Willmington Transport Company


Wilmington Transport Company's "S.S. Catalina" - (Circa 1930's)

-=[ Ships Specifications ]=-

S. S.  C a t a l i n a


       Name: Catalina, Steam ship
 Nickname: "The Great White Steamer" (GWS)
    Owners: Willmington Transport Company
     Service: Los Angeles - San Francisco - San Diego
    Insurers: TBD
    Registry: TBD

     Builders: Los Angeles Shipbuilding Co., Los Angeles, CA, USA
          Year: 1924
            For: Mrs. Wrigley; wife of chewing gum mogul Mr. Wrigley.

    Engines: 2; Triple expansion reciprocating steam turbines
             By: Hoover, Owens & Rentshler, Hamilton, OH, USA
             HP: 2,000 SHP (110 RPM)
         Drive: Twin screw; 1 x port, 1x starboard
       Speed: 15½ Knots
       Boilers: 4, Babcock & Wilcox
            PSI: 225 lbs.

       Specs: 301' " x52' 1" x21' 1"
   Tonnage: 1,766 GRT (Net 1,161 GRT)
    Funnels: 1; Black over yellow; white circle w/black ring, and black "C"
       Livery: Ivory over grey
       Decks: 3; Promenade, Saloon, Main
       Masts: 1

  WarSrvc: 08/25/1942 - 04/15/1946
     Where: San Francisco Bay, CA, USA

    Service: 51 Years

    Current: Sunk (partially), Ensenada harbour, Ensenada, Mexico
   Duration: 3 years
     Owners: S.S. Catalina Preservation Association (SSCPA) - [Visit this site]
       Status: Being refloated, as of 10/27/2000

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