Disasters at Sea


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May 11, Lady of the Lake: bound from England to Quebec, struck iceberg; 215 perished.


Sept. 29, Annie Jane: emigrant vessel off coast of Scotland; 348 died.


April 27, Sultana: boiler explosion on Mississippi River steamboat, near Memphis, 1,547 killed.


Nov. 26, City of Portland: 157 died nr. Cape Cod.


June 15, General Slocum: excursion steamer burned in East River, N.Y.; 1,021 perished.


March 5, Principe de Asturias: Spanish steamer struck rock off Sebastien Point; 500 drowned.

April 15, Titanic: sank after colliding with iceberg; 1,513 died.


May 29, Empress of Ireland: sank after collision in St. Lawrence River; 1,024 perished.


July 24, Eastland: Great Lakes excursion steamer overturned in Chicago River; 812 died.


Nov. 12, Vestris: British steamer sank in gale off Va.; 110 died.


Sept. 8, Morro Castle: 134 killed in fire off Asbury Park, N.J.


May 23, Squalus: submarine with 59 men sank off Hampton Beach, N.H.; 33 saved.

June 1, Submarine Thetis: sank in Liverpool Bay, England; 99 perished.


Oct. 2, Queen Mary: rammed and sank a British cruiser; 338 aboard the cruiser died.


April 9: U.S. ship, loaded with aerial bombs, exploded at Bari, Italy; at least 360 killed.


Nov.: unidentified Chinese troopship evacuating Nationalist troops from Manchuria sank nr. Yingkow, killing an estimated
6,000 persons.

Dec. 3, Kiangya: Chinese passenger ship carrying refugees fleeing Communist troops during civil war, struck an old mine,
exploded, and sank off Shanghai; over 3,000 believed to have been killed.


Sept. 17, Noronic: Canadian Great Lakes cruise ship burned at Toronto dock; about 130 died.


April 26, Hobson: minesweeper collided with aircraft carrier Wasp and sank during night maneuvers in mid-Atlantic; 176
persons lost.


Jan. 9, Chang Tyong-Ho: South Korean ferry foundered off Pusan; 249 reported dead.

Jan. 31, Princess Victoria: British ferry sank in Irish Sea; 133 lost.


Sept. 26, Toya Maru: more than 1,000 killed when commercial ferry sank in Tsugaru Strait, Japan.


July 25, Andrea Doria: Italian liner collided with Swedish liner Stockholm off Nantucket Island, Mass., sank next day. At least
52 died or were unaccounted for.


April 8, Dara: British liner exploded and sank in Persian Gulf; 236 dead. Caused by time bomb.


April 10, Thresher: atomic-powered submarine sank in North Atlantic; 129 dead.

May 4: United Arab Republic ferry capsized and sank in upper Nile; over 200 died.


Late May, Scorpion: nuclear submarine sank in Atlantic 400 miles S.W. of Azores; 99 dead.


Dec. 15: ferry in Korean Strait capsized; 261 lost.


Oct. 20, George Prince: Mississippi River ferry rammed by Norwegian tanker Frosta nr. Luling, La.; 77 dead.


May 25, 10th of Ramadan: Nile steamer caught fire and sank in Lake Nasser, near Aswan, Egypt; 272 dead and 75 missing.


March 9: British ferry capsized after leaving Belgian port of Zeebrugge with 500 aboard; 134 drowned. Water rushing through
open bow is believed to be probable cause.

Dec. 20.: over 4,000 killed when passenger ferry Dona Paz collided with oil tanker Victor off Mindoro Is., 110 miles south of


April 7, Scandinavian Star: suspected arson fire aboard Danish-owned North Sea ferry killed at least 110 passengers in
Skagerrak Strait off Norway.

April 7: double-decker ferry sank in Gyaing River in Myanmar (Burma) during a storm and 215 persons were believed


Dec. 14: ferry carrying 569 passengers sank in Red Sea off coast of Safaga, Egypt, after hitting a coral reef. Over 460 people
believed drowned.


Feb. 17, Neptune: triple-deck ferry capsized off southern peninsula of Haiti during a squall. Over 1,000 passengers believed
drowned. About 300 survived the sinking.


Sept. 28, Estonia: passenger ferry capsized off coast of Southwest Finland and sank in a stormy Baltic Sea. Only about 140 of
the estimated 1,040 passengers aboard survived.


Jan. 21, Gurita: overloaded ferry sank off the coast of northern Sumatra, killing 340.


Feb., Harta Rimba: ship sank in the South China Sea, killing about 325 people. The ship had not been licensed for passenger

Nov. 24, Dashun ferry carrying more than 300 passengers sank after catching fire. More than 150 confirmed dead, with
another 140 missing.


June 29, Cahaya Bahari: ferry carrying mostly Christian refugees from the island of Halmahera sank approximately 40 miles off
the coast of Sulawesi. None of the 492 persons on board survived.

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