-=[ Cruise Ship News Archive - 2006 ]=-

   Cruise Industry News - [30 Dec 2006]
  • An Indonesian ferry "Senopati", sank today, during bad weather.  It is believed that the ferry may have been overloaded.  Reports suggest that the ship was taking on water. The passenger manifest states that the ferry had 542 persons on board, but rumours say the ship may have had as much as 850 persons.  The ship went down off of the coast of Java, at about midnight.
   Cruise Industry News - [24 Dec 2006]
  • Merry Christmas Everyone!
  • Alzoria Jones, 83, has reached an amazing milestone.  She has cruised on 100 Carnival cruises.  Wow!  The only other person to reach this incredible feat was Frances Mendin, back in October 2005.  Congratulations to you Mrs. Jones!
  • Royal Caribbean has named their new sister to the "m/v Liberty of The Seas".  She will be their new "m/v Independence of The Seas".  Congratulations, cool name!
  • Actress, Ms. Rosie O'Donnell is the Godmother for the new NCL "m/v Norwegian Pearl".  Ms O'Donnell was the host at the naming ceremonies.  Congratulations to all.
  • There is a story (rumour) going around that Carnival PLC might be considering starting a new cruise line.  To operate in their German / European areas.  The new company will be called, TUI Cruises, will be a sister company to the existing AIDA Cruises.
   Cruise Industry News - [14 Dec 2006]
  • Hurtigruten Group of Norway, is planning to sell two of it's older ships.  The "m/s Jupitor" and "m/s Norvik".
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) is considering a move to divest itself of it's child company Orient Line, which operates a single vessel, the "m/s Marco Polo" (1966).
  • Carnival PLC (UK) has exercised an option for two more ships for it's child companies.  Costa Cruises will receive a 92,700 GRT, 2,260 passenger ship.  Holland America will be getting an 86,000 GRT ship.  The two ships will be available for service in 2010.
  • For those who are anxiously awaiting a recent photo of the "Blue Lady", the former "S.S. Norway". Here it is!
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises had their "m/v Freedom of The Seas" cleaned, following a Norovirus like flu that hit the passengers and crew, a week ago.  The US CDC has a temporary 'No Sail' restriction on the ship.
  • The Holland America Cruises "m/s Ryndam" had an engineering problem, that left the ship stalled without power in the middle of the channel, just inside before the Skyway.  She spent the night at anchor, while her crew worked to resolve the problem.
   Cruise Industry News - [07 Dec 2006]
  • Peter Knego, a well known maritime photographer, author and lecturer will participate in a lecture aboard the berthed former "R.M.S. Queen Mary" in Long Beach, CA.  The lecture is scheduled for Mon, Jan 22nd 2007.  Please see the RMS Queen Mary Foundation for details.
  • News from Japan says that the tours for the still floating World War II era ship "Hikawa Maru" (NYK Line), is that the attraction will close.  It has been in decline in recent years.   We ask that they not scrap her, but to please find an alternative occupation.
  • "The Dream", the former "Song of norway" is now laid up at Dubai.
  • 338 Passengers and 46 crew from the Royal Caribbean Cruises "m/v Freedom of The Seas" were stricken by a Norovirus like ailment.
  • The 1955 built, "m/s Ocean Monarch" operated by Monarch Classic Cruises, has been replaced with the 1975 built, "m/s Ocean Countess" operated by Majestic International Cruises.  The reason is that the 'Countess' has a higher passenger capacity, 950 as opposed to 503.
  • There is a report which suggests, that with a court ruling, the "Blue Lady", the former "S.S. Norway" could be deported from India.  Due to her legal status, being believed to be illegal.
  • The former US Navy "USS Intrepid" aircraft carrier, will be moved on Tuesday, December 5th.  The berth where she has spent the last 24 years of her life, and the surrounding spaces has been dredged of 39,000+ cubic yards of Hudson silt and mud.  She will be moved to New Jersey where she will undergo a USD$60 million dollar refit and refurbishment.  She has served as a floating museum in lower Manhattan, NY.
  • Maritime legend Laurence Dunn, a painter, author and photographer. He had been the protector of ocean liner and maritime history, has passed away.  He was 96 years old.  Our deepest and sincerest condolences to his wife Jennifer.  He will be missed.
   Cruise Industry News - [30 Nov 2006]
  • The Kyma Ship Management, handlers of the "m/s Mona Lisa" have arranged for her to serve duty in the 2008 olympic games.  She will share the job of accommodation center with "m/s Ocean Majesty".
  • A report says the the 'Classic Trio' has been seen together.  The "m/s Arion", "m/s Athena" and "m/s Princess Danae" all have been observed at dry docks in Lisbon, Portugal.  It's really nice to hear that these beautiful ships are still together now and then...
  • No word has been given on the "Blue Lady".  The former "S.S. Norway" just sits there, as if in doubt of a future...
  • The reports from the beach are saying that the scrappings of "Al Salaam Pascoli" and "Al Salaam Manzoni" are well underway.  The recent arrival of "Monte" the former MSC Cruises "Monterey" will very soon be stripped and finally claimed by the maritime reapers.  The "Forest" is a just a block of keel and there is word yet on "Tropicana" or "Andaman Princess".
   Cruise Industry News - [28 Nov 2006]
  • The new Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/v Norwegian Pearl" has been delivered to NCL by her builder Meyer Werft in Germany.  The ship was handed over to NCL officials in Eemshaven, Holland.
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises Cruises, "m/v Seven Seas Voyager" has cancelled two upcoming cruises, two remain in the dry dock.  There are problems found with electrical connections to her motors that require repair.  The cruises on Nov. 30 and Dec. 4 have been scratched, in order to extend her stay in Freeport, Bahamas.
  • The 1976 built, expedition ship "m/s Lyubov Orlova" was rescued by the spanish navy ice breaker "m/s Las Palmas" following her grounding.
  • Tallink's new ice class ferry is named!  The wife of Lord Mayor Jussi Pajunen, she named the new ship "Star". Congratulations!
  • P&O Cruises says they will be changing the registry of their "m/s Oriana", built in 1996.  She is currently registered in Britain.  She will be re-registered in Bermuda.  For legal reasons, so marriages can be performed while aboard ship.
  • The BC Ferries "Queen of Prince Rupert" is out of work, while she undergoes repairs.  She had to have repairs a month ago, when her propellers were entangled in fishing nets.  She is expected to return shortly.
   Cruise Industry News - [21 Nov 2006]
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/v Norwegian Dawn" broke down, during her cruise to Florida and the Bahamas from New York.  She put into Norfolk, VA for repairs.  The ship had a problem with it's propulsion system, that required emergency repairs.  She was scheduled to depart Norfolk at 5:00 PM (EST) local time.
  • The Panamanian registered 4,000 Ton "Spring Auster" tanker, was struck by a Japanese submarine, the "Asahio" as it surfaced 30 miles off of the coast of Japan.  The sub suffered minor damage to it's tail fin, the damage to the tanker is not yet immediately known.  Neither crews were hurt in the incident.  The tanker was bound for China at the time.
  • Costa Cruises (Costa Crociere) is planning a 2006/2007 Caribbean season.  They call it 'Cruising Italian Style'.  Five ships of the Costa fleet will be participating on this tour.  They are: "m/s Costa Magica", "m/s Costa Mediterranea", "m/s Costa Atlantica", "m/s Costa Romantica" and "m/s Costa Fortuna".  See Costa for details.
  • Norwegian Coastal Voyages new "m/s Fram" was floated out over the weekend.
  • Ocenaia Cruises has made financial arrangements to purchase the ships it uses from the leasing agent.  The line has secured USD$400 million dollars.  The purchase will include the "m/s Regatta", "m/s Insignia" and "m/s Nautica".
  • Carnival Cruises' "m/v Carnival Liberty" sailed from Rome, Italy, on a 16 night transAtlantic cruise.  519 passengers and 141 crew members, had symptoms of Norovirus like gastrointestinal nature.
  • The December 10th sailing for Celebrity Cruises "m/v Millenium" has been cancelled to dry dock the ship, to replace a bad port side thrust bearing.
  • On November 17th the Cunard Line "m/s Queen Mary 2" sailed from the shipyards of Blohm & Voss in Hamburg, Germany.  And she did so with her fourth azipod installed.  It had been repaired following an accident in Jan 2006, which damaged it.  And it had been removed in May 2006 for service.  Her Mermaid azipod weighs 270 tons (of which she has four).
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/v Norwegian Majesty" has had her crankshaft bearing replaced.
  • Monarch Classic Cruises will operate out of Greece.  They have the 16,000 GRT "m/s Ocean Monarch" and the 11,724 GRT "m/s Blue Monarch".  Visit their web site here.
  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
   Cruise Industry News - [15 Nov 2006]
  • The Princess Cruises "m/v Royal Princess" has met her bigger fleet mate, the "m/v Emerald Princess".
  • The new partnership between Royal Caribbean Cruises and Pullmantur has now begun.
  • The newest member of Holland America Line will be named "m/s Eurodam", she is a 2,044 passenger ship which weighs in at 86,000 tons.  She scheduled to debut in the Summer of 2008.  The "m/s Eurodam" will be Holland America's 80th ship.
  • DFDS Seaways newest ferry, the 3,356 GRT, 1,200 passenger "m/s Princess of Norway" has begun sailing a route between Newcastle, UK and Stavanger, Haugesund and Bergen.  She is scheduled for a UK£5 million refit.
  • Aker Yards announced that is has signed an E400 million euro, agreement to build two 'Super Ferries' for the Stena Line (Stena Rederi AB).  Both to be available in 2010.  Each will be 787 feet long (240m) by 104 feet wide (32m), and will weigh in at 62,000 GRT.
   Cruise Industry News - [08 Nov 2006]
  • A 42 year old male passenger, is missing from the Carnival Cruises "m/v Carnival Conquest".  It was reported that he was attempting to climb between balconies.  The ship was 110 nautical miles SouthEast of Sabine, TX.  The incident happened at around 11:00 PM CST.  No sign of him was found by either the ship's crew or the US Coast Guard.
  • An elderly man is missing from the Celebrity Cruises "m/v Century".  She was off the coast of Portugal.  A search has not yielded any trace of the missing passenger.
  • Seabourn Cruises has announced that they have a new President & CEO.  Pamela C. Conover has been given the assignment. Congratulations to her.
  • The former MSC Cruises "m/s Monterey" has arrived in Alang, India for break-up.
  • Reports say that the former NCL "S.S. Norway" is still sitting keel deep on the muddy beach of Alang, India.  No other information is available.
   Cruise Industry News - [05 Nov 2006]
  • We have some exciting news, for all of you. 2Oth Century Ocean Liners, has been on the internet for eight amazing years now.  And...  We have had this past year, over 108,000+ web pages viewed.
  • The world's largest container ship ever built has left her builder in Gotherburg, Sweden.  She is the "m/v Emma Maersk", she weighs in at a whopping 190,400 GRT.  Reports say that she is bringing Christmas to all of those in need around the world.  She also has the distinction of being the only ship to have the largest diesel engine ever made.  Picture.
  • The former (now retired) "USS Intrepid", an aircraft carrier built in 1943, is getting an overhaul.  That will take two years two complete.  See FoxNews article Here.
  • NCL's new build "m/v Norwegian Pearl", has a delayed departure, from her builder Meyer Werft, in Germany.  This is due to the fact that the vessel needs to pass down a waterway, over which hangs an electrical cable.  A 380,00 volt power cable.  During an attempt for the vessel to leave, the power  line was temporarily turned off.  This caused black outs to many countries, including: Belgium, France, Spain, parts of Holland, Austria, Italy and even Morocco today.
  • During a water swell in George Town, Cayman Islands, the Royal Caribbean's "m/v Enchantment of The Seas" moved, while at anchor.  She dragged her anchor over 300 yards before running into a moored barge.  She now has dents fore and aft, and has a 300 meter scratch down her port side.  The 1997 built, 81,500 GRT ship had her passengers ashore at the time of the incident, which happened at 10:30 AM local time.
  • The hotel ship "Green Coast" was reported to have capsized at her moorings in Luanda.  She was the last survivor of the Soviet 'Mikhail Kalinin' class.
  • Maritime writer Gordon Ghareeb was aboard the Holland America "m/s Zaandam" when the 6.7 earthquake hit the Hawaiian Islands.  He said the ship shook.  She was at anchor in Kona harbor.
  • Seabourn is having a busy and stress filled year.  They have made the move to build two new ships, and at the same time, have lost their CEO.  Deborah L. Natansohn past away from a heart attack.  Our condolences to her family and friends.  And our hearts go out to her colleagues at Seabourn cruises.
  • The Finnish ferry "m/s Nordlandia" was pushed onto a quayside by high winds.  The ship was carrying about 2,000 passengers were aboard.
  • Celebrity will acquire the "m/s Blue Dream" from Pullmantur.  She will become the "m/v Celebrity Journey" and join fleet mate "m/v Celebrity Xpedition" on the Celebrity Xpdetion brand.  Celebrity's "m/v Zenith" will move to the Pullmantur brand.  No name for her has been given yet.
  • A 'NoroVirus' caused the cancellation of three cruise for the "s/v Mississippi Queen".
   Cruise Industry News - [29 Oct 2006]
  • The "Aliaga Sun" has just beached at Aliaga, Turkey.  She is the former "Achilleus".  She is to be scrapped.
  • The British Maritime Investigation Board has released it's findings on the March fire aboard the "m/s Star Princess".  They say that a cigarette caused the blaze.  And that upgrades to the safety systems are needed.  Which Carnival Corp has agreed and responded to.
  • NCL America names Rosie O'Donnell as GodMother for "m/v Norwegian Pearl".
  • The Panama Canal Authority and the Panamanian people have voted 'Yes' to back the expansion project of the Panama Canal.
   Cruise Industry News - [22 Oct 2006]
  • The German day cruiser "Adler Dania" was fired upon by a Polish Coast Guard ship, who demanded to inspect the duty free alcohol and cigarette supplies.  This has caused a diplomatic incident.
  • The NCL America "m/v Pride of America" dragged a Kona channel buoy.  Her azipod snagged the buoy chain.  The buoy was worth about USD$6,000.  No reports of damage to the ship, the buoy is missing and has been replaced.
  • Hawaii is rocked by a Magnitude 6.7 earthquake.  At 7:07 AM local Hawaii time.  Power is out state wide.
  • Ambassadors International, Inc. has announced that they have acquired the 2000 built "m/s Columbia Queen".
   Cruise Industry News - [15 Oct 2006]
  • Holland America Line's "m/s Oosterdam" had suffered damage to her port azipod.  This caused excessive engine room smoke.  She was forced to cancel her Mexican Riviera cruise and return to San Diego for repairs a day early.
  • MSC Cruises has sold their "m/s Monterey", her funnel logos have been removed and her name has been reduced to "m/s Monte".  It is speculated that she has taken on ballast and is bound for Dubai for possible breaking.
  • In a ceremony at the Meyer Werft yard in Papenburg, Germany.  The steel for the new "m/v Celebrity Solstice".
  • Cunard has announced that Captain Paul Wright will be the Captain of the new "m/s Queen Victoria".  Congratulations to you sir.
  • NCL America, NOAA, Sea Life Park and KSSK radio in Honolulu released turtles from the "m/v Pride of Hawaii".
   Cruise Industry News - [08 Oct 2006]
  • The Disney Cruises "m/v Disney Wonder" is getting a refit and makeover at the BAE Systems in Norfolk, VA.
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia gets a bronze statue of Cunard's founding father, Samuel J. Cunard.  Congratulations.
  • Dredgers hit solid rock in Michigan.  They were digging out the Sault Ste. Marie.  So the Great Lakes Cruise Co. ferry "m/s Columbus" could visit.  But, she will have to moor across the river.
   Cruise Industry News - [01 Oct 2006]
  • The upper 9' feet of the former Holland America Lines' "S.S. Rotterdam" mast was saved by her former Captain.  And is slated to be bound for her, so it can be reattached during her restoration.
   Cruise Industry News - [28 Sep 2006]
  • The first of four ships has been 'floated up', the Aida Cruises "m/s AidaDiva" is in her floating construction basin in Papenburg, Germany at Meyer Werft.  Meyer Werft is scheduled to build her three more sisters.
  • Great Lakes Cruise Company has had to have dredging done, because their "m/s Columbus" scraped bottom.
  • Irving Shipbuilding Inc. has won a construction contract from Pearl Sea Cruises, in Connecticut.  They are an offshore affiliate to American Cruise Lines.
  • DFDS Ferries has purchased the "m/s Fjord Norway" from the Fjord Line.
  • New theory's are reported in the UK about the "RMS Titanic".  Reports are suggesting that her wrought iron rivets contained over 9 percent slag.  And that this flaw weekend the rivets by 3 percent.  A National Geographic Special is reported to be in development on this subject.
   Cruise Industry News - [21 Sep 2006]
  • Germany's Holiday-Kreuzfahrten has announced they are going into bankruptcy.  The "m/s Mona Lisa" and the "m/s Lili Marleen" may be put on auction, depending on the results of the companies actions.
  • BC Ferries Inc, has recently purchased the TT Lines "m/s Sonia".
  • The Italian ferry operator Moby, has acquired it's rival Lloyd Sardegna.  Moby is reported to have agreed to purchase the DFDS Ferries "m/s Princess of Scandinavia", a sister ship to the Moby "m/s Prince of Scandinavia".
  • MSC Cruises floats out their new "m/s MSC Orchestra" at the Aker France yards.  See photos Here.
  • The Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft shipyard in Germany is building the first of three Super C-class ferries for  BC Ferries Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  The 1st of the three ferries, will be "m/s Coastal Renaissance".  Then the "m/s Coastal Inspiration" and finally "m/s Coastal Celebration".
  •    Cruise Industry News - [14 Sep 2006]
    • The Navy Liberty ship "USS John W. Brown" was at the Colonna's Shipyard for her annual check-up and was photographed adjacent the "n/s Savannah".
    • The "n/s Savannah" is undergoing her phase-1 preservation work, at Colonna's Shipyard Inc in Norfolk, Virgina.
    • The "m/v Argyle" was launched by the Remontowa Group in Gdansk, Poland.  She had the fortune to see her sister "m/v Bute".  They work for Hebridean & Clyde Ferries.
    • Indian Ocean Cruises begins sailing from Goa, India in October, to the Lakshadweep Islands.  They have the former Epirotiki Cruises 1965 built "m/s Jason", now sailing as "m/s Ocean Odyssey".
    • The former "S.S. Rotterdam" has been towed from Gdansk, Poland to Wilhelmshaven, Germany for further repairs and restoration work, including more asbestos removal.
    • Corsica Ferries, has purchased the TT-Line ferry "m/s Spirit of Tasmania III".  They have renamed her "m/s Mega Express".  Congratulations!
    • MSC Cruises, has marked two very important milestones in their construction projects.  First, they have launched their new "m/s MSC Orchestra", and second, on the same day...  They have started to cut the steel for their new build "m/s MSC Fantasia". Congratulations!
       Cruise Industry News - [07 Sep 2006]
    • Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL), has ordered two new and very large ships, and the contract does include an option for a third vessel.  The new order is with Aker Finnyards France (Chantiers de L'Atlantique) St. Nazaire, France.  Both vessels are 4,200 passengers and weigh in at 150,000 GRT.  They are presented as the post-Panamax class of Freestyle cruising for US, Caribbean and Europe.  Debut's will be Fall 2009 and sometime in 2010.
       Cruise Industry News - [03 Sep 2006]
    • On January 6th, 2008 the new Cunard Line "m/s Queen Victoria" will make her maiden debut.  On January 13th, 2008 she will join her sister 'Queens' in a famous tradition.  Visiting New York.  She will meet up with "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" for an Atlantic crossing, and then both of them will join their big sister, "m/s Queen Mary 2" for a gala welcoming in the Big Apple.  This historic occasion will put three Cunard 'Queen's' together for the first time in history of the maritime community. QM2 has met QM,QE2 and QM2 have been together, and when QV arrives, she and her sisters will be together for a very exciting welcoming event.
    • The former Bergen Line "m/s Stella Polaris" has gone.  She sank wile under tow to China.   She was reportedly taking on water.  She now lies in about 270 feet (70m) of the Pacific.  This happened early on September 2nd.
       Cruise Industry News - [31 Aug 2006]
    • Crystal Cruises has announced that they will begin yet  another multi million dollar refurbishment / renovation of their "m/s Crystal  Symphony". This will include 416 staterooms, many of the public areas and the penthouses suite styles will be brought to more rooms. The dry docking will begin on October 31st, 2006 and will last until November 12th, 2006.
    • Royal Caribbean has announced that they have acquired the Spanish Cruise Line Pullmantur.  Prior to completion of the deal, Pullmantur will have to sever is services to the Cuban marketplace, per US law.
    • The former "m/s Stella Polaris" has been made ready, and will soon depart Japan for Sweden.
    • Disney Cruises has announced that both the "m/v Disney Magic" and "m/v Disney Wonder" will receive upgrades to their stateroom amenities, inclusive of personal items and bedding.
    • P&O Cruises has announced that they have laid the keel for their new 116,000 GRT ship "m/s Ventura".
    • A ferry in the Red Sea, the "m/s Cleopatra" was rescued by a tug, after it had an engine failure.  It was towed back to it's Saudi home port.
       Cruise Industry News - [28 Aug 2006]
    • A female senior assistant purser aboard Princess Cruises "m/s Sapphire Princess" was found to have her cash box out of balance.  To make matters worse, she had a cash box full of money in her cabin...
    • A female passenger, who was allegedly sexually assaulted while onboard Royal Caribbean's "m/v Vision of The Seas" has filed a law suit.  A report suggests, that the female passenger and her story don't exactly add up...
    • The Alaskan vote has passed the measure to add a USD$50 tax to the cruises in the region.
    • Carnival Cruises "m/v Fascination" will return from a month long drydocking with new features and upgrades.
    • The west locks of the Panama Canal, have been given a dry overhaul.
    • MSC Cruises "m/s MSC Orchestra" is under construction at the Aker Finnyard France (Chantiers d'la Atlantique). The reports say, that she has already achieved two important build milestones. Her funnel has arrived from it's manufacturer as well.  She is expected to debut in April 2007.
    • The former Bergen Line "m/s Stella Polaris" is preparing to leave Japan.  There are two pictures of her. Photo1 and Photo2.  The pictures are Copyright © 2006: By Ken Murayama.
    • The Beirut based, Abou Merhi Lines "m/s Orient Queen" will be either leased / purchased by Louis Cruise Lines.
    • Louis Cruise Lines and easyCruise have made an exclusive deal to operate the easyCruise franchise in the Mediterranean.
    • The US Maritime Administration has announced that four former US victory class ships will be scrapped.  They are: "S.S. Barnard Victory", "S.S. Hannibal Victory", "S.S. Sioux Falls Victory" and "S.S. Occidental Victory".  The ships are from the VC2-S-AP2 class.  Built in California between 1944 - 1946.
    • The 1927 built, former Bergen Line "S.S. Stella Polaris" is being sold to Swedish interests, PETRO-FAST AB.  The ship had served as a floating restaurant for over 30 years.  She is now being prepared to be towed to Sweden.
    • The port of New Orleans, LA seems to be open for business.  A new USD$37 million dollar cruise terminal will be completed by September.  Four cruise ships will call here, they are NCL's "m/v Norwegian Sun", Carnival Cruises "m/v Fantasy" and next year two more will join them, Royal Caribbean's "m/v Grandeur of The Seas" and Carnival Cruises "m/v Carnival Triumph".
    • A noted US maritime author has passed away, Mr. Edwin Dunbaugh.  He wrote 'The New England Steamship Company: Long Island Sound Night Boats in the Twentieth Century."
    • The word in Gdansk, Poland is that the "S.S. Rotterdam" will not be going to Russia.
    • The former American Export Lines' "S.S. Texas Clipper" will become an artificial reef.  In a project operated by MARAD.
    • Hornblower Marine Services has purchased the two vessels built for the American Classic Voyages Co., plans for them went belly up following the companies collapse in Sep. 2001.  Both "l/s Cape May Light" and "l/s Cape Cod Light" will work for Hornblower.  The deployment information has not yet been disclosed.
    • Holland America Line has made plans to have their "m/s Westerdam" and "m/s Oosterdam" be operated on shore based power systems, while in Alaska.  This is in the effort to be environmentally friendly.  Plans are being developed also with the "m/s Zaandam".
    • Celebrity Cruises "m/v Summit" has appearantly caught a whale.  While cruising, a humpback whale was found to be stuck on her bulbous bow.  The whale is estimated to be 25-30 feet in length.  It is believed the whale was already deceased.  The ship did not sustain any damage, nor was her passengers or crew injured.  The incident happened in Seward, Alaska.
       Cruise Industry News - [18 Aug 2006]
    • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Celebration" will be entering the drydock in Nassau, Bahamas for repairs to her propeller and propulsion system that was damaged during a manoeuvre in which she came into contact with the harbour bottom.
    • ALANG, India -- 2Oth Century Ocean Liners The former Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway" is reported to be on the beach, with a portion of her now dirty keel visible.  It has been our hope, that she would be able to escape this awful fate.  You can see images of her here:  Image-1 and Image-2.  Please note that the images are Copyrighted and are NOT for distribution or sale.
    • Holland America Line want's to be all washed up.  So, they are working to be environmentally friendly.  Including having their ships who visit Seattle, WA use shore based power at a cost of USD$5,000 per call.
    • Carnival Cruise Line's "m/v Carnival Triumph" will begin sailings from the 'Big Easy' in the fall of 2007.  SeeCarnival Cruise Lines for more details.
    • The missing female passenger, who had disappeared from the Royal Caribbean "m/v Voyager of The Seas", her body was recovered of the coast of Italy.  Our condolences to her family and friends...
    • The environmental advocates are continuing to argue about the dismantling of the "Blue Lady"...
    • Carnival Cruises "m/v Celebration" while in Nassau, Bahamas, struck the harbour floor.  This has damaged her propulsion system and spilled 53 gallons of lubricant into the clear blue...  She is now bound for her homeport of Jacksonville, Floida.  She will be inspected upon her return and repaired when arrangements for this can be made.
    • The "Blue Lady" remains in thepublic eye and on everyones' minds.  She has been reported to be on the beach in Alang, India.  It isn't known yet, as to when the scrapping process will commence.
    • The "Princesa Marissa" has been chartered again by the government of Canada to remove it's citizens from the now war torn area of Lebanon.
    • The former Holland America Liner "S.S. Rotterdam", now retired from service, is under going restoration in Gdansk, Poland.  She wll soon be towed to Kaliningrad, Russia where the restoration work will continue.
    • The research vessel "Odyssey Voyager" is reported to have been gutted by a fire, which may have started in the engine room.  The cause is not currently known.  Two members of her crew are reported as injured.
    • The Cunard 'Queens' will now carry a postbox for the Royal Mail.  The "m/s Queen Mary 2", "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2", and the new build "m/s Queen Victoria" will also carry one upon her entry to service.
    • There is continuing controversy over the sale and disposition of the former NCL "S.S. Norway".  She was the former French Line flagship "T.S.S. France".  She is loved the world over.  Her eligance and beauty are familliar to all.  Now, she is at odds with the Reaper.  She is still floating as of August 12th.
    • It seems that Celebrity Cruises "m/s Infinity" is out of action, or at least for now.  Problems with her Mermaid azipod systems have forced her to be placed in dry dock for repairs.  She'll return to duty on September 24th.
       Cruise Industry News - [09 Aug 2006]
    • The world's only nuclear passenger ship, the "n/s Savannah" may in fact be able to be saved.  Plans are underway to preserve this fine ship.  She will undergo all of the necessary maintenace and rapairs that she needs.  And then she will be moved to a place where her 40 year old nulcear reactor will be removed.  It is hoped that she can be a fixture of our American heritage for all to enjoy.
    • It would seem that the historic "City of Adelaide", built in Sunderland in 1864, may have a patron.  A plan is in the making to save the fine old sailing ship.
    • The two giant newbuilds have been floated out.  Costa Cruises "m/s Costa Serena" and the new Royal Caribbean "m/v Liberty of The Seas".  Both vessels, share twin sisters.  But don't confuse them!
       Cruise Industry News - [02 Aug 2006]
    • The Supreme Court of India has granted the Gujarat Maritime Board permission to beach and break the former NCL ship "S.S. Norway".  She will be beached sometime today.
    • The Southern California Branch of Steamship Historical Society, held a lecture on ship models, their construction and use.  The lecture took place aboard the former "R.M.S. Queen Mary" in Long Beach, CA.
    • easyCruise has announced their plans for a second ship, to be named "EasyCruise Two".  Following this, the first ship will be revamped to keep with the plans for the second.
       Cruise Industry News - [28 Jul 2006]
    • The word on the "Blue Lady" is, that she does in fact have about 1,240 tons of embedded asbestos materials onboard.  The court as conducted by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB), says that they are equipped to handle the problem locally.
    • A compromise, has been reached with the Polish government over the nesting Swallow's whom have taken up residence onboard the former Holland America Liner "S.S. Rotterdam".  Her asbestos will be removed by crane, to the freighter "Celica" upon her arrival on Jul 30th.
    • The old Star Ferry icon in Hong Kong, will be demolished.  Along wi the pier to make way for a coastal road and shopping center.  A new terminal will be constructed some 200 meters away which will house the clock which is in the old Star Ferry icon.
    • Princess Cruises has posted a letter on their web site, which closes the list incident of their "m/s Crown Princess".  It indicates that the cause of the list, was human error.  And that they have made the necessary and appropriate personnel changes.
    • It has been reported in the press the Turkish Transport Minister, says that Turkish ships evacuationg Turkish persons from the Beirut area, was harassed by Israeli forces, which opened fire on them, shooting across their bows.
    • Nesting Swallow's trap the former "S.S. Rotterdam" in the port of Gdansk, Poland.
    • A tug boat art show is going on in New York City.  For details please see: www.photographicnyc.com.
    • Princess Cruises "m/s Crown Princess" has arrived in New York, safe and sound.
    • The Lebanin evacuations, are finally coming to a close...
    • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, has boarded the 1964 built car ferry "Comumba", now the "m/v Hebridean Princess".
    • The evacuation of persons continues from Lebanon...
       Cruise Industry News - [21 Jul 2006]
    • The new Princess Cruises "m/s Crown Princess" is bound for New York, her homeport.  She has departed Port Canaveral, FL on a deadhead run, without passengers.
    • The former Holland America liner "S.S. Rotterdam" is in Gdansk, Poland for her phase I restoration work.  The area governor has asked her to leave.  Stay tuned for more on this story...
    • Louis Cruise Lines "m/v Serenade" will be joining the mass exodus efforts in Beirut to evacuate American citizens to more friendly places.
    • Additional charter ships and military evacuation ships have joined in the mass exodus from the middle east.  They include: Saudi owned "Rahmah", US Navy ships include: "USS Iwo Jima", "USS Nashville", "USS Trenton", "USS Whidbey Island", "USS Mount Whitney", "USS Barry", "USNS Big Horn", "USS Gonzales" which is already on station in Beirut.
    • The new Princess Cruises "m/s Crown Princess" has headed back to port, following a severe list to her starboard side (right).  She was able to become level again, and then return to port.  Many passengers are reported injured.
    • The governments of Canada and Sweden have chartered ships to move their citizens from the Beirut area to Larnaca.
    • The British Navy is assisting in evacuating it's citizens out of Beirut to Cyprus, Greece.  The "HMS Gloucester", "HMS York", "HMS Illustrious", "HMS Bulwark" and the "RFA fort Victoria".
    • Foreigners evacuate from Lebanon, as the region becomes to grow more politically unstable.  Fighting and conflicts are breaking out in the region and it is advisable for non citizens to leave the area.  A mass exodus is underway by sea.  Participants include the Italian destroyer "Durand De La Penne", Lane Lines ferry "Ierapetra L", the US government chartered "Orient Queen" will evacuate American citizens under escort of the US Navy.
       Cruise Industry News - [14 Jul 2006]
    • The inspection report for the "Blue Lady" has been filed.
    • Star Cruises "m/v Superstar Libra" has been moved to her new homeport in Waletta, Malta from India.
    • The new "Xin Los Angeles" is reported to be the largest container ship to call at the port of Los Angeles, CA.  She is 1,105 feet long, 149 feet wide and 9,600 TEU.  She's owned by China Shipping Container Lines.
    • The last and final surviving ship of the White Star Line, is being moved from France to Ulster, Ireland.  The "S.S. Nomadic" served as a passenger tender to the famous "RMS Titanic" and "RMS Olympic".
    • Corsica Ferries has purchased the "Spirit of Tasmania III" for AU$111 million.
    • NorthLink Ferries, "Caledonian" and "MacBrayne" will be serving the run between Shetland and the Orkney Isles.  The contract is for a six year span.
    • The "Blue Lady" has been inspected by the officials in India.
    • Fred Olsen Cruises, has purchased the Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/v Norwegian Crown", her new name will be "m/s Balmoral".
    • BC Ferries will replace their now 26 year old "Queen of Stawwassen".  Vancouver Shipyards has been given the contract to build the 100m, 3,500 GRT ferry that will carry 125 cars.
       Cruise Industry News - [07 Jul 2006]
    • Rough weather is causing a delay in the inspection of "Blue Lady", the former "S.S. Norway" in India.
    • The Silja Line and the Tallink Group are planning to merge together.  It's not clear yet, who will be parent half, and which line will remain.  So stay tuned for details on this story...
    • The crew of Star Cruises "m/v Superstar Virgo" spotted three men in the waters of the Malacca Straits.  Their boat had sunk.  She deployed a smoke buoy to aid rescue efforts to find the men.
    • New Zealand's Bluebridge ferry company, has a problem with a vessel they want to acquire.  The "Monte Stello" has been found to have a fault in one of it's engines.  Parts have been requested to repair the problem.  Her arrival is being delayed.
    • Costa Crociere's "m/v Costa Allegra" will be sailing 5 night cruises from China.
       Cruise Industry News - [30 Jul 2006]
    • Costa Crociere took delivery of their 11th ship.  The brand new "m/v Costa Concordia" was handed over to Costa by her builders at the Fincantieri Sestri Ponente shipyard in Italy.  Congratulations!...
    • A report says that the "Blue Lady" is now off of the coast of Gujarat, India.  She is at anchor, awaiting inspection.  You can see a photo of her at anchor, by clicking Here.  The photo is Copyright (c) 2006: by Amit Dave & Reuters news service.  The photo and article are on MSNBC.
    • Italian actress Sophia Loren, has named the MSC Cruises "m/v MSC Musica".  Congratulations!...
    • The Moby Lines is suing the Tirrenia ferry company, citing that the Captain of the ferry "m/v Nuraghes" did not aid in the rescue of passengers, following the collision in thick fog.  This is equal to "hit and run..."
       Cruise Industry News - [28 Jun 2006]
    • The former "33 Orientales" has arrived at the beaches of Alang, India for scrapping.
    • The fate / status of the former "S.S. Norway", now the "Blue Lady", is the subject of much talk and controversy.
    • Two ferries collided during thick fog off of the coast of Olbia, Sardinia.  The 37,536 GRT, Tirrenia ferry "m/v Nuraghes" struck the port side of the Moby Lines 9,120 GRT "m/v Moby Fantasy".  The passengers of both ships have been transferred to other vessels.  The "m/v Moby Fantasy" was reported to be taking on water and was being towed to Golfo Aranci.  Both vessels suffered damage in the collision.
       Cruise Industry News - [21 Jun 2006]
    • MSC Cruises, has taken delivery of their brand new "m/v MSC Musica".  Congratulations!...
    • The famous shipyard of Harland & Wolff, in Northern Belfast, Ireland has been reported to have applied to the government for a scrap license, for the purposes of shipbreaking.  This is an unexpected move, since H&W is known for their beautiful ships.
       Cruise Industry News - [14 Jun 2006]
    • TV celebrity Martha Stewart has christened the new "m/s Crown Princess" for Princess Cruises. Congratulations!...
    • Carnival Corp, is going to build more new ships, for two of their European brands.  Aida Cruises and Costa Crociere.  Aida will receive a 68,500 GRT ship in 2010.  Costa will receive a 92,700 GRT ship due in 2009.  Aida has three ships on order already.  They are due in 2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively.
    • NCL's "m/v Norwegian Crown" is aground on a sandbar.  No serious damage was reported, nor any injuries.  She was later towed off of the sandbar.
       Cruise Industry News - [07 Jun 2006]
    • The old "S.S. Nobska", a coastal steamer built in 1925 is going to the breakers.
    • Holland America's "m/s Noordam" rescued 22 people from the Aegean Sea following the sinking of their boat.
    • The former "S.S. Norway" will be placed on the beach of Alang, India for scrapping in just a few days.  The "Blue Lady" will become yet another victim of the demolition men.  We bid a fond farewell to our old friend...
    • The former Isle of Man steamer "S.S. Manxman" is in her 11th hour.  She will be scrapped if no one will quickly help her.  Funding is needed desperately...  Visit the: S.S. Manxman.
    • The Cunarders are popular!   The "m/s Queen Mary 2" and her sister "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2" have both been seen on television this past two weeks.
    • Aker Yards has signed it's merger agreement with the Alstom Marine in Paris.  Aker has 15 yards in 6 countries and over 16,000 employees.  They are one of largest shipbuilders in the world.
    • Princess Cruises "m/s Sea Princess" has returned to port, cutting a cruise short, following a viral outbreak onboard.  200 passengers became sick with a Norovirus like illness.
    • The new 113,000 GRT, 3,080 passenger "m/s Crown Princess" has been delivered to Princess Cruises.
    • Celebrity Cruises "m/v Century" has returned to service, following a tidy USD$55 million dollar refitting at the Palermo shipyards of Fincantieri.  The five week refit includes: 314 new verandas, 14 new suites, 10 new staterooms, a new speciality restaurant and an upgraded and enlarged Spa facility.  She is now sailing a series of speciality cruises in the Mediterranean area.  She will arrive in Miami, FL in November this year.
       Cruise Industry News - [29 May 2006]
    • NCL America's brand new "m/v Pride of Hawaii" has arrived in the Hawaiian Islands.
    • The "m/v Van Gogh" was detained in Harwich following a serious viral outbreak.
    • The chairman of Star Cruises is reported to have made a remark regarding the "S.S. United States", which Star/NCL purchased two years ago.  The comment indicated that the magnificent liner will be returning to service either following or during the time of construction of two additional new builds for NCL America.  This is very welcome news to much of the maritime community!
    • The former American Hawaii Cruises "S.S. Independence" was observed having her name changed to "S.S. Oceanic".  She worked for the American Export Line originally.  In summer 2004, she was purchased by NCL.
       Cruise Industry News - [22 May 2006]
    • The brand new NCL America "m/v Pride of Hawaii" has arrived in Los Angeles, CA.  The 93,000 GRT, 2,400 passenger ship is bound next for the islands of Hawaii.
    • The Fincantieri shipyard in Marghera, Italy has laid the keel for the new Cunard "m/s Queen Victoria".
    • More news on the "S.S. Blue Lady" is bound for somewhere?...  And is undergoing legal battles over her asbestos.
    • Louis Cruise Line's "m/s Ausonia" was renamed to "Ivory".
    • The Maritime & Coast guard Agency (MCA) in the UK, has impounded the "Vistamar" for what was deemed "serious safety deficiencies."
       Cruise Industry News - [15 May 2006]
    • Costa Cruises has announced that their "m/v Costa Allegra" will be repositioned to China.
    • Celebrity Cruises has announced, that it has cancelled the May 20 sailing of their "m/v Summit" due to a problem with the propulsion pods.  She will require an unscheduled dry docking to repair the problem.
    • Royal Caribbean's brand new "m/v Freedom of The Seas" has arrived in New York.  She was formally dedicated whilst near the Statue of Liberty.  She will then visit Boston and head on to her new home port of Miami, FL.
       Cruise Industry News - [06 May 2006]
    • The "S.S. Blue Lady", formerly the "S.S. Norway" has left her Port Klang, Malaysia anchorage under tow, for the beaches of Alang, India.  She is expected to arrive June 1st.
    • Louis Cruise Line's "m/v Calypso" had an engine room fire in the English channel, 20 miles off of Beachy Head.  All of the 708 passengers and crew are safe following the fire.  The ship is under tow by the "Anglican Monarch" and she is due to arrive in Southampton at 7:30 PM.  The ship had sent a mayday at 3:50 AM at the time of the fire.
       Cruise Industry News - [29 Apr 2006]
    • There are 34 vessels, totalling 3,510,600 million GRT of ships on order...  Isn't it wonderful!
    • Holland America is celebrating their brand new "m/s Noordam".  Congratulations and welcome!
    • Reports say that the "Blue Lady" the former "S.S. Norway" is due on the beach of Alang, India in just a short time.  The report also mentions the former Premier Cruise Lines "Big Red Boat II" is now broken down to her funnels.
    • The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (UK) has issued a 'Strong Warning' to the cruise lines.  The International Maritime Organization, which regulates the cruise ships and maritime safety needs to extend the coverage of the law to include exterior balcony spaces along with the standard interior spaces.
    • Royal Caribbean's new "m/v Freedom of The Seas" has left her German shipbuilder Blohm & Voss, for Oslo, Norway.  She has departed on April 25th.  She will make a short stop in Southampton, England before she will finally cross the Atlantic Ocean bound for America.
       Cruise Industry News - [22 Apr 2006]
    • Princess Cruises has issued a press statement, on the March 23rd "m/s Star Princess" fire at sea.  "Although no definitive cause of the fire has yet been determined, we can confirm that the fire did start on one of the ship's balconies, and spread to other balconies."  Many of the cruise lines, continue to keep a watch on their ships, for signs of trouble or for signs of fires.
    • The American Canadian Caribbean Line has decided to retire their 1994 built "Niagra" this fall.  She will then be sold to generate revenue, for three colleges, which are: Rhode Island College, Roger Williams University and Wentworth Institute of Technology.  The ships estimated value is about USD$6.5 million dollars.  The colleges will then sell the ship and divide the proceeds.
    • American Cruise Lines has announced that their new build "American Star" will enter service in May 2007 and will carry 100 passengers on the Chesapeake Bay.
    • NCL America has taken delivery of their new "m/v Pride of Hawaii" in a hand over ceremony in Eemshaven, Holland.  The new 93,500 GRT ship will enter service on June 5th.
    • Royal Caribbean is celebrating their new "m/v Freedom of The Seas", as she will make her maiden transatlantic voyage to the United States from Oslo, Norway.  Congratulations and welcome!  She is 1,112 feet long (339m) x 184 feet (56m), and weighs in at 154,407 GRT, and can carry 4,375 passengers. Her entry claims the title of largest cruise ship from Cunards "m/v Queen Mary 2", QM2 is longer, but slimmer and she carries only 2,630 passengers.
       Cruise Industry News - [15 Apr 2006]
    • The new NCL America "m/v Pride of Hawaii" is bound for Papenburg, Germany Meyer Werft shipyard to have her azipod bearings replaced.  NCL says this will not affect her delivery schedule.
    • The Metro Gallery in Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA held an art exhibition of 30 pieces of fine maritime art.
    • Cunards "R.M.S. Queen Mary" held a dinner in honour and memory of the 94th anniversary of the sinking of the "R.M.S. Titanic".
    • Ambassadors Cruise Group, has declared it's intentions to purchase the Delta Queen Steamboat Co. from it's current owner Delaware North Cos.  The combined fleet will be; "Delta Queen", "Mississippi Queen", "American Queen", "Queen of The West" and the "Empress of The North".
       Cruise Industry News - [08 Apr 2006]
    • Princess Cruises has announced the placement of it's 113,000 GRT new building, the "m/s Emerald Princess", currently being built at the Fincantieri Shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy, will debut next April (2007) on a 12 night cruise from Rome.
    • NCL's brand new "m/v Pride of Hawaii" has left the Blohm & Voss Shipyard in Hamburg, Germany following the completion of her final inspection. She will be formally handed over to her NCL at the end of April.
    • The Panama Canal Authority has approved a US$7.5 billion plan to update the existing canal, and finally widen it.  The Panama Canal was built between the late end of the 19th century and 1914. The Panamanian government is expected to approve the proposed plan, which will take about seven years to conclude. The money for the project will come from the the purchase of canal fee tickets and some loans.
    • Cunard's new "m/s Queen Mary 2" will make her maiden call at the new USD$52 million dollar terminal facility in Brooklyn, on Saturday, 15 April 2006. She will no longer call at the historic midtown Manhattan New York Passenger Ship Terminal. The new 162,000 square foot facility will be her new home.
    • Princess Cruises new "m/s Crown Princess", a 113,000 GRT cruise liner, has completed her first preliminary set of sea trials, now that her propulsion systems and manoeuvring machinery (thrusters) have been installed. The tests were conducted by the Fincantieri Shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy, the shipyard that is constructing the new Princess.  A tentative maiden voyage date of 14 June 2006 has been given by Princess Cruises.
    • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is considering the name "Endeavour of the Seas" for the new sister to the "m/s Freedom of The Seas", which is due in the spring of 2007.  We'll keep you posted on this...
       Cruise Industry News - [31 Mar 2006]
    • A broken sewer main is spilling untreated waste water into the Ala Wai Canal.  It has forced the closure of beaches in Honolulu and Waikiki.  The Hawaii State Department of Health has posted signs instructing persons NOT to go into the water.  The leak from the broken sewer main has been spilling sewage for about five days.
    • Last night, during a dinner cruise, the Bahrain vessel "Al-Dana" capsized and sank.  There were 137 persons aboard at the time of incident.  The reports say that 67 people were rescued, and 13 are missing, the Interior Ministry says.  Stay tuned for on this...
    • China Shipping Development, mainland China's largest bulk oil carrier, has decided to drop plans for a local expansion that would inject their company into a firm, that would place them on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
    • A Homeland Security subcommittee (part of the US House of Representatives) sent a bill to the subcommittee on economic security, infrastructure protection and cyber security.  The voice vote, was 20-0.  The full committee will then vote on it, in late April.  If passed, the bill will improve the nature of port security and adjust the way the ports have been handled.
    • Right now, the world's largest shipbuilding is done in South Korea.  That's right.  South Korea.  The Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, and Samsung Heavy Industries Co. account for $17.6 billion dollars for the just the 2005 year alone.  China is now trying to make gains on that gap, a report says.  At the present time, the largest shipbuilding firm in the world is Aker Finnyards.  It remains the largest, because it owns and controls the largest number of active shipyards.  At the present time, European shipyards in Italy, France, Germany and Finland all make cruise ships.  It is this, the represents 20% of the global cruise marketplace.
    • Fourteen sailors were rescued from a barge "Dream 5" in the Sea of Japan, following the sinking of their tugboat.  Story from InterFax via Vladivostok news.
    • The British authorities have given their approval to develop the new container terminal at Bathside Bay in Harwich.  The new facility is to be owned by Hutchison Port Holdings Ltd., a division of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., a Hong Kong based company.
       Cruise Industry News - [28 Mar 2006]
    • Princess Cruises "m/s Star Princess" will be out of service until May 15th, 2006.  Grand Bahamas Shipyard has completed their survey of the damage caused by the fire last week.  The "m/s Star Princess" is now bound for the Lloyd Werft Shipyard in Bremerhaven, Germany for repairs.  The following cruises have been cancelled: April 9th, April 16th, April 23rd and the April 30th transatlantic crossing, thus ending her Caribbean season.  Her next cruise will be from Copenhagen, and it will begin her European sailings.  Passengers who purchased a Caribbean cruise on one of the listed dates above, will receive a full refund, 25% credit and a refund of their airfare.
    • MSC Cruises 1952 built "m/s Monterey" is on charter for a European sailing, click Here for more details.
    • The America West Steamboat Co's "p.s. Empress of The North" has been pulled from the sand bank with the aid of two tugs.
       Cruise Industry News - [26 Mar 2006]
    • The America West Steamboat Co's "p.s. Empress of The North" has run aground on a sandbar between Portland, Oregon and Washougal, Washington.  Her passengers were taken off by her fleet mate "p.s. Queen of The West".  Rescue crews are pumping her fuel out to lighten her weight.  Strong winds and currents are the likely named causes of the grounding.  Damage if any, is unknown at the present time, and no injuries were reported.
    • Carnival Cruises "m/v Sensation" has returned from a dry docking, following her FEMA charter service.  She has been inspected by the US Coast Guard and they found that several important fire safety features were not working properly.  Passengers who were previously scheduled to board, were not allowed until the safety problems had been fixed to the satisfaction of the US Coast Guard.  Additional features were added to the ship as well, during her dry docking.
    • Starting April 1st, 2006 P&O Cruises plans to begin phasing in a new logo, their Managing Dir. David Dingle says.
    • Celebrity Cruises is reporting that the tour operator in Chile, was not properly licensed to handle passengers.  Stay tuned for more on this story...
       Cruise Industry News - [24 Mar 2006]
    • Princess Cruises "m/s Star Princess" suffered a severe fire.  While at sea, en route from Grand Cayman to Montego Bay.  During the early Sunday morning hours at about 3:00 AM (local time) the fire broke out in a cabin.  She is damaged badly.  Her port side upper deck, outside cabins on three decks.  From amidships forward all the way back to just forward of her funnel.  One elderly man had a heart attack and he died, eleven other persons were injured by smoke inhalation.  She remains in Montego Bay.  Approximately 120 cabins have been totally destroyed.  See the MSN Article for photo/video.
    • Celebrity Cruises "m/v Millenium" is now in mourning.  She sent passengers on an excursion, that they did not return from.  The ships doctor, nurse and the ships concierge remained behind to tend to all of the needs of two of the passengers who survived the accident, but were seriously hurt.  Celebrity has released the names of the deceased and the injured.  The "m/v Millenium" was in Arica, Chile at the time of the incident.
    • A woman who found dead on the P&O Cruises "m/s Pacific Sky", a resident of Brisbane at the time.  The Glebe Coroner's office has adjourned the inquest until later this year.  The authorities continue to investigate this matter.
    • Carnival Cruises "m/v Carnival Freedom" will debut in March 2007, on a European itinerary.
    • Seabourn Cruises, has named V.Ships as it's provider for marine and technical services.
    • BC Ferries "m/s Queen of The North" sank early on Wednesday after striking a rock near Gill Island.  She was built in 1969 for the Stena Line.  59 passengers and 42 crew survived the incident.  She was a 1/3 of the way in her fifteen hour voyage between Prince Rupert and Port Hardy.  Reports say the seas were 'choppy'.  Update: A report from CNN states that a British Columbia couple may have gone down with the ship.  Mr. Gerald Foisey and Ms. Shirley Rosette.  A statement from BC Ferries says they believe the reports of survivors is incorrect.
    • Heritage Expeditions "m/s Spirit of Enderby" was prevented from entering port, following the eruption of a local volcano on Raoul Island.  The ship will be leaving with evacuees.  A Department of Conservation worker is still missing.
    • MSC Cruises has decided for now, to postpone their plans for a New York port.  No further deals are available for now.
    • Oceania Cruises and Silversea Cruises have joined with Verizon Wireless and Sprint PCS to provide the most advanced cell phone network at sea.
    • Disney Cruises will put their "m/v Disney Magic" in the Mediterranean for the summer of 2007.
    • Seabourn Cruises "m/s Seabourn Spirit" left Australia following the arrival of Tropical Cyclone Larry, which is a Category 5 storm.
    • Rumors surface again that the NCL "S.S. Norway" has been sold again to a Bangladeshi businessman for $12 million dollars.  This has not yet been confirmed.
    • MSC Cruises has named it's new ship.  The "m/s MSC Poesia".  She is to be a 2,500 passenger vessel and she will debut in 2008.
    • Carnival Cruises "m/v Carnival Destiny " had a passenger with a medical emergency, they returned to port.  Then when they finally got to go back out to sea, the ship, suffered an engine breakdown.  The problem is partially fixed.  She has left Aruba, and is bound for her other stops.  Carnival says the problem should be resolved in time for the Sunday sailing.
    • Classic International Cruises "m/v Funchal" docked in Hobart on Friday, March 10th.  She had seven passengers who were hospitalized and twenty others who sought medical attention.  The problem appeared to be a respiratory virus.
    • An old P&O Ferry route is being newly operated by Caledonian MacBrayne of Scotland.  The route between Orkney and Shetland Isles was once managed by Northlink, until 2002P&O had held the route for over 30 years.
    A Public Service Safety Announcement - Courtesy of 2Oth Century Ocean Liners
    It has come to our attention that due to the recent events of this past week, that the passengers onboard the cruise ships, need to be advised of a couple of things.  First, when you are away from home and are traveling, it is your personal responsibility to look out for yourself.  Just as when you are at home.  Second, we are strongly urging ALL PASSENGERS who are onboard their ships now, to follow instructions that the crew members give to you. Listen to them!  Do not just stand there talking and ignore them.  When a problem occurs at sea, you must know what to do.  These instructions will save your life and possibly the lives of others around you.  If an alarm sounds, PAY ATTENTION to ti.  Follow the directions the crew give to you.  If you are told to proceed to you muster station(s), then DO IT!  Quickly and quietly.  Creating a panicked environment will not help you or others around you.  So, sail safely everyone and enjoy your cruise...

       Cruise Industry News - [09 Mar 2006]

    • The company in Dubai that was involved with the UAE port deal for the US, has passed the control of the situation over to a US company.  Many UAE persons have indicated that they are unhappy with the US/UAE deal, and they say that the US government is seemingly is handling this whole thing rather strangely.
    • Fodor's Complete Guide to Caribbean Cruises is in book stores now.  Following a nearly decade long absence.
    • There was an outbreak of a Norovirus like illness on Royal Caribbean's "m/v Explorer of the Seas".  About 272 persons were affected.
    • The P&O Cruises "m/s Pacific Sky" returned to duty following an engine failure, while she was in Port Klang, Malaysia.
    • The German shipyard of Meyer Werft has laid the first keel block for the Aida Cruises "m/s AIDAdiva" last Friday.  Aida Cruises (a Carnival brand) will have two more vessels just like it also.
    • Debate continues over the new Norfolk cruise terminal.  At USD$36 million dollars, it's not cheap.  Many people are wondering which cruise lines will call there and will any base vessels there.  Right now, that's a big "we don't know."  Officially, no plans or announcements have been made as yet.
    • There are questions about Swan Hellenic's survival.  With the acquisition of their only vessel by Princess.  No plans or announcements have been heard.
    • The International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL) has released their findings on a study of cruise ship crime.  The US congress is holding hearings on this, and is receiving little or no attention from the media.  See here.
    • A tribute to Commodore R. W. Warwick was held onboard the former "RMS Queen Mary".  See Queen Mary.com.
    • The former Renaissance cruises "m/s R8" ship will become a new fleet member to the Princess Cruises fleet.  She will be the replacement "m/s Royal Princess" starting in April 2007.
    • Radisson Seven Seas Cruises (RSSC) has formally announced the plan to change the company's name to Regent Seven Seas Cruises.  In the spring, the fleet will receive it's new logo's on their funnels.
    • The Carnival Cruises "m/v Carnival Glory" experienced a 'mini' German measles outbreak.  Two persons tested positive for the measles.  Carnival has issued a letter to passengers.
    • A man threatened a tour group in St. Maarten with a flare gun.  He threatened to kill the tour guide.  And scared the visitors who were with the tour guide.  The Rhino River boats tour was the victim of the attack.
    • Starting in July, Costa Cruises "m/s CostaAllegra" will sail five night cruises from Shanghai.  Calling in Nagasaki and Cheju, Korea.
    • NCL America's earnings seem a little damp because of expenses to operate the line from the islands, a report says.
    • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is moving "m/v Navigator of the Seas" to the port of Southampton for summer 2007.  Her sister "m/v Voyager of The Seas" is scheduled to be deployed to the European theatre.
    • Uniworld has made an announcement at a lunchtime press conference, that they plan to launch a new river ship, the 132 passenger "River Royale".
    • The maiden voyage tickets for the new Cunard "m/s Queen Victoria" have sold out.  She's barely under construction and only partially completed and there are no cabins left!  Vicki is already a big hit...
       Cruise Industry News - [28 Feb 2006]
    • Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/v Norwegian Jewel" makes her first television guest appearance on the NBC show 'The Apprentice', which stars Donald Trump.
    • Seabourn Cruises "m/s Seabourn Spirit" aids a yacht in southern New Zealand.  The sloop "Estelle" was caught in a strong gale force wind storm and called a mayday.  The cruise liner was nearby, about 5 miles away, so she came to the rescue.  And she stayed on station until the Coast Guard could arrive.  Well done...
    • Holland America's brand new "m/s Noordam" makes it's first visit to Grand Turk island.
    • A pianist died after collapsing on stage during a concert aboard Holland America's "m/s Zuiderdam".  Anthony Burger was 44.  Our condolences to his family and friends.
    • Some families of missing cruise passengers have joined together to form a victim's group.  The International Cruise Victims (ICV).  Their web site is: http://www.internationalcruisevictims.org/.
       Cruise Industry News - [23 Feb 2006]
    • A report states that Malta, has had an increase in passengers over the year prior for the month of January.
    • Louai Sakra, 32.  Is a suspected terrorist.  He is in custody in Turkey.  He has admitted he has ties to Al-Qaeda and claims he was paid by the Taliban to commit acts of terrorism on Israeli cruise ships that came into Turkish waters.
    • Holland America's new "m/s Noordam" will be calling at Grand Turk, for the first time, and she will dock at an official two berth Carnival pier.
    • Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Carnival Conquest" has rescued 22 Cuban refugees from the sea.  They may not actually end up in the United States, but they mist likely won't be going back to Cuba.
    • Congratulations to Katherine Calder, a Portland, OR resident who has won the position of God Mother to the new RCCL's "m/v Freedom of The Seas".
    • Royal Caribbean's new "m/v Freedom of The Seas" has the hiccups.  Appearantly, a dirty bearing in the drive system is to blame.  The hand over process, will be delayed while this problem is fixed.
    • Holland America's "m/s Amsterdam" was delayed during a turn around, when it was discovered that a galley staff member was missing.  An exhaustive search has not found the staff member.
    • The state of Hawaii has turned the Pier 2 warehouse into a tri-level cruise terminal.  Where NCL America is the primary resident there.
    • Cunard's "m/s Queen Mary 2" has finally met her namesake, "R.M.S. Queen Mary" which is berthed in Long Beach, CA.  Amidst a gala celebration.
    • The former Cunard Line "m/s Carinthia" (1956) was ablaze on the beach at her scrappers.  Several workers were injured when the old ship had a fire break out in her engine room.
    • The demolition of the former French Navy aircraft carrier "Clemenceau" has been delayed.  French President Jacques Chirac, has ordered the vessel back to France.
    • NCL America's newest ship the "m/v Pride of Hawaii" has been floated out from her construction basin at the Meyer Werft shipyards in Germany.  Congratulations!
       Cruise Industry News - [18 Feb 2006]
    • The cruise industry is still reeling from the bomb that RCCL dropped earlier this week.   Now, the oldest company around lobs another shot over the funnels of everyone.  They have made a firm announcement about their new build "m/s Queen Victoria".  She has a sleek look and stately character that you have come to expect from the Cunard Line.  Press reports and early concept art place her high in the ranks as a must see.  A tentative debut is December 11th, 2007.
    • The days draw closer, as the time will arrive for the new Cunarder "m/s Queen Mary 2" to finally meet her namesake.  She will for the first time be within sight of the "R.M.S. Queen Mary" who once sailed the North Atlantic, and now sits as reminder of the grand days of transAtlantic crossings.  The 'QM2' now carries that honor and sails with her sister ship "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2".  See The Queen Mary's Meet.
    • Celebrity Cruises have finally decided on names for two of their newbuilds.  "m/s Celebrity Equinox" and "m/s Celebrity Solstice".
    • 2,600 passengers who were onboard the P&O/Princess Cruises "m/s Grand Princess" tell of how the big ship turned and then tipped slightly during an emergency manoeuvre.  The vessel was returning to Galveston, TX after a passenger had a heart attack.  The passenger needed emergency treatment and the crew decided the ship should return to port.  The passenger was taken ashore via a US Coast Guard cutter.  There reports that some passengers and crew had minor injuries.
    • Cunard's "m/s Queen Mary 2" will be making a dry docking in early May.  Then again in Nov. for a repair to the damaged azipod.  The pod was damaged during a docking procedure in Florida.  The pod will be removed in May and then reinstalled in Nov. following repairs to it.  The pods come from Alstom / Rolls-Royce Marine.
    • The NCL "S.S. Norway" still continues to remain at anchor in Port Klang, Malaysia.  The name plate on the "S.S. Norway" has been painted out.  A name saying "Blue Lady".
    • Cunard's "m/s Queen Mary 2" will now be offering enhanced pet services for their furry guests.
    • We also wish to send a Big thanks to the US Coast Guard, for their timely and effective rescue of Carnival's "m/v Ecstasy".
    • A report suggests, that the Royal Caribbean's "m/v Vision of The Seas" had a power failure in the starboard propulsion unit.  Making a docking procedure difficult.  Two sailings have been adjusted, due to her reduced speed.  No details are available on the repair schedule.
    • Crystal Cruises "m/s Crystal Serenity" is currently taking steps to deal with a 'Noro-virus' like outbreak, with the aid of the US Center's for Disease Control (CDC).
       Cruise Industry News - [13 Feb 2006]
    • There is a report that easyCruise may be considering ordering a new build.  A drawing released depicts a nine deck ship that is 100 m x 18 m and would be about 7,500 GRT.  The vessel could carry 504 passengers and 85 crew.  No other details exist for now.  Could this be the new "m/s easyCruiseTwo"?
    • Carnival's "m/v Ecstasy" broke loose from her moorings at the Poland Street Wharf and she spun out into the mighty Mississippi River channel.  She narrowly missed two military ships and she came to a rest near a river bank.  She used a bow thruster to keep clear of the warships.  But, her crew got one of her main engines to move her away.  She was later returned to the Julia Street Wharf.
    • Royal Caribbean has partially settled the lawsuit it filed on behalf of it's child company Celebrity Cruises.  The suit states that the Mermaid azipod's fitted to four of Celebrity's ships are faulty and prematurely wear out their bearings.
    • A young couple on a cruise broke up over the fact that cruise line wouldn't refund their deposit.  The cruise line was not named.
       Cruise Industry News - [10 Feb 2006]
    • An Alaskan Superior Court Judge William Morse, has ruled against the cruise lines.  The ruling means that the August 22nd ballot initiative will go to a public vote.  If passed, the measure will add a USD$50 flat tax to the cruise fare for each passenger.  The measure also includes other taxes and fees.  This will ultimately cause an Alaskan cruise price hike.
    • The former Holland America liner "S.S. Rotterdam" has left the shores of Spain.  She is outbound by the tug "V.B. Artico", to Gdansk, Poland for refitting.  She will be restored to her original condition inside.  She has a cleaned up exterior and is freshly painted.  View the lovely lady Here.
    • Cruise West has officially acquired the "m/s Nantucket Clipper" and her sister "m/s Yankee Clipper" from the Clipper Cruise Lines.  Their programs will finish their 2006 itineraries, but operate under the management of Cruise West.
    • The National Institute of Ocean Technology, NIOT has ordered a new vessel from the yards of Fincantieri in Italy.  The new ship will be built at the Riva Trigoso yard and the Muggiano yard, in Italy.  It will be 104m x 18m.
    • The owners of the ferry that sank last weekend in the Red Sea and the Egyptian government are going to make arrangements to offer some form of compensation to the families of the victims of the sinking.
    • Norfolk's new multi million dollar downtown cruise terminal is in danger.  The cruise lines have shown no particular interest in using the new facilities.
    • The Victoria tourism shows promising growth. 330,000 passengers are expected to visit the area this year.
       Cruise Industry News - [09 Feb 2006]
    • Carnival Cruises, is planning a cruise to the Mexican Riviera with one new twist.  The guest of honor will be the former NASCAR champ Rusty Wallace.  This will be a west coast cruise, aboard the "m/v Carnival Pride".  See Carnival Cruise Lines for details.
    • Cunard is finalizing the plans for a Hawaiian cruise aboard the "m/s Queen Mary 2".  See Cunard Line for details.
    • Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) is rolling the ball around onboard the "m/v Norwegian Pearl".  She's going to get her own bowling alley!
    • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL), has continued to push the cruising envelope with every new turn.  Well, when your turn the corner in the fitness center, you will run into a full sized EverLast boxing ring!  What else will they dream up for their new "m/v Freedom of The Seas".
    • The Cunard Line has rescheduled the get together for the meeting of the 'Queens',  The original plan was for February 22nd.  But, due to the logistics of the passengers and spectators, they have opted to go one more day.  Then for the first time, in history...  The brand new "m/s Queen Mary 2" will meet her namesake, "R.M.S. Queen Mary".  Don't miss it!
    • Costa Cruise Lines and AIDA Cruises will be offering 2-night cruises in Dubai for the winter 2006-2007 cruise season.
    • Victoria Cruises has ordered a new ship, the "m/s Victoria Ann".  She will be their largest yet.  See Victoria Cruises for details.
    • US Naval forces are moving offshore from Yemen to blockade the escape attempt of 23 escaped prisoners.  They are working in conjunction with other countries and local authorities to prevent their further escape.  The vessels are on patrol about 22km off shore.
       Cruise Industry News - [06 Feb 2006]
    • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has rocked the cruise industry.  With their announcement of a new build that weighs in at 220,000 GRT.  "Project Genesis" is 1,180 feet long and 154 feet wide.  She is considered to be about 43% larger than her fleet mate "m/v Freedom of The Seas", which is due this summer.  The vessel will be built by the Aker Finnyards in Finland.  Her delivery is expected in the fall of 2009, for USD$1.1b.  View a concept photo Here.
    • The alleged bomber who was captured for attacking the "U.S.S. Cole" a few years ago has escaped his prison.
    • The "Al Salam Boccaccio 98" was reported to be on fire according to the survivors.  The crew refused to turn back.
       Cruise Industry News - [03 Feb 2006]
    • The officials at Port Safaga said the "Al Salam Boccaccio 98" was 57 nautical miles from Hurghada, when she disappeared from the radar screen.  The ferry was owned by the El-Salaam Maritime Transport Co.  The 25 year old vessel was reported to in a condition not especially fit for travel.  And was suspected of being overloaded.  The ferry had been carrying 1,415 persons, made up of 1,310 Egyptians. She had 5 trucks and 22 cars onboard.  The ship had 104 crew members.  Helicopters and searchers reported bodies and lifeboats at the wreck site scene, in the Red Sea.
    • Norwegian Cruise Lines is going to port their "m/s Norwegian Sun" in the 'Big Easy' on a permanent basis.  See NCL for details.
    • Carnival Cruise Lines has announced the name of one of their new builds.  The ship due out in 2008 will be named "m/v Carnival Splendour".  A 3,006 passenger giant.  Weighing in at 112,000.
       Cruise Industry News - [02 Feb 2006]
    • Seabourn does it again.  Their "m/s Seabourn Spirit" has made the top of the list in a poll conducted by Conde-Nast.  This is an indicator that the cruise travelers are indeed taking a liking to the small ships.
    • Costa Cruises has reached a US milestone.  They have marked their 100,000th booked US passenger.
    • Northwest Airlines is now offering their customers the ability to book a cruise with 13 different cruise company's.  The deal is if you book a cruise by March 31st, 2006 you can get up to 10,000 frequent flyer miles.  See Northwest Airlines (NWA), NWA/Cruise Site for details.
    • In Dubai, the Port Rashid Cruise Terminal is now ready to handle some more cruise passengers.  Now that Costa Crociere (Costa Cruises) has added them to the current list of itineraries.
       Cruise Industry News - [01 Feb 2006]
    • Holland America has taken delivery of their brand new "m/s Noordam" (2006).  She is a 951 foot long vessel and she can carry 2,400 passengers, with 800 crew members.  She can cruise at 22 knots.  She is the final Vista class ship to be built for Holland America.  Her other Vista fleet mates are "m/s Zuiderdam" (2002), "m/s Oosterdam" (2003) and "m/s Westerdam" (2004).  The next new build scheduled for the Holland America Line is a 'Signature of Excellence' class ship and she will debut in 2008.
    • MSC Cruises has celebrated yet another milestone on their new project, "m/s MSC Orchestra".  Which has been given her lucky coin.  This is also an indication that her launch date is now growing closer.
    • According to the locals in the Port Klang, Malaysia area the "S.S. Norway" is seemingly in a state of uncertainty.  The officials at Star Cruises, the parent company of Norwegian Cruise Lines, have not yet reached a decision on what to do with the famous old blue lady.  Appearantly the owners of Star and NCL have been to see her.  Not boarding her, but merely giving her the once over and photographing her.  Her final fate is as yet unknown.  Reports say that for a time supplies were being ferried out to her, inclusive of fresh food and water.  Additionally, she is reported to be still showing smoke from one of her funnels, this would be an indication that one of her diesel power plants is still in operation to keep her HVAC and dehumidification systems online.  Although no crew members have been seen aboard.
    • A 34 year old male Royal Caribbean cruise ship worker has been charged with the sexual battery of a 22 year old female passenger.  He met her in a bar and offered to take her on a tour.  It was during the supposed tour that he pulled her into a dark room and attempted to rape her.  She managed to escape her captor and report him to the authorities.  He was later arrested when the "m/s Legend of The Seas" docked in Tampa, Florida.  The Hillsborough sheriff's offices' deputies took him into custody.  The suspect Forbes, is currently being held without bond, pending the completion of the investigation and a trial.  Royal Caribbean has not yet issued any discipline until the legal issues are complete.  Forbes does not yet have an attorney.
       Cruise Industry News - [26 Jan 2006]
    • Carnival's "m/v Carnival Liberty" had been in Costa Maya, docked at the pier when a fast moving weather front rolled in and cut her stay short.  Crew members and many locals joined in and rounded all of the excursion visitors up and brought them back to the ship, so that she depart quickly to avoid any problems with the ill tempered weather.  No one was left behind.  The Captain made the choice to withdraw for the safety of all onboard.
    • The Carnival Cruise Lines has developed their own version of an online community.  In the online world, a community is a group of people who can connect with one another and talk about their favorite subjects.  In this case, it's cruising. You can visit the new online venue at: CarnivalConnections
    • The press had been reporting that the Cunard giant "m/s Queen Mary 2" had reached a near mutiny.  But Cunard being the classy group that they are, came through and made good on the situation.
    • It would appear that in her final hour, she is still loved by her green angel.  Officials in her native Ireland have bought her from the jaws & torches of the would be metal munchers...  The "S.S. Nomadic" is saved!
    • The Sea Containers company is considering selling their Silja Line.  It seems that Viking Lines has made them an offer.  We will keep you posted on this as it develops.
       Cruise Industry News - [25 Jan 2006]
    • The National Trust for Historic Preservation has chosen the former United States Lines "S.S. United States".  She is now on a very prestigious list of places that will be recommended to become national historic landmarks in the USA.  She is now on the list of their 2006 nominations for induction.
    • A report is indicating that there was a 9.7% increase in cruise passenger traffic in the year 2005.  That's not to bad.  It's just shy of the ten percent mark.
    • China is constructing it's first LNG carrier.  Industry analysts are indicating this is a step that shows growth in the maritime industry of China.
       Cruise Industry News - [23 Jan 2006]
    • The "U.S.S. Winston S. Churchill" while in the Indian Ocean off of the coast of Somalia, has captured and seized a suspected pirate ship which has been reported to be terrorizing the local coastal maritime trade.  The US Navy is working in conjunction with local authorities to maintain the peace.  There was complaint filed on Friday, with the International Maritime Bureau.  Read more Here.
    • Malaysia Marine & Heavy Engineering (MMHE) and Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) are forming a partnership to service Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) container carrier ships.
    • Dr. Henry Lee, a noted forensic scientist has joined the case of George Smith.  A missing passenger from the Royal Caribbean Cruises ship "m/v Brilliance of The Seas" back in July 2005.
    • There are only three days left for the former White Star Liner "S.S. Nomadic".  She will be auctioned off on Thursday the 26th of January 2006.  The asking price is USD$308,000 (E250,000).  Without the financial help, she will most likely be scrapped.  And a special part of maritime history will become lost...  Visit http://www.savenomadic.com/ 
    • A source tells us that there is a story featured by the AP is reporting that some of the passengers onboard Cunard's "m/s Queen Mary 2" are threatening to stage a 'sit in'.  They are claiming that this is in response to delays and changes in the ships itinerary, which were made following damage to one of her four azipod propulsion units, which in turn reduced her cruising speed.
    • Royal Greenland Trading Company's former "m/s Linnea", which was built in 1984 has been sold to steel merchants in Bangladesh for scrapping.  The ship used to carry 197 passengers.
       Cruise Industry News - [22 Jan 2006]
    • The last and only surviving White Star Line passenger tender. Which served the now famous "R.M.S. Titanic".  The information on this is available at: SaveNomadic.  If anyone out there, can do anything financially to assist this cause, pleas do so quickly. Thank you.
    • The "U.S.T.S. Enterprise" has left Norfolk, VA for Europe.  The ship carries about 600 troops from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  The "U.S.T.S. Enterprise" is a part of the National Defense Reserve Fleet.
    • The former Holland America and Premier cruise liner "S.S. Rotterdam" will be towed to Gdansk, Poland for final reconstruction, following her stay in Cadiz, Spain for cleaning and repainting.  She will re-emerge sporting the livery she wore when she was first built.  Her trip to Poland will be at the end of February 2006 and it will last for six months.
    • Carnival Cruise Lines will be renovating their vessels that went to the hurricane Katrina stricken area of New Orleans, LA.  The FEMA loaned vessels, the "m/v Ecstasy", "m/v Holiday" and "m/v Sensation".  They will all be given many upgrades as well as being thoroughly cleaned.
    • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has narrowed their search for a God Mother for their new "m/v Freedom of The Seas".  The finalists can be reviewed and voted upon here.
    • Norwegian Cruise Lines "m/v Norwegian Spirit" has suffered damage during a cruise, while on return to New York the ship was met with rough seas, about 30-50 feet.  Several cabins were damaged and windows were broken.  No reports of any passengers being injured.
    • P&O Cruises "m/s Artemis" will make her debut call to Los Angeles. She is the former Princess Cruises "m/v Royal Princess".
    • Reports indicate that the Cunard Line "m/s Queen Mary 2" has indeed suffered damage to one of her azipod propulsion units.  No details were given as to when or where the unit may be repaired.  She is currently on her scheduled run down around South America, her trip will end in San Francisco.
    • French TV FR3 is reporting that the former owners of the "S.S. Norway", Star Cruises have canceled the recent sale of the venerable old liner to Indian scrapyards and have reclaimed ownership.  There appears to be a concern over an agreement not to sell the ship with her asbestos in place.  It is as yet unknown, what her owners will opt to do with her, since a decision was made not move forward with a repair or re-engineering (it was deemed not to be cost effective).
       Cruise Industry News - [18 Jan 2006]
    • Cunard's "m/s Queen Mary 2" returned to port yesterday, after a problem with her propulsion system was found.  It has bee posed that she may have potentially struck a submerged object, which may have possibly damaged one of her 4 azipods.  She is now in Port Everglades and her passengers remain with her.  She was about to take a cruise to South America. Stay tuned for more on this...
    • Passenger safety at sea...  Visit here.  The industry remains confident that the cruise ships are safe.  A report given by Ross Klein, a professor who is also a cruise critic, shows that a startling number of missing passengers were suicides.  The report seems to show that number of passenger deaths is about 76% (40 / 52) suicide, or some form of it.
    • P&O Cruises has announced that starting in April 2006 passengers who wish to be married at sea, really can be.  Most other cruise lines can marry you in a cruise port.  But P&O says that couples can actually say "I do" at sea.  Fleet members "m/s Arcadia", "m/s Artemis" and "m/s Oceania" are participating.  See P&O for more info.
    • A story tells that Strasbourg, France dock workers are unhappy because the dock system in their area may be changed.  The workers have gone on strike and are attacking local authorities.
    • Arnold Worldwide (an advertising firm) will launch a new campaign for Celebrity Cruises.  The 'Celebrity Treatment'.  Television spots will air on network and cable.  Both will be followed with a printed media advertisement set.
    • The cruise ship terminals in Victoria, Vancouver, Canada will be run by Cerescorp Co. a company based in New Jersey.  This will follow the expiration of the current contract with TSI Terminal Systems.
    • Attorney's for the plaintiff in the case of Smith -v- Royal Caribbean International may have given the family of a missing man copies of crime scene photographs.  These "photos" were shown on television on MSNBC's 'Rita Cosby Live'.  The statement released by RCI says that they may have done it against the express wishes of the FBI, who are still actively investigating this case.  See Missing.
    • Royal Caribbean Cruises and Crayola team up for a contest.  The deal is kids 5-12 can enter to win a cruise for themselves a sibling and their parents on the new "m/v Freedom of The Seas".  See Crayola for more details.
    • Cruise West, one of America's smaller cruise operators has purchased 2 of Clipper Cruise Lines former vessels.  The "s/v Nantucket Clipper" and "s/v Yorktown Clipper".  See CruiseWest for more details.
    • A new passenger route has opened up in the UAE.  The route is between Dubai and Cochin, India.  The services will start in the final week of February and will take days to sail.
    • The French aircraft carrier "Clemenceau" has been cleared of her asbestos issues.  She will now be proceeding to the beach of Gurarat, India.
       Cruise Industry News - [13 Jan 2006]
    • Stories and rumors are still floating about with the news that the former NCL "S.S. Norway" may be leaving Port Klang, Malaysia.  Her destination was thought to be Bangladesh or maybe Alang, India but for now no one is certain.  A 'story' was circulated that she might become part of a convention center in Singapore, but nothing was ever able to be proved to show that the plan for was even real.  For now she remains in lay up at Port Klang.  But stay tuned for more on this...
    • Ever taken a Schmooze Cruise?  Well, it seems a number of corporations are doing it.  They are using the aspects of the cruise industry to boost business activities a report says.
    • The American Broadcasting Company's Good Morning America (ABC) and Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) are having a 'Girls' week Out!'.  It's a contest to win a stay for a week aboard the NCL "m/v Norwegian Jewel".  See NCL's web site for details.  Contest ends Jan 18th and they will depart Miami on Feb 5th.  The ship will call in Roatan, Honduras; Georgetown, Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios, Jamaica and NCL's private island Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas.
    • The Tulane University of New Orleans, LA has chartered the "m/v Dream Princess" for five months from Caspi Cruises of Haifa, Israel.  The 1,076 passenger vessel is now docked at the Orange Street Wharf.  The ship will serve as housing for the faculty and the graduate students this semester.  The ships casino has been turned into an internet cafe and the ships has been declared alcohol free.  Tulane's scheduled classes begin on January 17th.
    • On Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006 maritime enthusiasts will have a most unique opportunity to photograph the two largest Cunard Queen's together.  The "m/s Queen Mary 2" and the "R.M.S. Queen Mary" will be within sight of one another as QM2 comes up the Long Beach outer harbor.  Photo ops will be at 7:00 AM and then again at 5:00 PM as QM2 makes her way back down the outer Long Beach harbor.  Times specified are PST.
    • Listen up guys.  Princess has a proposal that you and yours will like.  They are offering a 'Major League' opportunity for you to score a big hit with your future misses.  They will help you make a proposal to her she won't soon forget.  And it will all be caught on tape.  So, just after she says 'yes', you and your new fiancee can enjoy a nice dinner and a movie under the stars.  See Princess Cruises for more details.
    • The Delta Queen Steamboat Company has canceled the complete 2006 season of river cruises for the "s/b American Queen".  While her sisters "s/b Delta Queen" and "s/b Mississippi Queen" will continue to run their normal 2006 season of itineraries.  The story is that there just isn't enough demand to use the steamboat right now.  When the job of helping the Katrina situation is done, "s/b American Queen" will tie up at the Robin Street Wharf.
    • The Rochester Ferry Company, will be closed and dissolved by the City of Rochester.  Their ferry the "Spirit of Ontario" is scheduled to be sold.
       Cruise Industry News - [08 Jan 2006]
    • A report is suggesting that the Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) company has decided to replace it's "Asuka" with the Crystal Cruises "m/s Crystal Harmony".  She will debut as the "Asuka II".  Appearantly this is in response to a high passenger volume.
    • There appears to be some confusion on where the former NCL "S.S. Norway" is going to go.  Reports say that she may be scrapped.  And that it is common place for scrap merchants to trade ships.  So, stay tuned...
    • Radisson Seven Seas Cruises has done a fleet wide telecommunications upgrade.  All four ships now have Wi-Fi access, faster internet, world wide cell phone access and an online pre-cruise booking system.
    • Silversea Cruises has announced that they will be offering all new itineraries for 2007.  There will also be a brand new world cruise in 2007.  New ports of call include 29 cities around the world.  See Silversea Cruises for details.
    • Princess Cruises "m/s Dawn Princess" will be offering an extended tour of the Mexican Riviera.  See Princess Cruises for details.
    • Royal Caribbean International (RCI) is now offering an online system to assist passengers with their airline and luggage handling for disembarkation right from the ship.  Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity Cruises guests both have access to this service.
    • Carnival corp. has received an award for best staff training, from the Human Resources IQ/IQPC Corporate University Best in Class (CUBIC).
       Cruise Industry News - [05 Jan 2006]
    • The 'Katrina Ships' have returned to regular cruise service.  The Carnival "m/v Ecstasy", "m/v Holiday" and the "m/v Sensation".
    • French and Indian Greenpeace activists are protesting the scrapping of a former French aircraft carrier.  They are citing that the vessel contains tons of dangerous, hazardous or even toxic waste materials.  They want the vessel to remain away from Alang, India, it's final destination, where it will be scrapped.
    • The investigation into the disappearance of a Royal Caribbean passenger in July 2005 is ongoing.  The FBI is continuing it's efforts to locate the man, while his wife is cooperating with the authorities, the man has not been found and he believed to be missing between Turkey and Greece.
       Cruise Industry News - [04 Jan 2006]
    • The Aker Yards parent company of the Aker Finnyards, has reportedly purchased the French based shipyard.  Alstom Marine is the owner of the famous Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard, in St. Nazarre.
    • Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) has announced that their two new builds will be named "Norwegian Pearl" and the "Norwegian Gem".  They will be delivered in 2007.
       Cruise Industry News - [02 Jan 2006]
    • A source close to us, tells that the "m/s Maasdam" while on route to St. Kitts experienced a power failure on the port side engine power panel.  Which has caused a serious speed reduction and a noticeable vibration in the aft section of the ship.
    • The big news is that a 137 year old sailing ship "s.s Courtland" has been found.  It had sailed on the Great Lakes.
    • Happy New Year Everyone!

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