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United States Lines "S.S. United States" - (Circa 1950's)"

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S. S.   U n i t e d   S t a t e s


        Name: United States, Steam Ship
  Company: United States Lines Company, New York, NY, USA
           Pier: 86; US Lines berth
    Insurers: TBD
     Registry: New York, NY, USA

      Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry dock, Newport News, VA, USA
   Designer: Gibbs and Cox Inc., New York, NY USA
          Built: 02/08/1950
 Launched: 06/23/1951
Keel-water: 06/22/1951-4:14pm CST
     Floated: 06/23/1951-5:01am CST
          Note: 12 hrs. and 47 min. for the graving dock to flood sufficiently to lift the "S.S. United States"

 Christened: 06/23/1951
   Christ. By: Mrs. Thomas Connally
       Maiden: 07/03/1952
           Cost: $70 million (US)

      Engines: Westinghouse, steam engines; 951 PSIG, 965 degrees F.
        Boilers: 8 x Iowa Class Babcock & Wilcox Design
         Power: 6 x 1,500 kilowatt turbo steam generators; 2x 250Kw diesel emergency generators
         Horse: 130,000 Shaft Horsepower
          Drive: Quad screw; 2 x port; 2 x starboard
         Props: Outboard wings x 4 blade, inboard wings x 5 blade; 18' diameter, manganese bronze, 30 tons ea.
        Speed: 35½ knots (50 knots max)
        Range: 10,000 nautical miles (non-stop)

       Specs: 990' x 101' 6" x 60'
   Tonnage: 53,330 GRT, 29,475 Net
           Hull: Steel; steel frames, and compartments; Aluminium superstructure
          Keel: 122' to top of bridge; 175' to top of first funnel
        Livery: White over black, white name lettering
     Funnels: 2x oval; red base, white stripe; blue top w/tail wing; Aluminium
     Anchors: 3; 1 x port, 1x amidships, 1 x starboard
        Safety: Optimized; military grade; smoke detection, fire suppression, etc.
        Decks: 12
         Masts: 1

     Captain: Larry J. Alexanderson; Commodore; Retired

        Suites: 693x passenger, 340x crew
          Pass: 1,972; 894 1st Class, 524 2nd Class, 554 3rd Class
         Crew: 1,044; Master+Crew, Housecleaning, Galley; Restaurants; Stewards, Engineering, etc

        Notes: She is the fastest ocean liner ever built.

     Demise: N/A
         Date: N/A
          How: N/A
      Where: N/A

       Status: Laid up
         Date: 12/1969

       History: Sold to Turkish interests in 1993; towed to Turkey;  plans fell through
          Prior: Storage at her builders.  Before December 1969, used as passenger liner.
      Present: Re-acquired by US interests in 1997; towed back to US waters; stored Philadelphia, PA, USA

     Current: Stored in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
       Status: Pending discussion for restoration

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