in at 158,000 GRT.  And she is 1,112 feet long.  She is due to arrive in April of 2006.
  • Yesterday, was the birthday (so to speak) of the former Union Castle Liner "R.M.S. Windsor Castle".  But alas, she did not receive any fanfare.  For her special day, what she got instead was her a piece of her starboard side cut off that landed in the Alang mud with a big loud thud.
  • The Israeli Transportation Minister Meier Sheetrit gave an order that changed the docking locations of three in bound cruise ships.  The ministry had received intelligence that pointed to a potential terror plot, causing the vessels to be diverted.
  • On Tuesday there was a report that a vessel in the waters off of the coast of Columbia sank with the loss of most of the 120 persons aboard.  Coast Guard officials are looking into the incident.
  • The Cunard Line celebrated the 60th anniversary of VJ Day with the citizens of Southampton, England.  On 15 August 1945, the original "R.M.S. Queen Mary" was in the port of Southampton to tell everyone the news.  The war in Japan was over.  Well, to mark this special occasion, "m/v Queen Mary 2" had sounded her horns at 12 noon.  Just as the first "R.M.S. Queen Mary" did on that very special day.  The "m/v Queen Mary 2" has one of the original horns onboard!
  • The "m/s China Sea discovery" has been sold for scrapping.  Her age and condition, plus a noticeable list to one side seem to detract from her once striking appearance.
  • A deal has been struck between the Indian government and the officials of Star Cruises.  Their vessels will now be able to come into the port of Mumbai (Bombay), Goa and Lakshadweep.  They will also be able to be bunkered duty free.
  • The Estonian based ferry operator Tallink, has ordered a new 36,000 GRT ferry.  And they hold the option for a second ship.  Both will be capable of carrying 2,000 passengers and have a large automobile deck.
  • The United States Department of State has withdrawn it's current proposal to require persons travelling to the Caribbean from the US to posses a passport.  The proposal deadline was 31 December 2055.
  • The Disney Cruises "m/s Disney Magic" will undergo a make over in October.  She will spend ten days in dry dock and then return to service on October 15, 2005.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/v Norwegian Spirit" will undergo a refurbishment in October.  This 'surgical' process will be addressing a number of issues.  They range from adding new cabins to resolving many galley related problems.  She will even be receive a big screen display on the pool deck.
  • Many ports of call are being noted for indicating that the size of some the new ultra cruise ships is presenting some unique challenges.  The solution may be to modernize or renovate some of these ports to accommodate the new ships who wish to call on them.
   Cruise Industry News - [15 Aug 2005]
  • The rumours are going wild in Malaysia about the recently arrived "S.S. Norway".  The stories still are not clear about her status and future.  Some people are saying that the old girl is possibly going to be bound for the shores of Goa, India.  But these are not verified at this point.  For now, she's anchored in Port Klang.
  • A report suggests that the "m/s Scandinavia", the former "m/s Stella Polaris" may be scrapped.  She has been inactive in Japan for over 30 years.  She has not been drydocked since her lay up and her condition is not known.  The report says she needs much work.  There was a rumor that she be made active again.  We doubt this, because she is not in a condition to do so and the work to change this is too costly.
  • Carnival's "m/v Holiday" will remain at her current assignment at Mobile, Alabama.
  • There is a report that the former NCL "S.S. Norway" has arrived in Port Klang, Malaysia.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/v Norwegian Dream" was delayed in her arrival to Seattle this week when she was held by a Coast Guard vessel, following telephone call to the authorities stating that the vessel was running on only two of it's four engines.  The crew said they were working to fix the problem.  NCL officials stated that the ship has been experiencing some technical problems for several cruises.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines has taken delivery of their brand new "m/v Norwegian Jewel".  Congratulations and welcome!
  • Radisson Seven Seas Cruises has ceased it's Dolphin Encounter Excursions.
  • The Imperial Majesty Cruises "m/v Regal Empress" has won her second high score, following a surprise board of health sanitation inspection.  She received a 96.  The inspecting officer said this is the equivalent of a 100 for a ship this old.
  • Indian Ocean Cruises welcomes the "m/s Madagascar" to it's fleet for coastal cruising.  Congratulations.
  • The crew of a Lake Champlain vessel, rescued a dog found swimming alone.  It's owner seemed not to concerned by the actions of his pet.  The owner was observed cruising the lake without his dog...
  • The "m/s Andaman Princess" has been placed in lay up following the failure of the business that operated her, Siam Cruises.
  • Aida Cruises a Carnival company, has decided to transfer the "m/s AidaBlu" to their P&O/Princess subsidiary Ocean Village.
  • The port authority of Tanzania, the derelict "m/v Zahara" from her birth.  It's most likely that the vessel will be scrapped.
   Cruise Industry News - [5 Aug 2005]
  • The Russians have called for a rescue.  They have a mini submarine trapped in 190 meters of water.  The craft is tangled up some fishing nets and a cable.  The US rescue effort will attempt to free the sub before their oxygen runs out.  The British and other governments have been contacted and may provide an undisclosed level of assistance.
  • The mystery surrounding the disappearance of the passenger from the Royal Caribbean cruise ship "m/v Brilliance of The Seas" has seemed to deepen.  Authorities have begun to suspect that some form of foul play may be involved.
  • The "H.M.S. Medusa" has been saved it seems.  The foundation that looks after her, has been given a 1 million pound grant for her care.
  • The "m/s Caribbean Princess" was reported to have had some engine troubles that left her on reduced speeds.  This was following her call at St. Maarten.  Her engineering staff was working to repair the problem and she was expected to arrive in Ft. Lauderdale on time.
  • During a recent visit to Oslo, Norway, the "m/v Queen Mary 2" underwent a replacement of one of her two massive gas turbine engines.  This is to improve her speed and performance.
  • This past week the former "S.S. America" would have celebrated her 65th birthday.  The remains of her wreck is visible on the beach of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands.  Her last assignment was as the "S.S. Australis".
  • On Nov 8th, 1875, the "City of Waco" went down.  Reports say that there was an explosion onboard and then witnesses saw the ship in flames.  At the time, she was carrying (illegally) cases of Aster Oil, a lamp oil.  It has been suggested that the possibility may exist that she was struck by lightening.  By this has never been proven.  The wreck has been found once again.  She sits in about 40 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico.  A survey team has been looking into the aspects of preserving the wreck.  The ship was a Mallory Line vessel and was 242 feet long.  She worked on the New York to Galveston run.
  • The Spaceship Company, a British company.  Is owned by Sir. Richard Branson.  Is planning to design and build a 7 passenger space craft for commercial use.  If the initial development is successful, they then plan to built a small fleet of the space ships.
   Cruise Industry News - [26 Jul 2005]
  • Noted author, photographer and ship historian Peter Knego has a website coming, where visitors can purchase items and former furnishings from the ships who have now gone to their final end.  Stay tuned for about this...
  • The reports now say that the former "Rita" is on the beach.  She ran herself aground there under her own power.  In many ways, this is an irony.  A ship who was once afraid of the beach, now rushes towards it...
  • NorseMerchant Ferries new build "Lagan Viking" has made her maiden voyage.  She is assigned to the Birkenhead service. Congratulations and welcome.
   Cruise Industry News - [19 Jul 2005]
  • Carnival Cruise Lines has taken delivery of their brand new "m/v Carnival Liberty", she is the newest member of the Conquest class ships.  Carnival will have yet another new build joining their fleet in the spring of 2007 with the introduction of their new build "m/v Carnival Freedom".
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines American division NCL America gets their new "m/v Pride of America" which has arrived in Hawaiian waters the past weekend.  She will begin sailing around the islands in a week.  Congratulations and welcome!
  • A former Cunarder may goto the breakers.  She is in less than pristine condition and has a list now.  The once fine "m/v Carinthia" is a mere shadow of her former splendour.
   Cruise Industry News - [13 Jul 2005]
  • Celebrity Cruises has signed a letter of intent with the German shipbuilder Meyer-Werft to build a new superliner.  She is reported to be 117,000 GRT, 1,033 feet long, 121 feet wide and will carry about 2,850 passengers and have 1,300 crew.  This is Celebrity's first new build in several years.  The new build is not yet named.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has debuted their refitted "m/v Enchantment of The Seas".  She is now 989 feet long and now weighs in at 81,500 GRT.  She now has 151 more cabins and can carry 300 more passengers.  Her passenger capacity has been increased to 2,730.  She is sporting new pool areas, including a pair of 75 foot suspension bridges that are on either side of the vessel.  The new pool deck areas sport see through floors so you can look down at the ocean you are standing over.  Welcome back!
  • Aida Cruises has ordered a 68,500 GRT vessel, which will debut in 2008.  The ship is not yet named.
  • The inter island Sulpicio Lines ferry "m/v Princess of The World" burned on Saturday.  There are reports that there was an explosion in the engine room at about 12:05 PM.  Then the fire quickly spread and the ferry was then abandoned.  The 238 passengers and crew were with 6 sea Marshall's at the time.  The 10,000 GRT vessel was 53 nautical miles from the Philippines.  No injures were reported.
  • The former big red boat, "m/v Rita" remains reluctant.  The owners are waiting for the price of scrap metal to come back up to a point where they can make a little money off of the old girl.
  • The new 2,612 GT ferry was named on 3 Jul in Rothesay.  She is the seventh to carry the name "m/v Bute".  She can carry up to 60 cars.
  • A passenger, George Allen Smith IVof Greenwich, CT is missing.  The "m/v Brilliance of The Seas", a Royal Caribbean Cruises ship, made a stop in Turkey when the man was found to be absent.  Update: The search for the missing man has been called off.  The man was not able to be located.
  • The White Star Lines "R.M.S. Republic" sank on Saturday, January 23rd, 1909 following a collision in dense fog.  At the time she was carrying a payload of gold bullion.  It has been rumored to be a payroll, a payoff and many other things.  But it never has been found or proved.  But, recently Captain Martin Bayerle, is going to search for her.  The payload haas been estimated to be worth between USD$1.6 to USD$10 billion dollars.  It is believed that this ship was the true first vessel to ever use the SOS signal set, not the "R.M.S. Titanic" in 1912.
  • The "m/v Ambassador II" was appearantly robbed by three security guards after she docked.  About USD$100,000 was taken from slot machines onboard the ship.  The three men were arrested the following day after their shifts were done.  The ships is operated by the Sterling Casino Lines in Cape Canaveral, FL.
  • MSC Cruises has signed a letter of intent to purchase a new build.  The vessel will be built at the Alstom-Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in St. Nazarre, France.  The 130,000 GRT ship will have 1,600 cabins and carry 4,000 passengers and 1,300 crew.
  • The Carnival Cruise Lines (Carnival Corp.) was fined USD$97,500 for three different instances of paper work snafu's.  This had caused delays while their vessels were trying to dock.
  • Some Carnival employees are suing their employer for unpaid overtime wages.
   Cruise Industry News - [02 Jul 2005]
  • The former Holland America Liner "S.S. Rotterdam" has been sold by the s.s Rotterdam group.  They have gone bankrupt and the vessel has new owners.  The stately liner is now owned by a joint venture of the Steamship Rotterdam Foundation, a private investor.  The vessel remains tied at Gibralter awaiting a visit to the dry dock fo r asbestos abatement and refitting.  She will become an educational / housing ship in Rotterdam.
  • The BC Ferries "Queen of Oak Bay" lost power on Thursday morning a during procedure.  The vessel drifted into the neighboring marina area.  She collided with the piers and about 15-20 local small boats that were moored in Sewell's Marina, which is in Horseshoe Bay.  The ship sounded her horn and her crew dropped anchor in the efforts to stop her.  She was carrying 544 passengers and crew.  She also had 362 vehicles aboard.  No injuries were reported and divers checked the sunken and damaged boats for potential victims.
  • The "Royal Pacific" while at Kaohsiung harbour, during a refitting procedure she caught fire.  The vessel has capsized and sank at her berth near Taipei.  The 9,800 ton ships crew did not sustain any injuries.
   Cruise Industry News - [30 Jun 2005]
  • The Norwegian tourist ship "Polarstar" had run aground on Tuesday.  She managed to free herself during Tuesday evenings high tide.  No injuries were reported.
  • The former NCL "S.S. Norway" was observed in Cape Town as her tug "De Da" was refueling a report says.
  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ws present at the largest naval display for her review in over 40 years.  The Cunarders "m/s Queen Mary", "RMS Queen Elizabeth 2", "HMS Endurance", "HMS Invincible" and "HMS Cardiff" were also present.
  • Holland America Lines new build will debut in February 2006.  The new "m/s Noordam" will sail to the Caribbean from New York.  Cruises start 22 Feb 2006.  See the Holland America Line for more details.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises has expanded it's Pacific cruise itinerary for the 2006-2007 cruise season.  Fleet members "m/s Sapphire Princess", "m/s Island Princess", "m/s Tahitian Princess", "m/s Pacific Princess" and "m/s Dawn Princess" will all be participating in the new itinerary.
  • Actor Richard Dreyfuss posed for photo with the captain of the "m/s Queen Mary 2".  Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the film 'Jaws'.
   Cruise Industry News - [26 Jun 2005]
  • A female passenger has been reported missing from the Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Elation", the ship was on it's return run to Galveston, TX.  The vessel was off of the coast of Mexico, near Cozumel.  The woman was last seen around 11 AM on Friday.  If you have any information on her location contact the Mexican authorities or Carnival Cruise Lines at once.
  • Isambard Kingdom Brunel's "S.S. Great Britain" will debut again in Bristol, England.  The restoration and preservation project still needs to raise about GBP£300,000.  The project will also feature a tour and a museum.  Click [Here] for more information.  Brunel is famous for his 19th century steam ships.  The "S.S. Great Eastern" and "S.S. Great Western" laid cables across the North Atlantic, so that England and the United States could communicate via telegraph.
  • Peter Deilmann's "m/s Berlin" will be transferred to Saga Cruises.
  • The former "Margarita L." is displaying he reluctance to visit the breakers.  She has popped a fuel line, as a token of her desire to remain intact.  Good for you!
  • The former "Kronprins Harald", known now only as the "Medousa" has gone to the breakers in Alang, Turkey.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines names Mira Sorvino as godmother for their new "m/v Carnival Liberty".
  • Carnival Corporation reports that their second quarter earnings are up.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises has announced that they will be deploying the "m/s Pacific Princess" and the "m/s Sapphire Princess" into the Asian theater for the 2006 and 2007 cruising season, starting in May 2006.
  • The City of Sitka, Alaska is planning to add a tax on the passengers who visit there.  About USD$4-$6 dollars.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises has changed the dining experience onboard their "m/s Diamond Princess" and "m/s Sapphire Princess" ships.  It now matches the method used by their fleet mates.
  • Carnival's "m/v Carnival Glory" had a computer problem that caused their port paperwork not to be transmitted to the port authorities in St. Thomas.  This caused a delay in her arrival.  The captain extended their departure to 10:00 PM to allow passengers to have some time in the area.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines new NCL America ship "m/v Pride of america" was christened in New York this week.
  • Crystal Cruises joins Radisson Seven Seas Cruises by adding a fuel surcharge to the price of their fares.  About USD$4 per person per day, the final cost will be applied to the last payment.
   Cruise Industry News - [18 Jun 2005]
  • For all of the "S.S. Norway" fans out there, a friend of ours posted this link for photos of the old ship.  See the former Norwegian Cruise Liner right Here!
  • 25 passengers are suing Norwegian Cruise Lines for emotional distress they felt that they suffered while on a cruise bound back to New York.  The suit value is USD$100 million dollars.  The vessel "m/v Norwegian Dream" is registered in the Bahamas.  The Bahama Maritime Authority has cleared the Captain of any wrong doing and has closed it's case.
  • While on a cruise, the Carnival "m/v Holiday" was forced to make a course adjustment in order to avoid the tropical storm Arlene.
  • easyCruise and Peter Deilmann are both undergoing plans for expansion.
  • The "m/v Carnival Liberty" will debut pool side television.
A Public Service Announcement courtesy of 2Oth Century Ocean Liners
Turbulent Seas
It would seem that people do not understand the nature of ocean travel.  When you are aboard ship and are at sea, the rules change.  Mother nature and the waves are your new neighbors.  You must realize that sometimes the new neighbors aren't always friendly.  This is just part of the norm for a ship.  If you are not comfortable with the idea of being at sea in bad weather, or unstable seas then it is suggested that perhaps you might consider remaining ashore.  It is NOT the fault of the Captain, the crew of the vessel, the vessel itself or the cruise lines.  When you are at sea, you are in a different domain.  The earth is alive.  And from time to time it will flex it's might and let us all know it's there.  Large or rogue waves are the result of natural disasters or mother earth, not the cruise lines.  Use your common sense in those cases.

   Cruise Industry News - [15 Jun 2005]

  • A Japanese cruise ship "Jiangshan" caught fire at about 7:10 AM while the vessel was moored at the wharf.  There were no reports of casualties.
  • The reports say that the NCL "m/v Norwegian Jewel" vessel has been towed out of her construction basin at Meyer Werft in Germany and is headed for the fitting out area.  She has a debut scheduled for August this year.
  • The press reports that the "Detroit Princess" is scheduled to be available for service as early as next week.  We wish them every success.  For more info visit: http://www.detroitprincess.com/.
  • The Semester at Sea and the University of Pittsburgh have reached an agreement about the situation they both now face following the incident's of their vessels being attacked by rogue waves while at sea.  They will continue to provide shipboard learning until the end of the Spring 2006 semester.
  • Fred Olsen's "m/s Black Watch" is undergoing a major refitting.  She will be re-engined.  She will be given many new changes including new balconies and 14 new suites.  She will return to service on 23 July 2005.
  • The RMS Queen Mary Foundation has declined to pay the City of Long Beach USD$70,000 for the 4th of July fireworks celebrations.  The city would like a prepayment for the use of fire and police support.
   Cruise Industry News - [09 Jun 2005]
  • The Learning Channel (TLC) features a new series.  Drydock.  The guest star was Royal Caribbean's' "m/v Sovereign of The Seas".  It documents the process of a refit and drydock maintenance of a cruise ship.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Enchantment of The Seas" is in the drydock undergoing a stretching.  Her middle section is being separated to add a new 73' foot piece.  This will add new spaces and more cabins.  The process of a stretch will also increase her gross tonnage.
  • The Cunard "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" was involved in a near miss with a tug.  She was in Norway when the incident occurred.  The tug was assisting the ship on her stern, when the lines became too tight and the tug was pulled against the QE2and was rolled over onto it's side and began to sink.  While the ship was moving backwards.  After a very anxious moment or two, the tug resurfaced and it's crew is ok.
  • The US federal supreme court has delivered it's ruling on the Title III Americans with Disabilities Act.  The result of the ruling may require vessels sailing into US waters to make the necessary adjustments to their ships to be disabled compliant.  No comments from the cruise lines has been hear as yet.
  • NCL will be taking delivery of their new "m/v Pride of America" in just a little bit.  New York will play host for the naming ceremonies.  Congratulations.
  • Celebrity's "m/v Century" will visit dry dock in the spring next year and during this visit she will be given 314 new balconies.  This is to bring her into compliance with her sisters.
  • The "m/s Golden Princess" and the "m/s Pacific Princess" have been slated to be sailing in the South American waters for the winter 2006-2007.
  • A report has suggested that the old "Xanadu 2" is possibly going to be purchased by a Saudi doctor who is based in England.  Good luck to all.
  • Norway's Color Line is planning to build a super ferry, the "Color Magic".  The ship will have 1,021 cabins and 46 of them will suites.  The ferry will carry 750 cars and cruise at 22 knots.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises has filed a lawsuit against the French shipyard of Alstom-Chantiers de l'Atlantique and Rolls Royce.  For problems stemming from issues with their "mermaid" azipod systems.  The suit alleges that the pods have a design flaw causing premature component wear.  Several vessels in the Celebrity Cruises fleet are fitted with these pods.
  • Disney Cruises has moved their magic closer to home.  The "m/v Disney Magic" is sailing in the Pacific for the balance of the summer season.  She will return to the Atlantic waters in the fall.
  • The many faces of a princess seem to be role of the "m/s Sea Princess".  She was named "Adonia" for two years.  But now she claims her royal name once again.
  • The former P&O Liner "m/s Oriana" has been righted and inspected.  It seems to be that a recovery for her is too costly.  She is reported to be up for grabs to the breakers.
  • Reports from the UAE say that the former "Rita" is just hanging around.  The prices of steel are not making it possible for market users to turn a profit.  This appears to be creating a problem for the scrap metal dealers.
  • The former Danish train ferry "Kong Frederick IX" has been asked to leave the beach from Indian breakers.  She was placed there in an illegal manner according to reports.
  • The "Stella Polaris" may return from Japanese waters to make a comeback.  Reports suggest that the old ship may be headed for a shipyard for a refit.  Her future and the plans for her are not yet known.  Stay tuned for more on this...
  • There are reports that would suggest that the last vessels of the worlds older passenger ships are being sent to the breakers.  "Rita", "Red Boat", "Explorer", "Ricky", "DFDS Princess", "Belofin I", "Sea", "Sun" and the list grows.  The list of rumors about the former NCL "S.S. Norway" still persist.
   Cruise Industry News - [18 May 2005]
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises "m/v Enchantment of The Seas" was mauled by a nasty storm that damaged several cabins and broke out windows and caused water damage.  The vessel suffered no other damage and the ship was not carrying any passengers at the time of the incident.  She was just outside Rotterdam at the time of the attack.
  • The Asian Ship owners Forum (ASF) has met to discuss the ongoing problems faced by crews who are being put under attack by the areas piracy problems.  There are deaths, kidnappings or worse.  The ASF fears for the situation if something isn't done to curb this ongoing problem.
  • The "m/v Thomson Celebration" had to abort a cruise because the lavatories in a number of cabins were not working properly.  Some of the passengers were flown home and some stayed with the ship as she returned to port.
  • There seems to be some discontent amongst the crews of Cunard's "Queen Mary 2" and "Queen Elizabeth 2".  This is due to the fact that Cunard and Princess have moved some of the senior staff and officers around.  The current supposition is that Princess wants to class up their hotel image.
  • The "Big Red Boat" is circling the now former "Margarita L" while she awaits the prices of the scrap steel to level off and come up to a point where the vessels seller waits for the opportunity to make a profit on the sale.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines' (NCL) "S.S. Norway" will be towed by SMIT salvage to Singapore later this week.
   Cruise Industry News - [09 May 2005]
  • News about the "S.S. Norway".  Rumors place the old girl in Bremerhaven, Germany for the moment.  However, the story in the wind says she will be leaving next week for Singapore. She will do one of two possible things.  Serve as a hotel casino ship near the cruise terminal or, serve as a low speed cruise vessel.  We believe the latter to be a better job for her.  we also have concerns for her safety in the Singapore area.
  • Beach fun in Alang!  The "Ricky" is now on the beach.  The "Princess" is now on the beach and is undergoing her initial inspections.  The "Rita" is on her way to Alang.  The "Universe" is beached and is well demolished to about 1/3 of former self.  The "Explorer" is getting new attention from the wrecking crews.  And "Atlante" has been completely done, she is now gone...
  • CP Ships of Canada has decided to delete is older historic fleet names.  Their current 79 member fleet will be operated under one flag.  The lines getting the gate are: Canada Maritime, Cast, Contship, Italia, Lykes, TMM and ANZDL.
  • The "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" is celebrating her 36th birthday!  Happy Birthday "QE2"!
  • A Mirejet high speed passenger ferry struck a whale.  About 18 passengers and crew member were injured.  Among the injured 6 were hospitalized.  The Coast Guard has been notified of the incident and they are investigating it.
   Cruise Industry News - [30 Apr 2005]
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Grandeur of The Seas" suffered a 42 foot rip in her hull, just above the waterline during a docking in Mexico.  the weather was unstable and the seas were choppy.  This is labeled as a contributing factor to the incident.  No passengers or crew were harmed when she struck the pier.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines posts record earnings in the 1st quarter of 2005.  The increase is about 10% over the last quarter of 2004.  Profit's are up from USD$95.8 million dollars to USD$1.2 billion dollars.
  • Congratulations go out to AirBus.  For their successful test flight with their new A380.
  • The "m/v Rita" has passed through the Suez Canal on her way to the breakers.  She'll be missed.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) has canceled their order with Aker Yards.  The letter of intent was canceled by Star Cruises of Japan, the parent company of NCL.
  • Fred Olsen Cruise Lines has chosen a name for their new vessel, "Boudicca".  We look forward to seeing her.
  • NCL goes Hollywood.  The NBC television show "Live with Regis and Kelly" will make a live broadcast from the NCL America ship "m/v Pride of America".
  • NCL's "m/v Norwegian Dawn" is rumored to be making an appearance on the NBC television show, The Apprentice" which features it's host Donald Trump.
   Cruise Industry News - [17 Apr 2005]
  • The former Premeir Cruise Liner "Windsor Castle" now sailing out as "Rita" takes her final bow.  She is bound for the torches in Southern Asia.  She will be missed.
  • The "m/v Norwegian Dawn" gets a taste of the wrath of mother nature.  On Friday during her return to New York, she was caught up in very heavy seas.  At daybreak, she was struck blind side by a freak rouge wave that left the windows of two cabins broken out.  Flooded 62 cabins to such a point they were no longer usable.  And injured 4 passengers.  The ship was diverted into Charleston, SC for emergency repairs and to offload it's suffering passengers.  She will continue on later to New York following the repair work.
  • The new "m/s MSC Opera" will be based in Istanbul, Turkey and will serve ports in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Italy and Greece.  The ship will operate for MSC Cruises Turkiye.
   Cruise Industry News - [15 Apr 2005]
  • Stelios Haji-Ioannou's easyGroup has acquired the former Renaissance Cruise liner "Renaissance Two", she will be sailing as the "EasyCruiseOne" for the easyGroup.  The maiden voyage is planned for May 6th 2005.
  • The Japanese sailing ship "Kaiwo Maru" was wrecked during the typhoon Tokage.  She has suffered significant damage to her hull, when she was planted on the break waater.  The Red Cross rescued 167 people from the stricken ship.  She is undergoing repairs in the Yokohama drydock.
  • The former New York offices once held by the Cunard Line will become a museum for the National Sports Museum.  The former address of 25 Broadway is a 100,000 square foot office space, that will be remodeled and renovated in June and will be completed by November 2006.
  • Today in history: At 2:20 AM (GMT) the "RMS Titanic" sank after her collision with an iceberg.  1,503 persons perished and 752 persons were saved.
  • The hull #6131 being built in Italy's Fincantieri shipyard will be named "Emerald Princess".  She is reported to be an exact twin sister to the new Princess vessel "Crown Princess".  There reports that the third new build in the group will be named "Canberra" and will be assigned to P&O Cruises.
  • The new Hong Kong cruise ship terminal will be constructed on the site of the Kai Tak airport.  The plan is to begin building in 2008.
  • P&O Cruises has named their new "m/s Arcaida" in a spectacular ceremony held in Southampton.  Olympian Kelly Holmes named the ship.  "m/s Aurora" is expected to return to service following repairs in Germany, on April 21st.
  • The former "Odysseus" is rumored to be bound for Hong Kong or China to operate as a possible gambling ship.
  • 04/08: P&O Cruises "m/s Arcadia" makes her debut at the Mayflower Cruise Terminal.
  • 04/08: Star Cruises "m/v Superstar Libra" is going to be sailing from Mumbai, India.  This is a first for a western based cruise line, to be able to position a vessel here.
  • 04/07: Princess Cruises will transfer it's "m/s Regal Princess" to their UK subsidiary Ocean Village.
  • 04/06: The Scotia Prince Cruises ferry "Scotia Prince" is leaving Portland, ME following a dispute over toxic mold found in the cruise terminal last year.  The company has been handling passengers in a tent outside for their safely.
  • 04/06: Norwegian Cruise Lines is denying a claim made in a German newspaper that the "S.S. Norway" would be soon bound for the Malaysian theater.
  • 04/06: Holiday Kreuzfahrten GmbH has acquired the former Royal Olympic Cruises "m/v Olympia Countess".
  Cruise Industry News - [07 Apr 2005]
  • Crystal Cruise Lines "m/s Crystal Harmony" will be leaving their fleet.  Crystal will be transferring the ship to their parent company Nippon Yusen Kaisha in December 2005.
  • P&O Cruises a division of Carnival Corp. has indicated that their "m/s Pacific Sky" is the reason that there is a $0.02 dip in reported earnings.  Mechanical problems with the vessel are cited as the cause.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines has been named in a lawsuit filed in San Francisco, CA.  The plaintiff is a local travel agency.  The Blue World Travel Corp. is alleging that NCL was rumored to have mistreated their African American clients.  NCL has yet to respond publicly to this action.
  • Two passengers have filed a lawsuit against the Holland America Line.  Citing that the line had a severe level of problems with the vessel they sailed on.  Alleging that the conditions caused them to become ill.
   Cruise Industry News - [16 Mar 2005]
  • A news report is saying that the "Mirage I" has been purchased by an Israeli firm and will be chartered to the Magic 1 Cruise Line.  The ship will be operated under the charter from April 14th of this year until late October 2005.  The ship will be operated in the Middle Eastern markets.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has signed a letter of intent with the Finnish Aker Finnyards to construct their three new Freedom Class ships.  Each vessel will be 340m long (about 1,115 feet).  These will be the new 160,000 GRT class cruise ships and will debut in the next few years.  This new class will carry approximately 3,600 passengers and 1,400 crew.
  • Celebrity Cruises "m/s Horizon" will be transferred to the Island Cruises fleet in spring of 2006.  She will be renamed to "m/s Island Star".
  • Mediterranean Shipping Cruises "m/s Musica" will be cruising in the Caribbean in the 2006-2007 season.
  • A report about the cruise industry in the UK has suggested that the number of passengers taking cruises has quadrupled in the last decade.  This is a big indicator of the markets ability to attract the savvy cruise passenger to the idea of a vacation at sea.
  • Princess Cruises "m/s Crown Princess" will debut in the summer of 2006 and will be the first of it's kind to cruise from the port of New York to the Caribbean.
  • A report indicates that taking a cruise is still one of best vacation values out there.  Despite the fact the cruise industry has brought the prices up to pre-2001 levels, passengers continue to book their vacations.
   Cruise Industry News - [07 Mar 2005]
  • The former Hawaiian cruise ship "S.S. Independence" that was purchased by NCL for their subsidiary NCL America has been reported to be on the out list.  She is "too old" to continue.  NCL indicates that she will NOT be joining their fleet.  In the light of some recent developments we fear that their project with the "S.S. United States" may become in danger.
  • Almost 100 passengers have become sick on a cruise aboard Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Celebration" during a five day cruise from Jacksonville to Key West, FL and then onto the Bahamas.  The virus was identified as a norovirus.
  • Industry reports suggest that despite the rise in the cost of a cruise, the passengers continue to buy tickets...
   Cruise Industry News - [02 Mar 2005]
  • The Supreme Court is considering the decision of a case regarding the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is the 'Title III' section of this act, that is the most heated portion of this case.  It involves American citizens who may or may have not been mistreated aboard a cruise ship.  The citizens in question are disabled persons.
  • The "m/s Queen Mary 2" is now offering enrichment programs to it's transatlantic travelers.  The Chef's at Sea has been very popular, so Architectural Digest, The New Yorker and House and Garden magazines have teamed up with the Cunard Line to offer passengers a new venue of topics.
  • The word has been given.  The beautiful "S.S. Norway" is on the auction block.  She is being prepared for sale to the breakers.  A deadline for sale has been stated as 28 Feb 2005.  The former French liner may be cut up for scrap.  If anyone wants to save this magnificent legend, you must write to Norwegian Cruise Lines.  And be certain to voice to them your opinions about this process.  It's her last and only chance.
  • The City of Rotterdam awaits the arrival of their famous namesake liner "S.S. Rotterdam".  She is due to be stored there.
  • The City of Long Beach, CA is asking USD$3.45 million dollars from the operators of the former Cunarder "R.M.S. Queen Mary" for back rent since 2000.
  • The double decker passenger ferry "Maharaja" capsized in bed weather outside the City of Dhaka, Bangladesh.  The reports suggest she was carrying about 200 persons.  The report claims to say that about 75 persons have perished and that about 100 persons are still missing.
  • A ferry in Chinese waters collided with a freighter in foggy weather.  102 persons are reported as injured and 2 critically hurt.  The unnamed ferry was traveling to Tsing Yu.
  • Holland America Lines "m/s Zaandam" and "m/s Prinsendam" have been slated to have received the 'Touch of Excellence' upgrades.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises has made a change to the Labadee itinerary.  The port now includes a theme park.  A pirate based water theme park is now offered.  Contact Royal Caribbean Cruises for details.
  • Fred Olsen Cruises new acquisition will be named "m/s Boadicea".  She is the former Iberojet "m/s Grand Latino".  She will join a former fleet mate "m/v Royal Viking Star" from her days when they were both sailing with Royal Viking Cruises..
  • The now laid up "Kong Ferderick IX" is rumored to up for sale to the breakers.
  • The former "USS General William O. Darby" has left the reserve fleet for the breakers.
  • Iberojet's "m/s Voyager" is safe after being abused by violent storm.  Her crew was able to restore power to the ship and get her underway after 30 foot (10 meter) waves pumped salt water into her.  In late January her former fleet mate "m/s Explorer" was harmed in a similar fashion.
  • The Greek hospital ship (under charter) "m/s Ocean Monarch" was granted permission by the Sri Lankan Navy to begin her relief efforts.
  • Holland America Lines "m/s Amsterdam" spent the night in rough weather.  And a portion of her passengers were forced to spend the night ashore on the Falkland Islands, as the ship could not pick them up due to rough seas.  The local people were kind and generous and put the stranded passengers up for the night.  Thanks go to all who assisted the passengers and crew.  Well done.
  • The "R.M.S. Queen Mary" in Long Beach, CA is going to receive a large 22 foot model of the French liner "T.S.S. Normandie".  The model has an open port side, revealing her most fabulous interiors.  Also there is a fundraiser for the cost of the display case.  You can contact: RMS Queen Mary Foundation at 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA 90802-6390.  Attn: Lovetta Kramer.
  • The Maritime Safety Authority (MSA) has a concern for the "Aratere" as her crew appears to have difficulty in operating her in a safe manner.  Investigators are looking into this issue.
  • The owner of the SS United States Concervancy, Mike Alexander, one of the strongest and most public supporters of the former United States Lines "S.S. United States" has passed away.  He will be missed, our condolences to his family and friends...
  • The former Cunarder has returned to Southampton, England as the "m/s Saga Ruby" for Saga Cruises.  Congratulations and welcome back.
  • The state of Florida, USA was the host to the Super Bown this year and was low on hotel space.  So the following vessels receive credit for their participation as floating hotels.  "m/v Carnival Miracle", "m/v Seven Seas Navigator", "m/s Volendam", "m/s Zaandam", "m/s Zuiderdam" and the "m/s Silver Wind".  There presance provided nearly 8,000 hotel rooms.
  • The Greek chartered "m/s Ocean Monarch" has arrived in the tsunami stricken area of Sri Lanka in East Asia.
A Public Service Announcement courtesy of 2Oth Century Ocean Liners
Too Many Reports of Neglect
A news article from a couple of years ago has surfaced again, due to the legal case that is involved with the incident.  A group of disabled persons was traveling onboard a cruise ship and they were treated poorly by the crew of that vessel.  We don't appreciate ANY crew member treating ANY passenger as less than an equal.  This is regardless of their status.  The passenger(s) in question were disabled persons.  The safety and well being of ALL passengers is the direct and primary responsibility of ALL crew members.  Any crew member who is either not able to, or is not willing to assist passengers shoild resign his/her post and go ashore.  This kind of unprofessional conduct is NOT welcome aboard a cruise ship and should not be tolerated.  And if I were you I would adjust my attitude quick.  Crew members are also legally responsibe for their actions.  If a passenger dies as a result of your actions or your inaction, you can be charged with murder.  So get your act together folks.

   Cruise Industry News - [02 Feb 2005]

  • A Florida woman gets her purse returned after a strong gust rips it from her during a whale watching cruise in August 2004.  In late November 2004 a fisherman and his crew are fishing for flounder or haddock and their nets snag a purse from 600 feet below in the cold dark Atlantic.  His wife dries and wraps the contents and sends the contents to her.
  • The "m/v Explorer" while on a cruise for the 'Semester At Sea' program, is struck by a horrific rogue wave.  She was badly messed up by the wave, which broke out her bridge windows and poured salt water into her bridge and it's controls causing the ship to lose power for about two hours.  Finally her crew got the vessel underway and was able to move the vessel out of the area, at a speed of about 10 knots.
  • Ships on their way to the Beach-O-Doom.  "Tara", "Vortigern", "Krajlica Mira", "Kong Frederick IX", "Atlante", "Universe", "Ocean Explorer I".  In the meantime the "Rita" is making ready for her final trip.  They will be missed.
  • In a surprising move the "Tara" changes course for Bangladesh instead being bound for Alang, India.  It seems that the jaws of Alang have lost one...
  • The former "Stella Polaris" is rumored to be on the list for for sale.  She had been serving as a floating hotel, then later a restaurant in the foreground of Mt. Fujiyama.  She is to be sold for scrap.
  • The former P&O Cruise liner "m/s Oriana" is now upright, almost, except for a mild 3' degree list, which was due to some machinery and other equipment that shifted when she was attacked by a storm and became partially sunk.
  • The former "Alexander The Great" is now on the beach at Aliaga, Turkey.  The "Regina" and the "Tama" are now under demolition.  Farewell to them...
  • Radisson Seven Seas Cruises (RSSC) will cast the "m/v Radisson Diamond" loose on June 4, 2005.  She will be operated as a hotel-casino ship.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s Aurora" sailed from Southampton, England to Bremerhaven, Germany for a lengthy repair visit.  Her world cruise was canceled after severe problems with her propulsion system forced her to postpone and than finally cancel her world cruise.
  • Carnival Corp. is going to donate USD$3.2 million dollars to the Asian tsunami relief efforts.
  • The virus that is plaguing the cruise ships is reported to be the 'Norovirus'.  A virus found around the world.
   Cruise Industry News - [25 Jan 2005]
  • The former Royal Cruise Lines "m/v Royal Viking Sky" now sailing as the "m/v Grand Latino" will join the Fred Olsen fleet later this year, following an extensive refurbishment.  She will enter service in 2006.
  • The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have reported at least five outbreaks of a Norwalk like stomach illness aboard cruise ships this month alone (January).  Royal Caribbean's "m/v Enchantment of The Seas", "m/v Mariner of The Seas"; Holland-America's "m/s Veendam", "m/s Ryndam"; P&O/Princess Cruises "m/v Sun Princess".
  • Celebrity Cruises and P&O Cruises Australia both plan to start a cruise itinerary in the Asian theater.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) has made an agreement to have the famous 'Second City Troupe' be a guest spot on their "m/v Norwegian Dawn" on the round trip sailings based from New York City.
  • Celebrity Cruises is now offering a new feature called 'Celebrity Xpeditions'.  See [http://www.celebrity.com/home.do] for more details.
A Public Service Safety Announcement courtesy of 2Oth Century Ocean Liners
Make Your Trip A Healthy One
It has come to our attention that there are passengers or crew who are traveling while they are ill.  We ask that those persons who are sick to see their physician before traveling abroad.  And while you are on your trip, please observe the rules of proper cleanliness and sanitation practices to avoid becoming sick or making others become ill as a result.

   Cruise Industry News - [22 Jan 2005]

  • P&O Cruises "m/s Aurora" returned to Southampton after a cruise to nowhere.  The ship has been troubled by an engineering issue that forced the cancellation of her world cruise.  Her passengers set a new record of 36,515 bottles of alcohol consumption.
  • P&O Ferries "m/s Pride of Bilbao" had a small fire aboard, while she was docked at the A&P Dockyard in Falmouth, Devon.  The fire was luckily limited to a restaurant area and was quickly contained and put out.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Mariner of The Seas" is returning home to Port Canaveral with 229 sick passengers and 18 ill staff members.  Royal Caribbean has sent two additional doctors and a nurse to aid the vessel's suffering passengers and crew.
   Cruise Industry News - [20 Jan 2005]
  • A barge in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal caught fire after a boiler explored and ignited over 500,000 gallons of a petrolium oil byproduct.  The barge subsequently sank.  The local EPA and other officials are investigating the cause of the disaster.
  • P&O will donate over tons of fresh produce to a local Southampton based charity known as 'Scratch'.  Which helps families who are in financial trouble.  This comes in the aftermath of the cancellation of the world cruise for "m/v Aurora".
  • The "m/v Tara" a former Russian cruise vessel is now reported bound for the beaches of Alang, India for scrapping.
  • Carnival's "m/v Carnival Miracle" had to birth temporarily in an industrial district to take on her passenger.  A tanker was blocking the normal cruise channel in Tampa and with it there, the channel was to narrow for the "m/v Carnival Miracle" to pass safely along side it. Negotiations are underway to correct this problem in the future so it doesn't happen again.
  • Plans are moving forward for the Vision Quest Cruises a new company with Norwegian owners.  The reports suggest that the new builds could start with their first unit as soon as March 2005.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s Aurora" will be returning to Southampton, England.  Her world cruise has been canceled. Passengers will be given refunds and discounts on future cruises.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s Aurora" is continuing to undergo testing and trials to determine if the propulsion system repairs will be sufficient to allow her to go onto her world cruise.  She has been birthed in Southampton, England during this period.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines former "S.S. Norway" continues to be media headliner.  The 11th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia has upheld the ruling of a Miami judge saying the families of the deceased crew members will have to go to the Philippines to obtain their financial compensations.  The ship suffered a bad boiler explosion in May 2003.  The ship remains at lay up in Germany pending the resolution of the case and is awaiting possible sale.
  • The Kalkata Government is forming a group to study the influx of persons who take to the cruise market.  The study will be conducted in the local area.
   Cruise Industry News - [19 Jan 2005]
  • Happy 1st birthday to "m/s Queen Mary 2".  This graceful beauty is now a year old...
  • The Mayor and Governor of New York sigh a lease agreement to allow the renovation of the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, piers 11 and 12. In a deal worth USD$30 million dollars, the new project will help the area better hand much of the ongoing cruise traffic.
  • Catholic Priests are now going to be screened onboard cruise ships.  The Apostleship of the Sea of the United States in conjunction with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. This is being done to remove the possibility of fraudulent or unqualified Priests from performing services onboard cruise ships that call to United States ports.  The request comes from the Catholic church.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s Aurora" remains in Southampton, England due to problems with her propulsion system.  Repairs are ongoing.  A new date has not been released for her world cruise.
  • Cruise operators in the tsunami stricken Asian theater are working to return their vessels to service.  We ask that passengers please be patient while this process is being restored.  Ocean Princess Cruises and Siam Cruise Co. are planning a return to service shortly.
  • EasyCruise has changed it maiden itinerary structure due to the problems left by the late December tsunami.  The ship is scheduled to call directly from the shipyard that provided her overhaul.  Welcome "EasyCruise One".
  • Radisson's "m/v Seven Seas Navigator" had a small fire aboard while she was out at sea.  The fire was in the ships generator room and was quickly extinguished.  The vessel suffered only minor damage.  None of the passengers or crew members were injured.  The ship was adrift for 3 hours operating on emergency power until the main power and propulsion systems were brought back online.
  • 'Beach of Doom' lecture is a success.  PK Productions maritime lecture onboard the "R.M.S. Queen Mary" in Long Beach, CA was received well by the guests and noted visitors to the event.
   Cruise Industry News - [15 Jan 2005]
  • The BBC reports that a WWII that sank with 1,400 tons of explosives onboard is now a hazard.  Investigators estimate that sometime in the next decade (10 years) the possibility of an explosion from the wreck may occur.  A theoretical solution is to bury the wreck which is visible partly during the periods of low tide.  The wreck "USNS Richard Montgomery" sank during a storm and has since broken in two.
  • Chennai port in Asia has been surveyed since the tsunami struck.  The port is now about 2 meters deeper than it was previously.  The wave upon it's exit had taken the sediment with it.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s Aurora" will be 8 days late on her world cruise.  The delay is due to a propulsion problem.  Most of the 1,752 passengers have decided to remain onboard until the world cruise begins.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Holiday" has had her propulsion troubles fixed and she's back in action.
  • Star Clippers "m/s Star Flyer" and Seabourn Cruises "m/s Seabourn Spirit" will be returning to the Asian theater following a brief leave from the tsunami stricken area.
  • Mediterranean Shipping Cruises (MSC) is naming their two 90,000 ton new builds "MSC Musica" and "MSC Orchestra".
  • The P&O ferry "m/s European Highlander" was towed off the sand bank by two River Clyde tugs in high tide.  She then moved to her birth for inspection and to disembark her passengers and their cars.  She was later moved to Liverpool for dry docking and repairs to light damage.
  • The new Vision Quest Lines is planning 3 new vessels to cater to the business clients.  Each ship will carry 1,200 passengers.  Estimates on cost put them in the USD$1.6 billion dollar range.
  • P&O Cruises "m/s Aurora" was late in arriving due to technical difficulties while in the Atlantic.  This has caused a 1 day delay in her planned world cruise.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines is delaying the transfer of the "m/s Norwegian Sea" to the parent company fleet until later this year.  NCL is planning on moving six of the fleet members over to Star Cruises.  NCL has several new builds planned to replace it's current mid-size fleet.
  • The 1946 build "USNS Nelson M. Walker" has departed it's lay up station from Ft. Eustis, Virginia bound for Brownsville, TX for scrapping. A number of her sister ships will be going on a similar journey...
  • Imperial Majesty Cruise Line's "m/s Regal Empress" deserves a rousing applause.  She has earned her owners respect as she made the news with a record breaking USD$2.8 million for the fiscal year ending September 2004. Congratulations!
  • P&O's ferry "m/s European Highlander" was aground off the coast of Ireland near Larne.  100km gale force winds shoved her onto a sand bank about 100 yards from her birth.  the 98 people onboard are not reported as hurt.
  • The "m/s Caribe" is getting a new job.  She's been added to the new fleet of Classic International Cruises.  She will be sailing as the the "m/s Athena".  Welcome back!
  • The US government has sent the "USNS Mercy" into the tsunami blasted region of south Asia.  The ship will be a base of operations for many relief and support groups and will provide a poirt of origin for the military to coordinate with the non-military efforts.  The government of Greece has chartered the former "m/s Ocean Monarch" to assist in the aid effort in south Asis, the vessel is carrying tons of food and relief supplies to the hard struck region.
  • There is no word on the 24 year old male passenger who jumped from the deck of a cruise ship off of the coast in Australia.  The weather was strong with 30 knot winds and high swells.  We send our condolences to his family and friends...  Note to all passengers: DO NOT even attempt to jump off of a cruise ship.  You will lose your life...
   Cruise Industry News - [6 Jan 2005]
  • Carnival's New Years cruise to Mexico from Mobile, AL was a bust.  "m/v Holiday" had a mechanical problem with it's propulsion system (engines) and the cruise only got as far as the Gulf of Mexico, about 60 miles off of the coast of the US.  Passengers on the cruise, about 1,700 of them were unhappy.  Some people got a USD$100 dollar credit.  And some others got nothing.  We hop that the Carnival Corp. will take the time to be big about this and settle it properly and fairly.
  • Carnival Corp. is making significant changes to their fleet.  Costa Cruises is going to receive a 112,000 GT new build that for the moment doesn't have a name.  The ship is only identified in that it will be a sister ship to the "m/s Costa Concordia".
  • The Costa changes continue...  Carnival's former "m/v Tropicale" that was moved over to Costa will be moved yet again.  Into the fleet of P&O Cruises in Australia.  She will then sail as the "m/s Pacific Star".
  • The last and sole remaining ship from the White Star Line "S.S. Nomadic"; former owners of "R.M.S. Titanic" is in the news once more.  The reason simple.  She needs assistance to be preserved.  Her current owners are looking for person(s) who can help them to do this.  A petition has been posted to ask the government of France to lend it's aid to the aging ship.  We hope someone can help to save her.
   Cruise Industry News - [3 Jan 2005]
  • Star Cruises has made an itinerary change to avoid the tsunami stricken area indefinitely.
  • "The World" and the "Dolphin Renaissance" were delayed leaving Cape Town, South Africa due to strong winds.
  • Cunard's "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" was adrift and without power on Sunday morning.  After two hours the ship had her power back and was finally underway.  No injuries were reported.  The power failure happened at around 2:00 AM shipboard time.
  • The shipping in the Southeast Asia remains disrupted due to the enormity of the 9.5 earthquake that rocked the region on Sunday.
  • On Sunday December 26th 2005 the Southeast Asia area suffered a massive 9.5 earthquake near Sri Lanka.  The result was a tsunami caused by the uprise in the ocean floor, which rose up over 60 feet.  The wave was over 20 feet high.  This catastrophe has killed an estimated 155,000 people and left untold numbers homeless.
A Public Service Announcement courtesy of 2Oth Century Ocean Liners
Massive Earthquake and Tsunami Disrupt Shipping In East Asis
The area centered around Indonesia and Sri Lanka had a magnum earthquake on Sun Dec 26th 2004.  The result of this was catastrophic damage and loss of life.  The port areas there are closed.  No shipping traffic is allowed in the region.  The military has taken control of the maritime aspects of the area and cruise ships are not allowed there.  Some of the cruise lines have already started moving their itineraries to other locations, this is because the tourist areas are not available for use.  There is no power or clean running water.  And the region is an extreme disaster.  Stay tuned for more on this...

   Cruise Industry News - [1 Jan 2005]

           Happy New Year to all of you!

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