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    Please note: The vessels marked with an asterisk "*" are under construction.  All other vessels are in service now.

- Airtours Inc

    m/v Carousel
    m/v Seawind
    m/v Sunbird
    m/v Sundream

- Carnival Cruise Line

    m/v Carnival Conquest
    m/v Carnival Destiny
    m/v Carnival Glory
    m/v Carnival Miracle *
    m/v Carnival Pride
    m/v Carnival Spirit
    m/v Carnival Triumph
    m/v Carnival Valor
    m/v Carnival Victory
    m/v Celebration
    m/v Ecstasy
    m/v Elation
    m/v Fantasy
    m/v Fascination
    m/v Holiday
    m/v Imagination
    m/v Inspiration
    m/v Jubilee
    m/v Paradise
    m/v Sensation

- Celebrity Cruise Line

    m/v Century
    m/v Galaxy
    m/v Horizon
    m/v Infinity
    m/v Mercury
    m/v Millennium
    m/v Summit
    m/v Zenith

- Costa Cruise Line

    m/s CostaAllegra
    m/s CostaAtlantica
    m/s CostaClassica
    m/s CostaMarina
    m/s CostaRiviera
    m/s CostaRomantica
    m/s CostaTropicale
    m/s CostaVictoria

- Crystal Cruise Line

    m/v Crystal Harmony
    m/v Crystal Serenity
    m/v Crystal Symphony

- Cunard Line Ltd.

    m/v Caronia
    R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2
    m/v Queen Mary 2

- Delta Queen Coastal Voyages

    c/v Cape Cod Light
    c/v Cape May Light

- Delta Queen Steamboat Company

    Columbia Queen
    Delta Queen
    American Queen
    Mississippi Queen

- Disney Cruise Line
    m/s Disney Magic
    m/s Disney Wonder

- Festival Cruises / First European Cruises

    m/s Azur
    m/s Bolero
    m/s European Vision
    m/s Flamenco
    m/s Mistral

- Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

    m/s Braemar
    m/s Black Prince
    m/v Black Watch

- Holland America Line

    m/s Amsterdam
    m/s Maasdam
    m/s Noordam
    m/s Rotterdam V
    m/s Ryndam
    m/s Statendam
    m/s Veendam
    m/s Volendam
    m/s Westerdam
    m/s Zaandam
    m/s Zuiderdam

- Mediterranean Shipping Cruises

    S.S. Melody
    S.S. Monterey
    S.S. Rhapsody

- Norwegian Cruise Line

    S.S. Norway
    m/s Norwegian Dream
    m/s Norwegian Majesty
    m/s Norwegian Sea
    m/s Norwegian Sky
    m/s Norwegian Star
    m/s Norwegian Sun
    m/s Norwegian Wind

- P&O Cruise Line

    m/s Aurora
    m/s Oriana
    m/s Victoria
    m/s Arcadia

- P&O/Princess Cruise Line

    mv Coral Princess
    mv Crown Princess
    mv Dawn Princess
    mv Diamond Princess
    mv Golden Princess
    mv Grand Princess
    mv Ocean Princess
    mv Pacific Princess
    mv Regal Princess
    mv Royal Princess
    mv Sapphire Princess
    mv Sea Princess
    mv Sun Princess
    mv Tahitian Princess

- Radisson Seven Seas Cruises

    m/s Bremen
    m/s Hanseatic
    m/s Paul Gauguin
    S.S.C. Radisson Diamond
    m/s Seven Seas Navigator
    m/s Seven Seas Mariner
    m/s Song of Flower

- Regal Cruise Line

    m/s Regal Empress

- ResidenSea USA

    a/s World of ResidenSea *

- Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

    m/v Adventure of The Seas
    m/v Brilliance of The Seas
    m/v Enchantment of The Seas
    m/v Explorer of The Seas
    m/v Grandeur of The Seas
    m/v Jewel of The Seas *
    m/v Legend of The Seas
    m/v Majesty of The Seas
    m/v Mariner of The Seas
    m/v Monarch of The Seas
    m/v Navigator of The Seas
    m/v Radiance of The Seas
    m/v Rhapsody of The Seas
    m/v Serenade of The Seas
    m/v Sovereign of The Seas
    m/v Splendour of The Seas
    m/v Vision of The Seas
    m/v Voyager of The Seas
    m/v Nordic Empress
    m/v Viking Serenade

- Royal Olympic Cruise Line

    T.S.S. Stella Solaris
    mts  Stella Oceanis
    mts  World Renaissance
    mts  Olympic Countess
    mts Triton
    m/s Olympia Explorer
    m/s Olympia Voyager

- Seabourn Cruise Line

    m/v Seabourn Legend
    m/v Seabourn Pride
    m/v Seabourn Spirit
    m/s Seabourn Sun
    m/s Seabourn Goddess I
    m/s Seabourn Goddess II

- Silversea Cruise Line

    m/v Silver Cloud
    m/v Silver Shadow
    m/v Silver Whisper
    m/v Silver Wind

- Star Cruises of Japan S/A

    m/s Megastar Aries
    m/s Megastar Taurus
    m/s  Star Aquarius
    m/s  Star Pisces
    m/s  SuperStar Gemini
    m/s  SuperStar Aries
    m/s  SuperStar Leo
    m/s  SuperStar Taurus
    m/s  SuperStar Virgo

- World Explorer Cruises

    S.S. Universe Explorer

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