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    In light of all of the maritime accidents, that have happened, in the last few years, we thought it would be a good idea to share our thoughts on this difficult subject with our readers.  A tragedy or terrible accident, is never wanted.  But, in truth, they do happen.  They are not supposed to, but they do.  Sometimes, it is the ships fault, and sometimes it is the crews fault.    We strongly believe, that it is up to the owning line to ensure that their crews are properly trained and experienced to be at sea, with a full ship.  If not, then the line needs to make the appropriate changes immediately.

    We hope that the travellers, passengers, crews, and other employees aboard a cruise ship, will be careful, in what they do.
That in their work, they exercise good judgement, and pay attention to the tasks they are working on.  We hope also, that all
passengers, will have the courtesy to remain in the designated passenger areas, and not enter the crew areas of the vessel. This
rule is for their safety, and the crews do not need to be distracted, while they are working.  We ask that all passengers follow
the safety instructions that are given to them.  And pay attention, when the crew speaks to you.  It may at some time save your
life, or the lives of others around you.  And to all people, please be kind, and willing to help all others who need it.

 Cause & Effect

    It is not permitted for a student driver, to drive without the aid of a licensed driver.  Just the same, a ship should never
sail with a crew of students.  An airplane is not allowed to fly, without a properly trained and licensed flight crew.  Well, in
the same way, a ship is equal.  The passengers, are not responsible for the crew, and the ship.  The crew is responsible for the ship, and the passengers.  And the Captain is responsible for all ot them.  The United States Coast Guard is looking into the fact, that there have been over 30 accidents, involving ships, and shipping, in the last two years.

    According to the US Coast Guard, this number should be much lower.  They are calling it to many accidents in to short a period of time.  They are planning to look into this, they indicated.  We feel that many of these incidents could have been very much avoided.  But, unfortunately were not.  It is our belief that a passengers safety is paramount to anything.  A passengers safety aboard a cruise ship, or an ocean liner is an absolute must.  He or she, should be able to feel completely safe, and relaxed.  But with all of the accidents, or incident reports in the news, its very hard for a passenger to feel that way.  When a person is at home, they feel more at ease and relaxed, well you should be able to feel that way while you are on vacation as well.  The whole purpose of a vacation is to unwind, and lose your stress, not add to it.  We are hoping that the cruise lines
and companies that operate the cruises and tours will try to make things alot better...

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