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 -{ 2000 }-

    01/2000 - Aurora was floated out today. For P&O. Mayer-Werft Yards Germany.
    01/2000 - Carnival's Celebration has fire 100 MI. off coast. Returns to port.
    01/2000 - Tanker "ERIKA" sinks after breaking up in a storm. Spills fuel oil.
    01/2000 - Cunard Countess has engine troubles while at sea. Returned to port.
    01/2000 - Rumours of the Project Queen Mary are true; she's to be built at H&W?
    01/2000 - Clipper Cruises; Clipper Adventure is trapped in Alaskan ice.
    01/2000 - Residence Inn's "The World of ResidenceSea" will be built in Sweden.
    01/2000 - Hebridean Cruise Lines; wants a new ship. Looking...
    02/2000 - Carnival makes another bid play for NCL; Star Cruises bought earlier.
    02/2000 - Renaissance Cruises "R Five" sails from France for London; her 1st port of call.
    02/2000 - Carnival's Carnival Destiny lost power @ 1:40a; her Cyclo-converters failed.
    02/2000 - Carnival's Carnival Victory has a fire; at her Fincantieri yard in Italy.
    02/2000 - Eugenio C. became Edinburgh Castle; now is Big Red Boat II; Cammell Laird refits her.
    02/2000 - Carnival attempts to purchase Fairfield Corp; but decides not to when stocks drop.
    02/2000 - Princess Cruises Ocean Breeze is christened by Ali MacGraw & Ryan O'Neal.
    02/2000 - P&O Corp decides to release Princess; onto her own for financial concerns.
    03/2000 - Local news report: Harland & Wolff to layoff 1700+ people. Cunard is to blame for this.
    04/2000 - P & O's s.s. Aurora arrives in Florida for its maiden voyage. Princess Anne will christen.
    04/2000 - Holland-America's mv Rotterdam VI is tossed about in a storm. All aboard sick. Arrives Hawaii.
    04/2000 - P&O Line's new Aurora is forced to cancel maiden voyage due to engine troubles.
    04/2000 - World Explorer is aground and sinking in Alaskan waters. All pass/crew rescued.
    04/2000 - Cunards project Queen Mary 2; she's to be built in France.
    05/2000 - Rumours of a sale; SS United States sold again?
    05/2000 - "Carnival Destiny" has engine failure in Mexico. Stranded at local pier.
    05/2000 - World Cruise Co. stops operating; strands pass/crew in Tahiti.
    05/2000 - World Cruise Co. fleet is seized by port authorities; no bills paid.
    05/2000 - Ocean Breeze I; removed from service; rumor is scrappers to get her.
    05/2000 - Niew Amsterdam had a small fire in the crew quarters; all aboard safe.
    05/2000 - P&O's Oriana rescues crew of Orsay off coast; 9 crew ok; taken to shore.
    06/2000 - Orient Princess is under arrest at Govt. marker buoy A38; in Hong Kong.
    06/2000 - Big Red Boat III; has an accident with a tug; tug sank; BRB2 has a broken prop.
    06/2000 - Disney Magic; has a 100 sick passengers on a cruise; CDC in Alberta will test.
    06/2000 - Big Red Boat II loses an anchor. What a way to mess up things.
    06/2000 - Olympic Voyager sets sail for first time. Is fastest. 29-32 knots.
    06/2000 - Big Red Boat II aborts cruise; has trouble w/engines & A.C. returns to port.
    06/2000 - AMCV launches the hull of "CV-Cape May Light"; being built at Atlantic Marine.
    07/2000 - ss Britanis is going to the breakers. She will be broken up in Turkey.
    07/2000 - Chaya Bahari sinks in storm; 492 feared dead; 10 found; tragic. Another ferry.
    07/2000 - Chaya Bahari is gone. sad. 482 dead. Sank in storm off coast of Indonesia.
    07/2000 - ss Britanis is headed for Pakistan or India to be scrapped. Bidding to start soon.
    07/2000 - QE2 has accident at New York Pier 88; collides with 2 ships; no injuries or serious damage.
    07/2000 - A new line joins the ranks; Indian Ocean Cruise Lines. Welcome!
    07/2000 - Carnival's Paradise has an engine failure.  1 of her AziPods is down.  Towed to Newport News.
    07/2000 - m/v Bluenose is going to the breakers; this former Canadian ship will be scrapped.
    07/2000 - m/s Deutschland's passengers are killed; AirFrance Concorde crashes into Paris hotel after takeoff.
    07/2000 - Carnival Victory arrives New York for ceremonies; from Kvaerner-Masa in Finland.
    08/2000 - Global Mariner sinks after a collision with the Atlantic Crusader; Alaskan waters.
    08/2000 - Carnival's Tropicale has engine room fire; cruise cancelled. Towed back to port. Second fire in recent years.
    08/2000 - The Soviet nuclear submarine Kursk; is trapped 350' below the surface, and failing; rescue attempts fail.
    08/2000 - The crew of the Russian sub Kursk is dead. A collision is suspected to have caused the accident.  Sad.
    08/2000 - Carnival Corp. buys final half of Costa Cruises; from British owner Airtours. Is full parent now.
    08/2000 - S.S. Britanis is towed out of Tampa, FL for the breakers by the tug Irbis. Were sad to see her go.
    09/2000 - S.S. Catalina is to be refloated in Ensenada harbor in Mexico. Good luck to all.
    09/2000 - Cape Canaveral Cruise Line "Dolphin IV" is out of service. For repairs of a corroded tanks.
    09/2000 - Premier Cruise Lines ceases operations. All of the lines vessels are seized by their port authorities.
    09/2000 - Carnival Victory hits a pier while departing New York. $800 damage to the pier, minimal to the ship.
    09/2000 - The "Express Samina" sinks after a collision with the rocky reef of Paros off the Greek coast in the Aegean.
    09/2000 - Cuban government orders the treasure of 18,000 sunken Spanish galleons to be recovered.
    09/2000 - P&O's "Oriana" is struck by a 40 foot tidal wave and suffers damage; and injured passengers & crew.
    10/2000 - Another Greek chartered ferry sinks. Kills 1 US passenger. All ferry service stopped by Greek Law.
    10/2000 - Carnival's "Celebration"; is first cruise ship to departs from first US/Texas based sea port.
    10/2000 - Princess to convert to A.C. while in port, in Alaska waters. To help the Juneau air be clean.
    10/2000 - The "S.S. Britanis" (Chandris Line) under tow by Irbis bound for Africa; she sinks.  She will be missed.
    10/2000 - The "m/v Explorer of the Seas" bound from her builder is struck by 40 foot waves, and takes damage.
    11/2000 - Premier Cruise Line ships are to be sold at auction, for the company's debt repayment.
    11/5000 - A Norwegian cargo ship and a Chinese tanker collide in the Pearl River.  The tanker sank.
    11/2000 - The crew of the "m/v Splendour of The Seas" for the rescue of 11 crew, when their ship sank.
    11/2000 - The Carnival Corp/Cunard Line signed the contract with Alstom-Chantiers to begin building the "Queen Mary 2".
    11/2000 - The Cammell-Laird shipyards in the UK, receive their first order for two new cruise ships in over 25 years.
    12/2000 - The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is deciding on or not to make aircraft ID & black boxes a safety
                     requirement on all maritime shipping.
    12/2000 - The former Premier liner "SeaBreeze I" sinks, in rough weather, off the coast of VA, USA.

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